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    Black. You made an awesome Victorian/Goth! Besides - the dark side has biscuits. Well, one* oat crisp at the moment...
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    I struggle trying to settle for either blond or ginger.
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    Walking around an island. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Las Islas/132/176/22
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    My new home. Still a work in progress and needs a lot more clutter. Plus I need to find the perfect rug to go in the entry area x333 But so far so good. Never had such a small home before but I am having a blast furnishing it. It's more fun than furnishing big spaces!
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    The Eclipse If you not knew that site yet though, be afraid, be very afraid, your L$ will be gone...
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    We've seen a number of questions already arising about a "debug setting that miraculously improves texture quality". I'd like to explain the background and the underlying facts. Firstly though, let's establish a couple of facts. There is no magic button or debug setting to improve the resolution or quality of all textures. There is no way to display textures of a resolution greater than 1024x1024 in Second Life So what is all this muttering about and is there any substance to it? The "muttering" stems from some investigation by @Frenchbloke Vanmoer that was published by @Hamlet Au on his New World Notes blog with the title "How To Display Extremely High-Res Textures In SL's Firestorm Viewer" and in spite of the headline's conflict with the facts listed at the head of this post, yes there is substance to this news as it happens. I'll keep this post relatively short. If you want to see more rambling on how and why @Frenchbloke Vanmoer hit upon something interesting you can read about my subsequent investigation in my blog post, compression depression - tales of the unexpected. The bottom line is that whether by luck or by judgement the Second Life viewer uses a bilinear resampling algorithm when it resizes images. Until yesterday I, like many other, and I would suspect most of you reading this, had somewhat slavishly followed the generally accepted advice that bicubic resampling gave better results, more specifically that bicubic-sharper was the ultimate "best for reduction" choice. The evidence that Frenchbloke stumbled upon goes contrary to that advice and, in all my tests so far, for the purpose of texturing in SecondLife where you typically want to retain high contrast details bilinear gives better results. I should re-assert here, you do not need ANY debug setting. The original article used an obscure debug setting but it was only a means to an end, you are in general far better off and have far more flexibility if you use your photo tools as you always have. So what are bilinear and bicubic and why do we care? When you downsize an image, information (detail) gets discarded, deciding which information to keep and which to lose is behind these choices. All resampling methods try to decide which data to keep, or how to blend the data into some kind of average value that will please most people. Put simply a bilinear sample takes the 4 nearest points to the current pixel and produces a weighted average of those as the new value for the resulting output pixel. Bicubic takes this further, using 16 adjacent points to form its result. By virtue of the larger sample you get and smoother average which ultimately is why it fails us when we want to preserve details. On the flip-side of this is that for smooth gradients you may find more "banding" using bi-linear sampling. Why should we not use the debug setting? Firstly, as a general rule, debug settings are not a good thing to go playing with. They can frequently have side-effects that you do not realise and we often find that people tweak some random settings because "XYZ person recommended it" and perhaps it achieves their goal at that time, or as is often the case, it seems to fix things but doesn't really. In any case, they forget the changes and move on. A week or so later they are furious because things don't work anymore, they've forgotten all about the debug changes of course. More importantly in this case, if you use the max_dimension setting to force the viewer to rescale for you, then you will only see the benefit in 1024x1024 images. 1024x1024 is appropriate to large texture surfaces but not so much for smaller objects. If you can use a 512x512 you are using a quarter of the memory of a 1024x1024. That can make quite a difference to the performance of a scene. Many people remark that using a 1024 is the only way to get the detail that they feel that they need. I urge you all to take the lesson here as an opportunity to increase the clarity and sharpness of lower resolution textures by resizing from the large form originals directly to the target size in your photo tool of choice. Don't forget, and this may sound obvious, You need to have high-resolution images to start with. You cannot create something from nothing and whatever you do don't save the resized image to disk as JPEG before uploading, use TGA or PNG both of which or lossless. Give it a try today, and raise a glass to Frenchbloke while you marvel at the increased detail. A quick example My blog post above shows a worked example, but I thought I would show you another on a natural scene. Here, an original high-resolution image has been resampled down to an SL friendly 1024x1024 using both methods (entirely within photoshop to avoid all doubt around various other compression factors). First is the bilinear https://gyazo.com/545a21efb514ed16051f791ea9d527c4 Second I give you the bicubic https://gyazo.com/a969ec986746ced323e6f2f0ddbda0e8 On their own, they don't look that different, but the bilinear shows a lot more detail which is most noticeable in areas of high contrast such as the steps on the hillside
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    All images in Secondlife carry 33% overhead baggage for all the discard levels (effectively CPU space mipmaps) which discard level is shown depends upon the screen space resolution of the texture. discard0 is full size discard 1 half, discard 2 quarter and so on... On the whole the viewer does an OK job at that, OK but not better than OK. It's briefly mentioned here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Image_System
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    There are some people I admire here, you're one. Making a mistake is easy, but admitting it takes a strong, self confident personality.
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    See Drake, you’re kind of making my point for me. I’m Canadian, waaaaaay more integrated than the US, yet there are ethnic neighborhoods in any major Canadian city. In Montreal alone there is Petite-Bourgogne (gentrified), Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Montréal-nord. You can have integration and still group together. I’m sure you had minority friends and your childhood was like Maniac McGee. You’re bringing your own stuff into this though. That little anecdote is a good example. It’s a good story, but it’s not what the op was asking for. While it makes you sound cool and understanding, you’re kind of discounting her intent and in this case you’re making yourself sound a little cringy.
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    The legacy Windlight regions calculate time a little differently than the new EEP regions so they will not always sync up correctly across the region boundary. Since we scatter the RC regions around the grid you are likely to cross from a release region (still on Windlight) into a Bluesteel or LeTigra region (using EEP). So the apparent time of day may change. As more regions are converted you will see fewer and fewer of these drastic changes in time of day.
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    It sounds like your part of town had its own identity. Why? Weren't you all living in the same city?
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    Did you see the movie “The End”?
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    Did you just assume Satan's gender?
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    I was kidding about looking stuff up, but you gave me enough details to be curious!
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    I agree, but at the same time. I think there is a certain degree of simple unawareness or not seeing a certain perspective at play here too. Topics like this always seem to attract the usual suspects, but it also seems to attract people that say “But SL is all inclusive, I can be black, white, Asian or a dragon if I want. Why are you trying to be exclusive? I can be black, why don’t you want to talk to me? I...I...have have friends of all appearances!” The thing is they just don’t realize that there’s certain things you can’t have a conversation about and sometimes you just want to. Sometimes you just want to talk about something and you might feel if you bring up certain topics, it might cause them to say something that wasn’t the best thing to say, that might put your friendship in jeopardy. I think the intention of some people is good. It’s just kind of like over compensating? I don’t know how to put it.
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    about the use of gestures.... As a host I make my own gestures. The goal for me in making gestures has always been to make them seem as much like regular conversation as possible. To me a good gesture blends in perfectly with the chat. It's just a shorthand way of saying something that I find my self saying over and over again. I don't think anyone objects to a gesture that they can't even distinguish as a gesture. In a busy club, this kind of gesture is just a way to keep up with all the comings and goings. When people complain about spamming gestures, I always feel just a little bit self conscious and defensive. I am not a spammer.
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    Yeah, where are all the bookbinders at? 🤔
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    unrest infest Psychotic Neurotic raging ageing creation choice >>>?
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    some nice opening lines: "Good day, milady" "Excuse me, may I take your picture?" "If you hear some strange singing, it's just me..."
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    This wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. Yes, there is variance, greater here than in RL because it's easier. The troll in question was anonymous. We knew his forum persona, but not his RL identity. I have no reason to think he couldn't have created other personas with different reputations elsewhere, and hearsay suggested he did. He also represented, I think, the tip of an iceberg of lesser participants who lived vicariously through him. I suspect you and I could sit across a table from him in a RL pub and never draw the connection to the troll we saw here. It would be much harder for him to have two different RL personas in two different pubs in town, yet "leading a double life" does happen, and precedes the internet by millennia. People have been wary of "transients" for just as long. He's gone from SL but I suspect still in RL. Clearly one instance of him was more transient than the other. When a good friend invites you do dinner and serves an awful main course, what do you say? If that same friend takes you out to dinner and you are served an awful main course, what do you say? If you're out to dinner alone and are served an awful main course, what do you say? When you return home, what do you say on Yelp? Each of us will span a different range of responses. Someone might be polite across the board, someone else might go ballistic on Yelp. I doubt though, that you'd find someone who's civil on Yelp and ballistic a the friend's dinner party. That's anonymity and transience at work.
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    If students were fluent in the use of Second Life and if I were a teacher, perhaps it would be fun to do a play. They design the Sim, avatars and act in the play. I'm not a teacher but as a parent, I would have loved to slip into some cuddly avatar and read stories to my little girls. I think we all would have gotten a kick out of it :-)
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    Good morning all! Wow the snow you all are getting up north. Be careful out there! Peace!
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    They're both text files and as such, they may be heavy and not suited for network streaming, the point is that between the two, if there was a choice to be done, fbx would be better because generally it ends up being smaller than collada. Yes i know, i was about writing a custom exporter for Maya some time ago, after my animation exporter was done, and i did research SL mesh's internal architecture. I found out it was something impossible to achieve because some required data needs to be written to file on upload by the uploader itself in a specific location of the file, so i dropped the idea altogether, it wasn't worth it. The specs say that the final binary encoded file would have a max allowed size of 8 megabytes and contains all LoDs, physics and all materials as mesh subsets, but again some data needs to be filled in post-import (like the havok physics). It's very streamlined and it's for sure the best way to stream a mesh object over the net, compared to a generic text file such as fbx or collada.
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    Except when we reach this point.
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    This year I started to renew my home, so far it's looking like this: And I still have 149 prims free 🙀
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    Interesting, and i really would love to see that. However, the issue from my intervention still stands. You refer to code that reads/writes (upload) assets, that can be done using any programming language that supports C struct capabilities, even python. The issue at hand is more about changing that encoding architecture NOW in SL (breaking everything) or ADDING a new asset class with its own new encoding, or just a modified/extended child class.
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    This is not always the case, but i can agree on the fact that the current status and the available assets contribute to make your statement true Indeed, game engines such as Unity and UE4 have an interface to declare what the distance from the camera needs to be for each LoD to kick in, not to mention that they can be custom models that don't even need to be derived from the LoD0 model or that have to have the same materials subset. If i wanted to set a sphere as LoD0, a prism as LoD1 and a Cube as LoD2, there's nothing that keeps me from doing that. Not optimal but it can be done. SL can't keep up with these standards change because of its internal architecture. Changing that would mean either break existing content, or add more code to differentiate between a legacy item and a new item. It's been stated countless times by now, by the firestorm devs present here on the forum, that there isn't much wiggle room left to have the CPU's running a SL viewer to handle more than what they currently do. This statement has nothing to do with what arctan project aims to handle. It's not a new item class or such, it's a formula to update/upgrade/improve the items costs calculations to be set in place of the current LI and Avatar Rendering Cost formulae. Therefore it will be applied as a global and it has no connection whatsoever to specific items, or the technique such items underwent during their creation. The same moment that LL deployed mesh as a new asset item to SL, the game changed. A substantial difference was set in place between the "before" and "after", which is the custom geometry. Whereas in the "before" SL had a set of pre-made meshes to work with, with their own LoD and texture system, the "after" required a higher skillset, a higher standard (the LoD auto generator...) and more control, in which the previous mindset for which the platform was intended to deliver an artist-free-from-optimization-worries environment had to fall. So, i stand by the thread title, for the beginners have to learn the basics of 3D modeling for SL-contemporary game environments, in which LoDs were to be made by hand and texture memory was a concern.
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    it is not on MP, to buy it you have to contact the creator in IM in world: polysail is the name
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    If that's your wishes and terms, that's just what it is and whoever wants to have a go at it will have to accept and respect that. People have different needs and wishes though, so I don't think that there's anything strange or wrong with people having conflicting terms. Polyamory is pretty trendy even with the mainstream now, and has been a thing in the BDSM communities for a long time - but expecting that everyone should be fine with it is pretty silly. To some people, anything but absolute monogamy simply doesn't work, and that's fine; that's their terms, and should someone want to be with such a person, that's a term to be accepted and respected likewise. I've been a monogamist for the most part of my life, getting into polygamist relationships has been a relatively new thing for me. So from the perspective of a dominant who certainly can get behind a monogamist mindset: there's a whole lot more involved in attaining a submissive, than copying a contract from the Interwebs, popping a collar on them, swatting them on the posterior and getting to play. Personally I'd find it entirely impossible if I didn't at some level connect with the person to begin with, and finding out whether two people are compatible is a process that takes time. Not to sound cruel, but on paper you're 'just yet another submissive', whatever you offer is offered by basically anyone, why should I pick you? And you wanting to begin with an open relationship, well that can easily be interpreted as if you just aren't ready for a monogamous D/s relationship - it sounds like what you want is to play. So, play. Meanwhile I'd just find someone whose wants and terms are more in line with my own. That doesn't by any means make your terms are invalid - you're wholly allowed to make whatever demands you want. You just can't expect that everyone will accept your terms. Likewise, I don't expect everyone to accept my terms; when that occurs and there isn't enough give to negotiate, no hard feelings but that's not going to go anywhere. Relationship-wise, at least. Just as there are dumbinants/wannadoms who can only see their own wants and needs, there are submissives who expect that they are entitled to being served whatever they want on a silver platter and are very quick to say that anyone who doesn't give them what they want aren't 'real' doms. I find it equally hilarious and intellectually revolting that people can't see beyond the constraints of whatever rules they have subscribed to as if they were commandments of some all-powerful BDSM deity by whom they stand in the ranks of the 'chosen ones' that know the 'truth'. It's pseudo-religious yap. People like and want different things. Get over it and move on.
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    Seems like a lot of trouble for no good reason to me. Still waiting for the last name option to return as promised a year ago.
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    Towards the end of this shoot I accidentally deleted the house, whoops! I was playing with DoF and camera angles in Black Dragon too. A little distorted, but it's interesting to me.
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    Our floating island with 'secret' sister hideout. Our friends have all been here, so it's not a secret anymore lol.
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    @VirtualKitten it's because it has collision volume bones, which in SL have a bind scale around the 0.03, which blender can't handle as it doesn't support bindposes and it assumes those bones scale to be 1 in all axis, reason why those bones scale down squeezing the mesh when trying to animate, indeed the clothing template comes with collision volume bones. Try removing the collision volume bones and the associated vertex groups, making sure it still deforms right for animation, and it should work as expected
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    Eh... removing my post because this has turned into technical stuff that, though I understand it all, doesn't interest me in SL space.
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    The two Tpose icons on the left, hover your mouse over each one and you should read Neutral on one of them
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    Then it's most likely the shape issue, at least for the dislocation of the forearm. I'm pretty positive that you've been using the Default female, rather than the Neutral (check in the shape presets). When doing joint positioning, you should start from the Neutral shape.
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    Also, I’m not sure about the lack of high speed Internet, time, money or literacy (!) being factors. That sounds a little....odd. A country like Brazil (a large country with large black population) only lags behind the US as far as people with internet, and yes inexplicably people that live in favelas....have high speed internet. Even a country like Nigeria has over 50% of the population with internet. It probably has something to do with lack of marketing in Africa in general. This had more to do with where black people in SL hang out. It’s a hard question to answer, because there aren’t really large clusters on one sim. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a black presence on SL. Which....is kind of a good thing. This leads me to the next thing. Being black isn’t a monolithic thing. A black person from Brazil isn’t going to be the same as a black person from North America or say France. I’ve also tried pointing out being black does not necessarily mean having a dark, dark skin either. That’s a trap A LOT of people fall into. I’m black, French-Canadian and biracial. That’s hard for even people from the US to wrap their heads around. So I’m sure when I choose a lighter than black as coal skin, many people overlook the fact that yes my avatar is black. A few things to think about.
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    That's another issues that has to do with rigging, actually
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    The comment about not being able to export "as is" was from Kyrah, not me What she meant is that you can't export the modified structure itself, as the SL internal simulator has no clue about those and doesn't accept modifications to the established skeleton hierarchy. The resulting animation would be applied to the SL avatar skeleton and as such, it will run no problem (providing that you don't add bones or that you don't modify the hierarchy structure). You can reposition and change the shape of the bones as you like, as long as you don't change the parent-child relationships within the SL avatar's skeleton; the control rig can have the hierarchy you want and will constraint the original bones to follow, that's why an animation control rig comes in handy when you need to simulate a different structure. And an IK setup, whether with spline or not, falls within such definition: it stays in your 3D software to let you animate as you wish, controlling an established and immutable underlying structure (the SL avatar skeleton and its hierarchy).
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    Once the Christmas decorations were down, I had a few prims to play with so I switched up my reading corner from the old fashioned desk and straight back chair to a cool chair I picked up on FLF and a glowy plant from the MP and a little prim side table I threw together. Then the crazy cat lady in me spotted another kitty treasure while strolling thru the MP that matched my lounger.
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    ¿Quieres casarte en ambos?
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    Unless they are a RL psychopath or sociopath. Then they aren't putting RL emotions into anything. While YOU cannot conceive of such, there really are people that view all of that differently, in SL and in RL. Just like there are true poly relationships in RL, they can happen in SL, and even be a combination of both RL and SL.
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    sometimes when person behave really weird, i wanna know whats in his head. Like when my ex said OH I M WORST PERSON EVER,i imagine him cry near window with cup of tea and blanket)))in last months my rl saves me from SL drama and sad feeelings
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    Not an attack, just a specification... the professional needed for this is a Technical Director. Art Directors are those that manage the visual feeling in a game and don't meddle in the technicalities involved. An Art Director makes sure that a game has a consistent look and art style, after their approval an asset goes towards the Tech Director for review in terms of usability within the engine. The tech Director is responsible for the polygon budget, how and when this polygon budget gets to be used, setting rules for the programmers to have a limit on resources during the game play (LoDs switching and accounting,ie: NPCs running off screen/into the culling area when polycount limit is triggered or forced LoD switching for distant objects, etc), how the animation engine/rigs have to work (state machines, deformability etc) and all related things. An asset can easily pass the Art Director inspection, but the Tech Director's word is gospel and a beautiful asset might undergo rework, if the TD says so. This is what LL needs, someone that establishes rules and limits for a smooth gameplay at runtime.
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    Since you quote just a section of what i said for your convenience, I'll do the same to my convenience. Aside from the fact that the "stuff you can use" shouldn't be here in the first place, but it is because of lazy cheating, the paying customer you claim so important usually started 1) as new user 2) with F2P intentions because SL is advertised as such 3) on low end machines that got upgraded overtime. On this latter, how would LL retain a new user if "the game melted my GPU after few log ins"? Then again, you want jelly dolls to go away AND the fixes, but ONLY AS LONG as YOU're not affected. Reality check: the Universe doesn't revolve around you. Guess what? After the LoD fixes we hope, with your current stuff, you'll cam 1 centimeter away from your pretty face and your meshes will crumble into single triangles for each piece it is made of. So sorry, go ask the creator why it happens, but i doubt they will ever answer to you saying the truth, which simply is "i had to pose as a pro, cheating on the system, to make my stuff look like high quality but i couldn't get it to work with a proper LoD system because i'm an illiterate on the matter, and as long as there is kettle to be milked as quick and as much as possible, like you, i couldn't care less". Second reality check: high resolution meshes do not belong to this kind of environment, and if you get them in, it's to be considered CRAP. Regardless whether it looks good. Also because what you pay isn't consisting only in the mesh itself, add your video card reduced life span to it. Those creators are the source of the problems, not LL. And as such, once LL cleans up the mess, those creators have to fix the problems you get from the clean up. I don't know about you, but usually people want to live in a clean place, not among piles of crap. Then you talk about "improvements"... so reducing lag (which is not the goal of such discussion, anyway, but apparently it's the only thing you are able to get about it all) isn't among the things anyone would include in the list of improvements, along with machine's rendering overhead that reduces other performances you aren't even aware of. Right. Well said. Being "just numbers", as you said, will definitely affect how you will see others and how others will see you... you know, this and all virtual worlds RUN ON AND BECAUSE OF NUMBERS.
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