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    Can we Puhhh-lease briefly discuss what an AMAZING job the moles did on the new Linden Homes terraforming. Wow! Nice job!
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    Snooping around the thread..
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    Do you know what you got into?
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    New skin, new profile pic.
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    And because I couldn't think what to make after finishing the ice creams, I decided it was time to change Peony's look. I was missing being an older av, so I'm back to my LeLutka and feeling much more like myself. Actually, while I think of it - I love how the nose looks on the Simone with this shape, but I'd love a longer nose with a bit of a longer, angular face to fit it. Has anyone come across a mesh head that has that stronger, more elongated look?
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    Candid snap - mostly because I liked the proprietorial attitude Peony was throwing at my alt while we tested out some of the ice creams I'd just made. Don't ever get between Peony and her ice cream...
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    Got bored and turned myself into a vampire...demon....kitsune thing?
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    I really need to learn how to work on the neck area or, stop using my laptop at minimum to take these kind of photos. It's really difficult to edit them on the laptop. I can, but with difficulty. Tips and tricks appreciated!
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    By the Post-Apocalyptic Record Store. Because even zombies and radioactive mutants need music, right? Still experimenting with portraiture, but this time trying out some slightly more sophisticated masking techniques, and CURVES ADJUSTMENT!!! (Thank you, Skell!) Not perfect, but a worthwhile first step, maybe!
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    Warrior today because Monday .... LOL
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    I had to try and find another kitchen that I had not seen in these houses before. 😉 The same room as before, the first on the left when you enter the Winchester house.
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    Same look, different pose. I just love the texture on this corset
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    Good moring, a short walk to the farm.
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    I have been playing around all morning. I like staying with raw shots. Not because I am some purist or anything. If I were not so lazy I would fix the elbow and the hair but ... pbbbtttt. Too much effort for a "look at me" post
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    I am suspecting region restart will poof away our local ghost soon enough, so don't forget to come and say bye-bye. Help yourself to some cake too, I might have gone a little overboard with it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phinney/233/74/26
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    I'm amazed at everyone's creativity and ingenuity in making such stunningly beautiful homes! Everyone has been so inspiring and generous with your time, ideas and guidance for the rest of us! I've learned so much about LI, shopping for quality, modifying et al... my poor brain is full! Here's some pics of our progress using a LOT of your ideas .... 189 out of 351 (162 available) \☺/ WhoOoOo HoOooo!
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    For me, the care and time that they are putting into the public areas and the buffer areas makes the wait for more homes worth the wait. I would gladly have this with the wait, rather than thousands of homes plopped down quickly just so that everyone gets one immediately (and I'm still waiting to get a new home here).
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    I've got everything just the way I want it now in the Barnacle. So guess it's time to try a different one. I am still amazed by the light in Belliseria.
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    Using the Dust Bunny Camellia Couch and chair. Couch comes with kid poses Forrest got an update for her Deimos TV, so I put that in aswell
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    These are my skyboxes so far This was my first one I created, it was the first building I have created and lived in Below is my Tahoe home, I love this one the most of all. I created a basement for it, complete with functional arcade cabinets Now it has three floors of livable space, and has been mostly furnished. Below is an extra picture I added, to show the difference between my petite and a regular sized avatar. This is in my Tahoe based home, on the second floor, I save a ton of space being smaller, it really makes a big difference. You'll probably have to squint a little to see me, I make it up to around the knee on the regular sized avatar My private beach, I bought this from the marketplace, I haven't done much to it other than add waves, a few sitting spots, ocean sounds, and a rock path climbing up to it. This is a really simple one, I made no modifications to it, it is simply a forest I purchased a while ago. Here is my little urban skybox, I usually shoot zombies in this one. Hobo apartments works perfectly, I just changed the physics to bring down the land impact. I'll modify it again later, to make it smaller for my petite avatar once I do that I can probably fit another building in here. This is the latest one I've been working on, all of it was bought from the marketplace. I just added the base prim, with AT swimmer so I can swim around underneath None of this is furnished yet.
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    If you ever feel the need to use it for some kind of ME RP, the store Miranda's Butt has an OmniTool, Hacking Pad, and other ME-related things.
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    So today Belinda discovered that Salty was sitting on a pile of Lindens, so she sent her out to buy me some lingerie. Something about they want me to lose something as soon as possible, I dunno..……..they whisper in dark corners sometimes...…. Salty did OK and here's the result...… I'm relaxing at home in our apartment. Don't ask how we all sleep in this bed......haha!
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    I've heard they especially like Worm Snax.
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    Agreed! They have done and are still doing an awesome job with this massive project. I keep finding new gorgeous spots as I explore!
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    Some minor adjustments to the front of the house, only waiting on one more thing to get released so I can snap it up and call this place done! So I guess a few days after that I'll be starting over?
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    Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that is a clear violation of the Covenant. *"...*Linden Homes should be kept presentable and in-theme to their unique areas...." *"...The exterior should always remain in theme out of consideration for your neighbors..." I would seriously consider reporting that if I were you. Just saying
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    Ah, if only Photoshop could help with that (outside of image editing itself). Overindulged at Christmas? Clone out that post-prandial pudge! Getting older? Blur away those wrinkles! (Mind you, might want to practice first, otherwise you might end up looking like this ) Curves is a way of fine-tuning certain levels of RGB - their depth and strength - in an image. I tend to use it either to discover interesting tint effects, or for lightening or darkening images since it gives me more control over that than the simple contrast etc tools do. Couple of quick example videos (I'm just using the existing points on the curve, but you can click to add more): darkening an image using overall RGB tinting an image by changing just the red value Before and after of that second image: I'm monopolising the thread with image-editing stuff again, aren't I? /me slinks off and lets the pretty people keep being pretty.
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    Virtual Air flight this afternoon
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    "What, me pose for the camera?" *tinkley laughter* "Don't be silly! I'm not that vai . . . wait, hang on sec! Ok, now you can shoot!" Pic featuring no fewer than four items picked up at the two most recent Saturday Sales (thank you Catrie!): hair by Lock&Tuft, pose and backdrop by FoxCity, and dress by Ison.
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    Forgot to mention one other edit that I sometimes have to do, and that's the hairline. A lot of male hairs show rather visible joins - especially on the forehead - so I grab a 'splatter' brush and use quick, short strokes from the head into the hair and then out of the hair onto the head: Most of my editing is done using an old version of Photoshop (PS6) because it loads quickly and has pretty much everything I need. I keep Photoshop CS5 for when I need the heavy guns Before and after images (just a quick touchup done in about a minute) are behind the spoiler tag:
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    I like this a LOT. Genus Strong Face may be to your liking. Even better if you tweak it just a bit. The nose on it is fantastic - very different from most heads. I think it is what sets it apart from all other heads as it has a more unique look and I've found certain skins really accentuate this; Session and Skinnery in particular. Also, Genus has their own basic skin for sale called "March" which is an older looking aged skin and you can turn on "wrinkles" in the HUD to add to it. It's beautiful. Here's the Genus Strong head with the March skin:
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    Exploring the Amazon River regions.
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    The House Controller (mailbox/lifebuoy) only gives them to the owner of the home. This prevents spamming and flooding the content pack server with delivery requests. But the textures themselves are fully permissive, so any resident who has them can share them with anyone they wish.
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    When I see empty homes where a person has left it empty or basically empty I celebrate it. That means less lag and I can rez more texture intense items in my own home. I knew someone in my early days of SL who had bought more than one full mainland region and all he ever rezzed on them (4 I knew of) was a few Linden trees. I asked him why, and his response was that he loved the empty land. So to each their own. If they are like me and like to fill up every little spare inch of their home with stuff .. great! If they like to have their home empty and just use it to rez shopping bags .. great! There is only one limitation on owning a Linden home .. you must have a premium account with 1024 sqm available. Period! So, if a person has five premiums they've paid for the right to have five Linden Homes. Does that mean they should use all those? Well, that depends on the person's desires. Should anyone be limited because the supply is limited at this time? Well, it could but it doesn't necessarily. Every person should do what they feel is the right and just thing for them. It's not as though there is only one batch and there are no more coming. Heck I grew up in a large family with three brothers. I didn't ever get cookies from the first batch. Did that mean I went without cookies??? No, I didn't. Did that mean my mom rationed the cookies from the first batch? She could have but that would have made her job harder and quite frankly the cookies from the last batch were as good as the first .. so I didn't care. So final words ... patience and live and let live.
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    After moving the kitchen from the small room to the big room in the Winchester house I was planning to make the small room as a living room. Well, I noticed that I didn't have quite suitable living room furniture for the small room. So I made the small as a bedroom instead. 😃 Now my friend tells me: "It's nice but I liked the bedroom more in the upstairs. And I'm used to sleep upstairs." 🤷‍♀️
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    Even with measuring and previewing in world, I went through a few kitchen sets before settling on this one. Now on to the top deck with about 90 LI to spare. And a couple surfboards to at least acknowledge the waterfront setting
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    me:will i make a good poc with new TRUTH gift? my laptop:HAHA.....no:P
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