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    Hmm, sign didn’t say “no nodity”. Just shop nude as protest. “You can’t see my clothes? Must be your viewer.”
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    I can certainly see the family resemblance. I can have a chat with your mum, but last time I criticized her mothering skills, she sprayed me with ink.
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    It would have been more fun if you had called this thread Ethan Paslong
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    We already have the tech for this. Merchants can set their goods to no copy/yes transfer if they choose. It used to be pretty common a decade ago. Many of us find that the advantages of copy/no trans outweigh the advantages of no copy/trans, however, and merchants have followed suit. Anyone with land can set up no copy/trans items for sale and list it in search too. There used to be more of this as well, years ago. Now it's largely limited to gachas. If you want to be able to sell things on after your interest has passed, only buy items with no copy/yes trans permissions. This will limit your choices to gachas (which also have an active resale market) and merchants who sell with those perms or can be persuaded to. In other words, the 'fix' is social not technical. And you'll be fighting an uphill battle against the advantages of and preferences for copy/no trans.
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    Gov Linden is most often Patch Linden from his own admission.
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    I raided some events ^^ https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/new-year-new-things/
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    noo i'm only into fresh washed and clean socks... for all others i have to redirect you to Alwin, he's the kinky head of laundry
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    On the contrary, I think Qie has a very valid point. And I think only people clinging to their "pride" as their only source of self esteem would find it offensive.
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    There once was a man from Nantucket. That's pretty much all i can post of that here....
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    Christmas has passed as well as New Year since I've last posted here. Thanks to a friend, I started 2019 with a new Avatar~ However, I haven't forgot my old avi~
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    It's ALL about the shoes...by Poison (I think they were a freebie group gift!)
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    After becoming too lazy to redress myself after trying out many demos.. I just became a cat
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    Where are all the black SL players at? Not attempting to be racially exclusive....but as an African American woman in RL and on SL I find a major shortage of black players/sims. Sure there are plenty of urban RP sims but many are not even active and if they are not by black avatars. I really want to family RP on SL and want to find a cool group of people to do so with. I'm also coming from being a predominate IMVU player to full time on SL and its a hard transition only because I don't have many friends or people to talk to on here. So yep feel free to respond anyways as the songs goes black, white, puerto rican, or hatian, japanese, chinese, or even asian, don't matter what colo on this occasion...I'm just extremely curious as to where the hot spots are at and if anyone has the demographics of SL
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    Granted, you must now watch paint dry. I wish for a partner in crime.
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    I'm sorry.. This post was originally created under My Avatar.. but was moved. I have been banned from Second Life. It's more of a farewell. But.. In my time of trouble & sorrow, I would like to thank the community for making me smile. Thank You! And those are lovely trees! I haven't made up my mind yet what I will do concerning the game. I would speak on the matter, but I must be careful now what I speak about, because eyes are watching me! Again.. Thank You! 😢
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    The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!
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    Happy Thursday! Forgot to mention that the Super Blood Moon event happens Sunday night, January 20th. Apparently we will find Waldo during the event😁
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    Ofcourse...thanks for the correction! Vertices
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    Can we be a bit more cheerful????
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    Why remove the question tho, it could have helped someone else!
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    Solar powered computer. Trip into town now and then to upload while having coffee at Starbucks :D. I lived in a town where a good portion of those out on the mesa had water hauled in (or used rainwater) and only had solar or wind power -- and maybe propane. So while tricky, it CAN be done. Might be easier in rural France -- who knows?
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    Granted but your bedroom is now occupied by a million baby octopuses. I wish some of the grumpy-bums on the forum would find a little joy in their life.
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    The 360-Image project is over 1 year old. The current project SL Viewer was released in week 10 of 2018 (March). This was not the first version. It is the latest improved version. Work on the viewer stopped when other projects of higher priority superseded it. Oz Linden mentions it now and then and his hope of getting back to it at UG meetings. Not forgotten or given up on. Just sitting to the side. The last changes in the project viewer made the images far more usable. Now the images are mostly usable directly from the viewer, here and Flickr. For more information on the viewer and using it see The Newly Revised 360-Snapshot RC Viewer is Out
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    So, you caught the reference? And it's all your fault
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    Kacey is addictive isn't she?
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    I'm sure it will have gotten even harder to find old scripts and things to take apart to learn from. Those 10 linden pieces of prim junk were prim junk alright but the scripts inside were helpful to me. No way to know what's gone that might have helped with future projects My heart's too heavy this week to look for those who've passed on in hopes something remains.
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    Eh... removing my post because this has turned into technical stuff that, though I understand it all, doesn't interest me in SL space.
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    It reminds me of a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.
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    I think what Callum says is probably close to the truth, especially in the Answer section and considering how many people there write in a style as if they were talking to official support employees, who have the tools to look into their account and fix issues directly (thus those threads include either information that should not be in there (names of other residents involved in conflicts, lots of own personal information) or no information at all). But I agree, its weird and not helpful (even in an official support contact, the employee would probably like to know from the title what the issue is roughly about).
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    And live from the Stealthic* store - I found they have an add on for bangs. Impromptu Rockabilly 'we can do it' shot. Only downside of it is I had to turn off my upper eyelashes. Right-clicking everything didn't fix it - anyone got any tricks for eyelashes fluffing with hair alphas? ( @Skell Dagger maybe?)
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    I reeeeeally love when you find that perfect lighting for a picture ❤️
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    I did a mini-project shoot as part of my own development as a photographer, and eventually posted the results to Flickr; so here's the five pics, in one post so I don't spam the thread too much
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    Also, I’m not sure about the lack of high speed Internet, time, money or literacy (!) being factors. That sounds a little....odd. A country like Brazil (a large country with large black population) only lags behind the US as far as people with internet, and yes inexplicably people that live in favelas....have high speed internet. Even a country like Nigeria has over 50% of the population with internet. It probably has something to do with lack of marketing in Africa in general. This had more to do with where black people in SL hang out. It’s a hard question to answer, because there aren’t really large clusters on one sim. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a black presence on SL. Which....is kind of a good thing. This leads me to the next thing. Being black isn’t a monolithic thing. A black person from Brazil isn’t going to be the same as a black person from North America or say France. I’ve also tried pointing out being black does not necessarily mean having a dark, dark skin either. That’s a trap A LOT of people fall into. I’m black, French-Canadian and biracial. That’s hard for even people from the US to wrap their heads around. So I’m sure when I choose a lighter than black as coal skin, many people overlook the fact that yes my avatar is black. A few things to think about.
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    It's been a while since I've visited one of my favorite creepy sims. ♥ Everwinter.
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    You draw very well for someone with no sleep. Meanwhile, I went to the Bakaboo in world store.
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    Its more than a bug if its been going on 5 years
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    I reported it also. Maybe with a few reports, LL will get around to looking at it sooner. They aren't even trying to hide the sex stuff there.
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    I have absolutely no problem with furries, as long as they are deloused and as long as they have had their rabies shot.
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    As lieutenant of the Second Life Police Dept. between 2009-2010 (Vance Buck) I can confirm that about 70-80% of all griefing we had to deal with was done by furries. It is no wonder they lost all credibility IMO.
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