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    So, I decided to play with the filters and this is what I came up with, hope the bare rear end is ok :-) With a little rain...
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    Well - you did, of course, choose the correct option I even had some of the uniforms from back then sitting around in my wardrobe (Did not bother to put on all the protection gear just for this quick snap )
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    Butt (pun intended) - this one is new... (Peacehaven in Region "Ocean of the Orchards")
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    ... M - C - A..? Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    As an aside, An Aeros will auto hide when you enter a g rated sim. As for female genitalia, I personally use the RL standard. If you can't see my private parts when you are standing facing me, they are hidden. I'm not responsible if some perv cams up my skirt to see what's there. I generally avoid g rated sims like the plague. In my opinion, they are a total waste of server space.
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    You're always looking to mind other people's business instead of your own, and always looking for ways to "improve" SL which in fact only improve it by your lights, not others'. My RL landlord bans AirB&B from our complex - and with good reason. Why should anyone else but my landlord make money from rooms that are not properly rented out? In NYC, AirB&B violates motel law, but more than that, it's notorious for slumlords grabbing a bunch of space and re-renting it with minimal care to random strangers for very short periods instead of to people who live here with proper leases and maintenance. As others have aptly noticed, even with a "room above a garage" not being the same thing in SL as in RL (due to land impact, streams tied to parcels, etc.), there are other reasons. In SL, there is absolutely no reason at all I want somebody else grabbing up empty rooms that he thinks need filling -- by filling his pocket -- and re-renting them. Again, if anyone is to be making any money off land THAT I PAY TIER FOR in SL, it will be me, not literal rent-seeking expropriators. If someone thinks they can manage and advertise property better, I have an idea for them: instead of hustling "unused space" from someone who went to the trouble to buy it on the auction or on the market and pay tier (unlike you) -- rent island servers from Linden Lab like I do, re-rent them to the general public as you see fit. Or spend the time, treasure and talent that I do on building a rentals business instead of grabbing it from someone else. The end. So I and many landlords don't allow sublets. Those that do get a hefty price to start with which means those lightly considering it are sifted out. SometimesI find stores invading land I have set aside for cheap newbie residential rentals and putting up stores in the sky to sell merchandise, often breedables. Why should you lag my sim and pay me only 85 cents equivalent per month and then make tens of dollars off that land yourself selling expensive breedables? At least rent one of my also inexpensive store fronts or store lots, thank you. Or, hey, go to one of the big rental companies and pay them what they ask for commercial lots, which will often be $2-3/prim or more. When people announce to me that they're likely to go sifting through my rentals and look for apartments they can scout out and re-rerent -- possibly without me ever noticing, as they may be smart enough not to put their rental box on my property (believe me, not everybody is!) -- I have a simple solution: I ban them from my properties. If I hadn't acquired reasons before that to ban them, which I have.
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    I can fix it! Here is my, (sort of), politically correct, touchy feely "gaspicon" for those moments when you'd love to throttle someone but need to show some restraint just in case they might become offended by a harsher critique of their inane bluster. *posts gaspicon.... OMG... I just realised its not gender neutral 8-/ Please don't report me! Noooooooooooo! *runs off crying & hides in Sansar 👀 *sniff, blubber, sniff.
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    It seems you want a ready-made solution (in which case you probably want to post in a different forum), but if you're looking to script it yourself, and if you're really wanting to simply walk through a portal to trigger the teleport (no touching nor sitting), you'd start with an Experience. That Experience would need to be enabled on your land and each person to be teleported would need to have agreed (one time) to that Experience's permissions. This is a fairly straightforward Experience script. (Teleporting between regions involves a little trickiness in specifying the llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() destination "look_at" vector.) Oh. If all your visitors will have RLV enabled, that's another alternative. Seems unlikely, though.
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    It's really tough keeping your look. Took me a long time before I was happy and only Genus did it for me............. Oh I had lot of fun trying though!!!
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    I am perpetually frustrated by people conflating "stupidity" with stupidity. Aphorisms like "stupid is as stupid does" don't help. I've met only a few stupid people in my life, and they've been a lot more pleasant to be around than the willfully ignorant. They've also made me feel like an underachiever. And finally... aren't we all born short? I was somewhere around 20 inches long at birth. It took me years to fail achieving tallness. I gave up at 5'2". ETA: We're all born with big heads, too. Mine was so big that a C section was required. I've been told it's still big, and that's another of those things that perpetually frustrates me.
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    Sure, of course. That's a stupid suggestion, without question. But it doesn't follow that the person who made it is stupid, does it? I consider myself at least moderately clever, but I say stupid things all the time. Who knows? Maybe even right now! I guess my point is that if someone is literally "stupid," i.e., incapable of understanding, then it's really just sort of pointlessly cruel to mock them for that. And if they are not themselves stupid, it makes far more sense, and achieves more, to explain their mistake to them in a way that will make it clear to them, and that doesn't alienate them by being merely insulting.
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    For some of us it's quite easy to kill that mood.
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    Technically, one can only click "Report Post" on posts, as that link exits nowhere else. Reactions are not posts, so one would have to find a different mechanism to alert the moderators to reactions one feel are inappropriate. One could report the posts that garnered the offensive reactions and risk confusing the moderators, or report unrelated posts by the suspect(s), attaching links to posts showing their offensive reactions.. and risk confusing the moderators. The effort required to do that, along with the effort required for the moderators to understand and evaluate the complaint, makes me wonder if the effort isn't more likely to backfire than to succeed.
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    I have the Slink male body. First of all, nobody would ever turn that thing opaque. It looks like it belongs on Mr. Magoo. Possibly his nose. Second, it's transparent in a way that makes it undetectable by mere Control-Alt-T. Only if you select the body will the wireframe outline appear as part of the mesh. (I was given to understand that for attached mesh only, surfaces are completely unrendered if they're merely set 100% transparent, so maybe that's how they're invisible with Highlight Transparent. That's in contrast to unattached objects -- and every attached mesh object I've actually tried myself -- for which Highlight Transparent doesn't show alpha-masked surfaces below the masking threshold. Pretty sure if I were hiding attached naughty bits, I'd use alpha-masked textures.)
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    Where are all the black SL players at? Not attempting to be racially exclusive....but as an African American woman in RL and on SL I find a major shortage of black players/sims. Sure there are plenty of urban RP sims but many are not even active and if they are not by black avatars. I really want to family RP on SL and want to find a cool group of people to do so with. I'm also coming from being a predominate IMVU player to full time on SL and its a hard transition only because I don't have many friends or people to talk to on here. So yep feel free to respond anyways as the songs goes black, white, puerto rican, or hatian, japanese, chinese, or even asian, don't matter what colo on this occasion...I'm just extremely curious as to where the hot spots are at and if anyone has the demographics of SL
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    The trick is finding a head that not only starts with a similar shape, but it also needs to be one that's responsive enough to sliders that you can mould it close enough to what you want. As a quick example, looking from your system head to the LAQ head, I would suggest beginning by playing with the following sliders: lower eye (your system eyes have a deeper lower lid curve) nostril width (your system head is narrower at that point, but that could be the angle of the photo) - I'd also angle the nose tip down just a little and reduce the nose-tip slider (can't recall the exact name of it without being logged-in; it's the one that changes how bulbous the end of your nose is) - ETA: just logged in to check. It's the 'nose tip shape' slider lip width needs pulling in, plus upper lip sliders to change the cupid's bow and height of the outer upper lips You can also use the brow shaper (in your system hair slider settings) to change the angle and arch of your brows
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    Also to update this thread, I'm still having issues with Second Life/Firestorm on my Mac. It still uses a crap-ton of memory and with Activity Monitor on I'm getting similar if not the same numbers my previous laptop got. Even if memory pressure and such is in the green, Second Life should NOT be pushing a computer this hard just to run regardless of what sims I"m on or otherwise. I had every setting turned extremely low last night when working an event that had multiple people on the sim (over thirty at the highest before I left) and Second Life crashed on me at least three or more times, and locked up repeatedly due to extreme lag in the region. Now that may be just a Second Life issue and not necessarily a computer one, since SL is a decade old program. Or is it simply an issue with Firestorm? I don't think it's entirely a graphics card issue (though I'm starting to think that may actually be the problem, as Macbook Pros don't have dedicated graphics cards unless you get a 15 or 17 inch model) but I'm not sure. Basically I've tried everything I know to reduce lag, to stop my fans sounding like a jet engine and I can't manage that. So my options are to quit Second Life until I get a new computer, or switch to the default LL viewer? Anyone have suggestions on what I could do?
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    That is incorrect. It was 🦇💩😵. :whistles innocently:
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    Oh, there are a few they could add... 🦇💩🤪 was used the other day, I loved that one.
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    All over SL there are vacant rooms above stores and in large buildings. While the owners could rent them out, then they'd have the headaches of landlording. Has anyone tried doing that as a business? Find vacant spaces and rent them out, with a payment back to the owner? Offer a public list of available spaces? Take care of tenant problems? Offer a set of starter furnishings? It's hard for new users to find those spaces. (One of the best ways to get new users into SL is to get them a place to live.)
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    Attached mesh set to 100% transparent will still cause the alpha glitch because that forces 'blended transparent' even though it's 100%... I think it might also sometimes factor in to avatar complexity cost. Putting the 'default transparency texture' on the same surface, and setting it to 'alpha map' instead of blended, with the alpha map number of 255 - THAT will completely hide it from alpha glitches AND hides the 'transparency texture' from the complexity formula.
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    We all started where you are, the key to getting better, get out there and make pictures.
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    Yes I have been scammed at times an item was not as described. I also bought something by mistake when the demo was placed right next to the real item so close together it was hard to separate them , and other times due to lag and the place was slow to rez and while it was gray( this was before I got my new computer ), and I was turning my avatar around I clicked on it and accidentally bought something it was a gacha item. Other times the demo does not show all of the colors, only one or two of them and I had to guess what it would look in the color I wanted only to be disappointed when the item was different. Also on the subject of skins if you buy the applier for the head you often need to match the body color with it but many creators do not offer the body applier demo so you buy it to match the head and if you do not like it you are stuck . Bottom line to be honest I do not appreciate the rudeness of some of the replies to me here . Not you above but some of the others are a little uncalled for. If they are merchants resenting the idea of a customer returning things they are only hurting themselves because like you say when it doubt do not purchase. I would purchase more if I knew I could return it not less. But the truth is SL does not care about this issue. It was only a suggestion. Moving on.
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    Pets..... *smirks and of course, longazz:-> HhhhhhhhhhhOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo! 's \0/ and as chibiusa mentioned above >Gachas<. Might just be me, but my brain is incapable of assigning any value at all to Gachas. To me that's sort of gambling, which I don't do ever. Not even lotto tickets. I work too hard for my money & lindens to be sucked into that wonky stuff.
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    why not try lingerie in the forest
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    Right. And what "sorts" of people, exactly, do you think don't deserve a say in how SL might be improved, Solar? What are the criteria that land you a coveted place on the "Solar Approved" list of people who get to express an opinion?
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    Many times in this forum I have made the observation that scripting is 90% logic and 10% syntax, or words to that effect. Your success as a scripter depends on how well you can envision the decision tree that your code will need to follow. Actually writing the code to do it is almost anticlimactic. As Steph points out, what counts in the end are results, so we can each find our own way to handle that last 10% of the job as long as all of our scripts reach the same correct outcome. I began writing code when Fortran II (and then Fortran IV) was the standard, but I was never a professional coder. I did what worked as long as it gave me useful scientific results. I came to LSL late in a career, with a lot of accumulated baggage but without a professional coder's bias about what's "best". I get to script the way I want to. That's definitely cool.
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    Rubbish! Many people in SL are "homeless" and quite happy about it. The problem is you are STILL thinking like a FirstLifer... You do that whole FirstLifer thing... A home's useless unless it's near a road with good access to the freeway into town... Oh! Wait... SecondLife... We have TELEPORT! Can't afford a nice big suburban house out in the sticks, rent a squalid bedsit over a biker bar full of drunken thugs, in Kama City... Oh! Wait... SecondLife... We have SKYBOXES! ... You are not alone in foolishly trying to apply FirstLifer thinking to SecondLife, there was some buffoon a year or so back who actually thought there would be demand for hotel rooms, a grocery store and a stage show revue dining room (with Sigfried & Roy lookalike animesh lagbots!), to turn a skill-gaming gambling den into a proper FirstLifer casino resort... Never occured tpo them that people just went there to gamble, nobody needs to eat, lagbots are boring, and you don't need a hotel to sleep in at the casino because, a) you log out and b) often do so after TELEPORTING to your usual "home location". FirstLifer Thinking, it's a good way to make pointless unsuccessful businesses in SecdondLife.
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    I could have written that, but probably not as well.
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    it's not only absurd, but a sign there's something seriously wrong in your relationship. Save it as long it's possible and quit SL: both.
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    i truly hope things go well for you two i been in sl for years and i should have left it long ago i thought me and my rl wife had a understanding and she started to act odd hide things not want me in the room when she was on sl and a year later she left me for someone that she said was just a sl crush these things can be touchy subjects and sl itself can ruin or make lives wonderful if your not careful best two both of you
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    There are a lot of black people in SL. You will have a better chance finding them on Facebook then on the SL forums. People tend to go off topic here. I am black. While I'm not the social type in SL you are welcome to message me inworld and I can point you in the right direction.
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    I am the same way too Faye. Sadly enough there's not many of us out there in SL. To most ppl in SL everything is a game. I always tell 'm then go play the sims that's a game. SL is a virtual world not a game and you do deal with rl human beings who are behind the avatar with RL emotions feelings thoughts etc.
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    The second hit in my search took me to this, in the Forum Script Library:
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    Coniston, Hidden Lake District, Sansara. I stumbled across that hidden gem of mainland SL when I was helping a friend searching for land to buy and we both instantly fell in love with it. When she decided a full sim was too much, I had to buy it myself. Since then I have been buying land in the bordering sims mainly to keep the eyesores away and today I have more than two sims' worth of continuous land there. It's all part of a group of eight sims protected by Linden waters on two sides and the Linden Village on one side and all the other active landowners there are wonderful people who tend to have the same basic ideas how they want their land to look and try to respect each other so together we've been able to develop it into a whole that is bigger and far more satisfying than an isolated island or skybox or a small plot hemmed in by claustrophobic privacy screens. We all have quite a few builds that won't fit the overall atmosphere but we've put them all on sky platforms way out of sight from the ground. It has cost me a lot of money over the years but it's still fairly cheap compared to many other hobbies and today I cover almost half the tier with rental income and the rest from my sales so it's not too bad. Ummm... I thought maybe I should add a picture here but it's hard to choose which. Is a link to Flickr ok? Greater Coniston photo album ( a bit outdated)
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