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    Randomly TPing to places. In one place I saw these three cuties. Had to take a group snapshot.
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    Collecting Xmas gifts -- hair from Kokolores (group gift), fun dress from Meva (advent calendar gift du jour), tattoo from This Is Wrong (via group gift card)...
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    Had to stop by this place @BelindaNfound.
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    Amazing textures...colors...moods at the Lutz Theater! This was taken today in the balcony of the theater:))) 😱 wow
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    another gift from anomalies, finally long sleeve dress))
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    Tonic - Fine Beauty v5, along with the Tonic - Fine beauty Bust Minimizer. And the Tonic - Booty control Mesh tops don't really work well with the minimized chest. So I'm using applier based clothing, and set up a few outfits using the Tonic Wardrobe HUD
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    Oh I just have one pet peeve. I really can't stand people who are annoyed by either of the following: empty profiles, 'unreadable' fonts, unmatching body parts, flexi prims, AO-less avis, jazz hands, no-hairbase updos. That's basically it. For the rest, I consider myself pretty tolerant.
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    Look who I bumped into outside the Lutz theater!
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    I understand the textures look blurry on my furniture, SL was on its time of the month, oh well
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    This is, I think, the sweetest and loveliest smile I've ever seen in SL.
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    Ok...so here is my version..of the three of us...thanks @BelindaN & @Sagadin! I do love the drama of the dreaded train tracks BelindaN! Yikes !
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    Watching to see if this is OK. Some kind soul got me this from my wish list, but when i checked my notifications, they were from last June, so if I don't figure it out, thank you.
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    Well, I received a Christmas Gift today from one of the Forum Angels, so I revisited the Lutz City theatre and added my new and favourite shoes.......!! Hair is Monso Minu; Dress is ISON Kylie; Shoes are Mosquito's Way Callie. These are my favourite shoes now. 35 colour and texture HUD with strap/heel/sole options. Just lovely!!! I've shown them all yellow, and yellow textured. I'll be wearing these a lot!!!!!!! Also later met up with Saravendi and looked around her studio, Another great day in SL!!!!
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    Found it! Check that box and then it works like this:
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    My not-so-guilty pleasure dropping Jason Momoa into a thread whenever I see an opportunity
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    https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/pet-peeve https://grammarist.com/usage/pet-peeve/ "A pet peeve is something one finds annoying, a particular thing that a person finds to be obnoxious. Usually, a pet peeve is something that most people are not at all bothered by, or something that to most people is a very minor annoyance, yet may drive a certain person to distraction. When confronted with a pet peeve, a person usually reacts with an anger that is out of proportion to the transgression. The term pet peeve first came into use in the 1910s, though the word peevish dates to the 1300s. The word peeve is derived from the Latin word pervertere, meaning perverse or ornery. The pet in pet peeve is used to designate a favorite, so one may say that a pet peeve is a person’s favorite annoyance."
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    People who keep peeves as pets. That's just cruel. Peeves were meant to run wild and free.
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    I don't think I have many really, life's too short. 0 day old noobs who managed to find a freenis and arrive at my store naked and looking for or already partaking in secks Forum posters who call people a troll just because they didn't immediately agree with their rant I'll give you unreadable display names because of silly characters display names that give themselves a title - Master, DJ or whatever
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    I don't have time to sort through my images from Lutz tonight but I had a lovely time with @Saravendi and @Sagadin This one though has atmosphere..............................we just stopped the train from certain doom!!! More will follow and I guess Sara will be on it later!!!
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    Neither am I anymore. Oh wait, we are? We aren't? We're out? We're in? Who knows anymore, will I have to give my laptop back after we leave because it has a ALT-GR key? Ok sorry for the slight political divert. You can spank me later
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    Another pet peeve .. Phil getting his teeth into a topic
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    This is the only "major" pet peeve I have in SL. The rest are all minor, not worth mentioning and usually end with me either walking away or just clamming up. People who insist that if you don't have voice on you are not the gender in RL that you present as in SL and are therefore intentionally being deceptive. Do you really think no one in SL is deaf or has hearing loss? Voice is off because I do have hearing loss AND tinnitus. Be thankful I'm willing to spare you and myself the frustration of constantly asking people to repeat what they say as much as 5 or 6 times so I can understand them. I can NOT read your lips in SL ffs.
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    One person's peeve is another person's like. For example I much prefer flexi hair to mesh hair. Yes, it penetrates the body. But the way it moves seems much more realistic to me, compared to the "I used a whole can of hairspray" way that mesh hair bends. And I liked the derail post too. I'd rather see things that make people happy, instead of things that make people grumpy.
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    Was time, back when I started, that "everyone" in the so called SL BDSM Community assumed that the *official* Mistressing outfit was a system layer v-neck leather catsuit from Immershoen, an xcite scripted lag-whip coiled on one hip, some bling bangles, big flexi hair, and... A pair of Bax calf height boots... And woe betide you if you didn't wear the *official costume* while acting in anyway Domme, as the Baxers would denounce you for not being a "Proper Mistress" because you wern't wearing the right look.
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    The Noelle LAQ is my very first non-standard head, I'm pretty happy with it.
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    Many years ago now, Chosen Few created a wonderfully clear visual aid to illustrate how this works, whether you use arrow keys or your mouse with a left-click. Chosen left SL back in 2013, but I have found his graphic useful in explaining camera control to new users many times. Those simple controls beat the snot out of the silly camera widget that you get by typing Me (or Avatar ) >>> Camera Controls ... in the viewer.
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    People's SL Profiles are often filled with Likes and Don't Likes (or Pet Peeves, if you will). They're all interesting to read, and particularly helpful in determining whether or not to engage into a conversation with someone. What I really miss is the guilty pleasure in relation to SL, though. Here's some of mine: Walking around as an Avatar Rendering Test with no AO Deliberately parking my pink Look At crosshairs on someone's intimate parts at a sales events, preferably with their partner standing next to them, while I use my l33t Control-Alt-Shift camming skills to focus my attention on something totally unrelated. Running around in crowded places playing with elaborate and slightly annoying, animated gadgets, such as a ball paddle, or a wearable galloping unicorn. And whenever someone complaints that I'm lagging the place with my toys, I point out to them that their streaming cost/avatar complexity, their active script count, memory and CPU usage are all an order of a magnitude higher than mine (and then blow a raspberry gesture). Tell n00bs that the objective of the game is to collect gold coins (and show them my collection). What are your guilty pleasures?
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    It's a welcome relief from the political silliness on our side of the pond.
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    Yes, yes. And something unusual: You can wear each head *on the same shape* and have a great-looking "younger" and "older" self. On all other head creators' heads (Catwa, Genesis, and one other that I have, I forget which) - if you change the head (from the same creator) it requires *significant* readjusting the shape to look good at all. (This is my experience, anyway) - the Genus Classic versus Baby-Face heads works excellently together on the same shape. Stunningly, even.
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    /me goes to install an octopus in mine
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    I sometimes cam inside avatar heads to see if they're as empty as mine. I've found some pretty interesting stuff there, including a wetware brain, a clockwork brain, a heart and a message saying "Nothing to see here." Apparently I'm not the only one who does this.
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    Its just the need for self appointed titles like that in SL. I DJ myself but don't feel the need for my name to say it. My club tag does that for me when I am DJing
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    go wash your mouth with soap!!! 40 + 15 is certainly NOT close to 60!!!
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    While you won't be able to replicate your system face exactly it might be possible to replicate it close enough that it will pass your own critical inspection. Just how close you'll be able to get depends on a number of factors, not least of which is what your system head actually looks like. If you have specific features that cannot be replicated by a mesh head, then you may get close but not quite close enough for your liking. Only you can decide whether that's worth the work, but it is worth a try. To begin with, you need to ensure that you look for a head that's marketed as a 'Bento' head. Bento heads allow you to use your system shape sliders to manipulate settings on the head. Depending on which brands you try, you can use approximately 30 sliders (give or take a few) to change the shape. Some heads are more responsive to the sliders, too. A setting that's very sensitive on, say, a Catwa head might not be as sensitive on a Lelutka head. Secondly, you need to begin with a head that has a similar base shape to your system head. For example: if you have a very pointed system jaw, you may struggle to get the same jawline from a mesh head that starts out with a strong square jaw. Don't forget that - just as with system skins - the right skin applier (and any accompanying additional appliers, such as makeup, freckles, age lines, etc) can alter a mesh head, to the point where 'almost-but-not-quite' becomes 'well damn that's close enough for me!' There are many brands of Bento mesh head out there, from the big names such as Catwa and Lelutka, to smaller ones that are quickly rising (such as Genus) to the much lesser-known (and catered-for) ones that will necessitate the use of Omega cross-brand appliers because people don't create appliers for that particular make of head. For most Bento mesh heads you will need to start out with the included 'starter shape' which you then edit. This is because of the way that Bento heads are rigged. There are some heads (such as Utilizator's Normie head) that you can put on over your system shape, so that might be a good one to begin with. When it comes to editing, a good tip is to get on a posestand and cam close to your avatar (don't scrollwheel; instead hold down CTRL and keep tapping the zero key until you're cammed close. CTRL and 9 will reset your view) and take a closeup face-on snapshot, followed by a closeup profile snapshot. Rez a prim and bring it up to the same level as your head. Texture the front of it with your face-on snapshot, and the side of it with your profile snapshot. You can use these as guides to help you while you play with the sliders. The best advice is to demo demo demo. Try lots of head demos, together with lots of skin demos. @BelindaN's thread on this forum is a great example that shows how someone moves from a system head to a mesh head with the encouragement and help of others, learning about mesh along the way (and ending up as a very dedicated shopper!) - Incidentally, I was the biggest b!tch going about mesh heads, way back. I can point you to blog posts that I made wherein I railed against the infernal things endlessly. I was never going to wear one all the time until I could find one I could make exactly like the system head that I'd spent 9 years wearing, everyone wearing them looked the same, etc etc. I was a crushing and bloody annoying bore about it. Then Bento came along. I tried a few demos, but still none of them stuck with me. I could wear them for 5 minutes, but then Skell would be screaming "GET IT OFF ME!" But finally, in January of 2017, I found a head that I could wear for more than five minutes. I didn't take it off - until I bought another, and then another - and I now work as a CSR for that first head's brand Looking back now, I've come up with an analogy that works for me: I look at moving from a system head to a mesh head as akin to growing older in real life. My reflection in the bathroom mirror these days isn't the same as it was back when I was 20. I've matured, and - while my general features are still recogniseable - I don't look the same. In turn, Skell has just evolved and grown older in Second Life. I now use mesh heads of all brands and shapes as fashion accessories, and change my look all the time. I hope you find the right 'you' in the world of mesh heads, but even if you don't then I hope you have fun trying. Don't worry about being excluded from places that don't want you because you're not 'meshed-up' enough. Find the people who want what's inside, not what's outside.
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