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    You'd be shocked how much stuff i buy and then forget i own.
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    Hanging out in Drawn Town a super cool SIM. Played with WL to get this effect. 🙂
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    More Phun with Photoshop! This time, adding film grain to the effect. (I clearly have waaaaaay too much time on my hands this week.)
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    So anyway, after a good nights sleep...…. I had to get this PVC dress, don't ask why...…. I just like shiny things!!!!! Then I had to find a suitable venue. I know there's a Soho somewhere but I couldn't find it so I went to Amsterdam. It's good there apart from a constant pop up asking to allow the music. I couldn't stop this (but I stream a local radio which might be the cause). Anyways….I looked for a suitable window to pose in , but couldn't find one, so the Beetle had to do...…….. This is my darker side by the way....hehe! Pity there isn't a guy in the VW...….. "Psst….want some action?" (Only kidding).
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    OK, my last photobomb today. After my hooker look in old Amsterdam, and my shopping spree at United Colours…….. This is their Maven Dress. I got it in black and white. The backdrop is Zennessa's studio and someone had left this one in place. It has a sort of goddess feel to it, certainly in white, whereas the black dress is more bad angel...…… See what you think. Anyways....must dash, more stuff to try on!!!!
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    Controversial? Yes. But his impact on the fashion world cannot be overstated. Iconic? Absolutely. Requiescat in Pace. "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat." — Karl Lagerfeld (1933 - 2019)
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    Ok, so I finally got to do some shopping, and buy myself a new and more modern skin. Here is my current look, although possibly it doesn't show off the skin particularly well. Yeah, I know what you're thinking! Laskya, this can't possibly be a system avatar! (Well, wrong! It is!) How can you look this good on the meagre budget your miserly main allows you? (It's difficult, but I'm a magician at budgeting!) And those boots are much nicer than anything Scylla owns! (Heh, yeah. And she knows it, too!) Anyway, I've made good progress on getting myself ready for the upcoming "Alt Party"!
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    missed Little Bones sale, but happy that she is back and released new gifts of hairs i wanted to buy some timw ago,hehe trying to make simple profile pic
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    I'll honestly never understand how anyone makes childbirth sexy. I yelled a lot of things while in labour, but "come and get me, stallion" was definitely not one of them. The sexiest thing anyone did for me was give me morphine.
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    Exploring Gaeta 5 continent. Running, walking, using Java script pods and even a car. Very interesting. Hmm... sure it's closed as it was never actually finished. But Java script pods go there nevertheless; they just float and fly over the unfinished road. And a little bit further forward the pod will transform into a boat and continue on the water.
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    I love this pose with the air quotations. I left work early today due to "illness." Ha!
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    Took Neph shopping for some new hair and stuff.
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    i think with each passing day i get better and better at making my character (*´ω`*) i finally got around to using my maitreya body (got it when i started then never used it) and wow...i was missing out. this body has everything AND its got an easy way to apply tattoos! im very happy with that! sadly most the clothing for the body seems too mature/grown for me, but still lovely
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    She is a lucky girl I have to buy all my own somehow I feel I am doing something wrong .
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    Friends with benefits wouldn't involve money or required gifts.
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    Staying with the dirty kid look at the moment Turns out I had two versions of the # HUD: Master AVI(L) Pale Asian Osaka with Face - R4.4 So I was able to exchange one of them for the # HUD: Master AVI(L) Pale Uppsala - R4.4 AVI(L) Oil, Mud, Blood and Sand Layer - R4 *barberyumyum*T05(03) Go&See * Shy * Catwa Eyes AVI(L) Flare jeans Belt 1.0 - Basic Colors: right click touch AVI(L) Flare Jeans R4.1 CA VINTAGE BACKPACK W FL COYOTE Moon_beads-Bracelet-L Moon_beads-Bracelet-R AVI(L) Underskirt Tanktop - None - "DerenderSafe" AVI(L) Kids Cotton Briefs R4 - "DerenderSafe" AVI(L) Classic Hiking Boots Brown
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    Since you're 'friends with benefits' the benefits would go both ways. Would you spoil the other party with Lindens then too since YOU would be asking for THEIR time and not vice versa?
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    More moody moonlight images at the Wilderness. Salty waited but no-one came...……...
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    The past year I had an adult sim, and there were quite a few working girls who had all those breeding HUDs (among many others) and I wondered the same so I asked a few of them what their clients liked so much about the breeding stuff. Most common was the idea of them having unprotected intercourse and releasing inside their girl that fueled their fantasy. Also, if the role play went on after being impregnated, a lot really find a pregnant shape (belly) very sexually attractive. And of course there's those who also have "milking" HUDs for boobie milk... Now I don't know if these are the main drives in general, can only speak of those few girls I asked about it. But it does make more sense than finding the actual child birth in any way sexy
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    I'm spending today on the beta grid working on a new over water house. It has to be ready for the upcoming Home and Garden Expo so not much time for anything else at the moment....
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    I am going to flag this review too. If you haven't, you can flag this under "Advertising or Commercial Promo" and the sub section of "Directs buyers to alternate item." Linking buyers to the full perm template was just a d-move. Not cool.
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    A Piece of Pie Do you have a moment to talk about the Pink Cream Pie? Sit with me here: https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/a-piece-of-pie/
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    nope... i call it something totally different not suited for the general section of the forums. My word isn't meant to be denigrating, patronizing or whatever to get it down, but lets be honest... we don't talk about the carmechanic as if he's a professor either... while both have a quite important job. Sugar Baby is a quite nice way to point to this one.
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    The number of times that I've looked up a creator's profile and found either an out of date SLURL/Pick or none at all just blows my mind. It happens a lot - at least 50% of the time. There are times when the LM provide for a hunt or in a sale notecard (Super Sales Weekend, Steals & Deals, etc...) is wrong AND the creator doesn't have valid location info in their profile. I suppose if you have to suddenly move, maybe forgetting to update your profile right away, but to not have any location info at all in the profile tells me they aren't very serious about their business.
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    I think this is the only kind of "immersion" that really matters. Arguably, the kind of immersion that leads to a sort of fuzzing of the borders between SL and RL is potentially dangerous. Not because SL isn't "real": it certainly is, and our experiences here, as kali suggests, impact us emotionally and intellectually in very real ways. But SL is different, and when we get lost in the illusion, we lose a sense of those all-important differences. I actually think that SL is more "real" than reading a book or watching a movie, because it's populated with real people, but there is one way in which the analogy holds: if you go to a movie or play or read a book, and forget that you are experiencing art, you are in danger of becoming a kind of Don Quixote, tilting at windmills that you've convinced yourself are ogres. In SL, even the best mesh windmills don't actually power anything, and they hardly ever battle against knights errant.
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    You always have such interesting and lovely pics Coby, Makes me want to explore SL a lot more than I do
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    Pffffft. (You won't even make 18 "likes" with that.)
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    Not at all. Second Life is not and will never be a detailed copy of Real Life. Nor should it be. In that sense it will never be real and that means people will need to "suspend their disbelief", that is accept that a couple of core factors are different from how they usually are. In my first post I mentioned two works of art and I chose them very deliberately. Salvador Dali can make us believe that clocks are soft and pliable. George Lucas can make us believe that highly trained stormtroopers with high tech precision weapons can miss a barn door at point blank range. That is suspension of belief. (You can call it something else if you like but that's just semantics.) There are several well known and proven techniques artists of all kinds use to facilitate suspension of disbelief and immersion. You can play around with timing and with deliberate use of distractions, you can prepare and build anticipation, etc., etc.
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    Well, "artsy explanations" seems perhaps a little dismissive of about 2500 years of philosophical and aesthetic inquiry? The underpinnings of the conception of "willing suspension of disbelief" go back at least to Aristotle's Poetics. But sure, ok: you prefer a biological explanation that essentially discounts the notion of choice and free-will? It's all purely about the science, and we're all just biological machines? You seem to be implying that we are all hard-wired to see the world one way or another. Surely, humans are more complicated than that? Biology and chemistry ("stress") undeniably have a role, but I don't think this kind of mechanistic explanation can adequately explain the pretty complicated relationship that I am enacting -- in fact, choosing to enact -- with you, here and now. If this is true, what is in fact the point of "art" at all? And how might you explain the difference between what I experience when "empathizing" with Shakespeare's Cordelia, or finding myself confronted with a real life version of the same? Or, for that matter, the undeniable differences that mark how people interact in a virtual or onine context? Critical distance isn't about not feeling empathy. It's about being aware of the origin and nature of those feelings.
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    If you really want a reason to go mesh, go get the Maitreya Lara demo and then go to one of the shopping events currently open like C88 or Kustom 9 and grab as many demos as you can find. Or to make it really easy just pick up a lot of clothing demos at Maitreya while you get the body demo. Go home and put on the Mait body and start demoing the clothing. Take a good amount of time doing that. Compare how you look in the mesh body/clothes to your system body/clothes. Then decide which you prefer. I'm willing to bet you will choose mesh.
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    @Oz Linden Save us from this nothing we've become.
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    You would only be naked to whomever derendered your clothing.
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    This is where we really really nee a "Hug" response on this forum!
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    Cornered . . . ? Playing around with saturation, contrast, and sharpen.
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