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    Maybe I should see if Neph could get a job at one of the many spam-clinics from the RP board...
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    7Rings💍 by Carolina Schön, en Flickr My wrist, stop watchin', my neck is flossy Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin' You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it *Styling Credits*
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    I totally expected the beards would all be too big - not too small.
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    Working on next week's blog posts and hoping I can stay awake long enough for my sis to log on.
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    This is between you and Facebook. What do you think anyone here can do?
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    So I saw a picture on the internet, and was inspired.
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    Definitely sometime after Nov 23, 2018. That is the date that I opened a Feature Request JIRA for it after I accidentally bought something again and then when I contacted the creator, she chuckled and told me that I had actually bought the item 3 times and she had already refunded me once.
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    It's actually the Super Blood Wolf Moon! Blood moon, because total lunar eclipse, which makes the moon turn red. Super moon, because it's at the closest point of approach to the earth, and appears larger than usual. Wolf moon, because that's the traditional name for the first full moon of January. So named because supposedly the wolves are hungry this far into winter, and tend to complain about it. Totality will be around midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, east coast US time.
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    What makes me block someone? ...Maddy made me do it.
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    That is indeed very odd. And contrary to what another has said, the fact that SL can be found on FB does not have anything to do with you trying to go to the MP and seeing a message like that. Ive not seen that myself. If it happens again maybe grab a screenshot? and maybe ask lindens why that would happen. I know the MP has supposedly been updated so maybe thats been tied into it as well. I sure hope not.
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    sounds to me as animesh would be something that gets close
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    Happy Thursday! Forgot to mention that the Super Blood Moon event happens Sunday night, January 20th. Apparently we will find Waldo during the event😁
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    You keep saying 'like' which is not what the original poster was saying. You keep refering to other options outside of the page, also not what was wanted. @Tenly is saying that to make any comment on the Destination Guide and ONLY that area of the website (as far as I know) you 'have to' log into Facebook to comment. Say the page suddenly started showing horrifying images or the words used were offensive, she cannot comment there so that it is seen because to do so she has to log into facebook which she only has her RL connected to. If they went down this road for all their pages, or even forums, it would be cutting out a large chunk of the user base. You have a fake facebook, she does not, many do not, they do not want to comment on the SL destination guide with their RL, because it could lead to their RL having opinions on their use of SL, or it could help people they do not like find them etc. So many reasons to not want to connect the two together. This has nothing to do with showing appreciation with a click, this has to do with not being able to use your words without adding a different medium (social media) this is about not staying within the parameters you feel comfortable with as your Second Life persona inside of the Second Life channels, they have taken her out of the world she has created and skidded right into making a public declaration of her usage. That is a bit rude, it is like buying on a website and them already having your message to Facebook set up to announce you just bought something, which Amazon does and which as an Aussie is a new thing to me and is gross. For some Second Life is a safe space, more so than for others, but should be for all, forced connectivity to other sites is wrong, imaging Marketplace doing what Amazon does and you didn't notice and bam! suddenly your FB wall knows you just bought that ________________________
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    Hello llHexy Last Names will be offered as a list of pre-approved names in order to prevent abuse or other issues with using non standard characters in account names.
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    Hello! I am looking for a mesh artist for a custom built. Please IM inworld at sarahbeths resident with a link where I could see your work. Thanks, Sara
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    In view of the user name you've chosen, I thought you might like this: http://www.redbone.be/History.html
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    it wasn't a report, it was simply a lack of use of the SL/FB account. If you don't log into FB and read their ads, even if you don't post (had lunch with Bill and Tom at Wendys) they suspect you. You should read the list of things they would like to ID who you are. LL is not much different. I had an alt that the account was put on hold until I submitted real name, DOB, past addresses, any other alts connected, etc. On my RL facebook account they are constantly asking, was this you, when I use my cell phone or laptop instead of the main computer. I tend to think Skell is correct that its all about the money. If they can't actively track you, they can't sell your virtual body to advertisers. Maybe LL should jump on this, have FB/SL accounts and flood them with premium membership, MarketPlace ads and such, ROFL.
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    Now that you mention it: sales had been relatively bad over the past two days. But people seem to have caught up with their purchases since then. Soon, I will be able to get those pectoral implants.
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    And Sweden, let us not forget, has more ABBA per capita than anywhere else in the entire world. (Canadians can be sadistic too!)
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    Now I'm reminded of the 2017 total solar eclipse, the first I've ever seen. The sky darkened so quickly it spooked dogs in the area (I drove to Hopkinsville, TN) who started barking and howling. It looks to be partly cloudy tomorrow night. I hope to see the lunar eclipse. I hope you do too, Lindal.
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    Tuesday, August 2, 2011 @ 8:34PM. I truly enjoyed incinerating you and others for my Warm Welcomes rogue's gallery, and I sometimes wish I had the time to start that up again. There are so many people I've met since then that I'd love to have in the gallery. I like the idea of subverting "pyrrhic victory" in SL, where RL acts of destruction become symbols of affection and both sides do win.
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    I'm pleased to see that most of the people who posted here before I discovered this thread are pretty much like me. I hardly ever use the block function, and I don't think I have ever used it on a person. I have blocked a handful of annoying objects that persisted in sending spam --- including one store's Subscribe-o-Matic system that just wouldn't give up. I have a pretty high tolerance for stupidity. If it's really egregious, I submit an AR. Otherwise, I don't bother responding or even blocking. I just walk away. You know the old proverb, I'm sure: "Never teach a pig to sing. It only wastes your time and annoys the pig."
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    till you get accused of breaching privacy, reveiling information to others and more "fun" .. you'd get plenty of time for RL after LL is done with your AR's .. against you, it's not without reason most of these agencies are RP only.
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    Digging into US copyright law, eh? How's your RL liability insurance?
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    It's a rare thing I agree with Proky.... but on this I do 100% - His RL gender despite being more or less common knowledge has no value to any discussion so please leave it out.
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    The "she" is only used to harass and heckle, it's not about anything else. My avatar is a male and should be called "he." You know, like all the forums regulars who are really males who should be called "she" if they have female avatars because that's the polite and decent thing to do. There's a custom in SL -- often practiced by males presenting as females, I find, to call me by "she" as way of ridiculing, harassing, shaming, outing RL, etc. BTW, these are TOS offenses, besides being politically-incorrect, or if you like, simply not nice. It is exposure of RL, and it's a violation. *It does not matter* if somehow you know this person's real life, either by stalking and sleuthing, or because they may have even put it on their RL blog, after being stalked and sleuthed, as a form of push-back. If you have not put your real life information on your avatar's description, it is not "fair game" to be used to harass and heckle on forums' wars. I find the Lindens are really, really colour-blind when it comes to this harassment of real-life outing, particularly with me. They will cross the Sahara to spot an offense of say, a necro-posting or some nuance of tone that they think "isn't right," but are pur-blind to this. Even when abuse-reported. I'll repeat: I find those *most guilty* of this particular hate offense are males with female avatars. Not all, but mainly. That's puzzling, until you realize that sometimes, by nature, males want to dominate everything, even as females, and even the process of a female becoming a male -- especially if that f2m is outspoken. Some males seem to think that only they own the process of transformation, and that other shape-shifters have undermined them somehow LOL. That's the only thing I can figure out. I'll give you a heads up -- 14 years of this sort of harassment in SL has not changed my views, has not silenced me, has not affected me, but only strengthened my resolve to point out once again: if it is not on an avatar's self-description, it is not fair game, the end.
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    One word Tali.......Lutz. Find the Union Flag (Jack) and its opposite in a shed with some other old cars......
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    Going to swim. Yay! 🏊‍♂️ 😃 I wonder why so few avatars swim in SL? It's a rare occasion to see somebody swimming. Once I swam all the way from sandbox to my Linden home crossing many regions. Occasionally swimming under water. That was fun.
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    I raided some events ^^ https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/new-year-new-things/
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    Every page anywhere on the internet with a facebook widget tracks your activity whether you use the facebook widget or not. It is that insidious. What they can do with cookies and their widgets is pretty invasive. It might not have been your actions. Firefox (the browser not Firestorm the SL viewer) has an add-on 'container' system which keeps some of those sorts of tracking devices contained. It's another way to seek a bit of protection.
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    Inspecting the Navy Yard
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    So it's not only Destination Pages. If I click the "Share on Facebook" button on this very page, it wants to post under my RL Facebook account. (This doesn't worry me too much because my "RL" Facebook account is a complete fake, the only utility being to pollute the privacy voyeurism of creepy Zuck and his paying advertisers.) I've burnt myself with other social media identities before. Fortunately, the error was to post under a pseudonymous Disqus account when I intended to use my RL identity -- so I was more private than intended. Point is, it's not only Facebook where one can blow one's own cover. That's merely the explicit association one may make unintentionally. I would be very surprised if tracking cookies haven't associated my RL and SL identities long ago. If advertisers (including political interests) could somehow benefit from such an association, we can be quite sure they'd have used Facebook's historically permissive data sharing to get all they could want and more. They've certainly used other associations to target messages very effectively.
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    no idea whats wrong with me,but i thought you said sweaty kiss,omg
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    Trouble is, your phone. That's far harder to protect from Farcebook's tentacles. You can remove the preinstalled app (if it's there) but it's a lot harder to keep a mobile browser in check. My phone also goes through my pihole, but I am pretty sure there will be some app on it that leaks somehow. For people with personal safety issues, domestic violence issues, or even jobs that need significant ongoing security clearances; Facebook is a real risk. Especially if google gets hold of a public comment made by accident under your real name and then archives it.
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    I don't feel as though I'm being held hostage. I am glad there's a jira about it though, because while I don't see it as an issue I do see how some might comment not realizing that they are using FB.
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    I have had it done to me before several times by those I thought I could trust or believe was a friend or maybe even could have been more. It hurt when it was done and just taught me not to trust that person as much or a deeply as I had before. It made me wonder if I had done something wrong and if so why didn't they come to talk to me about it. I learned to not give my trust as free or as easily to other people. At the end of the day, people in SL are no different than people in RL. They can be just a cruel or hurtful or uncaring or manipulative and deceitful. All you can try to do is learn to move on and not let what they did affect you deeply enough that it makes you jaded like many here have become over time including me to some level. One bit of information you might want is that even if they defriend you or you them you still have their calling card in your inventory. You might want to consider deleting it so you don't come across it again and dredge up old memories and pains. And maybe considering deleting any old logs or notecards from them. Going back and reading them can be very toxic and unhealthy for some to do. You might think you need to keep them as some sort of proof. You really don't. Your heart will remember what they did well enough on its own to warn you if they ever come crawling back to be wary of them. If you give them another chance, don't put too much into it, make them prove they are worth it before trusting them again. that way they can't get to close and hurt you again if they do the same things again. But don't make it unrealistically impossible either. try to understand and even maybe forgive, but also remember to forgive yourself too. Really it just means they didn't really care about you as a friend, that they were only using you for what they could get from you at that time. Emotional or mental support or maybe even as a source of L$ and once they no longer needed you or couldn't get what they wanted from you; you were of no further value to them. Yes, it can be immature to just block on the first time they do it, but if they do it every day or very often without ever explaining why it can be hurtful to some. Just a simple heads up, 'hey my day went like hell I need some me time.' would be enough. Use the auto-response feature in firestorm. you can even have it give them a notecard with a simple or complex explanation. so you don't have to tell each person individually. I have mine set and have my autoaway set if idle for too long with a note care telling them to not take it personal I am not responding; that I am probably just busy at the moment and afk for real life issues/problems that I am not just ignoring them. if people would use the busy/afk responses and then actually customize what they say, so not the default it probably would cut down on drama at times and hurt emotions or feelings of being ignored. a little common decency can go a long way. but really it is up to each to decide what their limit or standards of what friendship is or means to them and then hold to them and not change because someone else wants them to or says they should. No one view or opinion is the best in anything in life. There will always be differences which will cause people to get hurt, unfortunately, when someone acts how they do not approve.
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    My first thought was gacha store 1, gacha store 2, gacha store 3 as another MP clutter area
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    Would be nice to know, what exactly happened... If that guy threatens you because you told him your RL address, then maybe the law enforcment will do something. Most likely, after harm was done. If that guy just told you inworld to be his RL girlfriend, like telling you what you have to do now, like dancing in front of a cam for him, or sending used panties, just ignore him. Dont even bother to go to the police.
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    Yup, I've been ghosted a few times. And unfriend those fools who did it. If you cannot be honest about why you are avoiding me then you're better off not being on my list of contacts. I'm too old to play childish games. No one should have put up with that.
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    Hi! I know this is a bit of an older post but I wanted to comment seeing as it's the first thing that comes up on Google for this issue :). So long story short YES you absolutely can do couples poses with Avastar in Blender. Here is how you would add armatures. 1. Open up your Avastar Animation Template. 2. Go into another layer (This is just my preference, honestly, you could more than likely do this right in the same layer if you'd like). 3. Move to Object Mode. 4. Select 'Add' in the 3D view window header (It's two buttons left of the interaction mode button). 5. Select 'Avastar' and then the type of rig you would like to add (If you're going for a bento pose, use 'extended') That's it! You should see the other armature at this point! As for the 'perfect pose' nope, it won't be perfect haha. Unfortunately, with how different everyone's avatars are shaped you can't really get a 'perfect' pose. With couple poses I would suggest going into the SL Beta testing grid so that you can upload and tweak as needed without wasting your $L. I hope this helps :)!
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