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    Credits Tank: Cubic Cherry - Kai Tank Top (plain black) (Slink, Geralt, Gianni) Jacket: FAKEICON - Fouri Furcoat (black - unisex) Hair: Dura - U85 (fatpack A) Eyeshadow: Zibska - Noir Pack Vol 14 (Catwa, Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, system) Face tattoo: Zibska - Pica (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega) Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Sinister Eyes (Catwa, Omega, own brand) Skin: Insol - Tyson (ST1 - Catwa) Head: Catwa - Skell* (Bento) Ears: L'Etre - Olympe Mesh Ears *review copy
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    TIL Rhonda doesn't like me as a boy. She logged off* =~.^= Plastik for the holiday Epiphany round!!! *too spend time with the hubby
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    Had a bad day at the office in my guise as a navy admiral.
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    Found this outfit unopened in my inventory and i love it.
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    Looking a little leggy in my conservative clothes.
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    Taking a much needed break after a weekend of sales shopping
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    I may be the only one here without a mesh avatar, but like to the way I look. Currently in a Punk phase.
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    I used to be a regular at the Sunset Beach sim, but then the owner had RL issues that required that he shut down, but now he is back with a new Sunset beach, I am excited.
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    I had to try to match the hat to the collar of my favorite coat.
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    You had me at exploration and adventure. You lost me at sex buddy.
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    Boys have packages. Girls have boxes.
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    Comparison of Genus heads. Daughter and mother. 😮 😃
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    Wouldn't it be better to just keep it in your pants? 😇
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    My kids are due to arrive Friday evening, the 21st and I think they are staying until Sunday evening before driving up to their dad's -- he has their younger siblings for Xmas day this year, so they will do the first part of the week with him. They'll then come back to do Xmas with us late that week. They may be heading out for a few hours midday on Sat. to meet some old friends for lunch. If they do, that will let me pop over to your shindig for a bit.
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    1) Go to "RECENT" tab, right click new goodie, select "Cut." 2) Go to "MY INVENTORY" tab, right click your desired folder, select "Paste."
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    In SL? No I don't think so. It's important to preserve our traditions.
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    Clover and I will be having our 10th Resday and Anniversary party on Saturday, December 22 from noon to 2:00.
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    Pardon me for trying to help. I should have known better. You did after all go about calling me a Socialist because I gave free spaces in a tiny shopping mall (back in 2005). Prok off.
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    Cant people ask for help without the rude, snide comments right off the bat, or by assuming without a shred of proof that someone is responsible for their problem?
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    Nice way to start a new day. 😃 (Hmm... the mattress seems to hover a bit above the water surface. Hopefully the script is modifiable.)
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    Pic was taken by my...admirer..i heard "taking snapshot" sound 10 time and then got this pic
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