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    So I went to Sweet Thing on my alt.. And new hooves, horns, hands. wings and tail later..
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    No one ever said this or any other thread is a pictures-only place. Anyone is welcome to start their own thread and specify that they want it to be pictures-only if they so choose. ~rolls eyes~ ~hard~ Anyway - so these are my JOMO looks: And here's my Dragon without picture-processing so you can see the actual look
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    Inspecting the Navy Yard
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    true without doubt, but also have to add that when they get advice to slow down, get the hang of things, they simply refuse and keep going. Also in this case... several times "ok i do it" (as example, not exact words) and less than 5 minutes later the next question comes about a new or other issue .. It's said quite often, the iwantitnow and youhavetohelpmeinstantly generation is impossible to assist. "we" had the "luck" we could change and learn the most current problems during the time it evolved, but we managed to learn it by steps.. and thát is still the only way, but most refuse that. They don't even try to find solutions themself, just dump on the forums and somebody will come .. And let's be honest, also our start was not easy in all aspects. And how many hours did we try, learn and adjust and modify things we made, bought and changing to mesh when it came out? did you read about the product: no did you ask in the store : no did you ask at the store group: no did you try read the manual: no of course not did you use search on the forum: no helping is a two way connection, often just one.
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    Also keep in mind the higher you are the more visible floating point rounding errors are.
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    This is a fantastic shot, with the shadow in focus instead of the avatar. I can see the detail and the time taken in the complex lighting set up on this, and I can only applaud how far and how fast you've come since that first 'trashcan/facelight' pic, which was not that long ago!
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    I did not write this article, nor do I know the author but I thought it might be useful to other modelers in here. And while the author focuses on a specific style, he brushes on a few important topics that apply to all game-grade models. https://sundaysundae.co/how-to-make-low-poly-look-good/
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    Just sitting quietly on a bridge at Livingtree
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    My honest opinion, there is no need to encrypt stuff in LSL. It is often just a waste of CPU/script time. Here are my reasons: If you are encrypting say, applier textures or some sort of texture, this is completely pointless. If anyone wanted to steal a texture, they'd use a copybot viewer instead of trying to figure out what channel the scripts communicate on, then write a decrypter. If people listening in on the channel for the applier is the problem, consider doing a handshake system instead(applier says "anyone there?", object that gets the textures says "I am", applier verifies same owner then does llRegionSayTo). If you are sending stuff off to a server via llHTTPRequest or sending stuff to a LSL server using llRequestURL(), consider using HTTPS. Even when using HTTP, chances of someone listening into this are slim to none. You are more likely to be struck by lightning. (If someone is listening in on this type of communication, you have a bigger problem) If you just want to ensure integrity of a message, you can simply prepend a llMD5String( string src, integer nonce ) or llSHA1String( string src ); with a secret key seen in the Signing Example below. This can also be used with HTTP Requests should you need to be extra secure(which may make sense if your API may be discovered while still preventing people from using this. You can also boost security by doing the same thing LL does by using experience keys to store the sharedKey. Encryption in LSL is very hard to get right, and when done wrong can be easily broken, especially XOR "encryption". Its very easy to break and has various attacks, one which is very easy is the Known String attack. Signing Example: string signMessage(string myString){ return llSHA1String(sharedKey + myString) + myString; } string validateMessage(string myString){ if(llGetSubString(myString, 0, 39) == llSHA1String(sharedKey + llGetSubString(myString, 40, -1))){ //Our message is signed and valid! return llGetSubString(myString, 40, -1); }else{ //Not valid, return nothing return ""; } }
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    @Clover Jinx Posted Thursday at 06:01 PM Thanks to those of you keeping this thread about how your avatar looks =~.^= @Clover Jinx and @Candice LittleBoots I tend to agree ...doesn’t it seem to that there are fewer avatar pictures being posted lately, then back only a few months ago...? Just sayin
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    It cracks me up that the only 2 threads I've seen you post, you've requested both to be locked when you've seen people call you out on your nonsense 😂😂😂
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    @Lindal Kidd runs an excellent introduction to land at Caledon Oxbridge. It's highly recommended if you can make the time. http://www.caledonoxbridge.org/classes/catalog.php
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    He does actually play but not much of a talker.
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    I LOVE getting this one. I always say "You got over 250L$ in less than a day?? Wow, you're really great at this game! Since it comes so easy to you could I borrow 200L$ Please!?!! I'm sure you can make it up in no time! Pretty please??" Then IM them like 20 or 30 times more begging for their L$ until I get bored or they block me or log off.
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    The avatar(s) that ask that specific question have become a running joke in the Catwa group. They always have names like Jason548 and Kevin289, and they paste the same thing to hundreds of people at a time. The hilarious moment for me came when I was on the Catwa region, helping someone in the store. This guy was outside, and - alongside all the IMs he sent to everyone else in the store - he also sent one to me: We treat them like little pets these days. "Aww, look, he's back with another name! Bless him!"
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    We should do a "me and my alt" photo session!!!!! I'm not quite ready yet though...........but it would be fun.........
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    Ok, I am sure everyone above has told you that this isn't a game, it has no rules, no set goal that you will "win" when you accomplish it, but I am here to tell you that they are just trying to keep you from learning the goal, so that you cannot win. The goal is this. Whoever gets the most points wins, and points are awarded by giving me Lindens. See, isn't that simple.
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    A Furry is worth 3 points A blond avatar with a bad shape and mesh body is worth 7 points A classic avatar is only worth 1 points A tiny inflicts a penalty on you of 2 points because they're an allied race. EVERYBODY likes tinies, no matter what faction they join. A child avatar is 0 points because the drama police are still in PvP over the score. A femboy is, I think 4 points or was it 69 points? A griefer nets you 10 points. But panicking about a griefer costs 11 points Getting Prok is worth 30 million points, but that's the end boss of the game, and last I checked that was a 50,000-man raid boss. 18 or so years in and I think that raid boss remains undefeated, so good luck. Every level you gain gives you 1 'drama passcard'. You figure out what the action on each of these types is that gains you the point... There are multiple quests around the game in places with very dramatic and often misspelled names that provide the answer(s). Many of them have a penchant for writing it in all-caps.
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    It's been a while since I've visited one of my favorite creepy sims. ♥ Everwinter.
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    Heh, now that's something that even I could join in with. I own a few pieces by Bakaboo, since I discovered them at Menswear Fashion Week in 2016 (yes, Mr Monochrome does sometimes delve into colour, especially when he's feeling unwell). But this is their most recent release, and I love it:
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    You keep saying 'like' which is not what the original poster was saying. You keep refering to other options outside of the page, also not what was wanted. @Tenly is saying that to make any comment on the Destination Guide and ONLY that area of the website (as far as I know) you 'have to' log into Facebook to comment. Say the page suddenly started showing horrifying images or the words used were offensive, she cannot comment there so that it is seen because to do so she has to log into facebook which she only has her RL connected to. If they went down this road for all their pages, or even forums, it would be cutting out a large chunk of the user base. You have a fake facebook, she does not, many do not, they do not want to comment on the SL destination guide with their RL, because it could lead to their RL having opinions on their use of SL, or it could help people they do not like find them etc. So many reasons to not want to connect the two together. This has nothing to do with showing appreciation with a click, this has to do with not being able to use your words without adding a different medium (social media) this is about not staying within the parameters you feel comfortable with as your Second Life persona inside of the Second Life channels, they have taken her out of the world she has created and skidded right into making a public declaration of her usage. That is a bit rude, it is like buying on a website and them already having your message to Facebook set up to announce you just bought something, which Amazon does and which as an Aussie is a new thing to me and is gross. For some Second Life is a safe space, more so than for others, but should be for all, forced connectivity to other sites is wrong, imaging Marketplace doing what Amazon does and you didn't notice and bam! suddenly your FB wall knows you just bought that ________________________
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    To answer a question above about applying rotation --- a pro told me five or six years ago to ALWAYS apply Rotation, Location and Scale before exporting the file. This is a rule for me now and has solved lots of issues. So far it seems like a good plan for most things in SL -- I haven't found any problems. Sounds like you may have it worked out your gaps -- but, from all this conversation it sounds like the final plan may not work as well as you suspect -- IF you are planning on selling these. Most folks don't have "builder skills" or just minimal ones (placing furniture say) so I am not seeing how your modular build -- which has to be VERY exact it seems will work for sales. It sounds like a support issue waiting to happen ^^. Many of us like to avoid those at all cost LOL. Maybe something with some paneling edges that don't need to be so precise would be better for the regular folks. Not everything we WANT to make here is practical -- sadly. But best of success and I hope it works out as you want it too.
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    Gyazo, no mess on your pc with all files, and no upload cost
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    Thank you very much Innula, incredibly well explained, as all your posts i've read on this forum. You've helped me millions of times without knowing it 😉
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    So, he didnt try and force you into anything.. He demanded your RL info.. You didnt give it to him... Move on with your SL. Why post here? Welcome to the internet, there are pervs everywhere. Dont give out your personal info to anyone.
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    Definitely. Just so you understand, @ainst Composer , neither Ruthven nor I were recommending a sensor in the methods we suggested. You can get the information you want from the user's key object either by using a simple ping/response or by using llGetAgentList, which doesn't require a sensor.
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    Thanks, Orwar! I think I'm starting to get the hang of DoF and B&W, but, to some extent, I went with B&W here as a way of covering up a multitude of sins! I actually have a LeLutka Axis HUD for expressions, which I'm pretty happy with. Ciampi can be a bit laggy, though, so here I decided to just go with my Genus animation HUD, which is generally not too bad. As it happens, though, the best composition I came up with had a sort of meh facial expression. Oh well. Had I been able to settle on the composition, rather than zipping around endlessly, I'd have ended up with more choices.
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    Nope. If he won't share location and you think he cheated you should probably move on and forget him. Easy to say but not so easy to do. Stalking or tracking won't help.
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    While Omega may not be perfect... you have to do what you have to do sometimes when it comes to demos. But I recommend getting one 'decent skin' from somewhere that comes with all kinds of appliers. At the least the major brands plus omega. And if you're serious a skin with some contrast - so not too pale or too dark. The added contrast will give you dimensionality to spot how things look on the head. An alt is also handy... and an install of SL that lets you log in two avatars at the same time... - What I do, is hand my shape to the alt, and put myself and my alt on a side by side posestands. I then put the test head or body on, and try to get myself to look like I do over on the alt, only better... because if it's not better why buy it? And as a last step, get on some furniture that has expressions. About half of modern XXX-beds have this. Not sure what G rated stuff does... but it is a very handy way to see how well the face animates. This script can also be used to get your avatar to make all the expressions and thus test how well a head animated: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Dora_Gustafson/JSON_structure_facial_expression - Simply put that in a prim and then sit on the prim and use the menu for it (should pop up automatically, if not click the prim after you're on it), to pick expressions. My personal recommendation in heads is Mayreal. That said Mayreal heads don't have expressions built in... you need a HUD for them... But otherwise I like the brand. But the size of the lips and mouth of any brand should be a matter of your shape dials. Any brand should be able to give you small or large by adjusting your shape right.
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    If the appliers are only omega, then you would need to install omega on the demos of the heads, as it is not active in demos, I am not 100% sure on other heads, but LeLutka that is how it would work. What you could also do if not wanting to outlay the funds is perhaps ask a friend or group member of the heads if anyone is willing to try the demos of the skins on so you can see. Possibly try skins that have appliers for the head types themselves as they all differ slightly and omega will not always give you the best look of the look available.
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    Rental prices are always set by the land owner. I suspect that even if a land owner's own monthly fees to Linden Lab are lower than they used to be, she may not have passed the savings along to you. That is totally up to her. You may decide to move to a less expensive region, of course.
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    Ah, it is not so easy for us either. Linden Lab let all users be content creators if they wish, and so we have this enormous, confusing system of what the merchants will make and how they will deliver it. Somehow it was easier in the old days, when it was either a folder delivered, or a box you have to open by clicking it, choose open and copy to inventory. Just two ways. So when we reply, we try to tell you all the different ways you can unpack and find what you got in your inventory. I think, and maybe I got it wrong, that you bought clothes, and you can't find your purchase(s)? You only found 3-4 out of 10? If you buy from the Marketplace, it goes in the Received Items folder. Scroll down to "After you buy" in this section: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/shopping-in-the-second-life-marketplace-r86/ If you buy from a vendor inworld, the purchase can either be in a folder in your inventory, or in a box under the section "Objects". If you choose the "Recent" items tab on the top of your inventory, you find only things you purchased since last log off. I find it better to change that to purchases the last two days. Select the "Recent" tab. Click the "Cogwheel" symbol. Choose "Show filters". Make sure all the boxes are checked. Change the "Newer than.... days" to 1 or 2. Or if you bought something 3 days ago, to 3 or so. You can always reset it to 0 if you want. When you have the "Cogwheel" open, also make sure the inventory is sorted like this: "Sort System folders to top" and "Sort by most Recent". I never use any of the two sort by name options. This way, the inventory always show the system folders to the top, and under the "Trash" folder, my purchases with the newest one on top. All this sorting helps you locate the newest purchases, that includes the newest things you unpacked. I am sorry if I misunderstood, but this is how I interpret "it does not seem to be able to locate the items I know I bought"
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    My first time ever to operate a train in SL railroads. At Heterocera continent, passing through many regions. It was a bit hot place to sit there!
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    So it's not only Destination Pages. If I click the "Share on Facebook" button on this very page, it wants to post under my RL Facebook account. (This doesn't worry me too much because my "RL" Facebook account is a complete fake, the only utility being to pollute the privacy voyeurism of creepy Zuck and his paying advertisers.) I've burnt myself with other social media identities before. Fortunately, the error was to post under a pseudonymous Disqus account when I intended to use my RL identity -- so I was more private than intended. Point is, it's not only Facebook where one can blow one's own cover. That's merely the explicit association one may make unintentionally. I would be very surprised if tracking cookies haven't associated my RL and SL identities long ago. If advertisers (including political interests) could somehow benefit from such an association, we can be quite sure they'd have used Facebook's historically permissive data sharing to get all they could want and more. They've certainly used other associations to target messages very effectively.
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    no idea whats wrong with me,but i thought you said sweaty kiss,omg
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    I never actually posted here, whoops. So I'm Kai, I've been playing for almost 9 years (my rezday is on the 31st!). I heard about SL back in like, 2007 or so when it started popping up in the news and in articles, I still remember seeing a segment on TV about a woman with some neurological disorder who distinctly programmed her avatar to have all her little real-life Tourettes-like issues. I didn't actually pick it up until my senior year of high school (I was 6 months underage, sshh!) after seeing one of my friends make a video of her furry avatar dancing, and I was hooked. So the furry avatar thing was the biggest draw to me, the first avatar I ever bought was a Luskwood rat. That being said, 95% of all other furries on here cause me extreme embarrassment and I really don't like being around them, but then I get self-conscious about being one around human avatars. I need to get over myself, I think. Since I came back though, I've tried to put a focus on putting together a nice looking human avatar so I can enjoy myself in it. Of course, her whole thing is she's also a werewolf. I miss the old heyday when there were a ton of furry avatar creators making new, different avatars instead of people using the same base ones with mods over and over again. I mostly use SL to find new music and explore, and tend to like to stick around alternative/indie music venues. I'm really shy though, so I don't tend to talk much around other people, I don't have social anxiety in RL but I sure as hell do in SL. I play on and off, I've definitely taken hiatuses for what was probably more than a year or so. Definitely playing more now that I've got a better laptop than the one I had in college, and the Monster Factory video Boy Mayor of Second Life definitely was a big factor in bringing me back for the first time in a while. I've got rented land and my own house for the first time ever now, and it's nice. Might go back to my drifter ways eventually, but it's nice to be able to slam the 'teleport home' keys and be somewhere alone if you ever teleport to a sim full of naked people or something. IRL I'm a pretentious anime nerd living in Florida. I'm quietly but very obviously furry (build fursuits, draw nothing but animals, ect) but like in SL, I'm super embarrassed about it and I can't stand the people who make their entire identities revolve around it and are incapable of enjoying anything unless there's animal characters in it. Anime is the bigger part of my hobbies by a long shot, and definitely the thing that has the most emotional connection for me. I went to art college and majored in illustration, but I think my calling is building fursuits, so we'll see how that goes...
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    Pussycat Catnap This one probably wont' make me any friends... but hopefully the next time I get riled up in a thread in here and then wander away from the forums for a few months... the people wondering WTF happened there will recall this... since the violence of my past is why I tend to suddenly 'explode' sometimes out of my own control... First found SL in 2006 due to a cross promotion with the launch of Poser 7. There was some massive 'grey' bug at the time, but I thought it was my computer, so I only lasted 2 days of figuring out that the promotional event didn't have anything for a Poser user. Came back in 2008 or 2009 I think, wandered around. Really did not like the name I had chosen in 2006... (another reason I had left, in 2006 I had read somewhere that the name you picked was assigned to you forever and you could not change it, period, don't even ask LLs, so on not liking my choice, I left)... Wandered around for a bit trying to decide if I wanted to be here, and did a 'wear all' on the contents of a freebie box, and ended up being turned into a Neko. The moment I saw that I was hooked. So I had to think on a new name... and I learned that if you timed it right you could get different lists of last names, so I spammed the account creation thing until a catty last name came up... and every single cat-like firstname I tried was taken (in 2009 Neko was basically everyone... it was an insane fad). So I spammed the last names again until Catnap came up and Pussycat was the third or fourth name I tried and it let me use it... (but honestly... it's better than kittylicious was... WTF was I thinking). Ps: at this point in time I don't think I had ever heard the Tom Jones song... That song annoys me to no end... The next three paragraphs below might get some of you riled up... but it is me, and it may help to explain why sometimes I can suddenly explode into righteous anger in certain topics... Native of San Francisco. But we left for LA and the Central Valley when I was very young. Multi-racial in a way that has me resembling a LatinX and grew up in a rough environment with a lot of violence / criminality from the white side of my family (several of them in/out of prison). School and the military were just a repeat of that. Even lost people to being killed in racist attacks. Learned to and did use a knife to stop some white boys... learned to use a gun. Spent some time homeless before military. Moving back to the Bay Area as a young adult was the first time I met white people not trying to bring violence my way. And I had an awkward time adjusting to not being scared of my own friends and classmates. Added to when I spent 5 years living in Asia and met a lot of very nice folks from Europe. Had to rewrite all my assumptions after that. The contrast might actually be why I ended up with a degree in Political Science that focused so much on ethnic conflict. Why I can see something like Myanmar as basically something like the US South - it's the same human stupidity. - That's my roots. It's why I see everything from the perspective of race-tension. Because even my own blood were using fists to pound that point into me growing up. Sometimes I snap... revert back to assumptions from before I came back to the Bay Area, from before I met any Europeans while abroad. Might also inform why I ended up here. I'm athletic and have been told, at least when I was younger, that I'm hyper attractive, but I'm so 'wary' that I don't socialize well and don't tend to be as active as my peers. Online, I still carry my fight with me, but I'm less reserved... It's a bit easier online. - So that's why I'm a fighter. The term 'Social Justice Warrior' must have been coined by someone who had a run in with me... Maybe I burned their flag or pulled them off some trafficked girl in Korea... Maybe they're the American or GI I refused to help go 'buy a girl' in Asia, cause that didn't just happen once... I don't carry my politics on my sleeve, I carry it in my fist and my words. Some people like that, most don't. A lot older now, been in the Bay Area for over 2 decades now. I live in a part of the Bay Area that has not lost it's diversity to gentrification, and where folks are just friendly across all sorts of lines. I feel at home here. Young people I talk to have no idea what it was like when I grew up; and for that I am glad. The police murdering folks for the color of their skin in other cities seems like a world away from here... but it is still happening... I'm late 40s now, I've got 3 degrees in fields related to Political Science. I'm a long way from any roots in the ghetto where I was once homeless. I put this into my profile just the other day: I love friendly chat, exploring, hanging out with folks, & talking with equals. Friends are for talking to. My hobbies tend to include history, politics, social justice, coffee, Africa and Latin America, criminal justice, renewable energy, and things related. I have degrees in political science, criminal justice, and law I grew up rough, in violence & poverty from the white side of my ancestry & worked my way up These days in SL, I keep to myself a lot. But I have also been exploring the 'adult' side of SL. It's mindless messing around with people I don't want to know for other reasons than the usual mess that spoils my socializing. I started going 'nude' in SL when I got my fitmesh body, Belleza. The body looked so nice it felt like a shame to cover up... so I didn't. And then I started messing with the 'XXX' stuff because that was just funny to watch, but then got interesting to watch. 📽️😳🤐 That kind of conflicts with the fact that I am a deeply spiritual person, of a faith that prefers people be a little more reserved... And I'll leave that with this note from my profile: Despite my nudity and graphic content, I am still a person of faith & still a leftist I am generally aligned with Rasta, though I explore sensuality in ways contrary to Rasta. As a rasta, I know the purpose of a pastor or priest is to lie to people and steal their spirituality for his own ends. I know that we must each come to faith on our own, with the help of peers, but without false leadership. Religion may be the opiate of the masses, but faith sets you free As a leftist I know equal rights & justice must be struggled for & achieved, by any means necessary. Downpression is wrong, & I must chant down those who try to Put I down. I know that denial of Identity-politics is just code for forcing majority-identity & excluding others. As a leftist, I exist for the struggle. Justice before Peace Black Live Matter is a statement that the lives of people of color matter. If you think that is a statement against anyone or anything; it is only because you feel the lives of non-whites do not count
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    I had an accident in RL, I had to stay in bed for a long time till I recover and I used to play The Sims at the time - and it was so boring, so at a forum, I heard about second life and decided to check and see what it was about. So I joined SL thinking it was like the sims, so everyone I met I thought it was an NPC like the sims, so I was quite impressed with the AI of the people around me - Took a while to figure out, so I still blush thinking about all the things I said to people around me, thinking they were not real people, just a computer. I planned to stay for a week and here I am 5 years later. I live in the closet in RL, so SL helped me to be who I really am. I met people from all over the world, some of them I like more than my RL friends <3 I am very thankful for Second Life, it saves my life every day.
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    I'm 45, Dutch (yes those people who invented THE stroopwafel), live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I've been in SL for about a decade, when I had only just joined I started the 1920s Berlin Project, a historical roleplaying community, which has been going very strong pretty much since day one. I enjoy standing behind the bar there for our daily (!) happy hour, pour drinks, chat, listen to 1920s music, be grumpy and complain about young people, jazz and not getting enough tips. I also own the Time Portal sim where people can visit several historical zones. You may have guessed it; I love, nay I'm obsessed with, nay I'm addicted to history, both in SL as in RL.
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    Just do what most SL guys do... Buy a Prison Gym Steroid Abuse Body, marinade it in dark orange spray tan for 72 hours, add some gheto-thug wannabe tattoos, a gold medallion, some baggy crotch at knee height jeans and a pair of canoe sized Faddidas-Crike Clown-Max Inflatable Designer Running Shoes (tm) and some really really bad 'used janitor mop' hair. Then tp to a sim with women on it, walk up to the group, say "HELLO LAYDEEEEEES!" after which you stand silently, with your viewer cam-locked on the largest pair of boobs, lean back in your chair, take your hands off the keyboard and press them both to your temples, and concentrate really hard while chanting the mantra... "The Power of Macho Compels You... IM Me and beg for sex... Please?" Over and over for about an hour, then tp to a different sim, rinse and repeat. Congratulations, you have learned the Art of the Class 1 Loiterer. Note, if you cave in and IM them, you will be downgraded to a Class 2 and forced to live in Eternal Shame because your Macho failed!
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    Five textures loaded into the contents tab of the object and a script similar to the one below would accomplish what you describe. --Cinn integer choice=0; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } on_rez(integer num) { llSetTexture("fe8da76a-4ccb-af42-60d5-2347b3c6e7f2", ALL_SIDES); } timer() { integer number = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE); choice = choice + 1; if (choice == number) choice = 0; string name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, choice); llSetTexture(name, ALL_SIDES); } }
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