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    If you'd like to come to the area Marianne pointed toward you can watch us in the process of building new Linden Homes regions and see for yourself. (All we ask is that residents give us room to work unencumbered and without interruption).
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    Magellan - Pull My Finger 😂
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    Good job I've been stalking watching the moles build from a distance😁
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    I got a chuckle out of Emerson Lake and Palmer Lake the first time I saw it. YUGE made me laugh a couple of days ago, too. Hunky Dory is my absolute favorite, though. (Story time!) Years and years ago when my mom was dying, the cancer and the huge amounts of morphine had her hallucinating quite a bit. She was in a nursing home and in her mind, that equated to being in a hospital and we all just went along with it. The only times in her life she'd ever been in the hospital was when she had babies (eight of 'em) so she thought that's what was going on. I was sitting on her bed talking to her and we had this conversation: Mom - Where's the baby? Me - Oh... um... he's in the nursery. Mom - Oh, good. Is he okay? Me - Yep! Everything is hunky dory. Mom - Let's call him that. Me - What? Mom - Hunky Dory Macbain. dissolves into laughter One of my favorite final memories with her. ❤️❤️❤️
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    Hanging out with my critter friends and rocking my Pride Bikini...
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    refreshing and refreshing helps .i just got my self a new home ,only determination gives you what you want .☺️
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    Yes, but we're not talking about creating software here. We're talking about people using software to create things. One of the great reasons -- at least to my mind, and it's a view that's clearly shared by many -- that Bellissaria is so much more popular than the old Linden homes is precisely that it's an artisanal product, as it were, with each region built by hand, rather than a modular, mass produced, one like Horizons, which is built from modular and easily repeatable units. What you suggest would completely change the nature of the build, or so it seems to me, and risk losing, or at least compromising, one of the elements that makes Bellissaria so special and attractive for many people
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    Well, it's not working. She just keeps re-appearing in the fire in the oil drum.
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    My initial thought was «an attempt at Maddie-proofing the appartment?»
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    Hi, I'm 25 y.o, female and the name is Joi. Despite the sound of my name, I have social anxiety in rl and very very shy and introverted. I only talk to people who talk to me first and this is also reflecting very much of my second life. Initially when I first joined in this lovely virtual world, I told myself that I am going to be the opposite of what I am in real life, but that didn't happen. I spent most of my time in sl hanging out in a place where there are no people in it. Although there are times when I hangout in a crowded place, I find it hard to just IM a random person in fear that I might disturb what he or she is doing and also I have no idea what else to talk about. I don't like asking details about other people's real life so I get stuck after exchanging "Hi and Hello's". I know I sound like a drag. I do get messages sometimes but most of them are about lewd stuff- it's just getting old and annoying... so I'm back to my lonely hangout place. But recently, the owner told me she is going to close the place down. It makes me sad. I love that little place. 😢 I have grown quite attached to it. I don't know, I'm just a little lost in SL. A friend would be nice. Joia
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    perhaps the theme could be more cottage-y. Like 4 different styles of cottage, from log cabin thru weatherboard to stone - so is not as samey as the houseboats or traditionals
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    Double check that scripts are enabled.
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    Well Beth, I can't apologize for saying "please shut up" because I felt you were pressuring me over and over to shut up about my feelings, just not using the words. What I can do, however, is to promise not to say it again -- I won't say it because you have explained how much it offends you.
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    My money's on this too. Judging by the progress over the past couple of weeks I doubt very much there will be anything released this week (unless they release just the first lot of homes at the top which appear finished - but I'm not so sure about that)**. It also depends on whether the rest of that coastline will be included in the batch release or if that will include the new themed homes (you can see the complete coastline on the SSP map). If it is then it will take a few more weeks I think, I'd guess at 2-4 weeks if not then 'sooner' And Patch said in the stickied post which could be interpreted as saying they will be released at the same time as the launch of the next theme. So again that would mean after SL16B (plus they will not have to share resources with SL16B event as they already said they are having to do, so it would speed up the rollout I would guess). **OR...(after thinking about it) that statement does mean a much smaller launch which could be those regions which appear finished and have names, about 4 or 5 of them I think, so just before or around start of SLB16 , and then a bigger launch of more houses and houseboats alongside a new theme (longer after SL16B)
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    You lot ever wonder if the Lindens look at us lot in the forums and think WTF, when someone asks a fairly simple question so a simple answer would suffice but nope, that never happens because it gets answered from '100' different angles. 😂
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    Belinda is a perfect version of me. She is more daring and adventurous, but carries my moral compass, at least to a degree...(haha). I came here as me because I didn't know any different. Here I've learned things about myself I didn't know from RL. My two alts are the perfect sisters I wish I had in RL. I've fallen into RPing them, but I love them like real sisters. I get a real sense of release, freedom and relaxation here in SL. I never expected it to be like this. Oh and the Forum Angels are such good company, whether we meet up or not. I wish RL was a bit more like this.
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    I'm pretty fond of New Hamsterdam
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    Given the passage of the years, she might find it requires a few alterations . . . but I'm pretty sure she's still got the attitude to pull it off.
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    Loving the view of the woods from here!
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    VAT is not the responsibility of LL. If you have a problem with VAT take it up with your politicians and government officials.
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    Yeah soon... we know about this hahahah, Thankss Whirly ♥
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    You can add me if you like, Joia. I know some pretty and deserted sims myself, where I sometimes go alone for some peace!! When you read the forums, you might think we're all out partying and socialising, but really, I, and others do spend a lot of time alone, working on outfits, taking photos or just shopping.
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    Just in case your message there is advising for folks to turn UP their LOD setting to 4 (or better), I heartily disagree (really difficult to get your purpose with so few words). There was a REASON that LODs were added to the upload process. Since I have changed from LOD4 to LOD2 (maybe two years now) my framerates have gone way up and my computer is running at a much lower temperature == hence happier computer and hopefully a long and fulfilling life. It really IS important to understand what LODs are and why the exist. So maybe some research would be a good thing :D. There are some very good and VERY long threads on this in the forums (maybe a couple of years back).
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    Still Open (a very young David Jason)
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    Used measurements from Marianne McCann's Typical Kid shape as a guide to get a better proportioned child avatar shape. With my GA.EG Mia Shape
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    What you're doing is essentially manually crashing the viewer; that can result in problems such as corrupted caches and failure to save settings changes. There's no need to wait for a fix; the link Whirly posted is the fix, and that viewer has no other changes compared to the current default viewer - it's as specific as can be.
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    my friend and I spending quality time
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    Agreed. Then there are those who really don't want to be auditioned because they feel entitled to the role. They've done it, or there's no one else to do it, and then there's the OOC politics of nepotism. While one could argue the case for 'then they don't get the role/wait until someone more suitable comes along', meanwhile the story meanders, suffers, and on drastic occasions completely dies while the rest are left waiting. It would be ideal to have all the canon characters set in place before the story rolls, and have understudies/a back-up for those roles for when RL pops up and certain people just can't be there as needed. But this isn't drama school. Most people don't want to be second choice. And RL has this nasty habit of intervening, calling people away, crashing internet connections, and anything else that can possibly stop the flow, not to mention the disruption of time zone clashes. In my experience audition is good in other platforms, tabletop RP being the primary one, text-based writing forums another. But here in SL things haven't gone anywhere near as smoothly, at least those times I've attempted it. Add to that the transient nature of the general role player who wants their few moments in the sun before they walk away to the next big thing and you're left with a lot of great plans or half-started stories that either slam to a premature stop or there's no one left to put them back in motion. Starting a story with friends who have a common goal is great if your circle of friends can accommodate it. But even if they do expect cries of "cliques" and such from the disenchanted who feel shut out regardless whether they are or not.
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    Today's Second Life pic of the day is "F L O W E R P O W E R" by S A L T Y. To submit your image for Second Life Pic of the Day consideration, login to Second Life, snap some pics and add them to the Official Second Life Flickr Group. Be sure to check us out on social: Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Plurk
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    @Lindal Kidd I had no idea there were silent bite vampire games in SL, but after Bloodlines that doesn't surprise me.
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    The 'pillars' of RP, as some call those rules, can vary a lot in number and interpretation. A fourth that's been quite common in settings I've played in, has been 'No lore-break/rape'; usually in established universes such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Warcraft, Middle Earth, where the setting is very clearly one thing, there still are people who say 'But I want to be a mermaid', or 'I can be a vampire in Middle Earth, because vampires aren't a race, it's a curse, so Tolkien not mentioning it doesn't mean it can't exist'. There's also the para-meta rule, which I personally like. Whereas meta-gaming = your character using information or knowledge acquired by its player out of character, para-meta = the player trying to rely on their character knowing what to do in a certain situation. Example: DM: As you enter the crypt, you see a creature within; it's humanoid, but with a tall and slender frame, wrapped in tattered robes and floating at the center of the structure, its facial features concealed by a draping hood. It doesn't appear alarmed by your entry, it might not have even noticed you. Mage: Is it immune to fire damage? DM: Huh? Uh, maybe? I can't tell you that. Mage: Yeah but I'm like, a wizard, so I should know, right? DM: Err.. How? Mage: My character is a 60-something year old mage, I'm sure he's dealt with this stuff in the past, or at least read about it in a book. DM: You're level two... Warrior: Guys, we haven't even established whether it's an enemy yet. Maybe we should talk to it? Rogue: Okay, but first I want to have a roll at picking its pockets. Cleric: Yeah, I don't think a failed pickpocket attempt would make for a particularly good introduction with something that's high enough level to levitate whilst basically AFK, can we please move things along - my mom's picking me up in 30 minutes. Mage: Okay. Cast Fireball. DM: .. Fireball? You're inside of a small-- Mage: I didn't ask how big the room was, I said cast fireball. Well. The first line. I may have gotten a little carried away.
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    That's definitely annoying, but the PO alternative also carries the risk that you outlined in your post: everything going into unbearable slow motion. (Seriously, 35 minutes to compose one post? I'd have assumed that the entire sim had evolved into a new species by then, thus rendering everything irrelevant.) Having a limit on typing time is one solution but if you've got that many people in one scene, it's still going to be slow. The only massive group RPs I've been in where everyone was acting along the same common narrative were raids and huge fight scenes. Otherwise, it was mostly several individual exchanges going on at once which sometimes bounced off each other. It could get a bit complex trying to look out for the post from the people in your particular conversation, but I actually quite liked that...felt a bit more true to the experience of being a small group in a massive hubbub. If it became really unbearable, we could always cluster together and start an IC private chat. I guess a DM-style like the one you mentioned for huge groups that all want to be playing the same story would be beneficial, but it still sounds very slow. Para RP is a divisive topic, I know. Personally I don't mind it if it's done well but it definitely works best in smaller groups, or preferably one on one. It does have a tendency to be abused by people trying to shoehorn in an irrelevant backstory or inner monologue. Ultimately, there's just no substitute for having a common RP goal (i.e., interactive storytelling involving everyone) and some consideration. I'm a fast reader and typist and there were lots of occasions where it would have been very easy for me to dominate a scene unfairly, so I deliberately wound it back. I'd be sure to respond to and interact with people who might otherwise be bypassed in a scene, though. Poor RP is usually inconsiderate RP, and inconsiderate RPers usually find a way to push their agenda whatever form you use. Having restricted roles available on audition was good at weeding out inconsiderate RPers and also meant we never had a group scene that was so large we couldn't handle it ourselves. Also meant that we understood we were playing characters, not ourselves, so we didn't have the 18 charisma Basil Fawlty either...
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    Post Order, i.e. pretty much what you described. Not having a post order in SL RP, or any online RP with a lot of people involved, quickly gets chaotic as people type over each other, which frequently leads to OOC retconning premature responses. It also can lead to people feeling as if they have no impact or attention in a scene. Roleplay is a social activity, having people feeling left out or ignored doesn't make for a very nice atmosphere. Even as a third party, seeing someone trying to interact with one person, who blatantly ignores them because they're too focused on what they're doing to someone else, it makes the whole thing feel just 'meh'. New people arriving to a sim with an established community (and hierarchy) especially can have a very hard time with it. And sure, you can start typing your post half-way through the PO, then at least you have something, which you can then edit as needed, until it's your turn to post. If everyone is to go from 0-100 when the turn reaches them, and especially with people who think that quantity of text is of importance (which in my opinion is just absurd - self-proclaimed 'para-RPers' are the worst) can grind a scene to an absolute halt. I've been in scenes where the PO was unlimited, and we ended up with someone typing for 35 minutes, taking even longer to copy-paste to squeeze in some bracketed 'still here!' and 'typing, soon done!'. Having a PO with a timer (depending on the amount of participants) and someone taking responsibility to keep things going is just a good tool - I've both participated and hosted in online RP events with 40+ people (117 for a tournament, which I luckily didn't have to host), all emoting and rolling dice, where it was absolutely invaluable to keep things structured. But it's up to the participants; if you've got a half dozen people sitting around a bar just socializing and story building, it's usually not a necessity. I've seen people 'hog the floor' in one on one RP, too - there's all sorts. Whenever there's a Mary Sue in the group and I DM, I tend to get them into trouble just to make sure that the other participants get some breathing room. I've had hilarious backlashes where they'd up and leave because things weren't going their way, which can either leave the room dead silent or you can get a collective sigh of relief. Usually the latter. Either tends to beat having someone drone on about how they've min-maxed their stats so that failure 'should be impossible' (especially if it's charisma, and they're absolute buffoons who couldn't act charming to save their children - had a guy straight up tell a NPC nobleman that he was an inhospitable *****, and then get surprised when the nobleman ordered his retainers to throw the group out on their rears in spite of his 18 charisma; no, you don't get a dice roll from me at that point).
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    Builders Brewery hosts classes on scripting too. Can be easily found in world using search. And if you have issues you can ask for real time "support" in group chat. There's usually someone there willing to help where they can. I've attended a few classes now, I have the wiki bookmarked, and I also search online (usually outworldz) for open source scripts that I can learn from. But it all starts with an idea of something I want to do. Without that initial drive, learning scripting is like algebra; a lot of letters and numbers and symbols that don't make much sense until you want to solve a problem.
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    It feels like we just packed away all that crystal magic from our 15th anniversary celebration, but our sweet sixteen is just around the corner! This summer, we’re throwing a huge celebration to commemorate 16 years with this incredible community and we wanted to fill you in on just a few of the details. Sixteen years ago, on June 23rd, 2003, Second Life launched to the public. Though it feels like just yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time, this year we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go retro and embrace the “Sweet Sixteen” theme for our big party. Sock hops, bowling alleys, and late nights at the diner were a quintessential part of many teenagers lives back in the 1950s, but the 1950s were also a time of political and social change. The world was shocked by the iconic ‘Elvis pelvis,’ and poodle and pencil skirts changed the fashion world forever. Rebellion became the titillating pastime among all that soda shoppe sweetness. It was an era that - like Second Life - rocked and rolled! So, this summer we’re throwing a 1950s themed SL16B with a TON of fun events and happenings. Here is a brief rundown of just a few. Save the Date The dates of this year’s celebration will be June 20th, 2019 through - July 8th, 2019. SL16B Applications for volunteers, performers and exhibitors will be opening soon - so stay tuned to our blog for more updates as these applications become available. SL16B Shopping Event We’re bringing back our multi-region inworld shopping event, complete with gifts and great deals from many Merchants from all over the Grid. If you are a Merchant and you’re interested in submitting an application to participate, please visit and complete this form. The cut-off for submissions will be June 1st, 2019, so be sure to apply sooner rather than later. The shopping event will take place for the duration of the celebrations - June 20th, 2019 through - July 8th, 2019 SL16B Music Faire The 1950s were an exciting time for music - and we have such an incredible live music community in Second Life, we’re going to carry on the spirit of Music Fest with a new event called Music Faire - and will be announcing application for the audition showcase and more very soon. SL16B Gifts and Parties There really ain’t no party like a Second Life party - and there will be some parties within the party that you won’t want to miss. Come As You Were Party (dust off those oldbies and round up those Ruths) and a modern twist on the dance party are just a few of the opportunities you’ll have to come out and shake your virtual tail feathers. There will be costume prizes - so start planning those looks. Dates will be announced as we get closer to the celebration. Last year we introduced the Swaginator at SL15B - and we’re bringing it back again this year with some updates and changes based on feedback. You’ll hear more about this as we get closer - but Swaginator gifts will be easier to get than ever! See You There We’re very excited to hit another incredible milestone this year and can’t wait to shake, rattle, and roll with all our Residents this summer. It’s going to be the ginchiest!
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    There are also many offline text editors for various operating systems that know LSL, Pastebin also knows LSL, and I know I have come across forums that are LSL-aware. The SL Wiki, as well as the OpenSim wiki, know how to handle LSL and many other online services and offline software can deal with LSL. So why not the SL forum? Surely it should be possible to take a copy of one of the default highlighting definition files, modify it to highlight LSL and deploy it. (With "knowing LSL" I mean, of course, that it has syntax highlighting for LSL.)
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    ♫They never let poor Rhonda join in any vampire games.♪ Then one foggy Halloween, Satan came to say. Rhonda with your bright face light, won't you suck my ... wait, that's a line for another thread
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    And i just want to thank you for doing these add-ons. I would be spending days trying to do them myself. You just made them so easy to use.
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    And are the number one reason for poor performance across the entire grid. The market doesn't care about well made content, it only cares about content that sells.
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    "Why would LL want to manage another area for requests?" Little have you read what you wrote, if I had known there was such a forum I would not have asked the question
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    Thanks - I'll use it. I know it's stupid, but I never thought I could just use my own.
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    Several pages in and no one has asked for a thinking emoji
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