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    I can answer this. The main focus of Linden Homes is the homes themselves. One of the main features is that the home does not count against your parcel prim count. That cost is absorbed by the main parcel. We have to reserve enough Land Impact on that parcel to accommodate the maximum possible LI of all the homes rezzed. The remainder we use for all the decor items in the region. All the roads, streetlights, community areas, trees, bushes, docks, hedges... everything resides on that parcel. Adding a parcel that shares LI with the main parcel residents can rez on adds an element of risk in not having enough land impact to support the house rezzing system. Adding a rezzing zone to Linden Homes is not as simple or cut and dry as it is on the mainland. Everything has to be carefully balanced. That is why most of the rezzing zones are in regions with no resident houses in them or ones we are still in the process of making. Also, the goal is to have as many homes as possible in close proximity to one another without people feeling that they are packed in tightly together as much as we can. Our focus is on a continent of homes with some enjoyable infrastructure rather than a public space with a few homes here and there. We could go crazy adding even more community content around every corner with parks and boat launches and forests and airports and... and... and... Believe me, we LOVE making stuff like that. But the question is, how many homes would we have to delete in order to do that everywhere? How many people are we willing to leave out in the cold waiting for a home so we can have those cool things we have fun making? That's a careful balance as well. In some areas it makes perfect sense. Let's make the coastline look natural. Let's have some mountains through here and some rivers through there. Let's use that LI for more trees and plants between the houses or a community space. Let's not make everything cookie cutter and instead have each region be unique with it's own identity. And let's focus on having as many homes as we can while keeping all those elements that make the continent itself uniquely special. It takes longer to do it that way. It takes a lot of work to do it that way too. And hopefully we'll get faster as we go along and it will evolve in certain ways as well. But doesn't that usually end in a better result?
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    Finally did a shoot inspired by a music video that I saw a few months ago.
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    Our little Cafe down the road from home. Come down for a Coffee http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stine/164/86/28
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    My photo shoot got rained out.
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    Abs no clue how I ended up in a place like this
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    I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I spring a bit extra for flowers that weren't dead? Blame it on Orwar and Neph. ETA: Retook the pic. I'm happier with this version! And a thank you to @Aedan Charron!
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    I've been hanging round the beach, after locking Ellie under the stairs...……….hahaha! Good to be back!
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    @Orwar -- This is the top that I thought Neph was wearing. It's L'Emporio's Galene skirt and top, and it includes four variant textures for the top. And yes, I almost always use one of the less . . . "lacy" ones.
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    Was a little late in finding out about Blueberry having a sale, and their anniversary. Although also just in time to do something I don't usually do--impulse buy. I think I bought half of the store. Resting after the exhausting shopping spree.
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    A Gigi Blazer from Ricielli
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    My standard looks have change so I did some portraits for a new profile pic last night. The first one is in my navy uniform. The second is my normal knock around SL look. Then I have the finished profile pic.
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    Getting caught up on things and time to start preparing for the next project - building a photo set. It's kind of hard finding good help around here. I'm wondering if he left any...
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    Si Una Vez... Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636
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    I got another new skin. Well, actually I got 3 (Fantasy Faire, grrr). Here is one of them, Karen by Le Forme which came from a different event. I went for a completely bare look. The hair is by tram, I love it!
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    Final shots at DoX/Tokyo Street ❤️
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    I have just finished what may be the first complete mermaid swim around Belliseria. It's a long, tiring swim, but you get a wonderful perspective on the continent. The seafloor is mostly bare, but with a few surprises along the way. I saw plenty of boat traffic and an occasional seaplane, and an occasional person resting on a deck. Mostly, it was just a unique chance to explore solo and enjoy the new home of Linden Homes. AND to do it before any other mermaids can claim to be first.
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    This! This is starting to remind me of little kids at Christmas, when no matter how many nice gifts they get, they rip the paper off them all then cry "Is that all???"
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    So after a few days of RL making me crazy with lots and lots of work to do.. I finally manage to snap a photo and play a little with colored lights Color Block by Carolina Schön, en Flickr
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    Just about to go, but I found time to dance on the poles at Blue Water Cove. Not very busy so no money in it really, although I did get some tips...….. that can get addictive!! haha! And I met a girl this week who said she made enough money in SL by hostessing/escorting to go fully mesh without putting in any real money...…….now that's impressive.....
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    Yes, we did see that. We all ooo'd and ahhh'd over it too. We all thought it was very cute. There was a hovertext object saying it wasn't a park and they'd made a ticket and were waiting for it to be fixed, and we did.
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    The airstrip island: Coral Waters At 5:56 am PDT (= SL time). Draw distance 480 meters.
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    I "decorated" the house backyard with some random plants found in the inventory. The small pond in the front is actually the same as the big swimming pool at the back - radically shrunk in size and most of it sunk into the ground.
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    The airstrip this afternoon
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    Thank you Abnor for this very clear and useful post, I hope everything is clear for all now; I totally agree with the way LL is doing and with their aim, I noticed that the houses prims are not counted in the parcels and this is a great gift that everyone surely can appreciate, so thank you LL friends for your amazing work!
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    This is by no means any sort of rule or anything (if you have more than one premium account by all means you can choose a Linden Home for each of them), but I was wondering since we are in a "supplies are limited" sort of situation for the immediate future if any of you who also have alts with homes had considered just keeping one house so others who missed out might have a chance at one as well? At least until we can bring more online. I had one of the first ones when they opened (primarily as part of confirming the system worked) but I'm faaaar too busy making more Linden Homes to actually use one at this point I think. I abandoned it so one of you could enjoy it instead. It's just a though. Sharing the love is always good karma.
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    Some friends and I took a boat trip to Hermit Crab Island today ♥
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    Not exactly a garden, but I am still proud of my home 😉
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    I wonder how many times I will tell myself: "Well, I think I am finished with this room, time to move on".
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    So I think I'm finally satisfied with my garden
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    Some of you people need to calm down with the demands. It is not finished and these things take time. The alternative is get out, we're closed until completely finished. Jeesh. The Moles and Lindens are doing a fantastic job.
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    This thread is dedicated to showing off our homes on the new continent. Please no advertising. Please keep your sight seeing pics for the thread Patch started. This is just for showing off what you've done with your Linden Home and Garden. Here's my first entry. Of all the homes I looked at during the preview I told myself I'll never live in the Alderley. I just thought it was too small and I hated the layout. But I had a vision of what it could be and I couldn't be happier with it now. It's just surprising how much house this can be. So I'll start you off at my front door. The home now has a grand front hall with a view to the backyard. The waiting bench beckons you to the back of the house. On the left of the front door is the huge bathroom. The bath is so big the tub has it's own little alcove with a draped entry. I seriously could have a party inside my bathroom it's so large! Then out into the hall again and into the bedroom. My bedroom is so large that I even have room for a chaise. Moving back down the hall we come to the kitchen. The glazed french doors lead to the outdoor living space. And I'll show you what that's like in my next post as I've run out of room for more pics.
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    Kudos to the residents who are working on building community spirit and involvement - the groups that have been created, the tour pictures that have been posted, the collections of LM's posted and sent out to the groups, etc. It is this type of thing I think that will be the most successful for building and maintaining a sense of community among residents.
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    Decorating services have been going on for years though; from homes or small parcels, right up to full sims. I don't see this any differently unless I am missing something glaringly obvious.
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    What you're looking at here are two different types of skin: System skins = what you're familiar with on your original avatar. These will only work on classic or system avatars that don't comprise an additional bunch of mesh body and head sections placed over the original avatar with alpha layers (the successor to invisiprims) hiding that original avatar. System skins are simply worn and they show immediately on your avatar. Applier skins = what you're calling 'mesh skins'. These will only work on mesh bodies and heads, and specifically only on the mesh bodies and heads that they are created for (with the exception of Omega appliers). I'll get into the whole 'applier thing' in more detail shortly. Applier skins come in HUDs that you have to wear, then click to apply the skin to your mesh body parts. You mentioned that your friend ended up with a 'mesh starter avatar'. Linden Lab did release one set of all-mesh starter avatars several years ago, but these are no longer available during the sign-up process (although they can still be found if you dig through your inventory's Library folder, and may also be available through the Avatar toolbar button/floater). These avatars are all mesh, from head and body to clothing. The later avatars (including those currently available at signup) are system/classic avatars with the addition of mesh clothing. The important thing to remember is that - if your friend has/had one of those Linden Lab-created all-mesh starter avatars (including a mesh body and head) - there are no skins (either classic or applier) that will work on them. They are incredibly limited and cannot be customised. She would need to remove the mesh body parts and the alpha layer, and look for system skins (as you appear to be guiding her to do). Either that, or she can demo third-party mesh heads and mesh body parts, which is where appliers will work. So, onto that 'applier thing' and to simplify as much as I can: An applier skin will usually come in two parts: one applier for a mesh head and one for a mesh body. This is because most people like to mix and match, and some of the mesh body/head stores specialise in one or the other and not both. For example: Catwa and Lelutka only make mesh heads; they don't make mesh bodies. But Maitreya only makes a mesh body and no mesh heads. In other words: someone might wear a Catwa head and a Maitreya body, so - to buy a skin that will work on both - they will need: a Catwa-compatible head applier and a Maitreya-compatible body applier, both in the same skintone from the same store. However, there are also Omega appliers. These are a kind of cross-brand applier that will work on any mesh head or body as long as you have the correct Omega Relay or Installer HUD. To use our example above: if you wanted to wear an Omega skin on a Catwa head and Maitreya body you would need to have (and be wearing) the Omega Relay HUDs for both Catwa and Maitreya while you apply the Omega skin. BUT! That same Omega skin will also work on, say, a Lelutka head and Belleza body, as long as you have (and are wearing/have installed) the Omega HUDs for Lelutka and Belleza. (I will mention, though, that since different head brands use different UV mapping, you will often find Omega head appliers listed as being 'based on' a certain head brand. This means that the head applier will fit perfectly on that brand of head, but - while it may look just fine on another brand of head - certain small details might be slightly 'off'. For example: the lip line might sit a little bit outside or inside the 3D lip line on the other head brand's mesh. With body appliers this is a bit less of an issue, so Omega is more frequently used for those when it comes to skins.) Most skin stores that sell appliers tend to have a single set of body appliers (for different mesh body brands) and their new releases comprise just the head appliers. Occasionally they will update their body appliers with new versions, and this can cause a bit of confusion if the necks of the head appliers (which is where the head and body appliers will meet) aren't updated to match them. Avatar customisation has become a bit of a convoluted minefield in the past few years, and I don't envy anyone coming in as a newbie to SL these days. But in these forums, and in the many groups inworld, you'll find people who are willing to help and to explain things, often in infinitesimal detail if that's what you need. So don't worry that you might be asking 'obvious' or 'noobish' questions
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    This X 100 times. It is not until now, that I feel how bad it was with parcels touching. Communal land between the houses is the best idea LL has had. @Abnor Molecan bring that information on, so the guy who had the idea, can feel how happiness is radiating out of Belliseria.
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    I agree. Higher demand than anticipated means LL really outdid themselves. This is something they can feel good about, and so can we... as they really outdid themselves.
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    I've been responsible for fixing some big systems. It's a whole lot easier when everybody on the team has been working on the relevant code for a while. Now would be a very good time to really fix sim handoffs. In fact, the best time in SL's entire history.
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    Enjoy your furnitures that crumple into a mess from 10 meters away ... I guess? Given how much area I can see in the picture, I would say she is cammed out far more than 10 meters....... Yet I can still see her furniture just find and dandy - not broken up at all. You really can get furniture and plants that are made well, to still be seen from many meters away, without using tons of LI.
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    Finally I see what GTFO stands for .... I was sure it couldn't stand for what first came to my mind when I saw that!
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    I thought they were all inside smoking that funny stuff.
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    There was talk of fighting earlier this week....I can prepare!
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    Aliens are invading the continent
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    Start worrying at cis-elf.
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    This was about a week ago, before I made some additions to the house backyard. (Testing here the dive board's animations. Oops... forgot to take off my shoes! )
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    /me sends Willow my last can of Earthworms in Spicy Slime Sauce.
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