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    I look like my alt so they could be sisters now I guess.
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    I rescued some puppies last night. 😁
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    Thank you Coby for that hint. Post card from my expedition. NB: Photo edited with real photo of Mount Everest as background.
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    One of the "must see places" in Second Life. The scenery outside is amazing! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mt Everest/212/63/139
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    After further thought I've gone with classic Genus latest version for my Wonder Woman, with darker eyes and just a little make up. I think it looks OK...…….. Ellie might not think so...…...
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    My sister says she can't afford to give me a separate account, but I bet it's really that she is lazy.
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    “if only these treasures were not so fragile as they are precious and beautiful.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Sorrows of Young Werther
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    Priestess of Arianrhod Represented by the silver and white colours Goddess of beauty, fertility. and reincarnation. Keeper of the circling "silver wheel" of stars, a symbol of time and karma.
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    I'm too lazy to make another forum account for my older sister Saskia, so... here she goes
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    Sangria Wine by Carolina Schön, en Flickr
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    We Are Golden by Carolina Schön, en Flickr
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    "Us spectacled chicks have got to stick together, right girls?"
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    Have you tried using the Poser in Black Dragon? I think the best set of tutorials, Weaver's, is gone. No one seems to know what happened. He took them down. I think it a terrible loss. Ohmai apparently learned from him. Her tutorials are now about the best I've seen. She uses the mouse and keys to control the camera. That gives you very good control over the Depth of Field feature. But, it locks you into a focus point in the center of the screen. When I started doing machinima I got a SpaceNavigator (SN), a 3D mouse. I have much more camera freedom and it can move the camera to positions and angles uncommon to mouse/key controls. However, you have to do your Ctrl-8, 9, or 0 change before switching to Flycam and the SN. Ohmai uses the Animare hud to pose the avatar. I find it frustrating. I prefer using the Poser built into Black Dragon. The Lindens are planning to add the Poser to the Linden Viewer. THat means it will come to most viewers. That might happen this year. However, I do have Animare and two or three other HUDs for posing. Strawberry Singh has posing/photo tutorials. The link is to the long list.
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    I'm gonna stand right here and wait for your voice... (AKA: "Mum, he's mucking* around with filters again!" ) *Censored version. The original sorta... rhymes?
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    This was from yesterday, but I met my brother's friend and we just watched him decorate his house. I just liked this shot because we're all looking at different things lol.
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    This mornings coffee before work
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    I actually am one of those people who plays robot characters on SL. However, I don't intentionally present myself as your typical SL chatbot. I generally play as various forms of sentient robotic humanoid with different degrees of personality and humanity. Think less Cleverbot and more Detroit: Become Human. HOWEVER, I do talk through an object, which I think confuses some people. I find people tend to sometimes ignore me unless I'm in a roleplay sim where people are familiar with the system I use, likely because they think someone's scripted pet is spitting out one-liners at them. One of my characters leans more heavily towards the robotic side of things speech-wise, and has less personality than people would expect from, say, a human character or avatar. She helps out a lot at the store that manufactured her core (Nanite Systems), answering questions, demoing products, and providing tech support for other robots and their users. She gets mistaken for a chat bot a LOT. It's happened often enough that I now have a line in my About Me that states, "Yes, I'm a real person in here. I promise." It doesn't offend me though. If nothing else, i'm flattered! Clearly I'm doing a good job playing my character! If anyone here has any questions about this sort of roleplay on SL, I'd be happy to answer them! Edit: I also don't do a lot of repeating specific phrases. I do have some "programmed" responses but they're all pretty generic things that you might not even realize were on a programmed phrase-list. Examples include: "Hello!", "Do you require service?" and similar things to that.They're hard-coded into the robot controller I use, and change to different variations of the same phrases if my character's "persona" is changed in her settings.
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    Most of the bots spouting the same stuff over and over again that I've met turned out, upon further inspection, actually to be people.
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    In the bedbug motel waiting to see who shows up
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    This has long gone past a productive discussion. This is truly the best answer you can give. People aren’t going to stop supporting no mod items because they don’t care about them being no mod in the first place. Every other virtue of mod items becomes moot after that.
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    Just now there is a big SALE going on at the Pixel Dreams Inworld Store - lots of lovely furniture for next to no money! I bought LOTS and tested several items at the preview exibition in the way I learned here - by wearing them. The kitchen big piece is a bit to long for the front room but as you can put it to pieces I will make it fit in nicely. Kuechenzeile by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr And in the garden of my favourite house even a pool could be placed! SwimmingPool by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr PS: it really WORKS! Went to a sandbox, dissassebled the long kitchen piece - reassembled the components - now I have a fridge, a sink, an oven, a cupboard and so on! The small room in the basement towards the street is ideal for the kitchen! The big room towards the garden will be my livingroom.
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    Hmmm .… Now what does that button do? Lol, just experiencing my first smartphone in rl!
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    Still working on my new home, trying out a non urban, more nature and other of that green stuff look for the first time, and like how its turning out so far
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    so I managed to retrieve the password to one of my oldest alts, which I thought was deleted. Well it wasn't. And now it feels awkward.
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    Couldn't find any silver or white textures on MP I especially liked. so I took some from Bing, resized to about 512x512 and uploaded to my SL
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    What’s that? Residents can auction their parcels? Wow! Last July we shared the news that Auctions had received a makeover. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Resident to Resident Auctions! If you own parcels on the Mainland (not group land), you are now able to put them up for auction via your parcels’ Place Page. You can set the parameters of your auction: start and end times, minimum bid, and the bid increment. If the auction attracts bidders, at the end time the winner gets the land automatically and the winning bid amount less the Auction Commission fee (15%) is automatically transferred to your balance. Want to know more? We’ve created an Auctions Walkthrough to help. It will answer common questions and provide a detailed breakdown of how auctions work and what happens during the different stages of bidding. Going once… going twice… SOLD!
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    Apparently you have no idea how I sell my products or what permissions I do or do not set. Same people over and over. I don't see evidence that it's a large or even smallish percentage of the market as evidenced by what is available on the market. I don't have any problem with criticism. But when it is the same argument over and over by the same people, it gets old. In all the years I've been selling the number of customers who have asked me to make something mod that was no mod I could count on one hand. It's just not an issue in my business. The only place I see it being an issue is in the forums. I'm just going to ignore posts with this topic from now on, because it's just the same old tired argument from the same people. I will listen to my customers. I always have. They are the ones that are important to me.
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    I am very disappointed you would suggest this.. Whether or not it is saved in your cache does not give you the right to use it to make textures. It has plenty of value to the creator. If it is a FP mesh template, by all means buy it yourself and make your own textures. Figure out which one it is and go hog wild. I guess the whole point is, no one has any right to dictate what permissions a merchant has to give. We don't HAVE to give you a reason. Just like a land owner doesn't have to give a reason for a ban.
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    Someone should run an experiment, put "I'm only interested in nice guys" in their profile and report back after a week.
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    I've spent the last few days relocating my main residence in SL from a mainland parcel to a long double parcel along the water on the west side of Hither. I always have some feelings of trepidation when making moves like this, especially when changing to a new house as well. Overall, I'm pleased so far with how the landscaping has turned out (and I even did a little terraforming without having to call the land owner for help ). The long look back towards the house: Closer view of house, patio and greenhouse: Long look towards other end of parcel, where I have set up a little retreat/art studio (and a little teardrop trailer for when my alt comes to visit):
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    Some of you know that I'm struggling with the fact that my sister Ellie is better looking than me! I know I should be happy for her but the green eyed monster is alive and well, and I do have green eyes...…..…. *checks in mirror*…………... I tried Ellie's slider values, but it made me look chubby in my face so that didn't work well...……….. Anyhow, I've had time to play with the latest Genus release, and I think I'm settling with Baby Face. Ellie is Classic. Maybe I'll do a bit more slider work on my look, but I'm happy with how I look anyway. It wasn't until E|llie showed up that I felt pangs of jealousy, even though I don't want to look like her...………… So, enough waffling...….. The first picture is my morning look, just after adding the skin, so no make up or any hud work. The second picture is exactly the same except I've added some quite low key make up, and the difference is amazing!!
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    End of the day, a rare look at my bedroom. Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636
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    Dearest Sister Scyl . . . is this the kind of place you told me to avoid?
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