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    I logged in to the MP and was looking at some hair. I clicked on one that was cute and look what I saw right above the listing:
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    Oh gosh been super tired lately. no matter how much sleep i get i'm still sleepy! Hey at least i can still look good. i think.
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    Maybe I should see if Neph could get a job at one of the many spam-clinics from the RP board...
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    Spectacular! Spectacular! No words in the vernacular Can describe this great event You'll be dumb with wonderment! (AKA: God, I effin' LOVE this hair! ) Credits Hotdog for Equal 10, plus VoltHair for Man Cave and Zibska for Gloss Event. Shirt & Vest: Hotdog - Ringmaster Waistcoat (Slink, Jake) Hair: VoltHair - Marvin Hair (B&W) Makeup: Zibska - Sofija Eyemakeup (Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, Omega, system) Ears: L'Etre - Taper Mesh Ears Skin applier: Birth - Bruce (Catwa - Tone 01) Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Elysian Eyes (Fjord - Omega, own brand, system) Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Thick Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega, system) Piercings: Catwa - Bento Face Piercing* Head: Catwa - Skell* (Bento) *review copy
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    Spent hell-week at work. But paparazzi caught me goofing off....
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    The 10 Year Challenge is everywhere on social media right now, so I thought it might be fun to do in SL. (That leather coat - from Sinistyle - was my first major clothing purchase in SL. As I recall, it cost L$600, and I dithered for days before I bought it. Ah... hindsight... )
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    At work in the vineyards of the Lord at Ciampi. maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bhima/53/150/38
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    Make A Scandal😝 by Carolina Schön, en Flickr *Styling Credits* 💘
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    7Rings💍 by Carolina Schön, en Flickr My wrist, stop watchin', my neck is flossy Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin' You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it *Styling Credits*
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    She was a vision, as she walked into my office. "Ms. Kidd? I need your help. My partner has been missing; he hasn't logged in for more than a week now. I'm desperate." Another missing partner. I sighed. The guy had probably made himself an alt and was even now cavorting with a new floozie down at Old Lars's place, or cruising the nude beach at the Wild Coast. "Look, Miss..." I began. "Really desperate," she broke in. "I'll do anything if you can find him. ANYTHING!" Dames like her always said that. But if I did find her wandering wonderboy, it was pretty certain that all I'd get would be a couple of really angry avatars. Angry at each other, and angry at me. But tier was due in a week, and I needed the money. I leaned back in my rickety office chair and steepled my fingers. "OK, Miss...?" "Angelica. Angelica Resident," she supplied "OK, Miss Resident, I'll take the case. My rate is $L1,000 per day plus expenses. Three day minimum, payable in advance." She dug in her alligator leather purse, and suddenly I got a notice that Angelica Resident had paid me $L3,000.
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    132 mistakes later, I completed the transformation of my look today 😭 and played around some more with light
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    Contemplating the BIG questions -- mortality, the nature of the Divine, what to have for lunch -- in the church at Ciampi
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    In short, no. Second life avatars are not real people whose information can be sold to marketers, which is Facebook's entire business model. Many Second Life users have seen their SL-related Facebook accounts terminated for that reason. (Pages are fine; it's actual accounts in avatar names that FB regards as an issue.) The user is the commodity on FB, which is why - unless you specifically use a plugin such as Ghostery to block FB like/share buttons all over the web - you will be tracked. Even if you don't have a Facebook account, you will be tracked unless you specifically block those buttons, as well as the invisible 'Facebook pixel'. Facebook have actually admitted that. That tracking is why people who have multiple accounts, both for real life and Second Life, will sometimes see SL-relevant advertising on their real life FB account, and vice versa.
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    Sitting at home, with a few forest friends
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    I totally expected the beards would all be too big - not too small.
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    With all these Lutz pictures, have any of you been able to get rez rights? Ok this might be over the edge, hopefully things are hidden enough by tattoos and shadows
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    They're the only hair store where I'll willingly buy without demoing. Every single style is amazing. Heh. Teal and red are probably the only colours I do tend to wear. Occasionally I'll venture into more autumnal browns, but that's about it. The occasional aberration into neon yellow notwithstanding.
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    I know Skell doesn't do color much, but I love that teal on you - and it highlights the eyes nicely.
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    This almost makes me wish i'd kept photos from back then, almost! Loving the hair on the 2018 one
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    I think you'll find this tool the most effective. Although it does create a lot of particle lag ...
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    Working on next week's blog posts and hoping I can stay awake long enough for my sis to log on.
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    This won't work for things like pose balls (i.e., things you want to sit on), but I sometimes attach things to my spine (which means that they don't move with the avatar's animations), and then edit them to where I want them to be.
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    I think the overall preference of the various "Look at me" threads is to post different pictures in each of the threads. Even if the outfit is the same, most don't post the exact same image in multiple places - primarily because that comes really close to violating the Community Standards on spam in the forums.
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    Wow, an Automatic Memory. I so need this.
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    I gave it some more thought, the OP said she used to be an escort, getting guys to pay her for adult liasons but now she's figured out how to get the wives to pay for it instead. Clever. Where do I sign up to be a field agent?
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    I made some changes in my summer house. 2nd floor room was changed and new balcony made next to it. The house is made totally with convex hull prims only. Those work well with this kind kind of "box" house and it's very easy and quick to change how it looks. The furniture is mostly very low LI mesh. The parcel is only 512 m² with 157 LI capacity. The house footprint is also 512 m². Surprisingly much can be made in small parcel when carefully selecting very low LI items. View towards west in 2nd floor room. In front of the window stairs go downstairs, on the right stairs go upstairs to swimming pool area. Outside view towards east.
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    Sea of Trees Credits TMG - Bluebell Wood TMG - The Secret Wood TMG - Woodland Weed 2 TMG - Woodland Grass DEEP FOREST - Extra Tree Group [DDD] Fairyflower Sculpty Grass
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    I just demo'd it this morning and I'd have to agree. Of course I love most Volt hair.
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    Some people are completely missing Tenly's point. I suppose those people are ok with their information being sold to who knows what companies and the harassment that follows. Some of us aren't ok with that.
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    This is between you and Facebook. What do you think anyone here can do?
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    Abandoned land as far as the eye can see on my bike ride
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    They were talking about making it so everyone else could ONLY see your display name. In that situation you wouldn't see "Latex Dillon - Latex Alcott". Now take that idea and put it this way. I change "Chibiusa Ling" to "Syrana Clasplinger" and several other friends do the exact same thing....weekly....so my original comment "That would just end up hella confusing. You would spend half of your time asking people who they are" is perfectly valid as in this case situation you would never be able to see the original username to know who was who.
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    Why would I want to snap a photo and pop it anywhere else? the whole point of commenting in the appropriate area is to directly show appreciation for the item given. And as the person it was given to. Meaning I tenly log in to SL and I tenly expect to show my appreciation on the SL website. Not via some third party site or using any third party platform which requires me to use an alternate account.
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    So I saw a picture on the internet, and was inspired.
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    My neighbour left and nice view opened to the west towards sunset from my second floor room. Time to make the window bigger. (/me makes a happy dance!) 😃
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    I don't know how those amazing furniture and decor bloggers do what they do. Those kinds of set-ups always leave me drained. This one especially so cause my alt had some of the items and I kept forgetting to set them where anyone can move them. So I had the shot lined up with one alt and was logging in and out Clover and the other alt LOL. Almost all of the furniture is from Oubliette's gacha currently at GachaLand. I named creators but not specific items for the other stuff on my blog, but if you want to know about something just ask! The animals are Jian and MishMish. It took 15 tries between getting the windlight and the animals to cooperate.
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