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    OK, my last photobomb today. After my hooker look in old Amsterdam, and my shopping spree at United Colours…….. This is their Maven Dress. I got it in black and white. The backdrop is Zennessa's studio and someone had left this one in place. It has a sort of goddess feel to it, certainly in white, whereas the black dress is more bad angel...…… See what you think. Anyways....must dash, more stuff to try on!!!!
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    Friends with benefits wouldn't involve money or required gifts.
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    More moody moonlight images at the Wilderness. Salty waited but no-one came...……...
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    The past year I had an adult sim, and there were quite a few working girls who had all those breeding HUDs (among many others) and I wondered the same so I asked a few of them what their clients liked so much about the breeding stuff. Most common was the idea of them having unprotected intercourse and releasing inside their girl that fueled their fantasy. Also, if the role play went on after being impregnated, a lot really find a pregnant shape (belly) very sexually attractive. And of course there's those who also have "milking" HUDs for boobie milk... Now I don't know if these are the main drives in general, can only speak of those few girls I asked about it. But it does make more sense than finding the actual child birth in any way sexy
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    nope... i call it something totally different not suited for the general section of the forums. My word isn't meant to be denigrating, patronizing or whatever to get it down, but lets be honest... we don't talk about the carmechanic as if he's a professor either... while both have a quite important job. Sugar Baby is a quite nice way to point to this one.
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    Pffffft. (You won't even make 18 "likes" with that.)
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    Without commenting now on whether or not we have the specific cost correct (the people that chose that value know much more about it than I do), it is not correct that Land Impact exists only to protect or account for server side resources. Viewers lag too, and objects that produce unnecessary viewer lag have a large negative impact on the experience of Second Life. Land Impact exists not only to limit what you can put out, but to encourage efficient content. Animesh objects are more work for a viewer to process; the increment to LI exists to reflect that cost.
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    Cornered . . . ? Playing around with saturation, contrast, and sharpen.
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    For me immersion is less about what is in front of me but what is in my imagination.
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    I read my kindle some nights before bed and anytime I'm in a waiting room of any sort and constantly when traveling. I can't stand reading the forums - or pretty much any web stuff - on my phone, so when I'm traveling, I only read the forums on my laptop in the hotel room each evening or morning. In airports, on airplanes, in cars.... it is all kindle reading (okay, not in cars if I'm the one driving). Bite your tongue.
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    huh what? I have no idea what you´re talking about.... are you drunk love? *grins* thanks^^ corrected it^^
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    ok so he is refering to me lets clear this up a little 1. not in picks or profile 2. i give a busy response when you IM me and that Busy response is me asking your consent 3 it again states if you carry on talking with me you are agreeing to said response according to TOS i am asking consent and if you dont wish to then dont talk to me in IM as Clearly stated by TOS i have to ACTIVELY ask for consent There by i am not allowed to have it as a pick or in my profile as these are not ACTIVELY asking consent According to a few Lindens what I am doing IS within the TOS rules by ACTIVELY asking consent
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    You should remove the shop owners name from your post. Naming and shaming is against the TOS.
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    They're talking about store categories, specifically one called "mods," as a lot of furry products are called. (These are usually sets of textures or new components to be used with other, already existing products.) I don't think this is necessary though. The term is too specific (used by a relatively small portion of people) and too broad (it's easier to list things that aren't mods than explain what they are) at the same time. There's just a lot of overlap with other categories, there isn't really any kind of "mod" that doesn't already have it's own category, due to the nature of mods.
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    In this snapshot, Genus head "Classic Face" v1.4 with Genus eyes v1.1. Wearing those older versions because I really don't like the updated eyes v1.2 with the extreme non-adjustable specularity shine on them. 🙁 (I wonder what the creator was thinking about when doing it like that!)
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    Hey everyone, Honestly i'm looking for a no strings attached Relationship. Where I get spoiled in Lindens, and you get spoiled elsewhere. Anyways, I have a very open mind about any suggestions, and different ideas. I could just give you my time, Maybe sometimes I want your time. Anyways, Wether it goes like this or not, I like friends(: If any of you are interested, and like to spoil, feel free to message me in game. We can talk all about it. Anyways yeah so financial rut CALLING ALL WEALTHY PEOPLE Will shine shoes..
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    Alright, so I needed to IM someone in regards to a business matter, and got greeted with this: (busy response): by speaking with this resident. You full consent to your chat here being allowed to be copied and Shared If you Continue this chat I had no choice but to continue as it's work, no big deal. But couldn't help but think "This can't exclude them from TOS as I never consented, I have no choice as it's my job." So please, I would prefer a Linden to respond as doing a search on the forums, many people have tried to interpret this the best they could, but with no confirmation from Linden Labs themselves.
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    The first Arcade of the year starts in 9 days~~~! 🏳️
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    When I happened to check yesterday, I spied 9 Suspiciously Stationed Persons toiling on the new continent. 🔨 🚧 ⛏️
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    Me too! I still can't match the one that guy took of my first Avi, which I keep using. I've just spent a half hour on a pose stand at Zennessa's getting some close ups, so maybe one of these will work……….. They usually come out fuzzy or too far away or both!!
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    Shiny dress! Are you talking about the London Soho? I haven't run across that in SL, but there is a NY version in the same sim as the recreation of the Chelsea Hotel. My alt Laskya used to hang there; I think I have at least one pic here, too, that was taken there. I wonder if Amsterdam is the same one (although presumably updated) that I used to hang at in 2008/2009. I used to roller skate around the red light district, chatting to the hookers there. Fun fun.
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    The same way the uploader "offers" to generate LOD models for you, it also "offers" to generate a collision mesh from your visible mesh. By that I mean the results are typically horrible and their value is more in the fact that the uploader will "accept" the result rather than the result having any value. A good collision mesh is typically as simple as possible, with as few/no small/narrow triangles and as convex as possible. It also doesn't have to be a single fused shape and it can sometimes be better to have a few loosely intersecting cubes than a more complex model with no overlaps.
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    Lot's of Dutch people go to Germany just to do that. I did the same when I got my current car, but like you, it seems I don't like driving that fast.
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    The Vismesh (I assume it's the vismesh) is wasting a lot of triangles. Here is a quick example of what it should look like (ideally) Good colliders have to be as simple as possible. Why not something like this?
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    pioneer transport >> Sooner Schooner Native (American's) jewelry ---> seed bead topsy turvy >> ?
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    Lindens, please give us a shakes-my-head or facepalm or eye roll emote ASAP. On a side note, please give us a zombie dancing to Thriller emote for necroposts.
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    Very nice shots. But this is a perfect example of why facelights are sometimes a good thing. A RL photographer would have used a reflector to bounce some of that light behind you onto your face.
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    I'm not entierly sure. Either it means they can't be derended. Or if anyone tries too, they won't just derender the clothing. But my avatar aswell. And yeah sadly there are creeps that go around derendering clothing. hasn't happened on Miakis yet, thankfully. But I've had it done to Forrest 😒
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    yes, this event was open like 2 days ago - it is monthly event so I guess it will be open till more or less beginning - middle of March http://seraphimsl.com/2019/02/17/get-a-little-something-from-tres-chic-you-deserve-it/
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    yummy mummy urban feline >>>?
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    Great answer Luna. Isnt it good there is more than one solution! Mine was, creation choice = adoption option but yours is more correct I think.
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    My inventory is stuffed with things that looked good on MP or in store, and I should bave demo'd. But I'm getting better at demoing now!
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    I believe you will rethink that if something like what happened to me ever happens to you. Or didn't you bother to read the entirety of my post. You know, the part where I was called a liar when I told friends on another forum about my mother's death. Not by my friends but by others. When I did finally log back in to SL there wasn't one single offline left by anyone wondering where or how I was. Conclusion? No one gave a damn.
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    Straight Outta Shower:P
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    Pictures and verification that you DO look like that AND your house and two cars...*rolls my eyes*
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    Couldn't resist some EEPing during the Content Creation user group.
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    What's strange is they recently updated there sales hub. I'm assuming that was to give away free all the clothes. My hope was that they where getting ready for the upgrade. Apparently not. Hoping for the best here. Perhaps someone with the ambition and business savvy will take it over. I like their system even with the flaws. The skin textures are some of the best. Yea the HUD is a pain to use but you get used to it. I would simplify the HUD and make it smaller. I think there where too many hands in the pot and the originators lost interest and went on to there own.
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    Just a note on the "no longer active merchant" idea. In his recent Designing Worlds interview Ebbe mentioned that one (of the first perhaps) changes in the Marketplace would likely be getting rid of old products where the designers had left the building and were no longer supporting their products. This was a pretty obvious need that I (and maybe others, don't remember) mentioned in the "what the new marketplace needs" thread. Whether this was already on the agenda or The Lab is actually paying attention to what merchants want (probably a bit of both) it was certainly at the top of MY list of fixes. And yes, my alt and I have been getting "now is your last chance for $500" emails which bothers me on ON SO MANY levels. Everything gets outmoded in SL eventually -- some items faster than others. But if TMP folks are actively pushing their old products and THEN LEAVE --- very nasty.
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    Wait, the non-kemono M3 heads are rigged? You can't just resize and reposition? I thought all the Utilizator parts were full mod
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    So you're angry about something, and it seems like it's about not being accepted into the in crowd. Did I get that right? It's hard to tell as I don't think English is your primary language. Or you got scolded about advertising a product? I don't even know if that's disallowed on her, but if it is it's probably because most people hate spammy advertising. It's why something like 70% of internet browsers use an ad blocker. Now about the title of this thread, I suspect you meant to say Innovation IN Sansar not ON, of course then you go on to talk about advertising not innovation in sansar, so I'm not sure.
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