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    This is a nice little cafe in a very pretty, and largely deserted sim modeled on a small Italian town. I am very fond of it, especially right now. I know I'm supposed to be feeling "Christmassy," but what I really want as I watch the snow falling outside is the warmth of the Umbrian sun, and a really nice cup of espresso.
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    Credits Tank: Cubic Cherry - Kai Tank Top (plain black) (Slink, Geralt, Gianni) Jacket: FAKEICON - Fouri Furcoat (black - unisex) Hair: Dura - U85 (fatpack A) Eyeshadow: Zibska - Noir Pack Vol 14 (Catwa, Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, system) Face tattoo: Zibska - Pica (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega) Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Sinister Eyes (Catwa, Omega, own brand) Skin: Insol - Tyson (ST1 - Catwa) Head: Catwa - Skell* (Bento) Ears: L'Etre - Olympe Mesh Ears *review copy
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    "Tranquil Bear Winter Resort" (Editor Picks)
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    TIL Rhonda doesn't like me as a boy. She logged off* =~.^= Plastik for the holiday Epiphany round!!! *too spend time with the hubby
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    Had a bad day at the office in my guise as a navy admiral.
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    Found this outfit unopened in my inventory and i love it.
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    Here he is... Ok...ahem... Hi Santa....What I want for Christmas is a Yacht, a boyfriend, a big house, an Island, more clothes, this hat in various colors, more friends, the new iPhone XR, a plane, way more super powers, the staring role in Catwoman v. Wonderwoman, unlimited Lindens, more likes, more shoes, more time and a Pumpkin Spice Latte....please 😘
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    Santa is in that barn! Not the real Santa BUT a really big wooded mesh of a Santa...
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    Dressing for a day's work near the Blake Sea.
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    Looking a little leggy in my conservative clothes.
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    How long do Gyazo images last anyway?
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    Taking a much needed break after a weekend of sales shopping
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    I use used this for the background but the full picture came out nice.
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    I may be the only one here without a mesh avatar, but like to the way I look. Currently in a Punk phase.
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    I used to be a regular at the Sunset Beach sim, but then the owner had RL issues that required that he shut down, but now he is back with a new Sunset beach, I am excited.
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    I like huge fatpacks and I can not lie You other shoppers might deny.. When i break out that hud and the room goes thud. Those other shoppers start to cry.. So Shoppers ,yes shoppers,I know you fear mah packs. Because I throw down hard with my fashion rez So y'all best watch yer backs..
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    I had to try to match the hat to the collar of my favorite coat.
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    The forums can be a minefield for those of us who respond to questions, as well as people who ask them. For every thoughtful OP who asks a well-phrased question and is prepared to consider several possible solutions, there is a disappointing number of others who ask ambiguous questions and then get testy when we try to worm out enough details to understand what's going on. We've all had the experience, too, of recognizing a very common problem (like bake fail or repeated disconnects) and being told rather rudely that "there's nothing wrong with my Internet. I can play WoW and watch YouTube videos all day with no trouble." I can understand easily why some responders get snippy or sarcastic in return. It's really tempting at times. Not an excuse, but an explanation ..... 🙄
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    You had me at exploration and adventure. You lost me at sex buddy.
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    I looked at his profile and his avatar is 4 years old, so he's not trying to hide being a noob. My guess is he wants to try and convince someone that his RL age is under 22 without implying that he joined SL before he was 18. He wants to catfish someone, basically.
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    As a professional inventory organizer, I say DOWN WITH BOXES AND UNPACKERS! We, the good working people have had enough of this oppression of clutter! Give us folders, give us freedom! How much longer do our Objects and Received Items folders need to be violated with the useless unpacker trash only intended for the incapable majority? We have a voice! #FreeTheFolder #UndoTheUnpacker #CopyTheContent
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    That's almost certainly the problem. Changes to scripts in worn objects are discarded when the object is detached unless the object and all its contents are full perms to the owner of the object. So if your HUD contains, for example, any no-mod animations, any changes you make to the script will revert as soon as the object is detached. If I recall correctly, this was introduced to frustrate an exploit whereby people could make copies of no-copy objects by wearing them, modifying their contents, and then crashing their viewer, which under certain circumstances would create two copies of the object when they relogged, the worn one with the modifications and the one without the modifications still in their inventory. If you remove the HUD and make the modifications with it rezzed on the ground, that should make them permanent.
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    I was very long time with a standard avat. You can be really nice with it and I save a lot of clothes config with my ancient body 😉
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    When the revolution comes, these creators will be the first to the gulag.
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    Boys have packages. Girls have boxes.
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    Comparison of Genus heads. Daughter and mother. 😮 😃
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    Never gonna happen - you two are well loved.
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    I find it amusing that most people who declare themselves to be "Drama Free" actually tend to attract it.
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    I've been here for at least 10 years but this argument still fails to resolve or achieve anything for anyone. Stop. You're not gaining anything beyond smug points.
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    Our actual rezziversary is the 21st, so we tried to pick a day and time to accommodate the most friends on both sides of the pond. Rhonda: What if no one shows up? Me: Then you take me shopping. It's a win-win for me!
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    Little bit. Well, he's a bit of a naif, really. An innocent who doesn't quite get things like "rules" and "boundaries." I've done my best to educate him, of course. To make him fit for civilized company. But I fear that I have failed. It's time, perhaps for some other enterprising soul to take on this daunting and somewhat thankless task. PS. As for the details of my relationships with penguins, obedient or otherwise, I'd rather hoped that it might have remained out of the public eye. I would prefer to speak of it no more, but let me just assure those among you who feel concern that it is fully consensual. No flightless birds were harmed in the making of this IM.
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    Wouldn't it be better to just keep it in your pants? 😇
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    My kids are due to arrive Friday evening, the 21st and I think they are staying until Sunday evening before driving up to their dad's -- he has their younger siblings for Xmas day this year, so they will do the first part of the week with him. They'll then come back to do Xmas with us late that week. They may be heading out for a few hours midday on Sat. to meet some old friends for lunch. If they do, that will let me pop over to your shindig for a bit.
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    for me this is the perfect product packaging. if there was a kiss-a-vendor button on here then I would click it
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    In SL? No I don't think so. It's important to preserve our traditions.
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    Clover and I will be having our 10th Resday and Anniversary party on Saturday, December 22 from noon to 2:00.
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    Pardon me for trying to help. I should have known better. You did after all go about calling me a Socialist because I gave free spaces in a tiny shopping mall (back in 2005). Prok off.
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    Cant people ask for help without the rude, snide comments right off the bat, or by assuming without a shred of proof that someone is responsible for their problem?
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    Nice way to start a new day. 😃 (Hmm... the mattress seems to hover a bit above the water surface. Hopefully the script is modifiable.)
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    Pic was taken by my...admirer..i heard "taking snapshot" sound 10 time and then got this pic
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