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    Viewer discr-- Well it's too late now, isn't it. Anyone terrified of clowns, I'll give you a comforting hug to make you feel better? Grins playfully.
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    So I went to Sweet Thing on my alt.. And new hooves, horns, hands. wings and tail later..
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    I did this before I saw your post.
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    Walks past and glances over .. Yep, still too much yippy-yapping in this thread. Maybe next time.
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    I went down the street and settled down to listen to a street musician.
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    No one ever said this or any other thread is a pictures-only place. Anyone is welcome to start their own thread and specify that they want it to be pictures-only if they so choose. ~rolls eyes~ ~hard~ Anyway - so these are my JOMO looks: And here's my Dragon without picture-processing so you can see the actual look
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    I found a store today with nice looking and affordable outfits https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/18961
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    Elysium and/or Lutz September 2017 and this weekend It's not about pictures only but staying on topic so as not to get the thread closed. Lengthy back and forth conversations not about avatar looks could push us over the precipice we might be dangerously close to. Moderation starts with the poster. *rolls the eyes back across the floor*
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    If I'm looking distinctly unimpressed here, it's because I was having an awful time getting a simple shot of myself in Ciampi. It just was NOT working for me today, which is a drag, because I DRESSED UP AND EVERYTHING!! Poop.
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    I'd like to properly introduce Salty my Alt..........She's my kid sister, and her name, Sally Newell, was misheard at school so she became Salty from then................... I look after her for now because she doesn't have any money.....haha! As an aside, I'm very impressed with LAQ....very impressed indeed. Here she is..........after a day's hard work on the sliders, and a shedload of L$....but well worth it!
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    Salty went out exploring tonight for the first time with her LAQ head and new clothes. I never tire of Lutz and nor will she...........We may go there tomorrow together...
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    Oh god. Gloss Event is going to bankrupt me...
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    Saw something flowery and pretty at Breakfast today.
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    Found my way onto the roof of the marquee at the Lutz Theatre!
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    Hello Residents of Second Life! Over the last few days, Residents using certain email providers may have noticed that they are not receiving all email notifications for events such as Marketplace purchases and Offline Messages. Email has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in the 1960s. There are many factors that affect the deliver-ability of a message, and algorithms which affect it are constantly being updated. Sometimes things go awry despite best intentions - such as certain phrases being flagged as indicative of spam, or the volume of messages sent in a certain time frame. Second Life is a complex beast and not all our email sending practices are as good as they could be. We are re-examining these practices and we’re going to do better to make sure our Residents are able to get the information they need. There are some things you, as the recipient, can also do to better ensure deliver-ability, such as having email filters, white-listing certain contacts, checking your spam folder and marking legitimate messages “Not Spam,” and even contacting your email providers about certain emails. If you are experiencing issues receiving emails from us, you may also want to consider updating your email temporarily to a different provider (for example if @yahoo emails are failing, try a @gmail account), verifying your email address with us (offline IMs, friendship offers, auctions, etc all require a verified address), and white-listing (add sender to contacts) Second Life messages to ensure you receive them in the future. It’s always best to use an email account that is only accessible by you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and will provide updates once available.
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    New World Notes has a survey for merchants about sales, but it doesn't include rentals and landsales. I would love to see a survey on that subject. People endlessly speculate about the economy, and their notion that "SL is dying" and so on, but few have hard numbers other than Tyche Shepherd, who actually chats the number of sims, which is one measure of the economy and population, anyway, and a fairly good one. So I will tell you one measure I discovered, take it or leave it as you will -- the number of people who rent land for stores and who rent mall space. So in 2010, this number in my little rentals was 76 individual avatars renting either empty land space or stores or stalls within malls or boardwalks; in 2018, this number was down to 35. I reduced land/space accordingly. During that time, I got rid of one boardwalk and one entire mall in PG -- PG is just hard to rent because people feel like they can't put out a revealing outfit or adult furniture without it being abuse- reported and the Lindens swooping down and removing even classical art showing a breast. So they shy away from PG. Even so, I was able to fill one PG mall that was very nicely built by Bill Stirling for about 14 years, imagine. Tenants included people making jewelry -- but I suppose mesh killed their prim business. People with games -- but now this has to be registered and put on a gaming sim if related to legal games and that's that. Also people making outfits -- but again, with mesh, people are forced out of business if they can't do mesh. I would often have pregnancy, baby and mom stuff -- these people were the worst about not paying rent. Some of them were re-selling famous baby stuff. Babies are still pretty big business in SL I think. But in the end, it was more bother than it was worth -- too few tenants, too many overprimmers or non-payers. So away it went, and the land was sold. It's funny, other PG malls I have still do OK, but that's because one is next to a landmark in Destinations and the other is next to an infohub which still produces some traffic. I'm a big believer in the concept that traffic does not equal sales. Only sales = sales. Sales come mainly from search/all, according to my polls. Some come from search/places, or blogs, or picks, but not so many come from fly-bys or walk-ins. Still, enough do to make it worth it. It's very hard to break into SL business. But I do see people still doing it with all kinds of things, houses, furniture, services like photography. With the price of land much lower, and no more telehubs, people don't have to rely on malls -- and don't. The real killer of malls, I suppose, are merchant events. You'd be surprised how many creators actually still have stores -- "mainstores" -- and even on the Mainland, and I make sure to patronize them to keep Mainland flourishing. Having an entire island with the upkeep of tier is too steep for many people -- I see some band together to make a sim with like 6 creators -- or they sell only at events, plus the marketplace, of course. The Lindens have encouraged the move to the marketplace because they've always had this idea that the future of virtual money making is not in heavy server re-rental -- "land" -- with its upkeep and cost -- but in what is essentially commissions or sales tax. I think they are gravely mistaken about this, but then, I'm not a virtual world platform owner so I can't really speak to the issue with enough information. Perhaps the miracle is that there are any malls left at all! But there are! Occasionally I stumble across old malls on the Mainland where some unknown has filled it with their friends and random people -- none of them are famous creators, but they might be re-selling breedables or gatchas. Merchant events and of course gatchas have boosted the economy in some ways, and killed parts of it in others, like the Internet itself. I think I'd have zero customers in malls if it weren't for gatchas, breedables, and the persistence of some people who don't make really famous stuff but still make cool or fun stuff to keep plugging away at it. So I keep maintaining them. This isn't just about me and my information drawn from the 50 sims where I have land. It's about all my neighbours. I have an "Area Attractions" card I update regularly where I put the stores and malls and such of my neighbours on the same or nearby sims. I counted a mall, a war memorial, a freebie depot and a few stores all gone. The mall seemed like it was doing well, I would go shop there. But, it didn't have many people. Events are what draw people; that's where they buy. Why are malls a good thing, and important to keep going? 1. The rent is way cheaper than the cost of owning an entire sim or paying the fee to be in an event. 2. They are persistent and not just 30 days and not just dependent on blogs and portals to get attention, they can use inworld search, word of mouth, picks, classifieds, etc. (BTW, I was surprised that "classifieds" is now the top way in which people say they buy and sell on my polls, THEN "search all" and "search places".) 3. The renter can control a list for media and even ban. Why are events likely better? 1. ENORMOUS traffic -- all events usually have sims you can't get into on the first 1-3 days of the event. It's routine for some to have 1-4 mirror sims now. They've all learned to stop spreading out giant, winding, confusing builds and have very compressed shopping circles now to minimize lag and people not finding their favourite merchant. Traffic makes sales when it is THAT enormous -- swarms of thousands of people streaming through. The difference between 10 traffic and 1000 traffic isn't a difference to help sales; the difference between 1000 and 100,000 is. 2. More advertising -- big portals like SeraphimSL push them as do inworld groups and lists. 3. Gatchas -- this is where most of the new gatchas are released and they account for a lot of sales. Malls in RL have died because of the Internet, and they are dying in SL for funny, similar reasons.
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    now it is your turn, Belinda
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    Nice! Did you tal . . . NVM. 😁
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    Speaking of a Jomo body a few posts back, I actually picked this up yesterday. Decked her out with inspiration from ESO Khajiit.
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    I don't think we can imagine how it is to start today. It is so many complications. First of all, LL refused to make a mesh body that all could make content for. So we got this enormous market of bodies, heads, feet and hands. It is barely a decent freebie for classic body newbies anymore, unless they get a mesh body. Many will not spend money before they "learn how to use SL". It is not easy to see on the vendors, what they buy. We think it is simple, because we know it all, all the names and systems. Then LL decided to have starter mesh avatars that is no modify. Then they decided to have both "wear" and "add". Plus that we old users, is several step ahead of newbies. Always. We simply can't think basic enough. An example, Sandras avatar was suddenly walking different. "All" started to talk about Animation Overrides that is attached to screen, or "sexywalk" shoes. Not that I am so clever, but I remembered that LL has added Animation Overrides with the starter avatars, and OF COURSE LL had to make it special. The LL AO attach to Center 2, and is not visible at all. So Sandra put on clothes by using "wear" and one of them had "Center 2" as attachment point. Poof, AO gone. And how shall a newbie know that? And we, of course has not used the new starter avatars, so we can be helpful, but we don't know about the starter AO. It was just luck that I tried on some of the starter avatars and could remember it. Typical for LL, they try to make things simple? And instead they make special shiny (*****ty) New Things that complicate everything.
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    Obsessive pastime & pas-overtime. My socialising extends to laying poofed out on a sofa with one or more of my partners, whilst doing a million things all at once. Occasionally I'll haul myself over to a venue, but being there doesn't alter what I tend to do anyways, such as: Photography. Meshing / building. Burning out my skull, trying to figure out how to do a simple operation in Blender that I just haven't done - or worse, forgot the hotkey for. Finding stuff to wear for photographs. YouTubing with the sounds of the grandfather clock and fireplace of my home in the background. Listening to music and spamming anyone within earshot with Spotify & YouTube links. In RL I do something wholly different; I'm a hand bookbinding student. So I spend my days obsessing about traditional methods and materials for a pretty niche craft (and blatantly refuse to use synthetic adhesives or materials - if you want a plastic or vegan book, I'm not your guy. Get back to me when you've got something interesting, like an anthropodermic binding!). So in SL I obsess with mesh and texture quality, snark about people using weird aspect ratios or putting blank, white textures as their specular maps and call their stuff 'materials enabled'. Or spend my time peeking at random people's profiles and trying to find as many reasons as I can not to ever interact with them.
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    Inspecting the Navy Yard
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    Lil started out SLife as an alt, rezzing about 3.5 months after the original main. Lil quickly stole the throne and delegated the original to the Alt-Life, seldom ever letting her even log in. I've created a few other alts over the years, to donate tier to the land group, but they don't have a life of their own either. I did manage to get my original account and the other alts all free mesh bodies, but they still have almost no clothing and never really get to log in for any reason other than to give me their L$ or to help me test permissions and misc group / land options. I'm such a tyrant.
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    For some reason I would have guessed your alt’s name to be Charybdis (Just as a word play - not at all indicative of either personality or looks!)
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    What it looks like I did this weekend.
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    Oh yeah, that's my alt on the left. Don't think I've formally introduced her to the forum yet lol. All my friends were asleep or not on when I needed to do this photoshoot so I dragged her on.
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    I am not sure how many of you remember Valerie, to me she was the most dearest, wonderful woman I knew, a great friend. I am sorry to say that my sweet friend Valerie has passed away To all of Valérie's friends, sad news. Val had a terrible fall on the stairs a few months back, and almost died. In her surgeries and treatments, we had hope she would recover. Unfortunately, her pain increased terribly, and a CTI scan before Christmas showed oral cancer, advanced. We talked with the doctors about possible treatments, and her chances of survival were not great. If you feel a need to know more, please contact me in SL. Val was due for surgery, and I have just now a letter from her mother. Val died before the surgery. She would have been on powerful pain-killers and would have passed away without suffering. I will be keeping our home, her exquisite Spectrum, open in SL another month or two. Spectrum is truly a joy, every single object there whispers her name. Every single day that I spent with Val was a joy, and an adventure. She was a perfect mate for me, although we never met in RL. We had hoped to have a trip to Barcelona this spring, to enjoy the Gaudi and the cuisine. Farewell, my love ❤️ * From her mother just now: Je suis la maman de Valérie. Je suppose que vous êtes (Domitan). J’ai la douleur de vous apprendre la mort de Valérie. C’est horrible ! Je parle très mal anglais. Elle n’avait pas encore commencé son traitement contre son cancer. Elle est morte d’un arrêt cardiaque probablement ou d’une embolie pulmonaire. Elle pensait souvent à vous. Je suis tellement malheureuse ! Cordialement. Ms. LEOPOLD * Google translation: I am the mother of Valerie. I guess you're (Domitan). I teach you the pain of the death of Valerie. It's horrible ! I speak very poor English. She had not yet started treatment against her cancer. She probably died of cardiac arrest or pulmonary embolism. She often thought of you. I am so unhappy! Cordially. Ms LEOPOLD I am so unhappy! Cordially. Ms LEOPOLD My heart is broken, hard to believe I will never talk to her again
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    Sometimes a simple 'yes' ain't enough when you're noting which demos you want to buy the full versions of
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    Magnificent. (And adorably sexy!) It's kind of ridiculous that I've never tried a non-human form in SL. Maybe I'll make that a February project!
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    This also raises the question how those items communicate... I already wonder if my mesh body really has to phone home every time I put it on and look if there is an update... I would not be too happy to know my cars phone home asking wether I am a legit customer... PS: We talk about fair script use all the time, ... it might be time to pin the term "script polution"
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    true without doubt, but also have to add that when they get advice to slow down, get the hang of things, they simply refuse and keep going. Also in this case... several times "ok i do it" (as example, not exact words) and less than 5 minutes later the next question comes about a new or other issue .. It's said quite often, the iwantitnow and youhavetohelpmeinstantly generation is impossible to assist. "we" had the "luck" we could change and learn the most current problems during the time it evolved, but we managed to learn it by steps.. and thát is still the only way, but most refuse that. They don't even try to find solutions themself, just dump on the forums and somebody will come .. And let's be honest, also our start was not easy in all aspects. And how many hours did we try, learn and adjust and modify things we made, bought and changing to mesh when it came out? did you read about the product: no did you ask in the store : no did you ask at the store group: no did you try read the manual: no of course not did you use search on the forum: no helping is a two way connection, often just one.
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    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lumiyaviewer.lumiya&hl=en_US The play store is far more forgiving when it comes to acceptable apps vs Apple's store.
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    Yeah. I don't think I have the right kind of mind for active alts. I've only ever had two. There was Richard Parkes, about whom probably the less said, the better: he was a one-purpose alt who spent very little time in-world (just for the occasional photo). Laskya, on the other hand, had a much more substantial existence, with her own friends, and actually a much stronger and higher-profile social media presence that Scylla has: one of her blog posts was even briefly discussed and cited in a scholarly book published last year (yeah, you could have knocked me over with a feather: I can't get cited in RL!). But she was in every essential "me," Scylla by another name, and, although I have a sentimental attachment to her (and feel weirdly "bad" that she's not active again), there isn't a whole lot of real point in getting her up and running again (except perhaps on social media). I'm sort of a one-avi girl, I guess?
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    I found out that my issue was my laptop being too slow, eventually the save window came up and I could save a test pic of my place. Sadly I think Flickr doesn't display it with good quality like other websites. Quality looks poor though 😞
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    "hey nice avatar...im new to this game and saved 238 of those linden things from a contest and camping...im trying to get this skin/shape combo for 700...i feel bad for asking but can you please lend me 462 so i can get it?...if not thats fine too...just seems nobody wants to help me out"
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    No. Don't be a creepy stalker.
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    This is a fantastic shot, with the shadow in focus instead of the avatar. I can see the detail and the time taken in the complex lighting set up on this, and I can only applaud how far and how fast you've come since that first 'trashcan/facelight' pic, which was not that long ago!
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    Looking at beautiful sunset.
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    (Some more old clothing! Top: Bliss Couture closing gift, 2014; hair Mau & Mej Dene, 2009; trousers by Zaara (2009); jewelry by Yak & Yeti (2009); shoes Tesla Jane (2009). I miss Tesla, I think I bought most of the store back in the day.)
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    AND I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH!!!!! (ETA: He's much taller than he looks in the movies. I felt positively hobbitish beside him!)
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