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    ...bored with looking like a normal human and stuff... and, Merry Christmas, forum 😘 Like
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    I decided to spend some time as an Elf today. First I was supervising the other elves finishing up the toys in Santa's workshop. Then I was making sure that gift sack was properly packed. I then led the reindeer in a short practice flight. Finally, I decided to sit down and talk to Santa about just how exhausting life as an Elf really is.
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    Bought to my close friend Jan some hair as Christmas gift and Alaskametro lingerie+makeup,Happy that she is still do classic head layers in omega packs
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    Decided to do a different take on Mrs. Claus. Merry Christmas, everyone!! 💝
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    I blame @Orwar...because he gave me the idea for a dark Christmas pic. lol
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    I've bought myself a xmax gift, new head from Lelutka - Piper.
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    ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2018/12/25/cheers/
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    All tucked in and ready for sleep and SANTA!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
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    Hanging out at the Forum Cartel, as Christmas-y as I’m bound to go...
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    One can be said for sure - Blueberry knows how to make a pair of fine jeans
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    one more hour ,your christmas tree dissapears, house dissapears and for this moment i leave without any chance to come back. I will be somewhere in your heart
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    Went back to LURE's Emily Skintone
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    I have a "New to Second Life - Click Me" picture and content giver in the foyer of my store. It gives a notecard mainly with links to find help and links where to get some free stuff (I probably need to update it). I have no idea if anyone ever clicked it and over time it has moved from an obvious place to a less obvious place. I will go back and revisit it this week and update it. Just to do my little bit
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    Ok I am often negative on ideas for improving SL retention and in most cases I think I am justified as they are often a case of "I would like this so everyone else would" type. However being christmas and all for you heathens I will try and be positive and suggest something that might be both uncontroversial and help. Simply put a welcome pack of maybe a dozen notecards, Tutorials on certain things such as editting your shape, how the avatar system works explaining shape, alpha's, skins etc. Also a notecard full of landmarks to get free stuff and a couple of notecards to places to visit organised by category such as for example "Silly fun places Duck racing at Quackerstone". This welcome pack however would not be written by the Lindens (though they would have to set it up so newbies got it maybe a vendor in starting areas) It would be written by people like us. We could for example have a thread for each notecard where people could suggest bits to include and forum users could vote them up and down. With each thread having a curator that pulls the highest voted items into a single post which can then be picked up for the pack every three months. Hopefully even with some feedback from the newbies so we can improve things with each notecard having a link to its discussion thread at the bottom. Happy christmas all
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    Good effing grief. Get off your high horse. Nothing you said here is the truth. But I'm sure you'll find some way to twist this post around as an attack on you and/or Steffi. I don't need to justify myself to you or anyone else. You do not know more about me than I know about myself. In fact, you know nothing at all about me. Which shows just how judgmental you are based on nothing more than a handful of paragraphs that spoke a message you (and Steffi) completely misunderstood. I help people. every. day. I just don't mollycoddle them the way you would have me do. Mollycoddling does NOT help. It hinders. You may think I don't know wtf I am talking about. You couldn't be more wrong. Life isn’t easy, but that’s why you have to be tough, why you have to be bigger than your feelings. Don't be the vocal minority that found a good cause to take too far in search of a meaningful pursuit. You are causing more harm than doing good.
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    1. Because you already have tools to protect yourself from those triggers in SL. 2. Because it's a slippery slope. Ban one thing because of a vocal minority, then a whole slew of other things get banned. Because -someone- is offended by them. And there are already tools to prevent yourself from being triggered/offended by them. Also, participants in those fantasies are harming no one. Full stop. It's play acting, pretend, fully consensual. Look this topic has been coming up for literally years in one form or another. Pick the kink: Rape and other kink sims, BDSM, LGBTQ, Furries, someone is offended by them, and wants to 'end this scourge NOW.' Welp, all those things are still here, they're going to stay. If you don't like activity xyz, then don't go to sims that cater to xyz. Seriously, how hard is that?
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    Oh boy this topic again. We have had it like 50 times and it always ends up locked because fighting. Ok so there are arguments for and against it. Below are my summarized arguments of both sides. A argument against it: A argument for it: So say we do ban it, where to we draw the line? Would gorean/bdsm slavery/etc be banned? Technically in roleplay, the slave isn't consenting as the master has all the say. What about AFK/idle sex places? No one is at the avatar to consent. What about animal RP? Animals do not consent when they mate, they just do it. What if there is a alien race RP where consent isn't a thing and it is just kind of globally accepted by their culture? As you can see it is a bit of a slippery slope. As for morals, what defines one person's morals as correct? As stated above with where we draw the line, morals can be very different from person to person or culture to culture. Some people even say doing adult activities, be it sex for pleasure/reasons other than reproducing, drinking alchohol, gambling(This is banned from SL, but in the case I am talking about is where no money is at stake. Technically gachas can count as gambling), etc, is a sin. Why should we ignore these morals? Additionally it has been mentioned that rape roleplay is done because "men are insecure about their manhood". This is both ironic and offensive. It implies only men are interested in rape roleplay with women, ignoring the fact that there are gay people who also partake in this type of roleplay, and that there are women who also into this type of RP, be it on the receiving or giving side. I myself am pansexual, but I do highly prefer men and I wouldn't mind partaking in such RP. Being a subordinate/bottom, how would I be "intimidating, overpowering and humiliating women" in this case, if I was both the receiving end, male, and with a male partner? Outside of trying to stay neutral: I do try to understand both sides, but rape RP often partakes in closed environments specifically for such type of RP. Those who see it are often actively out looking for it. You can always just not look for or visit these sims or private parcels.
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    Please don't play the pity card, because this is SL and there are a lot of broken people here. Playing a pity card is a fail move, and it's a fail move because I can throw it right back at you if I desired with a history to easily trump yours. But I won't belittle you like you just tried to belittle me. Instead: Take my advice please, find an internal coping strategy to deal with your triggers because ultimately it's up to you to learn to deal with them. Nobody else is going to make the world safe for you, it's all in your hands. And you can do it, just as I and so many other people in SL have. Work hard at it and never give up. But trying to take things away from other people on the mistaken belief it will the world safer for you is wasting your energy. It's wasting energy you could be using to build yourself up so you were able to deal with these triggers in a productive way.
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    In all my years in SL, I have never stumbled upon an actual rape scene taking place. I have stumbled into sims where such RP exists, but the "action" was always behind closed doors or in an alley - not just right there at the landing points. Just knowing that those actions take place is not enough to freak me out and I never had any problems avoiding the actual scenes themselves. One of the things that I learned while going through my healing was how to keep myself safe - not to rely on anyone else to do that for me. If there is some aspect of SL that offends me or repulses me, then I go out of my way to avoid it. I am not going to advocate that it is someone else's job to keep me safe. If I ever end up feeling like I really cannot control my environment here or am otherwise afraid that I might be traumatized all over again, the it is MY job to leave this place. It is not the job of LL or anyone else to protect me from my own responses to things.
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    Oh hell no... Look, I live in a country, where, back in the 90's, "concern over certain non consensual activities" resulted in a legal ruling, that effectively made consensual spanking games a prosecutable offence, defined as "actual bodily harm", it also resulted in well known body artists, piercers and tattooists being accused of ABH, and having the books of portfolio pictures of their work confiscated as "evidence" of said ABH. It reached a stage where, if you for example, got a nipple pierced "because it looks cool" that was legal, but if you did it because "it feels good" you were guilty of "aiding and abetting Actual Bodily Harm" against your self, and could be sent down for about HALF the jail sentence your piecing studio owner would get for accepting your business. One documented case from Yorkshire, involved 38 gay men being arrested at a birthday party for "Intent to commit unlawful sex" because they were wearing LEATHER TROUSERS! Their lawyers got them released within a few hours... But the Police kept the leather trousers as "evidence". Yeah, the "Rape Alley" sims are repellent crapholes, filled with knuckle dragging retards, but... A tightening of the rules to eliminate them, will piss down the backs of so many others. The principle is simple... LWA - Let Well Alone. I don't visit Rape Alley sims, I don't visit GoreBore sims, I don't visit "Land of da Mastas wot R natraly dumbinant, weer rlv hos can't say no"...
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    I learned long ago that there’s people even less sociable than I am, just as there’s many who are far more sociable. What’s more, I learned long ago to not just respect those differences, but even cherish them. So, hell no to the “forced nexus” thing. I want choice. And I want others to have choice too.
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    (Bolding mine.) Do you visit busy events in SL? Yes? Good, then you'll know that 40 avatars is about the maximum for a region before it slows to an absolute crawl (and in less optimised regions it slows to a crawl even before then). What would you deem an acceptable time in which to undertake this 'Nexus Walk' among others? One minute? Two minutes? Five? For how long at a time, and for how many times must we endure this 'walk' before "the goreans, the furries, the clubgoers, the brazilians, and everyone else in SL" become, well... I don't really understand what you're aiming for here. Is it familiarity? I see those kinds of people out and about all the time so I don't need to be shoved among them every time I log in, like some ghastly cocktail party where I can't even reach the bar because I'm lagged to hell and rubberbanding back and forth between the vol-au-vents and the cheese-n-pineapple-onna-stick. Is it the forging of new friendships among those battling to reach the end portals before the griefers and lag get to them and make them log out forever in frustration? Thank you, but I'd rather choose the very few people that I add to my contacts list after prolonged and repeated conversations with them, not after rubbing shoulders in a mad dash to a portal that will take me to my home. OK, so let's assume LL beefs up the servers that host these Nexus regions so they can comfortably tolerate 40 avatars without lag. Let's see now... the average logged-in number of avatars is approximately 40,000, so that means we would need... ...10,000 Nexus regions, give or take a thousand or so. (And let's just close our eyes to what would happen if the grid went down at some point and everyone tried to log back in at once.) Lastly: Show Friends Only is a thing for the simple reason that those who have lousy connections or older/slower/less powerful computers simply cannot go to busy regions with a lot of other people without it enabled, because otherwise they can't move at all. But - in your Nexus idea - what would be the point of derendering everyone, when everyone is supposed to be seen? What would the solution to all those other laggy avatars be then, hm? Everyone has to change their settings before each log in? Lower LOD to 1? Set Graphics Prefs to 'minimal'? Switch off particles (y'know, in case of landing poufers and griefers)? Oh! Oh, wait! I've got it! Let's force everyone to log in on system avatars, and they can change into their laggy mesh bodies once they finally reach their homes! Of course!
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    absurd, the ones that made the protest are totally out of context, didn't and don't understand the origin of zwarte piet, they only use it to spend their empty life on cost of dutch society and making a childrens event to hell for everybody. Those idiots even promoted action against the official celebrations, publicly calling to make terroristic attacks that kids would be under blood, flesh and bone remains after the event.!
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    I don't... See, there are plenty of groups, and activities, that *I* personally, would be OVERJOYED to see banned... There really are, and many of them are misogynistic in the extreme. BUT, I'm old enough, and cynical enough to KNOW what would happen if I tried to GET them banned with some campaign. The term is "Blowback". Let's take a REAL example, from the United Rebel Colonies of Murica. Once upon a time, in Murica, some CLUELESS FUGGING SELF RIGHTIOUS MORONS, decided that the laws proscribing the making and distribution of kiddie porn in Murica were simply not good enough, and they proposed a NEW law. Bill 2257. Any politician who DARED to speak out against 2257's many and obvious flaws was demonised for "supporting kiddie porn". So what did the bill essentially demand? 1. All performers real names and adresses to be kept on file with proof of age for inspection by Federal Investigators. 2. The Site owners real name and contact details displayed on the site 3. All "live video" footage to be permanently archived on hard disk for possible review by Federal investigators. Thats the meat of it. The legal commercial porn companies in Murica, already did all these things anyway, because it's good business. The Illegal kiddie porn makers outside Murica, didn't care because Murican laws couldn't touch them. So who caught the "Blowback" off 2257? Initially, low skills single mothers working from home as self employed webcam strippers, because they had no idea how to do the cam footage archiving for the most part, and couldnt afford the needed storage, and because they had to put THEIR real name and adress on their webcam site, making them EASY targets for stalkers, rapists and serial killers. Every Murican politician who voted for 2257 is by definition, guilty of conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder. That was just the START... Murican Law is largely based off courtroom precedent. That is, the ACTUAL law is whatever you can convince a judge to say it is. The ink was barely dry on 2257, before the Moron Minority Test Case Litigation spam commenced. Trying to get 2257 extended by 'precedent' to cover digital artworks (is that mid twenties digital woman mesh over 18? Does she have ID?), classical art (that chick in the famous painting, who has been dead for 350 years, was she over 18 when she took her blouse off for a famous dead painter?). You name it, the Funless-Mental Crusaders tried getting 2257 to cover it and ban it. About the only people who NEVER suffered under 2257, were the kiddie porn makers and distributors the bill was claimed to be targeted at. ... Much as I'd love to see a whole bunch of misogyny banned from the web, never mind SL, I'm not foolish enough to ask some legislative body to do it. There is an old old saying... "The Cure is WORSE than the Disease" I'd rather suffer the existence of a misogynistic SL group than actively enlist the assistance of Arrogant Fascists, who can be relied upon to target minorities like my self NEXT if given any power or excuse...
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    Wait... You are the owner of an SL business called "Virtual Disgrace" who used to sell RLV scripted "capture, kidnap and rape" equipment? You are the person who added a "Capture" button for CARP activities to the menus of 4.x, 6.x, 7.x and No.9 Opencollars. So you'd like certain "redlines activities" banned, just not the ones YOU personally make money off? LMAO...
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    Isn't "rape" one of the most common sexual fantasies out there? I'm certainly not suprised, that its such a common theme to be found in adult sims of any kind. Whatever floats your boat, I guess... I don't get why someone needs to obsess over roleplay and kink, that plays out between consenting adults, does not translate into real life and can be avoided, if you don't want to participate in it. Thats like people getting offended by the mere existance of furries... and its hilarious how some here act as if there were no women joining roleplays like that. Ones real life experiance is no ground to dictate to the rest of the world what they can play or not. Ones feelings are not the ruler for other peoples private activites. Ones feelings and experiances are their own business. People have the freedom to be disturbed, disgusted and such, but the moment they put themselves higher than their fellow residents and require that their feelings are what dictates the rules for others, the line is crossed. Can't understand why? Just turn it around and think about the things you enjoy. There is certainly a group of people out there, who feels strongly against those things as well. Just think about religious people in the real world, trying to force their believes and customs on others. Its also easy to imagine that making it against the ToS to roleplay rape is easy and simple, but its not. You may think, you are just banning those nasty sex clubs and dark alley hangouts, but wording might be slippery and a moment later, you have touched on anything that even slightly looks like "forced" interaction (so bye BDSM), as well as any roleplay setting, where rape might happen as a story consequence, but without being its main focus or even goal.
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    I think your idea is good. However, trying to get people in SL to actually read something is another issue.
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    I'm reading a lot of rhetoric in this thread that seems to be pulled directly from FOSTA/SESTA and is the reason why things are going the way they're going on social media sites like FB and Tumblr. It starts with "think of the children" and "think of the victims" but when it's put into practice, we end up with 'no female presenting nipples' and that's not a slippery slope argument, that's what actually happened already and is continuing to happen all over the internet. Like it or not, what's being argued for here is a move toward no nude skins allowed, no augmented genitals, and no adult content at all. Second life has a sex trade. We all know it and many participate (I, for the record, don't. Please don't assume I'm here defending parts of my own experience. This is bigger than any of our individual experiences). Some of that trade involves things certain people aren't comfortable with. For some, that's rape, for others that's sex at all. When you try to make a move to get rid of the parts of a virtual choose-your-own-path experience that make you feel icky, we end up in a situation like tumblr and facebook, we end up with attacks on marginalized (and in SL's case, marginalized-presenting) communities inside the site. When you start playing moralistic games, you're going to be joined by moralizers. Moralizers hate sex and moralizers hate the gays and moralizers hate women and them's just the breaks.
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    I really don't see much help from this long on going battle with anyone .... just people are getting hurt talking about their dark past.To all who feel "rape" , "forced" or any sim to be banned ... either report the matter to LL, or your any legal firm and get it closed if law say so make you way in SL to focus on things that you like more ... if you want adult fun just not violent once search for relevant sim or open one yourself with like minded residents Leave Sl all together ( not being rude but, that's better than remembering your suffering everytime you log in What you actually are doing is trying to convince people (most of them don't enjoy that either ) that sims should be banned, try to understand its a user to user forum and I don't know if it helpful to be expressing your anger or disgust here as no one here decides what should be banned and what should not be in SL. No one here hates or are not sympathized with victims just that we have to keep in mind Facts rather than just emotions. Lets try to be mature and do things that actually matters rather than doing baseless arguments in place meant for something else. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to be my Santa and spoil me with gift .. I go my same name in-world .
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    The problem is, quite bluntly, LL does not have the first clue who or what the target market should be/is. Every time a demographic group increases in population, LL ignores them. They have ignored what the residents of SL want/need in respect to SL. They do NOT understand the audience they already have (and have had for 15 years). How will they ever understand something when they don't even know what it is?
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    If you like KoKoLoReS hair, the entire store is marked down 50% thru the 31st -- AND you can go to the NouveauXmas event and get gift cards at 50% off, thus making the hair price 25% of original price - resulting in L$75 for most multi-color packs and L$25 for a few. SLURL to the NouveauXmas event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveaux/123/147/29 -- actually quite a few stores here offering gift cards at 50%. SLURL to KoKoLoReS: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karadise/105/71/23
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    YOU didn't have to, empirical evidence shows that the "Clueless Vanilla authorities" you are demanding action from will make that connection ALL BY THEM SELVES. Yeah... there's an old quote from an Admiral that relates to this... "Full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes" No, you didn't, your sort never do ask other peoples opinions... You have an assumed "Moral High Ground", a "Higher Purpose" and you are going to cure all wrongs, regardless of smarter people telling you how dangerous what you are doing is for everyone else. However, this is a public forum, so you are getting opinions regardless, the fact tyhat you complain about other people giving a CONSIDERED opinion proves that you are the one who... Then get off the forum and stay off, because that's what we do here, we state our opinions and try to change each others minds. Especially when we reply to people who are so obviously bloody wrong, and so obviously bloody blind to the potential consequences of their ill-advised actions. If you want no opinion but your own, start a bloody blogsite and disable visitor comments. This conversation is over. Goodday.
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    Don't put it past the Lab to decide "Let's just make SL 100% G rated".
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    Yes, you can, prediction based on the logical consequences of a system is a well established activity, people do it all the time, predicting who will win an election based on surveys of voter stupidity, and marketing budgets/press coverage, for example. There is also the form of prediction that is based on past attempts to do the same thing. Everytime anyone tries [solution A] the result is [problem B]. That's a well established activity too. We KNOW where this sort of thing leads to. We've seen it before, EVERY time clueless vanillas decide to crack down on "depictions of rape" for "the Greater Good", they invariable start by pissing on the Consensual Kink community. Your digital fetish artwork depicting single figures in shiny clothing gets taken down because some Vanilla associates latex wear with BDSM, and assumes BDSM is all about kidnapping and rape... So a digital art gallery website removes digital art, because some clueless vanilla middle manager at the credit card processing company that handles the VIP subscriber transactions, assumes latex dresses = rape, and their company has responded to some fugging stupid new law from clueless vanilla politicians pandering to the clueless vanilla voters demands for a new law to deal with something that is adequately covered by all the old laws, by announcing a new policy of refusing to do business with gallery sites that "promote rape"... I actually had a long argument about this with one of the other artists on that site... He claimed the new restrictions were a good thing, and justified this by ranting on about how looking at adult art "makes you go out and do those things" and how he had TWO teenage daughters, and didn't want them raped by somebody who's brain had been taken over by one of my pictures of a woman in a latex outfit. Because HE KNEW that there was a direct link between adult art and sex crimes... The argument ended with him storming out of the artists chat room in a huff, when I pointed out that 90% of the images in his gallery depicted hetrosexual activity between male figures in their apparent 20's and 30's, with female figures who looked suspiciously "Just 15 Barely Illegal"... ... It doesn't matter if YOU think otherwise, recorded history says you are wrong... I've said my piece, you disagree, but then you would, you are one of those people who actually thinks you can legislate what happens inside peoples heads.
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