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    Look who I bumped into outside the Lutz theater!
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    Found it! Check that box and then it works like this:
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    My not-so-guilty pleasure dropping Jason Momoa into a thread whenever I see an opportunity
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    Many years ago now, Chosen Few created a wonderfully clear visual aid to illustrate how this works, whether you use arrow keys or your mouse with a left-click. Chosen left SL back in 2013, but I have found his graphic useful in explaining camera control to new users many times. Those simple controls beat the snot out of the silly camera widget that you get by typing Me (or Avatar ) >>> Camera Controls ... in the viewer.
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    In live concerts some avatars overdoing their applauds. Often many lines from single avatars, spamming the chat window to unreadable mess. To add the pain the applauds are very noisy ones too! Most disturbing thing is that many start their noisy applauds well before the end of the song. So you cannot actually hear and enjoy the end part of the song because of the noisy applauds.
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    Another Firestorm one, although this may be alterable. If so I don't know how to do it .. When you buy something and it says "You paid whoever L$x", and you go to press the 'OK' button. .. then in the blink of an eye the item pops up to Accept or Discard. The discard button is right where the OK button was and you discard by mistake. Took quite a few times of mistakes, frustrations, notecards to vendors and re-deliveries learning to pause for a few seconds while ignoring 'You just paid ..' pop up. I got a quick grab of it, just now > It seems everyone else's pet peeves are always to do with other people. Other people are easy to ignore or move away from. They rarely bother me, people's names and fashion choices have zero impact on me, same as no AO or hairbase (huh?! .. lol). The one that I feel is hanging around on the landing point, which is why I bought a bumper. Move over butt-head!
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    Me (Catwoman) starin' down the train, awaiting my arch nemesis, Wonder Woman!
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    Oh gosh, I have so many... pretending I can actually drive and proceeding to make myself a hilarious nuisance all over the grid (the hilarious part is key!) with all sorts of different vehicles, and things I've turned into vehicles Sitting on things randomly, at random places, mostly things one wouldn't normally sit on. In my early days, this was particularly fun to do with groups of friends, zoos and aquariums were some of our favorite places. opening up the map, blindly (hahahahahaha..) picking a spot and tp-ing. I have had interesting success rates with this one-security measures being the typical culprit(and I'm not complaining about it) keeping the objects I get from visiting places like arcades, golfing, bowling, baseball, etc.... and using them other not typical places (like golfing with a bat, lmao) flying places I'm not supposed to fly jumping down off super high places and splatting on unsuspecting people getting into weaponry battles with people and breaking out my very special ammo (I have a unique variety, none of which anyone ever suspects)
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    No, just speeding up my posting here to get to that 500 mark and achieve custom member tag status. Any other questions, anyone? I know everything.
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    from https://www.etymonline.com/word/pet peeve pet peeve (n.): "thing that provokes one most," 1919, from pet (n.1) in the adjectival sense "especially cherished" (1826), here in jocular or ironic use with peeve (n.). It's also used in this way in "pet project", to indicate an undertaking which is given special status by someone because it's a favourite. It's not necessarily important to others though, so it does share that with petty (which comes to English from the French petit, small). Etymologically it's about an especially cherished, personal and special status given by an individual to an annoyance.
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    Far too many to give a comprehensive list but some of the highlights include the following: Users that turn their digital noses up at you if you don't follow the latest fashion trends. Including the insufferable snobs that equate a lack of mesh with all things negative. Users that think everyone likes to explore or ride/use vehicles and thus Linden Lab must do something to cater to them. Users that look down their digital noses at those who use voice - even when said use is not constant. Users (and "developers") that think only their OS of choice matters/exists/is used to connect to Second Life. Also users that are quick to blame Linden Lab or the Second Life software for whatever trouble they may be having - it isn't Linden Lab's fault that your hyper expensive laptop/desktop (some models from some manufacturers having woefully out of date hardware even for a machine produced five to ten years ago) is having heat and/or rendering issues. Also TPV developers that make assumptions concerning the Operating Systems their uses actually have - be that an assumption regarding drivers, extra software and other factors. Any user with an obvious chip on their shoulder regarding users from any "Era of Second Life" that use said chip as part of their measuring stick with regard to others. Users who assume that because they have already fully rendered an environment then the user they are exploring (or anything else really) with must have already rendered it all as well. This one boils more down to presentation/tone: It's oh so easy peasy lemon squeezy to just make your own (thing) if you cannot find someone else selling it. Or to find someone willing to make it for you. Often for a price - forgetting that some of us have a very limited or fixed income. Users with the rather mistaken impression that things ought to always be Sunshine, Rainbows and Lollipops ... Sure, the forum staff want as little serious strife as possible, that does not mean everyone needs to pretend to be nice all of the time nor does it mean happy, nice topics/derails. Role Play related: Assuming everyone present wishes to participate in some sort of combat or similar scene. Some of us are there to talk, have a good time and - sometimes - have a "good time" if ya know what I mean. Also Role Play related: Assuming someone's D/s role (if they're even into it) based on gender/general appearance. I - the person behind the avatar/character - am into it. That does not mean the character being played is and even if they are you cannot assume one is a Dom or a sub based solely on gender or general appearance. Example: The primary character I tend to use very much is into D/s things. He also has several different forms that affect his overall personality - some of which have been mistaken for being female due to their appearance. With few exceptions, most forms the character takes can be classified as Switch - notable exceptions being a wolf form and two of the feline forms, one being wholly submissive while the other only acts submissive and will take control if you're not careful. ... I may or may not add to this later. If it is well past the timeout for using "edit" then I'll just make another post.
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    This is me under my Vista Zoe head and using a Deetalez skin. 😁
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    I've never had a mesh head. I'm sticking with 'system' for for the foreseeable future I Also I still have a 'system' body but I might get into trouble if I posted a picture of it here ! PS the two oval windows behind me make me look like I'm wearing kitty ears, but I'm not, But there's no harm in practising expressions in case I get Bento . . .
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    OMG! I just discovered the Lutz Theater...wow! Thanks @BelindaN
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    Oh, here's a new one: No copy/no mod/no trans boxes for copy items. Why is this a thing? There is no reason to make the box no perm when every one of the contents is copy. It's raw inconvenience with no upsides at all. People need to stop doing this. Edit: Bonus points if they make the vendor ad no copy yet still no trans, thus making the box no copy.
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    SheWereKin, I'm glad you got your problem resolved! This response will be a bit late for you, but I'm going to put it here anyway, because it might help someone in the future. As Kly pointed out, the system is working the way it's supposed to. You get 1024 sq m. tier-free with your Premium membership, and pay tier on anything over 1024. In your case, that's 2080 - 1024 = 1056 Unfortunately, that puts you over the limit for the 1024 tier level of $7 per month, edging you into the next tier, the 2048 level, at $13 per month. You could split off 32 sq m and abandon or sell it. That would make your maximum land use (1024free + 1024) = 2048, and you'd pay tier on 1024, or $7 per month. OR, you could create a group with you and your alt. Then deed the land to your group, and donate your tier to the group. Groups get a 10% tier bonus on the Mainland. Your alt does not have to be a Premium member to do this. If the land is group owned, you can own a maximum of (1024free + 1024) x 1.10 = 2252 sq. m, while still keeping your tier fees at $7 per month. For more on group-owned land, see: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/group-owned-land-r32/
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    Eh. I really only have a couple because i try not to waste energy on silly things. That being said... 1) Teleport Routing (I abuse double click TP and keyboard shortcuts to get around as I really don’t do too much walking and am more apt to camming) 2) Mass TPs or folks that add all their friends to a conference chat. Although I won’t defriend for this, I will start hiding my online status as to not get grouped in. Guilty parties are usually DJs and hosts. 3) Although this one is probably more irrational than most.. people who return my items to lost and found - ESPECIALLY when I’m online. I’m always happy to pick things up, but I just can’t read your mind (I do a lot of decorating and landscaping). 4) Lastly, My inventory not organizing itself. Idk what else it’s doing while I’m in RL all day. Get yourself together, 90k items.
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    I don't think it's short for 'petty'. I think it's just a phrase that gets used to indicate something that always annoys us to some lesser extent. I.e. it's my peeve.
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    Well, I’m not a native speaker so maybe I’m missing the subtleties of the term “pet peeve” but, isn’t that like something that annoys you when it rationally shouldn’t? (Or maybe I’m confusing “pet” with “petty”?).
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    Ugh yeah those make me laugh, anyone who feels they have to put sir, Master, Dom, Queen, Mistress, Madame etc in their names, I wanna IM them like " Alright, calm down there, don't take yourself too seriously"
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    Drawing from SL snapshot. How to do it in few steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K43-_zhQZiM
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    My biggest one is the relative scale of male and female avatars. Why are they different? I’ve gotten into many arguments with guys calling me short when my avatar is 185 cm. His can be 185 cm too, yet he’s a full head taller. Lately it’s been mostly things related to shopping: TP’ing to an event and landing on someone who...will...not....move. Vendors that don’t say which body the item is for. Then the demo is in a box you have to unpack to get it’s contents. Group join fees for groups that don’t even have group gifts. Boxes that spam you with group stuff and subscription stuff but has no unpacking script
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    You can easily block her, I doubt she believes in you listening to her anyways. TBH when I criticise folks I often do so for others to see they are wrong, I gave up on most of the folks I talk to. I bet with Klytyna it's somewhat similar.
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    /me sends Phil a picture of the league table and smiles
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    Perfect! Now I have one less of my pet peeves.
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    It's perfectly normal for any subscription service with recurring payments to accumulate a large number of passive subscribers/members over time. Some hold on for old time's sake, some intend to use the services again but never get around to it, some do use the services once in a blue moon, some simply forget about it because it's not that much money... Of course, there are also those who are active but have really put their heart and soul into decorating their Linden Homes and are too attached to them to want to move, there are people who prefer the "good old" SL style over modern mesh builds, some who only use their house for a home position anyway and some who may find the extra lag unacceptable. I suppose I should have included some Linden Home sims among my lag comparasion examples earlier in the thread. Better late than never: Despite their reputation for being laggy, those sims seem to perform almost as well as even the best optimized hybrid sims and certainly far better than any regular or Mole made mesh builds. If not, they've made a HUGE noob mistake. It may not be a critical one though, there could be plenty of mainlanders and even a few islanders who want to move to SSP.
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    This one does not (and that is probably the one and only feature missing). Though it's great when venue-hopping and just doing your own thing. For group dancing, I use the Puppeteer HUD (Though I always crack up laughing at how silly it looks when there are more than two or three people all perfectly synchronized) Hahahaha The *major* feature I love is the "Plus" and "Action" options. I have many Gesture animations (the flipping someone the bird, or blowing a kiss, etc.) - I use them in both: in Plus I set it to play a random one and I have "probability" est to 0.08 (default is 0.05) - which is the probability one will play each second. I also have them in "Action" - which is where I can click the Actions button and then choose to play one at-will. The design is really good also: just a single on/off button with a gray border - click the gray border and then everything is done with system menus - so it fast and snappy, no texture-rezzing, etc. Edit to add: One feature I always forget about is the "Auto Swimmer" - if you go into LL water, it automatically switches to swimming animations (many do that if you hit fly button, I know) BUT also keeps you on the surface of the water;you don't sink to the bottom AND don't have to hit the "fly" button. Also, one of the selling points for me is that when you sit on something if it recognizes that it already has animations (i.e. AVsitter furniture) it will automatically go into "sleep" mode and not override your sits. The only "bug" is the PLUS will override anything if they are P4 or P3 animations. LOL
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    This thread just reminded me that I have to finish that old pet project of mine some time really soon, The one that's been sitting on the shelf for way too long now, Project 'Virtual Dog Poo'.
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    [hmm... I submitted a reply but it never appeared, so...] I'm interested in the idea of making land ownership an automatic, opt-out benefit of paid membership, not the current opt-in followed by paralysis of choice. As to forced exile, I'd simply be surprised if many Premium members (with current benefits) stay put on existing Linden Homes regions after SSP. But... do we suddenly know what levels of Premium will be available? I'd fallen out of the habit of even speculating about it.
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    You are correct. I always assumed pet was short for petty
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    it are always the others doing it!... a little more in detail: the other triggers something in us... wakes up the beast, and brings, mostly, not the best response so i confess... it's me
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    i'twerk fer me too! thank you Rolig. and, as to the other commenters and helpers, i'm not sure whether my query was misunderstood or miscommunicated. if it matters at all, i'll see if i can do better so as to direct anyone else who may have fallen into this thread searching for a solution for the initial request. to wit: "i have a sit object that attaches a temporary HUD that operates the object's animations among other things. works fine as it is but i'd like to detach the HUD when the user unsits. is this possible?" the "sit object" is my design whereby the avatar sits and is animated by one of a number of animations placed in the root contents. the camera is set to frame the scene for the viewer to see their full avatar on sitting. i've set lights to fire on sitting too. the whole object is scripted to rotate 90 degrees, cycle through animations back and forth, lights on and off, all through communication with the HUD which i had previously built as a stand alone attachment. instead of the additional attachment clicks for the standalone HUD i thought it would be clever if i could have the "sit" event serve up the HUD. so, the seemingly impossible (with my limited coding skills at least) has been done once again with the help of the generous people who speak the language. Thank you Rolig.
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    I could have written that, but probably not as well.
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    I totally forgot I could use my alt thank you! I got everything fixed up and solved! Thank you all for being so helpful!
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    This is not the place to hire someone for a project anyway, check the Wanted and Inworld Employment forums.
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    You can't enforce distance limits on #1 until the avatar has already sat though. That is why I would suggest using PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY on #1 as well, and disable it only when an avatar meets the distance condition (through Sensor or something). I wasn't talking about scripting for an experience, in fact I said what I said because you can't sit in any way if we're outside of one.
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    Baby it's cold outside, can I stay here with you?
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    The 32bit builds of Firestorm have their texture memory clamped at 512MB, you can't set it higher no matter how much memory your graphics card has.. 32bit viewers are memory limited & reserving more then 512MB for texture memory is going to lead to frequent out of memory crashes. If your Windows 10 is 64bit, get the 64bit version of Firestorm.
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    Just on on the blockiness and lack of smoothness it looks like you are still using the system body you need to check the folder of the dress you are wearing and see if there is an alpha layer included if there is wear it. Though it it is highly likely one is not included as very little new fashion is created for "classic" avatars these days. A mesh body is a worthwhile investment if you aren't using one look in the folder of your dress see which body sizes are included they will be a good place to start on choosing a mesh body to get
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    This is the second entry, between the garage and the house. I think I overdid the decoration. Maybe. It is a very earthy color scheme. Natural Christmas.
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