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    I've bought myself a xmax gift, new head from Lelutka - Piper.
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    one more hour ,your christmas tree dissapears, house dissapears and for this moment i leave without any chance to come back. I will be somewhere in your heart
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    I don't... See, there are plenty of groups, and activities, that *I* personally, would be OVERJOYED to see banned... There really are, and many of them are misogynistic in the extreme. BUT, I'm old enough, and cynical enough to KNOW what would happen if I tried to GET them banned with some campaign. The term is "Blowback". Let's take a REAL example, from the United Rebel Colonies of Murica. Once upon a time, in Murica, some CLUELESS FUGGING SELF RIGHTIOUS MORONS, decided that the laws proscribing the making and distribution of kiddie porn in Murica were simply not good enough, and they proposed a NEW law. Bill 2257. Any politician who DARED to speak out against 2257's many and obvious flaws was demonised for "supporting kiddie porn". So what did the bill essentially demand? 1. All performers real names and adresses to be kept on file with proof of age for inspection by Federal Investigators. 2. The Site owners real name and contact details displayed on the site 3. All "live video" footage to be permanently archived on hard disk for possible review by Federal investigators. Thats the meat of it. The legal commercial porn companies in Murica, already did all these things anyway, because it's good business. The Illegal kiddie porn makers outside Murica, didn't care because Murican laws couldn't touch them. So who caught the "Blowback" off 2257? Initially, low skills single mothers working from home as self employed webcam strippers, because they had no idea how to do the cam footage archiving for the most part, and couldnt afford the needed storage, and because they had to put THEIR real name and adress on their webcam site, making them EASY targets for stalkers, rapists and serial killers. Every Murican politician who voted for 2257 is by definition, guilty of conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder. That was just the START... Murican Law is largely based off courtroom precedent. That is, the ACTUAL law is whatever you can convince a judge to say it is. The ink was barely dry on 2257, before the Moron Minority Test Case Litigation spam commenced. Trying to get 2257 extended by 'precedent' to cover digital artworks (is that mid twenties digital woman mesh over 18? Does she have ID?), classical art (that chick in the famous painting, who has been dead for 350 years, was she over 18 when she took her blouse off for a famous dead painter?). You name it, the Funless-Mental Crusaders tried getting 2257 to cover it and ban it. About the only people who NEVER suffered under 2257, were the kiddie porn makers and distributors the bill was claimed to be targeted at. ... Much as I'd love to see a whole bunch of misogyny banned from the web, never mind SL, I'm not foolish enough to ask some legislative body to do it. There is an old old saying... "The Cure is WORSE than the Disease" I'd rather suffer the existence of a misogynistic SL group than actively enlist the assistance of Arrogant Fascists, who can be relied upon to target minorities like my self NEXT if given any power or excuse...
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    Yes, you can, prediction based on the logical consequences of a system is a well established activity, people do it all the time, predicting who will win an election based on surveys of voter stupidity, and marketing budgets/press coverage, for example. There is also the form of prediction that is based on past attempts to do the same thing. Everytime anyone tries [solution A] the result is [problem B]. That's a well established activity too. We KNOW where this sort of thing leads to. We've seen it before, EVERY time clueless vanillas decide to crack down on "depictions of rape" for "the Greater Good", they invariable start by pissing on the Consensual Kink community. Your digital fetish artwork depicting single figures in shiny clothing gets taken down because some Vanilla associates latex wear with BDSM, and assumes BDSM is all about kidnapping and rape... So a digital art gallery website removes digital art, because some clueless vanilla middle manager at the credit card processing company that handles the VIP subscriber transactions, assumes latex dresses = rape, and their company has responded to some fugging stupid new law from clueless vanilla politicians pandering to the clueless vanilla voters demands for a new law to deal with something that is adequately covered by all the old laws, by announcing a new policy of refusing to do business with gallery sites that "promote rape"... I actually had a long argument about this with one of the other artists on that site... He claimed the new restrictions were a good thing, and justified this by ranting on about how looking at adult art "makes you go out and do those things" and how he had TWO teenage daughters, and didn't want them raped by somebody who's brain had been taken over by one of my pictures of a woman in a latex outfit. Because HE KNEW that there was a direct link between adult art and sex crimes... The argument ended with him storming out of the artists chat room in a huff, when I pointed out that 90% of the images in his gallery depicted hetrosexual activity between male figures in their apparent 20's and 30's, with female figures who looked suspiciously "Just 15 Barely Illegal"... ... It doesn't matter if YOU think otherwise, recorded history says you are wrong... I've said my piece, you disagree, but then you would, you are one of those people who actually thinks you can legislate what happens inside peoples heads.
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    I know it has been a while but thanks to you all I have been able to setup shrines for Guy Linden with higher resolution It allows you to worship Guy Linden free of charge, setting up a few around town.
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    It doesn't. It does point out the inadvisability of launching a campaign to get the company to outlaw what YOU don't like, because while YOU can campaign to have misogynistic hate groups banned for "hating women", the Religious Zealots can campaign to have "Friendly Atheist Chat" banned for "hating Our Lardy Flavour Cheesus Toast". It means Machotard Testosterobigot (rez date 2006) can have Lesbian social groups banned for "hating alpha males"... It means that "The Association Of Decent People Against Queer Marriage" can demand that SL's LGBT groups are removed for "hating normal relationships". Somebody's many times great grandfather was savaged by a Huron squaw in 1756? They are "triggered" by the presence of "Native Americans" in SL and demand the banning of a Native only "Hate" group who run a living history RP sim... "But but... They have a dispenser prim that gives out tomahawks and scalping knives! They talk about killing double tongued palefaces and using their hair to decorate lodgepoles! They have a statue of Tecumsah! Obviously a bannable hate group, ban them Daddy Linden Ban them!" And so on. That's what self appointed moral crusaders ALWAYS forget, that EVERYBODY is on somebody's hate list, and everybody HAS a hate list. If it's cool to officially enforce ONE Hate list, then it's ok to enforce them ALL, and soon there's nobody left to pick on, because EVERYONE & EVERYTHING is banned. LL generally follow a "Let Well Alone" policy, they investigate Ar's, but that doesn't mean they WILL act, if they don't think the AR merits action. You need to think very carefully before handing fascists a stick to beat you with. And saying it's obviously a "good thing" to allow fascists to instigate bans against the FIRST item on THEIR Hate List, is exactly such a stick.
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    Wish I could like that answer about five times instead of just once. I think a lot of new people never even look or know about the forums. It would be helpful if the Q&A section was accessible from the viewer. A button that takes someone directly to that section or a new section specifically for noob Q&A.
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    I guess it's my fault for seeing someone in pain and trying to reach out to them. Sorry I failed. Merry Christmas.
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    I don't know if you realize it but many people in RL act out simulated rape fantasy sex. The victim pretends to not want to go along, but is really just wanting the partner to be very controlling. You may not like what they do, but they do it. For the most part, what is allowed in SL is based on what is legal in RL.
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    /me applauds loudly. Good effort Scylla!!
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    Happy holidays people!! Go easy on the eggnog (just throw up a little in my mouth thinking about it) Didn't LL used to send out weekly newsletters via email? I agree with the notion that many residents know more about SL than some of LL employees (Torley Linden been the exception). A simple solution is have LL hire residents who are passionate about what they do in SL. Running the newsletter, being mentors or ambassadors...etc. The cost of hiring contractors would be a small pocket change compare to what LL is burning outside of SL, coughsansar. BTW, there seems to be more drama addicts here than I remember. Did SL universe closed or something?
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    I have to agree I've never been a fan of demos that time out. I need lots of time to demo a product. Another issue is please don't place demo signs so that they cover up what I'm trying on. For instance, if I'm demoing a skirt then don't hide the skirt with demo signs floating in front of my pelvis.
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    You should look at the discussions in the Netherlands around Zwarte Piet.
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    One other thing you can do as you say they are visiting your friends land is to set the land to group member only access and then only those you invite can go there. Depending on what you are doing with the land this might be a bad or good idea.
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    Cindy gave you the link you need just no explanation. Down toward the bottom of the suggestions on that page there is one that talks about a corrupted file. From your description of the problem --- that's the one to follow. I had the same thing happen to my alt last year. Very easy fix happily. https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory
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    Booty's Beauty* Catwa Lipstick ~ Power Surge *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Eyeshadow ~ Sleep Booty's Beauty ~ Makeup for you
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    Sorry you think that. I was trying to give you advice that I found useful. SL can be a great healer, that's why it's full of hurt people. Sorry you missed my point.
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    The only "sense of community" you'd ever get from something like that is... "The Committee of Right Thinking Concerned Citizens into Activity A, for the Banning of un-citizens into Activity B who strut though the Nexus like they are real People entitled to Rights!" A whole bunch of unpleasant protest groups, plotting and scheming to try and get all the other groups banned from the Nexus and SL. Dark Gods of the Grid give me strength... ...That you want banned from SL for not being... Just... Like... You... Think how the Funless-Mental Evade-Genital Cheesus Toast Worshiping Puritan Folk will react to seeing Furry D/s folk walking past in bondage gear... "A-Bumination! Think of the Kiddies! Ban them ALL NOW!" Your ill-considered, ill-thought out, ill-advised proposal is the very LAST thing SL needs. In short, your suggestion is a classic example of the unlicenced possession of illegal quantities of WEAPONS GRADE STUPIDITY!
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    So you can not admit you are totally WRONG then? I get that, you make a lot of false statements.
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    They’re mesh and i pressed “add” and it worked. Thank you so much 😊
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    Question, what question? We have an OP that found content they object to and then came to the forum to vent, another poster that seems to believe that RP is somehow real (judging by their reactions thus far) and several adults that have stepped in to correct the prior two on their misconceptions/overreactions. Don't like a particular type of content? Don't go looking for it. Somehow stumble across it? Move on. It's been 15+ years - Linden Lab has explicitly banned one type of adult content thanks to how it was being presented on their service along with a cadre of the sort that will jump onto any service they feel will allow them to remain hidden.
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    The only person in this thread forcing their opinion down someone else's throat is you. You do not have to visit sims that are targeted towards this sort of roleplay; I certainly don't. But that's not enough for you, you are now trying to insist that everyone else conforms to your wishes, rather than just leaving. Please stop.
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    I love this! For me this is a very good description of SL. I get why some say this seems hard technically. But I'm not reading it that way. To me it just says SL isn't easy. That nothing is given to you on a platter, but I like a challenge. If I'm not challenged I'm moving on. And that is SL. I think part of the problem with retention is that people just trying out SL for the first time have no idea that to enjoy SL you must really invest yourself. You need to know what you enjoy and then go out and find it or make it happen. Too often I hear complaints that SL is too complicated. I even hear this from Lindens who suggest that the level of work put into customizing avatars in SL is too complicated. I embrace anything that makes me think or work harder. As a person very near elderly status, I want to be challenged mentally because I believe that's what keeps us growing and mentally alert and dare I say it, young! I tell nearly everyone I know in my RL about Second Life. Sure I get those looks from some who don't get it. But through the years I've won people over when I show them what I do in SL. Recently, my son needed a short term loan. I told him sure but remember I only have this money to loan you because of Second Life. I often tell people who only have a negative image of SL that SL is like real life. Everything you can find in RL is in SL. So if you have a problem with brothels in SL and consequently won't try it out then you must have an issue with RL as well. I've been in SL so long and it's such a part of my every day existence that I can't imagine not checking into SL to chat with friends, set up a new home, shop an event, or dance at live music event. I truly hope I never have to reach a point where I can't log into SL when I want to. In closing, to get back on topic, I love the idea of promoting SL as a challenge. That way noobies come fully expecting to have to put in some work to enjoy the experience. But it wouldn't be fair to give them a challenge unless you up front give them the tools to address that challenge. So offer better tutorials at first login. I'd love to see a mentor system reestablished as well.
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    Ack!! Animated dolls?????? No thanks!! 😮
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    I am not In those kind of role-play either, but there are many people who enjoy it (both gender ) My experience in SL has taught me to not let things that I don't enjoy or feel disgusted about bother me, as they are being enjoyed by others which is completely understandable..... best way is to find what you like in SL. SL got something for everyone
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    So true. Some are truly doing the best they can with what little they have to work with.
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    Night view in Calas Galadhon region.
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    Me (Catwoman) starin' down the train, awaiting my arch nemesis, Wonder Woman!
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    Baby it's cold outside, can I stay here with you?
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    OMG! I just discovered the Lutz Theater...wow! Thanks @BelindaN
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    Drawing from SL snapshot. How to do it in few steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K43-_zhQZiM
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    Still can't believe I got to collab with Chelsea! I've admired her work and now got to be in a photoshoot with her!
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    Someone sweet sent me this from my wish list, now i need a party to go to.
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    Lounging around, waiting for a friend that wants to do a photoshoot with me.
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