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    Ah, well, that would be because I have been scripting new houses non-stop for a while and haven't had a chance to shower. Sorry about that. I'll try to stand downwind. 😡 Quartz and I are often the last people to handle a Linden Home before it is set into the home rezzer for a region, so it will have either his name or mine on it until the end of time. The home will never show the name of the person who owns the parcel it's on, because LDPW doesn't sell the home with the parcel. It stays the property of Linden Lab, so we absorb the Land Impact instead of you.
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    I'm back with another edit! Tried a group photo this time.
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    at Realm of Sanmu, a very pretty fantasy RP sim
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    So he said, that he'd take the A train.... so where is he? It's 2AM and I'm alone at the Transylvania Station, at night, waiting for his driver named Igor who was supposed to pick us both up and take us up to the home, the Frankensteins residence. Hmmm,...WTF? This is getting too weird, I think I'm outa here. hello? whos there?
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    You should definitely stop paying for premium, log out and never look back.
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    I'm such a Hair Wh...athever, this is #208 in the collection
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    Just posing .... and trying hard to look like a a real tennis pro. But failed! lol
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    Sir Elton was absolutely right...It IS cold out in space! Highly recommend a coat and long wool slacks.
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    Playtime with interesting accessories. What I adore about Zibska's work is that it's so versatile and it inspires me to wonder what else I can do with it. This set is actually two copies of a headdress and one pair of eyebrows, but I played around with them, turning them into a shoulder 'wave' and an insectile Pharoah-like lip/chin ornament.
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    I came to the forum only because I had a problem & needed help.. But, after going over few discussions already happened, I'm regretting not passing by here more often and earlier.. You guys already answered many questions and covered almost all subjects. I found answers for questions I don't need to ask anymore!! Your work is very much appreciated.
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    If you'd like to come to the area Marianne pointed toward you can watch us in the process of building new Linden Homes regions and see for yourself. (All we ask is that residents give us room to work unencumbered and without interruption).
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    my alt @Panteleeva2looked like 2006 old fashion avi even in 2012 and nothing changes since then. But this avi reminds me of my very first days and how i learned all the things about sl ,and i made a pic with my alt which shows then& now, like my past hugs me and says if i survived from stress and dark times 7 years ago,i can do that now too,even if things seems harder than these many years ago
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    I leave my LOD set at 4, and I like it that way. It used to be a necessity because most older products did require it, and whether or not they do now, I still leave it set because frankly i can't be bothered to fiddle with that setting all the time. Isn't nice that there are no LOD Police and we can all do our settings as we please? And because this is a photo thread...
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    @Laika Ravikumar... I couldn’t resist again... you look happy 😊 with your shell 🐚 on the beach 🏝!
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    Those buttons down there... Like, Thank, LOL, etc... they REALLY need a "Hug" button added. Because you, Quartz, Abnor, Patch and all the other Moles and Lindens involved in this project deserve one. Or lots.
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    We Grow Accustomed to the Dark
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    Since my current house don't have a veranda like the Winchester house, I added a raised deck. The porch does not give a nice lookout like this deck.
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    Hot Grabbing that frosty lemonade!
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    Posts like this tempt me to go get Linden Homes for the rest of my Premium alts.
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    So... did ALM change your world? ...I take it you have a housemate?
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    I am sure you even found answers for questions you didn't even know existed and now you do know you are trying to forget the existence of.
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    Although some attempts were made, at the start of all of this, to downplay the fact that they had underestimated demand, it's clear now that they obviously did. Which is to say, they obviously realized the older homes were becoming too dated, but they clearly weren't expecting the enormous rush on these new plots, and the enthusiasm this would spark in a renewed sense of community. And even if they did, the question, of course, is, What can be done to remedy that? And the answer is: close to nothing. Almost anything digital can be copied almost indefinitely... except Bellisseria. And that's because they chose not to go the cheap 'Copy & Paste' route. That's a major factor in what makes it so popular. The only way to make a plot available 'soon', for all 60,000+ Premium, is to start copying and pasting again... after which, ironically, ppl won't want it any more. Ergo, the situation is inherently unsolvable. Moles are diligently working, around the clock, to add more. But 'uniquely handcrafted' inevitably spells 'slow progress.' You may think it's easy for me to talk, as I have already secured a spot. But, believe you me, if I hadn't, I would still ask them (maybe implore, even) to not do a rush job, mainly for reasons outlined above: if they did, I wouldn't be interested any more. The situation isn't hopeless, of course. Even today, there are still like 1-2 plots vacated per day. Not much, but there's a chance the hype will simmer down a bit (also 'soon'), especially when they'll introduce their newly promised themes. You will get yours, one day, for sure. But maybe not tomorrow yet. And that sucks. But making something everyone wants, also means they're working on something beautiful. And that's surely a good thought to hang onto.
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    Magellan - Pull My Finger πŸ˜‚
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    I remember when event "gifts" started costing L$10 and we had a few discussions on whether or not it was right to call it a "gift" if you were going to charge L$10 for it, and we also discussed whether or not we'd actually pay that, especially if the item is unknown because there is no picture. Well, today I finally got around to going to the latest ACCESS event and it seems it is their anniversary and most of the booths have gifts out. However, about a dozen or so (maybe more, I didn't actually click on every one) of those gift boxes have a timer script in them that basically tells you that you have to hang out a while before getting your gift -- and said timer script doesn't even always work right. Here are two sets that I got when I clicked on boxes. There was only about 5-6 seconds between my clicks that resulted in the final 2 messages of each box. There were other times where I was looking around, shopping and didn't get back to the box until a good a minute or so after the supposed time that I could get a gift and it also reset the timer. Needless to say that I have now added a few more merchants to my list of "never shop at these stores".
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    It makes me want to create alts just to make them premium just to get a whole neighborhood worth of boats and houses.
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    I don't think that your particular approach is going to convince anyone to do what you want. Insults are usually not the best strategy.
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    Good job I've been stalking watching the moles build from a distance😁
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    Added a few more pieces of decor to the livingroom. Plus some wood paneling, and a decorative ceiling.
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    So refreshing when ppl recognize, appreciate, and respect the quality of help freely offered in this forum.
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    It is against the rules to use bots to artificially inflate a location's traffic figures in search listings. It isn't against the rules to use bots in searchable locations if they're registered as scripted agents, and thus aren't counted in traffic figures, though they do create enticing clusters of green dots on the map. Only the Lab and the account owner can know if an avatar is registered as a scripted agent. If an abuse report is created for suspected illegal traffic-inflating bots and nothing happens, it's quite likely that the bots are properly registered as scripted agents.
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    I've been trying a few different vehicles to drive around exploring, this one is my favourite so far, handles well. My driving is pretty atrocious, but there's never anyone around (actually quite nice to drive on the empty roads) and the lamp posts don't dent, so all's good:) I also have a horse I like to ride. What are your favourite ways to explore Bellisseria? Haven't go bored of exploring yet, the scenery is great:) I made a very quick (*cough*...not professional...) video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTwz6-UlA6I&t=4s
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    Actually, if they did have tides, that would be a real cool feature.
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    Just for giggles (hope I am not considered spamming) but I started a Bellisseria Furries group for all furry residents and their friends. It should be available in the group search.
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    But my Squirrel avie needs her own house... She has a nice pool in the backyard and a popcorn machine... feel free to hang out there anytime while you are waiting for your house.
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    Neph finally found a bikini to my taste, so I had to make a beach shot with her. In moonlight, obviously.
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    They've done all sorts of work by my house 😍 It is only Monday, I can't wait to see what more is to come this week. In the below picture, you can see my house 😁, and a ton of new homes spawned as well as more of the path has been completed ❀️ I also found the metro bus, I've been waiting for the bus driver to come back to drive me around.. but I think he is long gone. I love Arcadia stuff, I actually have this bus as well as a taxi, a VW, a few of their buildings 😁 I also wrangled with the worms, to get my bike back (they had taken it, previously) So, I decided to take another video of around the construction area and around my home.
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    Watching @Abnor Mole working on stuffs.
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