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    I'm happy I did it! It can hold pretty much everything I had in the Winchester, but it doesn't have to have so many big pieces in it. I bought a few add-ons, so have a carport, rear deck, and front porch. I have it fully decorated with 81 LI to spare at the moment, and that's after I parked a car under the carport. "In a world full of Winchesters, be an Adams"
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    I'm a nurse today LOL. Only because it's a future release I'm working on.
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    I wonder how many times Selene tried to zoom and checked her camera constraints 🤔
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    My friend Lyric ❤️
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    Hey Loves,Hey Loves,I finally did it! A tour of my Second Life apartment. I am in the process of moving but wanted to say a final goodbye to my little apartment in the sky the right way. What better way than to share it with you all. This has been my home for almost a year now and has so much of my personality and memories within its walls. Take a look and see! how I made a house my home.xoxo- Quin Full Video Herexoxo- Quin
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    That's it exactly. And yes, when we were waiting for the Squishy Pickle to go live, standing on the opposite side of the channel, we were starting to worry about the effect that number of people standing on the Bellissaria shoreline must be having on residents with houses on those few regions where they were gathering.
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    I keep thinking about swapping mine out for this model also. Every. Single. House. on my block is the Winchester.
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    OOOHHH!!!! Another from the vault. Dude, my group and I always hung out in the Korea welcome area. And this was the very moment that a wonderful (and probably annoyed) Linden came to set down some benches for the very first time! We had previous just stood around... Not anymore! Ah man. The good old days. Back in 09 btw, and I'm the furry Cat. Haha.
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    Eh. My house is already open. Anyone who is in the Parade of Homes is in the same boat. If you don't allow scripts to run with visitors and no-rez, should be alright. I've had visitors come and be silly, but that's really the extent of anything. I like a little wackiness.
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    Thanks for starting another thread about this topic.
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    Have you ever watched real childs? Surprise! Childs can swear too - and some of them quite deliberatly do so a lot.
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    I've always had a bit of a thing for giant insects. (Hey, don't judge me!)
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    A classic case of PEBKAC
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    All the big names have free gifts although some do charge to join the group. Blueberry have lots on the group gift wall. I got a lovely bodycon/bandage dress from Erratic just recently. There are plenty more stores to raid.
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    Give me L$, Fast as Teleport, New foot cover.
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    The AuctionServices Linden account is what my land I put up for auction reverted to as owner this past week. I took down from the auction block and it immediately reverted back to me as owner. And on the auction fee thought- there is a fee- you're required to list your land in search which for me was a $30L a week fee. I -and I set my minimum at what I paid for it, to try to recoop, but I decided to just wait until more homes are released in Bellisseria. (I've already lived on Emerson Lake).
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    firstly I didnt check who made the original post, so my comment about lingering wasnt directed at you My point is this really same as it is in rl There is art that is appreciated by few people and needs government funding because there are not enough people wanting to see it or buy it but a certain sector of government sees it as art even though most people dont care about it. In my country opera and ballet are examples of this There is art a lot of people like and that makes its own way in the marketplace, they can fund the sim they sell from quite happily, a lot of people like it and buy it Mostly the first type is the LEA type, pretentious twaddle that few will ever like or buy. I don't think the new LEA will be any different to the old LEA in that respect. As to what will make me go and see it....being commercially successful will make me go and see it, friends recommendations will make me go and see it. The stamp of the LEA is a reason not to see it. Art by committee is always bad art
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    It's hard to say exactly why but the new shape does seem to look better. Subtle changes can make a big difference.
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    Is Bellisseria forever? Well, no... neither were the first Linden Homes as we can clearly see now since they're being replaced by Bellisseria. If talking about it as a home, it's also not intended to be forever. They weren't really intended for us, the oldbies, in the first place. Personally, I hope with the success of Bellisseria among the older residents, LL is learning that we want something like this and will continue to expand upon the idea in the future. A continent with larger homes, larger parcels, more LI, and the same covenant. I could buy some mainland as it is now, yes, but I really don't want to live on a chopped up piece of pie with god knows what next door to me that could change at anytime to something even more obnoxious. I've paid money to landlords for years in SL. I'd much rather pay that directly to LL and get something beautiful in return. A lot of landlords tend to be rather loose with their enforcement of their own rules, and even when people are following the rules, their own personal tastes can be quiet tacky. At least if LL is providing the home, I can be guaranteed that the structure itself won't be an assault on the eyes. I'm also not sure what sort of mini-computers people are running, but I don't experience lag at all on Bellisseria unless I'm trying to run super ultra graphics with my draw distance set at the maximum, or when a neighbor on my region is throwing a party, and he's kind enough to do that during times when he knows his neighbors are usually not around. My point is, I guess, can we let Bellisseria reach the ripe old age of 6 months before we start predicting her immanent demise?
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    Yes, in the Advanced menu at the top of your screen. If the Advanced menu isn't showing at the top of your screen, be sure to choose that option in Preferences >>> Advanced
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    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keswick/229/175/34 It's just the freebie collection of course. The Junkyard itself has moved to a different grid. If you go outside (doorway effect courtesy of Whirly btw.), you may stumble across another interesting freebie collection in the neighbour building, including this little thing that should fit the actual topic of this thread: Yes but it's amazing how much you can find if you look araound a bit. Practically all of Yadni's works are preserved btw - he has rebuilt them on TAG.
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    I think the interesting part is the absurdity of the protests, whether in 2003 because land was--for the first time--to be paid for, or in 2019 when measures are imposed to thwart money laundering. In both cases, the measures are clearly necessary. It takes a special kind of person to maintain the facade of pretending to not understand the why such things are necessary.
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    I miss Yadni and his junkyard. I'll visit.
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    And (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) Second Life CANNOT be made to support virtual reality without making fundamental changes to the platform that would break it. One of the problems that Linden Lab has with SL is that they don't want to break user's existing content if they can help it. That means that they will never be able to attain the 90 frames per second needed to avoid nausea in a VR headset. THIS is why they decided to launch a new product that is VR-compatible, Sansar (which also supports desktop users quite nicely). There's no guarantee that Linden Lab will have the same success with Sansar as they did with Second Life. However, it is still way, WAAAY too early to write Sansar off. I have noticed a definite uptick in the number of newcomers lately. It's not anywhere near SL levels of course, but they're off to a good, promising start. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, they had over 1,000 people in Sansar attending all or part of the Monstercat launch concert recently (albeit broadcast across multiple instances to handle the avatar load). That's significant. More info here: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/07/28/more-and-more-people-are-visiting-sansar-and-i-couldnt-be-happier/
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    Several times now, I have spent a few minutes trying to find a suitable rag or blues tune, only to post it and find out the lot of you have pulled six rugs out from under me. So here's a word to the wise, which I'll probably forget by tomorrow: Copy the entirety of your post, just in case it gets lost in the next step. Refresh the page. Make sure you're on the last page of the thread. If your edit window still contains your post, and still makes sense, click "Submit Reply". If your edit window is empty, but your post would still make sense, paste it in and click "Submit Reply". If we pulled the rug out from under you. Start over! And now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast*... * which I slipped in as an edit just to mess you all up.
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    Yes I mentioned that to someone that yes it can be a big choice to release a home because it can take awhile to gain another with them being such high demand right now and truthfully hope that each one of these homes are going to a well deserved real person that actually wants one and not just I am going to hold a house and not use it. I see a lot of vacant homes and houseboats which yes it is their prerogative what they do with it but would be nice to see active neighbors and someone you can actually speak with but I guess you can do that in the belli group.
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    Pamela just stands around while I work. She doesn’t get to date. I might as well make her into a cube.
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    Just when you think it can't get any better in Bellisseria community, a new spa opens up, The Way to Liv and we get this at the spa! Ladies. We're in heaven....
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    Neph has a sister? 😮 Photo by: @Catrie
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    I know I posted here before, but I recently did a bit of a "make over" and also wanted to give a shout out to Wren's Nest for her work on the custom shape!
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    That’s exactly how I found it: googling how to do stuff in SL. I never felt the need to participate because it seemed to have its own zeitgeist. It still does to a degree, but not like it used to. Forums are not the preferred mode of communication anymore, just like Usenet and BBSs back in the Wild West of the Internet days. They still exist, but it’ll never be what it once was. It’s great because it tends to be more permanent as opposed to the chat based things that have surpassed it. Its still a great resource though. I enjoy popping in throughout the day to see what’s going on. It’s not too taxing on my phone either, since I work from a gov’t pc there’s just certain things I can’t do during working hours, so that’s a bonus. I pretty much jump from forum to forum including Reddit throughout the day on my phone.
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    I have to fix my review and I cannot edit anymore the original post. With the body inside the folder, there is an object called 'create.zip'; and after unpacking it, we obtain an object called 'Create A Style.zip (1.0.2)' which enables to make appliers for skins or other things (tattoos, etc...).
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