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    So, I decided to play with the filters and this is what I came up with, hope the bare rear end is ok :-) With a little rain...
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    My navy has a goat mascot. El Cabrito
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    Well - you did, of course, choose the correct option I even had some of the uniforms from back then sitting around in my wardrobe (Did not bother to put on all the protection gear just for this quick snap )
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    So I bought a straw goat, because, well, the whole 'being Swedish' and all that - but I was disappointed that it was so small, so I made it 10 meters tall, just like Gävlebocken! ... And then I put it outside my sister's club. Then Cat gave Neph a pet goat - we call him Baphomet. Because how could we not.
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    Him: Oh baby I am so ready for.. Her: Hold that thought. My bits haven't rezzed yet. Kind of a mood killer there.
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    ... M - C - A..? Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    It seems you want a ready-made solution (in which case you probably want to post in a different forum), but if you're looking to script it yourself, and if you're really wanting to simply walk through a portal to trigger the teleport (no touching nor sitting), you'd start with an Experience. That Experience would need to be enabled on your land and each person to be teleported would need to have agreed (one time) to that Experience's permissions. This is a fairly straightforward Experience script. (Teleporting between regions involves a little trickiness in specifying the llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() destination "look_at" vector.) Oh. If all your visitors will have RLV enabled, that's another alternative. Seems unlikely, though.
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    This thread really wandered down the path quickly. To the OP: There are two sorts of "children" in SL. The first sort is what you saw, a "child avatar". Child avatars are allowed in regions of any maturity level (by LL, that is. Individual land owners may have their own rules.) Child avatars are NOT allowed to participate in sexual roleplay. The second sort is a person whose Real Life age is underage for SL. (Like the rest of us, they may use any avatar and appear to be any age. So you can't tell just by looking.) People 18 and older can visit regions of any maturity level. People 16-17 may only visit General regions. People 13-15 may visit a specific, "walled off" region, under the supervision of a recognized youth group. This is not to say that some kids don't lie about their age and get into SL anyway. If they are reported, LL bans them. Don't get the two mixed up!
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    Well we had ballet at the Lutz stage, but what good is dancing without music?
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    Good evening everyone; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! I've had a productive festive season; finally took the plunge with Bento Heads so have a new and improved avi to show off Hope you all like and approve! Hannah x
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    Nothing much to do today in RL. Perfect time to roam about in SL taking snapshots.
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    So today I finally got to grips with appliers............. Such progress!!!! haha! This was the result. BBD Lingerie - Shirley. Essenz Cuzco Heels.......