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    Viewer discr-- Well it's too late now, isn't it. Anyone terrified of clowns, I'll give you a comforting hug to make you feel better? Grins playfully.
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    I went down the street and settled down to listen to a street musician.
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    I found a store today with nice looking and affordable outfits https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/18961
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    If I'm looking distinctly unimpressed here, it's because I was having an awful time getting a simple shot of myself in Ciampi. It just was NOT working for me today, which is a drag, because I DRESSED UP AND EVERYTHING!! Poop.
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    I'd like to properly introduce Salty my Alt..........She's my kid sister, and her name, Sally Newell, was misheard at school so she became Salty from then................... I look after her for now because she doesn't have any money.....haha! As an aside, I'm very impressed with LAQ....very impressed indeed. Here she is..........after a day's hard work on the sliders, and a shedload of L$....but well worth it!
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    Oh god. Gloss Event is going to bankrupt me...
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    Saw something flowery and pretty at Breakfast today.
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    Found my way onto the roof of the marquee at the Lutz Theatre!
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    Hello Residents of Second Life! Over the last few days, Residents using certain email providers may have noticed that they are not receiving all email notifications for events such as Marketplace purchases and Offline Messages. Email has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in the 1960s. There are many factors that affect the deliver-ability of a message, and algorithms which affect it are constantly being updated. Sometimes things go awry despite best intentions - such as certain phrases being flagged as indicative of spam, or the volume of messages sent in a certain time frame. Second Life is a complex beast and not all our email sending practices are as good as they could be. We are re-examining these practices and we’re going to do better to make sure our Residents are able to get the information they need. There are some things you, as the recipient, can also do to better ensure deliver-ability, such as having email filters, white-listing certain contacts, checking your spam folder and marking legitimate messages “Not Spam,” and even contacting your email providers about certain emails. If you are experiencing issues receiving emails from us, you may also want to consider updating your email temporarily to a different provider (for example if @yahoo emails are failing, try a @gmail account), verifying your email address with us (offline IMs, friendship offers, auctions, etc all require a verified address), and white-listing (add sender to contacts) Second Life messages to ensure you receive them in the future. It’s always best to use an email account that is only accessible by you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and will provide updates once available.
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    Nice! Did you tal . . . NVM. 😁
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    Speaking of a Jomo body a few posts back, I actually picked this up yesterday. Decked her out with inspiration from ESO Khajiit.
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    Lil started out SLife as an alt, rezzing about 3.5 months after the original main. Lil quickly stole the throne and delegated the original to the Alt-Life, seldom ever letting her even log in. I've created a few other alts over the years, to donate tier to the land group, but they don't have a life of their own either. I did manage to get my original account and the other alts all free mesh bodies, but they still have almost no clothing and never really get to log in for any reason other than to give me their L$ or to help me test permissions and misc group / land options. I'm such a tyrant.
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    Oh yeah, that's my alt on the left. Don't think I've formally introduced her to the forum yet lol. All my friends were asleep or not on when I needed to do this photoshoot so I dragged her on.
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    Also keep in mind the higher you are the more visible floating point rounding errors are.
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    I found out that my issue was my laptop being too slow, eventually the save window came up and I could save a test pic of my place. Sadly I think Flickr doesn't display it with good quality like other websites. Quality looks poor though 😞
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    "hey nice avatar...im new to this game and saved 238 of those linden things from a contest and camping...im trying to get this skin/shape combo for 700...i feel bad for asking but can you please lend me 462 so i can get it?...if not thats fine too...just seems nobody wants to help me out"
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    Trying out some photo edition to make it look realistic.. xoxo Caro Flickr
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    No. Don't be a creepy stalker.
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    This is a fantastic shot, with the shadow in focus instead of the avatar. I can see the detail and the time taken in the complex lighting set up on this, and I can only applaud how far and how fast you've come since that first 'trashcan/facelight' pic, which was not that long ago!
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    Looking at beautiful sunset.
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    (Some more old clothing! Top: Bliss Couture closing gift, 2014; hair Mau & Mej Dene, 2009; trousers by Zaara (2009); jewelry by Yak & Yeti (2009); shoes Tesla Jane (2009). I miss Tesla, I think I bought most of the store back in the day.)