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    One more while I'm feeling silly ...
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    It really is significant, having LL solicit and then adjust course based on forum feedback. It makes the whole SL experience seem more like a community in partnership with LL. These forum-LL dialogues have been happening more and more over the last couple of years, and I think the result is a more collaborative relationship as we all work together to help SL thrive. They also make the forums a much more valuable resource. Thank you Grumpity and all LIndens!
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    Caught up with @Zeta Vandyke over a little snack.
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    Hello everyone! Got an invitation post, so this is my avi as of yesterday and today~ These are edits I made while I'm trying to branch out onto flickr. I'm trying to learn more about posing, windlights, and editing. I definitely want more high-def, studio, and antiqued looking shots, though I'm unsure how to achieve that... I work predominantly on tablet and with CSP atm, and I'm open to critique/advice. 😊
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    I agree. Premium has not been raised, ever! Instead of just raising it and being done, they have started releasing the new homes, which have a thriving community. Those that signed up just for the new houses did so before the price hike. LL even has gone so far as to give a 3 week grace period (starting June 3rd) where current premiums can get another year at the current cost. They did not have to do that at all. So those waiting for a new house will still be paying the same price they were paying before the first house was even released. (And you can take that as meaning the first house in 2010, or the first house in 2019, because the premium has been the same cost since it was introduced.)
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    They do listen! Thanks to Grumpity and staff for listening to the customers. Still plan to go in and clean up old avatars that hadn't logged in since 1845 from a couple of groups.
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    The inventory has decreased in size.......... and increased.......... and decreased.......... and increased............. Sadly it is way higher right now than back then. Inventory is a never-ending task.
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    IDK, 8 hands could be nice
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    Ziggy, is the gray one named Maxie?.. i just met that kitty for the first time last night : )
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    Looks like our old friend the "Burning Bush" ghost is back again at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Residentia/52/74/23
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    Some things that have been mentioned as contributing to the performance issue around groups: - Distribute notices to all members, saving for delivery if they are not online (can't remember if that part plays into the 'offline IM' limit or not) - Send chat messages to all members that are currently online - meaning they first have to determine every group member's status for every single chat message that is sent. This one is probably the largest performance issue. - Every time you TP anywhere, it has to do a permissions check, which can include scanning all of your group associations, since some places can only be gotten to by certain groups.
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    I love,older No Doubt, Live. They just seemed to really enjoy themselves and had such great shows.I would have loved to have been there and enjoyed the relationship they built with the crowd. They are one of my favorites live bands
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    Beat you to it! (Took old full perm and retextured). The steering wheel is covered with a towel- don't want an ouchie on hot days, the sidewalls on the tires are shot from lousy parking , the wheels are all scuffed up, but I live in Bellisseria and the country club has these cute umbrella drinks - so who cares! Note the newly minted Bellisseria Crest-- the house boat, Linden-ish hand ( no infringement implied), a castle with an oddly Winchester-y deck and a tribute to the Bellisseria cat.
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    Try being offline for nine/ten days. It's way worse....... 😳
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    While i am in the US and can't really respond about the time frame you asked about, I can describe some of the other points you asked about. There are 2 large groups: Bellisseria Citizens and Bellisseria Community. Both are pretty active chat wise any time I log in. There are people from around the world in both groups. For activities, for example, like house warming parties, beach parties (the Sunday ones are Dj'd by someone in the UK) we get together and explore using various modes of transportation from bikes to boats to roller skates to horses (there is also a Bellisseria Riding Community group). People are getting together and fishing, or meeting at a cafe or pub (a house the owner turned into one for RP purposes only, no money involved). Some get together on the beach for morning coffee. The most discussed shopping topics are things for the home and boat, water sports, and when those types of items happen to pop up at events. Last night there was a discussion going on about avatar appearance but not what you first think lol it was how to age ourselves because of the retirement community thread You don't have to have a home to be part of the community. We have quite a few that are waiting for a new batch, or playing Refresh Roulette in hopes of getting one that was abandoned. So if you want to join in the groups, or explore around and get a feel for what is happening in Bellisseria, go for it! (We also have a newspaper, and an events page that have started up) As to the alt, I understand the all or nothing annual over trying for a month. If you do upgrade the alt and decide later you don't like Bellisseria, at least you're getting a good chunk of your payment back in stipends. Can just sit on the alt and let them accrue their money. Or have them use their free 1024 for mainland.
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    It isn't really the same thing but yes, the two are related in one way. It's not the same thing because you don't have to be a premium member to own a private region. Those two parts of the SL economy are kept completely separate from each other. The two are related because what happens is that LL is shifting the cost from one group of users to another. This is something they've been talking about for a long time. They want to cut down the land prices and increase their income from other revenue streams to compensate. The recent changes is only the latest (but by no means the last) step in that process.
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    The latest blog displays they are no longer going to drop the group rates
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    Here is what I am wondering... Let's say we have Suzy Avatar, who is a Basic member. Suzy decides to go Premium, and pays $72 for a year, sometime between now and June 3. Sometime between June 4 and June 23, Suzy pre-pays for a second year of Premium, at the old rate of $72. Is this possible? Can someone who decides to go Premium right now actually get two years at the old rate? That'd be a pretty cool deal.
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    Oh wow, these little areas are so warm and cosy, and what with the light and all. Magnificent!
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    LL said years ago they wouldn't be moving Sansar features to SL. Sansar is virtual worlds; SL is a virtual world. After that, the code is too different and the architectures are way too different.
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    It's been 2 years now, make much progress on that inventory? lol..had to ask. I'm doing the impossible of trying to go through the whole thread, and couldn't resist. Picturing you still standing there, looking the same, still creating sub-folders...
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    Yeah, it makes me think it will need a seriously high end computer to run it and the lack of inworld object creation pretty much kills any enthusiasm I have for it. At that point, you might as well be creating Unity games. Phillip Rosedale recently all but pulled the plug on High Fidelity which was essentially his version of Sansar. As with Sansar, he was banking on VR tech advancing at a much faster rate than it has and becoming far more mainstream. He admitted he'd miscalculated and maybe in 7-10 years it might be time to try again. Until then, go watch Ready Player One and dream.
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    I've been doing that since they gave us the ability to hide our gruops. LOL
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    There was one group which lowered their join fee after the announcement came out. I don't remember which group it was, or where I saw the notice, but I thought that was a good move. When I decide I want to reduce the number of groups I'm a member of, the fact that a group had a join fee does not stop me from dropping it if I feel that I am no longer getting any value from that group.
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    Oooooo! Retirement homes.... and communities!!! /me adds it to the list I'm going to call it "Sunny Acres"
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    I have to agree with everything that is being said here. I have lost count, over the years, of longtime members saying that they miss the feeling of community that use to be prevalent in SL. I have also lost count of how many people have said, since Bellisseria opened, how they feel that we have rolled back time to when the community was strong, vibrant, and made SL so popular. People are once more enjoying that sense of community, that sense of togetherness that was missing from the grid for so long. I travel around and I see people who are actually more open and friendly again. That has been missing and it's really great to see it coming back.
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    Will they multiply?
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    Just a small update to the Bellisseria Squirrel. I did some final touches on the exterior last night including this really cool Stern to aft set of faux masts with the nation flags from them... even added a cute little Crowsnest to one of them since we are in the sim of Crowsnest. Its open for visitors anytime so please please come check it out... We have a pool, bumper boat rezzer, great little dance area with loaded dance machines, plenty of places to cuddle up, you can even rez out your own boat there if you need a little boat launch... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crowsnest/247/71/22
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    That is perfectly said, Raspberry. Prosocial values means so much more to most of us than: a bunch of cool stuff I bought or built that only I ever use or look at. Meh.
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    I feel this. The fact that only 12 (out of roughly 3300) homes in Belli were abandoned due to rage quit protest over the premium membership hike speaks voulumes about this. Established, longtime accounts are more likely to see the rate hike as “fair”, given that LL kept the premium price unchanged for 10 years prior. So the tiny 0.004% of rage-quit abandonments tells me that the vast majority of Belli homes are owned by long established accounts (regardless of whether they used a newer alt to stake a claim) who see Belli as a destination. Not a “starter”. I could be interpreting the numbers wrong—but that’s my considered hunch.
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    It feels like we just packed away all that crystal magic from our 15th anniversary celebration, but our sweet sixteen is just around the corner! This summer, we’re throwing a huge celebration to commemorate 16 years with this incredible community and we wanted to fill you in on just a few of the details. Sixteen years ago, on June 23rd, 2003, Second Life launched to the public. Though it feels like just yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time, this year we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go retro and embrace the “Sweet Sixteen” theme for our big party. Sock hops, bowling alleys, and late nights at the diner were a quintessential part of many teenagers lives back in the 1950s, but the 1950s were also a time of political and social change. The world was shocked by the iconic ‘Elvis pelvis,’ and poodle and pencil skirts changed the fashion world forever. Rebellion became the titillating pastime among all that soda shoppe sweetness. It was an era that - like Second Life - rocked and rolled! So, this summer we’re throwing a 1950s themed SL16B with a TON of fun events and happenings. Here is a brief rundown of just a few. Save the Date The dates of this year’s celebration will be June 20th, 2019 through - July 8th, 2019. SL16B Applications for volunteers, performers and exhibitors will be opening soon - so stay tuned to our blog for more updates as these applications become available. SL16B Shopping Event We’re bringing back our multi-region inworld shopping event, complete with gifts and great deals from many Merchants from all over the Grid. If you are a Merchant and you’re interested in submitting an application to participate, please visit and complete this form. The cut-off for submissions will be June 1st, 2019, so be sure to apply sooner rather than later. The shopping event will take place for the duration of the celebrations - June 20th, 2019 through - July 8th, 2019 SL16B Music Faire The 1950s were an exciting time for music - and we have such an incredible live music community in Second Life, we’re going to carry on the spirit of Music Fest with a new event called Music Faire - and will be announcing application for the audition showcase and more very soon. SL16B Gifts and Parties There really ain’t no party like a Second Life party - and there will be some parties within the party that you won’t want to miss. Come As You Were Party (dust off those oldbies and round up those Ruths) and a modern twist on the dance party are just a few of the opportunities you’ll have to come out and shake your virtual tail feathers. There will be costume prizes - so start planning those looks. Dates will be announced as we get closer to the celebration. Last year we introduced the Swaginator at SL15B - and we’re bringing it back again this year with some updates and changes based on feedback. You’ll hear more about this as we get closer - but Swaginator gifts will be easier to get than ever! See You There We’re very excited to hit another incredible milestone this year and can’t wait to shake, rattle, and roll with all our Residents this summer. It’s going to be the ginchiest!
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    Given this and the fact that one of my land alts is due for renewal in mid-July, I am tempted to let the land alt revert to Basic and instead upgrade a current Basic alt this weekend and then do the pre-pay on Monday. That will give that account 2 years at the lower price rather than just extending a year past mid-July.
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    Thank you for that info, Willow. I'll bookmark that.
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    This- we are a greying population and as that becomes ever more true, think abut this, LL: empty nesters have more time and usually a somewhat more stable (if budgeted) income and they are in need of keeping social connections and skills alive. Sure, go for broad demographic appeal, but pay a special attention on those most likely to loyally invest in your product because they get the most out of it. Also: I love that standard on the golf cart. Esp. Community First. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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    I don't care how many people there are in my group, I don't care about the colour of the carpet. But I do want a stroopwafel.
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    and where do you think those others will come from?
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    My two oldest premiums get 500 per week, one slightly less ancient one gets 400. The newer ones get 300. I noted in another topic, after taking my socks off to correct my maths, the price increase for a premium subscription factoring in the refund of stipend is effectively a 225% inflation in cost.
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    Just wandering around the SL Sci-Fi Con. I seem to be changing outfits every few minutes around here.
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