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    I can answer this. The main focus of Linden Homes is the homes themselves. One of the main features is that the home does not count against your parcel prim count. That cost is absorbed by the main parcel. We have to reserve enough Land Impact on that parcel to accommodate the maximum possible LI of all the homes rezzed. The remainder we use for all the decor items in the region. All the roads, streetlights, community areas, trees, bushes, docks, hedges... everything resides on that parcel. Adding a parcel that shares LI with the main parcel residents can rez on adds an element of risk in not having enough land impact to support the house rezzing system. Adding a rezzing zone to Linden Homes is not as simple or cut and dry as it is on the mainland. Everything has to be carefully balanced. That is why most of the rezzing zones are in regions with no resident houses in them or ones we are still in the process of making. Also, the goal is to have as many homes as possible in close proximity to one another without people feeling that they are packed in tightly together as much as we can. Our focus is on a continent of homes with some enjoyable infrastructure rather than a public space with a few homes here and there. We could go crazy adding even more community content around every corner with parks and boat launches and forests and airports and... and... and... Believe me, we LOVE making stuff like that. But the question is, how many homes would we have to delete in order to do that everywhere? How many people are we willing to leave out in the cold waiting for a home so we can have those cool things we have fun making? That's a careful balance as well. In some areas it makes perfect sense. Let's make the coastline look natural. Let's have some mountains through here and some rivers through there. Let's use that LI for more trees and plants between the houses or a community space. Let's not make everything cookie cutter and instead have each region be unique with it's own identity. And let's focus on having as many homes as we can while keeping all those elements that make the continent itself uniquely special. It takes longer to do it that way. It takes a lot of work to do it that way too. And hopefully we'll get faster as we go along and it will evolve in certain ways as well. But doesn't that usually end in a better result?
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    I've been hanging round the beach, after locking Ellie under the stairs...……….hahaha! Good to be back!
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    Aliens are invading the continent
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    some photos of our house: the entrance, the bedroom, and part of the kitchen. Some pieces of furniture like the kitchen, the marble console at the entrance and the bed are my designs
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    Sorry for the somewhat boring pic, but I've been too busy making some more tweaks to my skin and have not found a good photo spot (but at least I changed clothes and did some different poses since yesterday - lol). Made brows in a color closer to my hair, then I found out that another (bit more famous than me) girl called Kaia have this cute little beauty mark just beneath her lip (even though she covers it with makeup most of the time), so I decided to give myself one too - perhaps that's what I need to get a model career Her mother has a bigger beauty mark over her lip on the left side, so I made one of those too - but I won't bother you with a pic of that (today at least) As you can see in the untouched picture, I still have a way to go to get the neck join decent
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    Just a slight chance on some mild rain they said...
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    As promised here is the exterior of my home. This concludes my home tour. I will be keeping this home for awhile. I love how serene it is and love every room in my home indoors and out!
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    THIS is the reason a lot of my friends won't go mainland, regardless what new perks come with it. I just derender anything that stands out to me; I'm sure people derender what they don't like about mine, as conscious as I think I'm being regarding acceptable style. It's not an ideal situation, but it's not like we have control over others or can dictate taste that pleases all... as much as I'm sure some people are just lazy, are creatures of habit, or have tastebuds in their posteriors. Regarding the banality of suburbia; as I live in a small outback town where it's always dusty and flat and boring, a green "Leave it to Beaver" sitcom suburbia is a chance to live something better I'll never have (especially not in RL). But it's not just the look that appeals, it's the community aspect. Maybe the style is a little too stereotypical, but this new community reminds me of a time, and values, that have long since been eroded; neighbours chatting over fences, and stopping by for a cuppa, and life was generally slower and more easy going compared to the technological rat race we live in now. While it's still possible to visit neighbours in a different setting, say futuristic sci-fi, it won't have the same feel - and a return to old values is probably more recognizable as a 50's sitcom than a futuristic or other setting that people haven't experienced much or care to.
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    Not that strange; my newer alts have some of their own things. It saves logging my main on in order to rez stuff for them.
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    Experienced users would be aware of that, but the person is probably counting on the offer being taken up by new users that might not be aware of those nuances and wouldn't realize they were being taken advantage of. There probably will also be a segment who just don't like to decorate, don't buy furnishings, and so spending the L$2000 seems like a good deal for them, because they probably aren't going to want to move things around, redecorate, etc. I might be kind of strange - if I find that my alt keeps wanting to use some home & garden item or house I have often enough, I just have her go and buy her own copy.
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    This response to the valid (in my opinion) concerns that have been raised in this thread by others seems to be a bit strong and uncalled for. What I was curious about, as you seem to be upset that others aren't trying this new release out, is have you purchased one? And if so, how does the deformer feature work? Are you actually able to wear clothes rigged for other mesh bodies, and do they fit well? How did you get the information about how many bodies they sold in the first 24 hours?
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    Well that's true, Cindy. I remember a guy who used a lot of my no-transfer stuff to create full-sim designs for people. He would whiz through doing the same thing over and over, making about $2000 usd per month (but that was back in the more lucrative days). Most people now seem to want access to their prims though, but I imagine there's a small market for people who just want their homes done and looking nice yet don't care if they can edit it. However I wouldn't do that to fellow merchants as I have more loyalty than that. It's so easy to gift my customer and recoup costs or just have them buy the items themselves so I can landscape with it. More than anything this just seems very tacky. I mean the person isn't even part of the community with a Linden home. They just see a business opportunity, using other people's content and designs (more than a few of the people on the Linden homes threads are great interior decorators, and no doubt this person is copying their designs too) -- then swoop into the community to commercialize off it as best they can. Another way to look at it though, for those content creators who feel slighted, is that any time your content is out there in the world it serves as a little ad, so maybe that outweighs any sales that might be lost by this happy rezzer-person (can't really call them a decorator or creator).
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    These people should gift the items from the MP to their customer and tack on an additional charge covering the purchases. I've done that when i needed to use other creators no-transfer items.
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    yes. I was meaning the covenant of the old 512m homes.
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    That's correct. The covenant in the NEW Linden Homes allows you to make a skybox above 2000m, but the covenant in the OLD Linden Homes does not allow skyboxes at all.
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    That picture is just beautiful. I want to go sailing RIGHT NOW ❤️
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    Overwhelmed is not necessarily a negative. Basically they were blown away at the positive responses (likely didn't expect so many of us to be singing their praises over these houses). and while they knew they were going to be super popular, I think they were a bit surprised at just how fast they went -- thinking it would take a few more days than it did for all of them to get taken. Patch specifically said that predicting demand is not the issue (because they did know they were going to be popular). The issue is the time it takes in getting lots and lots of parcels created. See this post:
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    Because it's called Linden Homes and homes are and always will be the main focus. Most people aren't going to want to live right next to an airport. It's far enough away that it won't bother most people. It doesn't block the waterway (I watched several large vessels navigate past it easily). It's simple and basic but doesn't spoil anyone's view. And it does what it's designed to do, which is give people a place to rez aircraft, take off and land.
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    oh hi. I may look all cute and stuff, but I've learned a few things from our resident loveable, bloodthirsty Swede. In other words, I'll cut anyone that gets between me and mine. 😁
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    I've been running a full region venue for over 10 years now. The region has certainly gone through changes over the years, but I've been monitoring script / prim usage closely, using estate tools to find poorly behaving objects and replace them as needed. From the peak, script count is down 30% yet performance is down even further, at best running at 50%. I occasionally run Mono benchmarks (see the LL wiki for them) and what is PAINFULLY clear to me is that my region is running at half the speed it used to. I've filed quite a few tickets regarding performance issues, but Larry Mo and Curly show up and claim there is no issue. Frankly, I've completely given up any hope whatsoever that we will ever get good region performance ever again. Wandering around SL vising some of the same places I've gone to for years, everyone is suffering with these same performance issues. What everyone knows (but a few here have trouble grasping) is that computers now are far far more capable than systems were 12+ years ago, and all that extra performance is available at a fraction of the price. Data center costs have also dropped due to massively increased competition and other economic factors, and bandwidth is cheaper too. Taking the same money we were paying for regions 12 years ago and applying it to today's systems, we should have zero server side lag. Zero. Also, keep in mind that LL has been doing a lot of work removing work from sims by moving things like asset downloads / inventory / etc. to the cloud (content servers) and away from the sim itself. Why aren't we actually seeing a benefit to the region performance from these efforts? No, I don't have any proof, LL won't talk about it, and everyone is just guessing, but based on all the data it's clear something has changed that has sucked the life out of region performance. I strongly suspect that LL is saving money by cutting the infrastructure available for regions during the last technology refresh. What's incredibly disappointing is that we finally have some really neat technology such as Animesh, pathfinding, Experience Keys etc. that could allow creators to build fantastic new venues, games, etc. BUT, now region performance is so freaking horrible that we can do none of that, and in fact, some venues that did take some advantage of these new features are unplayable. Vehicle usage is a joke with lag spikes that send you into a lag freeze shooting you 10 sims away before snapping back every time someone TPs in or out. Region crossing is a crapshoot. Clearly LL has lost any pride they had in SL. People show up to collect a paycheck. They go through the motions, throw us a bone now and then with some new feature that's pretty much useless due to server performance issues. Bleh.
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    Thomas Kuhn is another one. I suspect that people searching for good pickup lines fall into two groups: (1) those who have never read in the philosophy of the disciples and (2) those who have but fear sounding like eggheads. That pretty much narrows the field to "Come here often?" and "u wanna fk?". (OK, a little cynical, but there's a truth in there somewhere, along with the house elf.)
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    I keep separate folders for land rez zones and water rez zones, but I do re-name them so that the region name is included in the name.
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    From the product description, I believe you get fish that you can rez in the water BUT you could also choose (if allowed) to use them in their anti-lag rezzer. To be safe, you might want to go take a look at them in world, or message the creator, but I think if you rez them, then each fish is 2 LI. Reading other reviews, these fish may be too small for anything other than an aquarium. Definitely look in world first!
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    I can understand that (and I think we're around the same age). I do occasionally search on marketplace, but I guess I have been fortunate with the things I've been looking for to not have too many gacha items cluttering up my search returns.
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    The sims only have something like 13k prims total. Imagine the prims everybody would get if it were a full prim. Overall though, they did do a very awesome job at giving the illusion of space on a size that would look tiny most anywhere else.
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    :D. I didn't even look to see who was so creative! LOL. Thanks for letting me know. Lots of oldtimer's over here (and more wanting to come). Fun. Thanks.
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    LL have turned off the ban lines settings for the whole new Lindens Homes estate. Which means that the ability to add people to your access list is also turned off. Anybody can come onto your home parcel, (anybody includes your friends) unless you specifically add a person to your parcel ban list basically it means you can't ban Everyone except for the people on your access list you have to ban everyone else (who are not friends) individually and specifically by name. Up to 300 everyone elses
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    thanks. I was going off what was on blog. I had another look at the About Land \ Covenant. Is pretty specific. The next line after the one you showed even more so. "*Residents must use one of the houses provided. ... "
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    The house rezzer is a separate object, actually outside the house parcel (either a mailbox or a lifesaver.) It's not part of the inside house control unit which basically changes textures on the walls, floors, and trim. My house decorator box continued to work fine, when the rezzer lost it's mind. The rezzer was fixed today, after the scheduled region updates around 5AM slt. I don't know if rebooting the region fixed the scripts, or there were moles scrambling all over resetting the rezzers after the updates, since I had gone to bed. I hope those who lost their houses can get them back now.
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    I'm in Blake again today. 2nd hour boating with no crashes. I feel a definite imporovement. It's currently 4:49 PM SLT.
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    Should be a no brainer. Next to none of the high quality original clothing creators will support that body as not only is it a lot of extra work to support another body but given the history? Some might just to fill that niche market but most of us are just sitting here waiting for them to loose interest in their own product again.
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    The melted stabilizer wasn't one of Crossfield's flights, but occurred during the record setting speed run (and the last flight of the X-15) made by Pete Knight (4520 mph, Mach 6.5...I had to look it up). I learned a lot more about this that I probably wanted to because the unexpected hypersonic flow that caused the burn-through was used as an example of unintended consequences of design modifications by an instructor I had in an engineering seminar. Crossfield had two dicey landings...the first was the very first unpowered drop test flight. The hydraulic control system was too sluggish, and it set up an oscillation in the final landing flare that almost proved fatal...but Crossfield, as he tells it, lucked out and managed to set the plane down at just the right point in the cycle. That may be the one that you mentioned. The second was one you may have seen on film. The X-15 touches down on its main landing skids, which are far back toward the rear. The nose is always still high in the air, and because the main gear is so far back, it always comes down hard as the plane loses speed. This time, it came down so hard that the X-15 darn near broke in half, behind the cockpit. It turned out that it was not pilot error, but a failure of the nose gear to provide the correct amount of shock absorption. That ground test explosion footage is downright terrifying. It's amazing that nobody was killed. They actually used the footage in the movie "X-15" starring the young Charles Bronson. The fellow in the silver pressure suit who you see being helped from the cockpit is actually Scott Crossfield. Although the plane looks totally destroyed, it was actually re-built and flew again. I didn't know this, but looked it up in Wikipedia after I read Crossfield's book: He died in 2006, in a plane crash, at the age of 85. He was flying a Cessna 210 from Georgia to Manassas, VA and encountered severe thunderstorms en route. It's believed that the plane broke up in the air. In his book, he relates an incident that he always considered one of his worst performances -- he, and a number of fellow naval reserve pilots, were to fly to Denver for a big celebration of "Fifty Years of Flight", but due to a series of incidents, most of them never arrived. Crossfield himself, and his wingman, turned back due to facing what appeared to be severe weather ahead, and low fuel. They later learned that the weather was not that severe, and that they had been within six minutes of Denver. I wonder if part of his decision in 2006 to press ahead into the bad weather was due to this much earlier incident which had haunted him for many years. He writes of it, "Not once since then, either on land or in the air, have I ever turned back from any course that I set upon, no matter how dark the clouds that lay ahead."
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    I added a public animesh riding horse rezzer in front of my house! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maple Cross/73/70/23
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    I figured that was what you were talking about. I think this is close to what you’re looking for: http://www.paultosca.com/varga_hair.html Hopefully that’ll help some.
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    The issue is that it only takes one selfish ***** to really spoil the view in any region. I suppose what atracts people to this kind of planned community isn't so much that it looks amazing and unique, but that there is some guarantee on what potential horrors your neighbors can deploy. That being said, most neighbors try to play along with the people they share space with, but it's a big gamble whether a newcomer will embrace the existing community or be the type "don't care, don't talk to me, i'm building a wall so I can pretend you don't exist"
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    J'en Ai Marre by Carolina Schön, en Flickr
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    OMG, this can NOT be unseen!!!! "Where do you live?" "I live in Fourze, that's on Terminator Conan" :D
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    Older every day, don't even bother washing the clothes
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    Taken at my photo studio in New Toulouse, if you'd like me to take one for you in the same style, let me know, I'd be happy to do it sometime for no charge, I'm having fun!
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    Will he ever get this fixed?????? Plus an arty image.....hehe!
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    Syd wanted some attention (by way of my wallet)
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    Hmm... Just needs a leeetle finishing touch, maybe... /me legs it before Orwar can catch him
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    Test driving an old cannon at Porto Nuovo, Ciampi, on a morning that just goes on being cool and foggy. (I'm blurred out here because it was just awful what the fog was doing to my hair. Seriously, why even bother?)
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    Well if they just tolerate Scylla i can't imagine what they are planning for me. but i can't worry about that now, i rented myself a vacation cottage on the beach.
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