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    Will someone ask Mom why the runt of the litter has to do all the heavy lifting? When I log on, she's never around.
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    King of betrayal and lust, lord of nothing but dust, die in the gutter and dirt - we're the perfect cult, perfect cult...
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    Had a lot of fun shooting this with my sis. She fit in the tub perfectly haha!
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    My Sandrine took this pic of me tonight at a live music event.
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    I always figured Governor Linden looked something like this: [Moderator Edit: Inflammatory image removed] Governor Linden is best governor, and supreme linden. Dearest caretaker of all the lands (that people are abandoning...).
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    There are those AFK places ...
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    I always sort of chuckle at the ones that say "My inworld name is <same-name-as-forum-account>". I mean, you have to actually log in to the forums with your SL account name and even though your avatar name is not obvious on the page when creating a new topic, if anyone spent even a second looking at existing forum posts, they would see that every post has the avatar name right next to it. So, anyway, if you want to look me up inworld and discuss this further, my name there is LittleMe Jewell.
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    How can you be "off the grid" and "make a living at SL"?
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    Took the eyes from the CATWA Developers Kit Kittia. And added textures from the .: Visual Magick :. // Doll Pack
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    I’ve legitimately been getting angry with these posts lately. At first it was amusement, followed by frustration, followed by annoyance, and now I just want to put dirty socks on all their noses. ... Srsly? I never would have guessed your name, friend! If you really wanted assistance, you’d give me your address. 😛 I have so many fruitcakes to deliver!
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    Hanging from a bridge at Netherwood
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    Finally I have the first proper picture of me and Salty as she now is. I'll do some work and hope to make some good pictures soon!!
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    It would have been more fun if you had called this thread Ethan Paslong
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    Hi. My name is Laskya. I'm Scylla's "alt." (/me rolls eyes, and points to her forum content count) I have a system body, rigged mesh clothing that dates from ca. 2014, and (at least) relatively contemporary mesh hair. I don't know much about where I am in this picture, but it more or less suits my current mood. Especially the pool of blood on the floor (just out of camera shot: this is a family forum, after all.) I look like crap, in large measure because I have been terribly neglected by my keyboardist, who should be seriously ashamed of herself. Please have a word with her. Thank you.
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    I know at least one passed away designer on MP... I have some of her stuff and like it a lot... while I don't want anything right now I would be supersad to see her last memory - and the ability for me to get her stuff - purged from SL's marketplace.
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    I have also wondered what they are thinking. Similarly, people sometimes send me notecards with my name as the title. I already know my name. It provides insight into why some people find SL impossibly confusing. These are often the same people who have no idea what a forum is or how to write a post or start a thread.
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    Because once planted, grass takes forever to grow,
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    Well that sim always makes me think of someone, but if it is her, you should have a fire extinguisher.
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    Oh, come on. At least give us a clue!
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    Tie & I shopping from last wk
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