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    .... it's true what they say... it's lonely out in space? Couldn't come up with anything more clever to say....and next to @Scylla Rhiadra my creative writing skills are... how should I say... not good)
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    Skell, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boars hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert's brother against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and providing me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King's Landing, swear featly to King Joffrey and prevent ant strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark. Lady Sara ; First of her name, protector of the Forum, Queen of Linden Gardens, breaker of chains and mother of kittens.
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    This is my favorite bikini. Or sort of a bikini since it is actually one piece ...
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    Oooooo! Retirement homes.... and communities!!! /me adds it to the list I'm going to call it "Sunny Acres"
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    I've read it all, it's black and white The spectrum made a shade I like. The crimson rays are ruby bright Technicolor light. Red! I want red, there's no substitute for red. Rhonda Huntress, Thank you so much for the gift, and no matter what you call it, it is nót random ❤️❤️❤️ Love the dress!!!! Unfortunately SL is really slow for me today, I promise to make better pictures in it next time 😊
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    After 9+ years of posting raw screenshots, I'm learning PShop. Here's an early try from today. Took me ten tries for this one:
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    In response to a comment about Bellisseria being "retirement homes"
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    Dear Lindens, 2 groups of our community are hit disproportionately hard by the coming changes, the basic members and the content creators. Basic accounts punished Basic accounts are punished with lesser groups and im’s capping sooner while premium accounts get more groups they didn’t ask for and don’t need. It’s also made harder for them to get into nearly full regions, experiences and premium area’s then premium members. Taking it away from one group to give it to another. Only natural they feel upset. They deserve to be seen as full members of our community. Because basic accounts bring a lot to the SL economy too. They pour their money in through microtransactions. They buy, they rent and there are great innovative content creators among them. And after they have invested in their Second Life for a while, they may go premium. Or not. And that is ok too. Because premium is really expensive, too much for most people in the world to spend on a game in one go. Bonding and communicating inside SL But the results of punishing them with lesser groups and capped im’s are more harmful than just offending the basic residents. It will make it harder for them to communicate and to bond inside SL. You say groups and im’s are hard for you, or costly. No matter how hard this is to fix, this should be a priority for you. Enabling bonding and communicating inside SL should be a priority for you. Your technical and financial people no doubt have looked at this. Have your community managers too? Groups make you feel part of something. It's super important for human beings to belong to groups. It is they only way clubs, musicians, roleplay communities and content creators can reach their targeted audiences inside SL. Content creators Which brings me to the content creators. The people that have been making the incredibly important content that kept SL innovating and interesting for 16 years. The user created content every other virtual platform, including your own Sansar, has been lacking. And which is why all other virtual platforms have failed and SL is still on top. As a content creator I pay you for 2 sims, I pay you for ads on the MP and inworld, I sell mostly on the MP where a percentage of all my sales goes to you, I pay upload fees for every model and texture and I pay download fee for every picture. I pay premium, I pay you for exchanging L$ to US$ and I pay cash out fees. I’m sure I forgot a few things I pay you for. Now you are taking an even bigger cut of my income. Double my cash out fees, raise the price for premium. What do I get in return? What do content creators get? The perks and benefits you give are only useful for a very small amount of residents. Only a handful gets into one of your prefabs. Most sim owners in SL are premium, what do they need prefab linden houses for? What do they need a 1024m plot on the mainland for? Premiums already have more than enough groupslots. I turned off offline IMs because as a merchant it's horrible to get work-related im's 24/7. I have no use for the gifts you have sent. Expanded live-chat customer support? I live in Europe, you are not open when I am awake. Whenever I contact support, I get copied and pasted from the textbook. When someone sells an empty box on the MP with my brand on it, you do nothing, no matter how many times that empty box is flagged by your customers. They have to come to me for support over this empty box they bought from you. It should not be our job to police your MP. In fact, a lot of work we merchants do, like replacing lost inventory and such, is not our job, but yours. 5% of all cash outs is also 5% of all copybotted or otherwise stolen content. How about some more protection for the higher prize I have to pay? I would not mind paying more at all if I got something back for it. Like more protection of my work, against copybotters, grievers, trolls etc. SL’s content creators are your greatest asset. This anonymous workforce has been giving you the content that kept you the biggest platform in virtual reality for 16 years. For free. How about you give us some perks as well? How this will play out Anyways, best possible scenario is you roll back one or two of the minor changes and we all go back to business as usual. The content creators can't go anywhere anyways, right? Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of work and commitment to be a good innovative content creator, it is a full time job that most of us can barely live off. Skimming more of our income will force us to look for other jobs. Not because we want to, we love this world, we have given it a lot. But we have families and rent too. Don’t kill the goose with the golden eggs. Thanks for reading.
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    Cigarette break at a foggy train station, in my underwear, as one does . . . (unedited screenshot)
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    I usually dress a bit more modest and always have everything covered when out in public. But there are time I see something I can't pass up. Behind spoilers because the specific bits are all just barely covered.
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    Okay ~ so, over the years, I've slowly become familiar with the issues of running SecondLife ~ both the technical ones ( all those balls of group data getting dragged around with avatars, bogging down sims as they try and connect from one to another ) and the social ones ~ of managing a store, and friends and, trying to not let people fall through the cracks. So I've been thinking rather long and hard about my reply here, and while there's many things I find frustrating about the news, there's really only one thing stands out as problematic and worth planting a pitchfork and lighting a torch of my own over. Reducing basic account activity feels both punitive and disrespectful to your legacy users. People who have been faithful members of the community for a decade or more shouldn't be treated on equal grounds as someone who has just signed up. Grandfather in the 42 group cap and old IM limit for accounts that were created prior to June 4th. OR Alternatively, I'd suggest raising all caps by one each year the account remains active. Kind of a 'thank you for being here' reward. ( so a basic account that's 13 years old gets 48 [35+13] groups and 28 [15+13] offline IM's ) People love inventory expansions in games, and they love birthday presents, and all the data that's needed is already tracked to implement this. Happy Rez Day! Here's a group slot ! I've been premium for almost the entire time I've been on SL ~ so while the changes to the basic account levels shouldn't affect me directly, I still find them insulting and problematic. My management accounts aren't premium, so lower IM caps will cause them to be difficult to use. There are thousands of people who are emotionally invested in SL and offer their time and energy into making it a better place that don't deserve to be punished for not handing over money. Don't alienate your long-term user base please. Thank you for listening @Grumpity Linden -- Liz
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    Is anyone ever sober when they drive their golf carts?
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    Coastal Scents... Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636
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    I can already hear the "back in my day, Bellisseria was full of Moles and SSPs and we had to build our own pubs in our backyards and WE LIKED IT THAT WAY"
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    UPDATE: We have heard your feedback. There will be no change to group limits for basic accounts: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2559-group-limits-update-no-changes-for-basic-members/ OP: _____ Hi! This started out as a brief clarification on some things causing confusion, and has turned into a long bullet-point list. Rather than replying to the numerous threads on the forums, I'm going to try to put it all together here. As long as the conversation remains civil, I'll do my best to respond to questions. Please point the pitchforks away from my eyes though... Land prices: Full estates get ~$20/mo reduction in price. For the first time we are also reducing GF/BD region pricing. This is not a frivolous gift to the 1%. This has real and proven effects on the rents many more pay. Premium prices are going up on June 24. Starting June 3 and until June 24, Premium accounts have 3 weeks to pre-pay an additional cycle of premium at the old rates. Best deal is, of course, prepaying for annual regardless of your current level. We hope you can take advantage of it. If you’re paying quarterly today, you can continue as quarterly. We will no longer offer it to new premium signups. With the new prices, VAT will be charged on monthly and quarterly but not annual (of course only in the countries where VAT applies). We looked. We hadn’t raised premium prices in the history of premium prices in SL. Crazy! A lot of value has been added to premium over the last few years (new Linden Homes, double tier, reduced mainland prices, premium access, more offline IMs, more transaction history, more groups, more animesh, experiences, and yet more to come) and we are raising prices to reflect that. We’re not lowering limits out of spite, groups really are quite a strain on our back end for a variety of painful historical reasons, including overloading group functionality instead of having other tools. This subject alone is worth a novel liberally sprinkled with tears. So anyway, we don’t hate basic users, and in fact we work hard to retain our free-to-play offering as one of the most generous across many industries. But yes, no big surprise, we do want to nudge active residents to become subscribers, because we think it’s a great value, and - as many have noted - we’re also running a business. But no, we're not shutting our doors to non-premium residents. Rumors of our insanity and villainy have been slightly exaggerated. Fees to process credit are going up, effective June 24. L$ buy fees are not. Yes, this is another step in rebalancing the economy. It’s also the right step, because the regulatory climate has evolved dramatically since SL first started out, and in order to continue to offer a platform for creators to actually make money, we have a lot of ongoing work to keep up with those regulations. Compliance is generally no fun (shh don’t tell our compliance people I said so - they’re wonderful and actually think it’s fun!) but it keeps all of us in business and the bad guys out. If we weren't doing this work, we would literally have to stop offering the ability to process credit. We’re making lasting investments into SL in infrastructure, features, and content. While we set aside some special morsels only for premium members, the work we are doing benefits everyone - region crossings, attachment reliability, marketplace improvements, inventory stability, land auctions - are just a few examples. No one project will please all of our residents, but we make an effort to address the needs of all communities in turn. We can’t get everything done immediately, but we’re focused and determined to keep SL successful and evolving. It’s a unique and thriving world we work hard to support. Look, this is obviously a bitter pill. We can't keep slashing land prices at the rate we did last year. We can’t raise other prices and yet keep everyone happy. But we sincerely believe this is the best path forward - and hope you will come around too. P.S. we haven't given up on Last Names either.
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    I'm grabbing this question from way early on to answer it. The differences between the subscriptions types and lengths are what cause us to have to add VAT on the monthly and quarterly subscriptions. There are certain parameters we have to follow which dictate where each plan falls into. The annual subscription does not qualify for all of those parameters, so luckily we don't have to put VAT on it. 😊
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    Blueberry, you're right. We do think about this, quite a bit in fact. We've actually made changes a few years back to make the process credit fees more "fair" - where we used to charge an effectively higher % from small amounts than larger ones (by having a cap on the fee), we had been disproportionately charging the little guys. I'd like to point something out, because I understand that it's really not obvious. There's a lot of conversation about people with basic accounts spending just as much or more than the cost of premium. That's awesome, and you can chose how to spend your money! However, not all the money you spend in SL is equal to LL. When you buy L$, you're buying them on the LindeX, from another resident. Linden Lab takes $1.49 fee, regardless of how much you spend. When you spend L$5000 on the marketplace, Linden Lab takes 5% of that, not the full amount. The rest goes to the creator. When you spend it inworld, we take none of it (however, the store owner pays us for land - either directly or through a landlord). OF COURSE we want our creator community to thrive. We have been jumping through regulatory hoops year after year to make sure that Second Life continues to be a place where you can make money and not just spend money - and this has come at a cost, which, unfortunately, we are partially passing on to those who are making money in SL. With that, it's late. Thank you to all who have been willing to engage in conversation. This thread has grown very long, and I cannot promise to continue monitoring it. I'll do my best when possible.
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    It isn't a lie. I had to split my store groups into 2, and between the 2 there are over 85000 members. We split the members into 2 groups because none of the functions work when it's that crowded. Maitreya V.I.P group has 115,000 members.
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    The new intern. Another animesh character.
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    We have approximately 90,000 basic members with 36 or more groups. We have approximately 10,000 premium subscribers with 55 or more groups. This is not a 1:1 change. Does that help with the confusion?
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    Okay! I think they heard our feedback. Let's let them talk it over, think it over ❤️ We pitchforked enough for one day. 😈
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    If we stop considering LL to be a mighty corporation and start considering it as a SME ( Small to medium enterprise ) working their butts off to try and keep the boat afloat it becomes considerably easier to forgive them the errors of their ways ... Getting a housboat may have helped my disposition considerably as well
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    I love our new houseboat and it was fun decorating it. Linden gave enough prims to deco and still have 100 prims left Here are some snapshots of our home... Thank you Linden Lab
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    Linden Lab if you check most of the comments above , members and premiums users are not happy with this new features : - Content Creators we do complain about the cashout fee "5%" which is my situation and even if some of them accept it , we would love to know more information about it . Im sure that would be really helpfully to understand the Second Life situation even if its with numbers , but the fact is the way and the short time this was announce lessn a mo thanth to us. Also many of us we are having strong questions about why "2.5% + and not 1%..." we would love to hear some answers and Im completely sure exits. - Most of the members of this community even if they are premiums or content creators we dont agree with the group reduction as many designers said its not a good strategy for the stores and store growing process same as marketing and promotion. Is there no other alternative way ? And for sure lest not forget about the new premium increasement I just feel there is a huge lack of information here. Second Life has one of the most amazing community I have ever seen in my entire life compared to all the platforms I used to play. Many of us we have been supporting , creating , enjoying even giving "our Real Lifes" to this. We know is a final decision from Linden Lab doing this new features and theres nothing much we can do except complaining here with several post. We all make mistakes , even big companies . Please reconsider..
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    🎂Happy 16th Birthday Second Life, Guess you wont live past 20 at this rate.🎂
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    Yes I know I've asked this before but I'm going to keep asking until I get an answer. What have I (or any basic account) ever done to anyone that I deserve to be punished and ostracized? Is everyone afraid I'm going to be that competitive? I'm not. All I want is to be able to pull in enough to cover my expenses. I'm not even looking to make any kind of profit. Just to be able to stay in SL and be able to pay for a place to live and work. Is that really too much to ask?
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    When I am in SL, I want to see my info in SL, and not have to log into yet another platform just to see what's going on. Maybe that's just me though.
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