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    TIL Rhonda doesn't like me as a boy. She logged off* =~.^= Plastik for the holiday Epiphany round!!! *too spend time with the hubby
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    I was very long time with a standard avat. You can be really nice with it and I save a lot of clothes config with my ancient body 😉
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    Clover and I will be having our 10th Resday and Anniversary party on Saturday, December 22 from noon to 2:00.
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    My worst annoyance is when they do not include a picture of the item in the box. Come on, I know they have a texture, it's right there on the board I bought it from. Just include that in the package as well, please. Please? There is one well known store ... I won't say the name so let's just call it Azureberry ... that will send out the texture as a group notice. If I want the item, I'll save that pic. All their older stuff I have to wonder if I really want to spend the extra 10L$ and time to upload my own photo to the folder.
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    Please read my post above: at the log in screen (you don't need to log in) go to HELP - ABOUT and paste your system details here
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    ..so you only want to hear from people who agree with you and have the same experience as you? Wow.
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    Born in firestorm: and in Singularity:
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    Thank you for that. I wish to report that my contact with the creator, the owner of the Main Store, has succeeded and she spoke with me and explained what others here had already suggested, that the seller has been gone for well over a year, her vendors don't work, and yet she still pays land rent where her store sits. So, others may too fall susceptible. No one can know what may have happened there, and I feel bad about that, and hope the seller is alright. I was never blaming anyone for this, but the systems I didn't yet understand. I see now that SL is much like RL in that markets are susceptible to all kinds of things. I have been touched by the help I've gotten here. One person sent me a personal IM and gave me advice on hair and even gave me an unsolicited gift of Lindens to move forward. That was amazing to me and I thank her again here her kindness and help. And then too, the owner of the main store met with me just now, and while I assured her she was not responsible for my error nor of the mysteries at the abandoned shop, and as I was about to go ahead and buy that hair I'd been wanting from her store, she gifted it to me. She did not have to do that. Nor did she even know I had been speaking of this stuff here on this Forum. So I want to report that here, and that her store is indeed alive and responsive. I will be returning. She said it was her reward my kind attitude and understanding of my problems. That was super nice of her. So, I'm thanking her here again, too. I feel fortunate to have learned and been helped. Onward now.. *waves*
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    Your avi is adorable!! I don't think, if you've made the kind of effort that you clearly have, that there's anything at all wrong with sticking with a system avi. I have an alt who is still using one, but with rigged mesh clothes. She looks fine I think, and she's not half as cool looking as you. Go with whatever makes you comfortable and happy!
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    Personally I have always considered the SL default camera location to be weird. Years back when I learned that it's possible to change the camera location in DebugSettings I immediately did so. And I have been happy ever since with my setting. The default camera location is especially weird when you are inside buildings and houses. The perspective it gives is not a nice one to look at. There really should be quick way to change the default location with few alternative views. It's mystery to me why it hasn't been done even yet. New users most likely have no idea at all about DebugSettings so they are stuck with the default camera location, until they might learn about the settings later, or perhaps never.
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    Nope - That one never gives up on his own threads so soon. Eventually he will return and bash anyone that didn't agree with him.
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    Oh I've had people tell me they'd turn me"strictly dickly" once they found out I was bisexual....and they said it that way too 😂😂😂
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    Wasted Engineer? roflmao
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    omg..... is that you.. w.a.s.t.e.d?
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    Actually, it's not spleen, it's because 99% of what you write is utter rubbish... This thread is no exception. You did this whole "wear to unpack shopping must be abolished because, false reason: it wastes resources, REAL REASON: people who can unpack without land will be less likely to rent my parcels" before, last year. Your arguments were false and self centered then, and nothing has changed. So, you present "anecdotal" evidence from "a lot of people" that merchants (who create wear-to-unpack items) hate wearing stuff to unpack. I seriously doubt that, I really do. Some TPV's actually allow auto-accepting of inventory offers... But you wouldn't know that of course. More of your "14 years in SL and you STILL don't know how to use a viewer" rubbish. You CAN open a no-mod box, and drag a COPY of the copyable contents to inventory, Generally, they don't, seems you didn't pay attention to how copying a copyable item works. Yes it is, I can unpack my new purchase anywhere, and use it right away, no mess, no fuss, no prim litter left on the ground. Easy. Rez a Fossil Shopper Box on the ground, right click and choose open, click the "copy contents to inventory" button... It makes a folder in your inv with the name of the Box object, you can than drag that folder into whatever folder tree sorting system you want. Or... Wear anew auto-unpack box, it creates a folder in your inv with the name of t he box object, you can drag that folder into whatever folder tree sorting system you want. So as you can see, all that changes is the loss of the need to find some clueless Madlander Slumlord fossil and rent a micro-parcel from them to use as a rez zone... And most importantly it doesn't convince newbies to rent a micro-parcel on which to unpack their 10 year old plywood cube packages, from some Madlands Slumlords, right?
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    found the old store with very old outfits,nostalgy )
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    Let's talk child support.
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    They still do that too. The avatars always reminded me of Bratz dolls, no matter which style they chose. I’m always on the fence about how the avatars look because I used to play with Bratz Dolls. Nostalgia makes me think their Avis are cute. Adult me says “God those dolls were ugly!”
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    I think we had a forum visitor a while back that actually claimed something like that -- they first signed up when they were 10 or 12 or 8 or something
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    Found the redelivery info. Right here in the men's section there is a huge sign that you click on to get a notecard that tells you how to get a redelivery. The notecard reads: It's also posted on Emilia's profile on her picks tab: I also joined the REDGRAVE Skins & Fashion Updates 2 group. Emilia hasn't logged in since 07-31-2018 while Dean hasn't logged in since 11-01-2018. Messaging Dean won't do any good as according to his profile: So no redelivery terminal is present in the store. The skin vendors are CasperTech, so she could install a redelivery terminal. None of the skins are priced at more than 1490Ls. Most are priced at 990Ls.
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    yes it certainly makes it easier when you have a good knowledge of what sound words are available to you. You can more easily shape your texted phrases accordingly in this case the simple way to code this is to listen on the chat channel in the listen event dump the typed text to a list. Then loop thru the list and do an inventory lookup for a sound filename of the same spelling and then play it
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    from a purely scripting pov then is certainly possible to create a text-to-sound app from a user pov then the result will be variable when not all typed words have a matching sound file a way to do this is to create a dictionary of the words that do have a matching sound file, arranged in lists so that the words are grouped gramaticallyy: example list word1st = ["you", "are"]; list word2nd = ["are", "you"]; list word3rd = ["awesome","listening"]; list sound1st= [youfile, arefile]; list sound2nd = [arefile, youfile]; list sound3rd = [awesomefile, listeningfile]; the action phrases with this are: "you are awesome" "you are listening" "are you listening" "are you awesome" other phrases: "you you ..." "are are ..." in this dictionary approach then simple and knowable phrases in some grammatical order can be vocalised
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    Perhaps she might accept something in lieu? Tupperware perhaps?
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    To be my usual blunt self (and paraphrase what Rhonda has stated above): If you're using Second Life as a kind of Dating Service (meaning looking for someone to be with offline) then look elsewhere. It simply isn't a Dating Service - those who get lucky enough to find their SO through Second Life are ... Rare to be "polite" about it.
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    I agree - plus I think a LOT of folk try it, leave it, try it again, leave it, then plunge in deep !
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    Also, starting a thread off with “If you don’t agree with me you’re a big doodie-head” pretty much guarantees nobody’s going to agree with you.
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    Ethan has said nothing wrong. I understand you are frustrated but we were only trying to help. Good luck finding someone else to help
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    What I don’t understand is, why you are resistant to change. When I first experienced the “relatively new” way of dealing with packaging, aka “wear me”, I was annoyed too. But I got over it, because it is better.
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    Ok- I give up... (sorry if I offend), fess up... who are your other gang members? The three of you seem very ready to take advantage of some unsuspecting avi.... Inquiring minds... Just kidding... , terrific photo!!! I just love your “Charlie’s Angels” in a dark alley vibe!!!! And may I add, you look amazing Taya, in a leather jacket! 😉 love it! ~ Sara
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    As you discovered, all of those things are possible. Many other unexpected things are as well. What makes them most interesting to me, though, is that they are really not all that common. They become the stuff of conversation because they are unusual. In RL, you learn somehow that there are some stores that sell quality merchandise and are well-managed and others that you will want to avoid. There are safe places and times to walk around a city, and others when you'd be a fool to set foot there. Street smarts and consumer awareness work the same way here. You will gradually build your own sense of where to go and what to do, and it will become second nature -- being surprised every once in a while, but usually getting along fine. The big difference between RL and here is that when unpleasant things happen, you can't be hurt physically and you will rarely lose enough real money to make much of a dent in your pocketbook. Another big difference is that most people you meet here are good, helpful people. You've met a few here already.
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    I use a lot of appearances.. but it's my main here ^^... Yes. I love purple
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    Greedy kitty cashing in crystals...
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    Thank you for responding Cindy. No, I didn't check. I put on a new skin from another vendor, and it looks perfect. I don't understand why everyone else could see the stickers on my face and arms, and I couldn't. A good samaritan, a woman, messaged me and let me know. I've been wearing that skin for 24 hours, and this is the first time someone told me.
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    I'm busy re-doing all my saved outfits........ well, what girl doesn't.... This dress was one of my very early ones, but now I'm into boots, it's had a re-boot.......(see what I did there haha!). I also got some poses............ Hair is Catwa Sumaya V3.......Catwa is one of my very favourite brands of hair. Dress is Maitreya short Jersey Dress, which is very tight. Does my bottom look big in this??? Boots are BM Angelina, and I blame Tali for my new thigh boot fetish.......haha!
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    When they start rounding up furries in RL and putting them in camps, come talk to us. Until then, people are free to associate in second life with whoever they wish, and also exclude anyone they wish. Forced segregation is wrong, but so is forced integration
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    You're giving me half a headache. It certainly is. Not gonna happen.
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    I liked the Apple II and Apple III (though less so), but the moment Apple decided to go from an open architecture to a closed one is when I quit using Apple anything. Now Apple has a locked-in customer base who will buy anything Apple puts out whether it's good or not. However, the latest iPhones indicate Apple went a little too far. Sales aren't good and Apple's announced they won't report phone sales as of 2019. Hiding sales information is a big warning sign.
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    this forum seems to be against graphics and visuals, this forum seems to prefer that it had remained 1962 for forever without any progression moving forward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H6hnFV-nDU
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    Being confident in one's self does not translate into being more forceful. The more forceful a guy is, the more it rankles me. He was confident enough to actually make the post, he just needs to work on his wording and delivery.
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    My avatar is a vessel that my heart mind and soul inhabits while I am in SL. Having said that I personally don't rp. I simply exist in SL as I do in RL. I also make it clear that I have a partner in RL and that any relationships I develop in here, and even any feelings that develop (yes even romantic love) will never be allowed to jeopardize what I have in RL. Many people throw the love word very casually and if after knowing me for a day they tell me they love me I of course reply oh I love you too. My SL partner on the other hand says all of SL is rp but as long as she keeps coming back to me I shouldn't worry about it. We talk about our real lives all the time, good and bad, but neither of us has the slightest desire to be together in RL. This probably won't help answer your question much, but I just thought I'd share.
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    My SL partner and I are both married to other people in RL, neither of which has any interest in SL, a big part of what make the SL relationship work is that we each hold the other's RL marriage as sacred as we hold our own.
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    I've been on IMVU for three going on four years. Yeah there are some immature people there, and yeah you can't walk around, but in my personal opinion, it's miles better. You have the argument here that they don't like it as much cause it's catered to younger people. I have that argument in reverse, I have met only a handful of people on SL within five years of 18, I just turned 19. I like talking to people my age, and I like having clothes catered towards youth. IMVU supplies these for me. It's much easier to work, though I don't find SL to be extremely hard once you get used to it. Another big problem I have with SL is time after time I've ran into some old people who want to be young, so they try to act young. Then they attack me because I am young. Because I talk and act like a teenager, and while they try to do so they fall short, and try to start a fight. I've run into people time and time again that get pissed if I walk around in a funny costume or with an avatar that has a distorted body. If someone's having fun and not bothering you I don't really see how it's your business how they dress, or how they act when they are hanging with their friends. Another HUGE thing I don't like on SL is that people don't bother to check my profile, I get dozens of messages when I go to chat rooms of 50, 60 year old men who want to have sex. I ain't about that life, and even worse is they're straight men who fail to check my brother and see though I have a pretty female avatar cause female clothes are nicer, I am a man. I am a gay man, and this always seems to make them blow their top when I reject them and tell them I'm gay. Then I'm shot with accusations of leading them on, being a **bleep**, homosexual slurs, and being called a catfish. At least on IMVU people have the decency to check my chat and see if I'm say in a relationship, or.. A MALE. Yeah Secondlife is nice, I like it sometimes, but when it comes down to it, it's not as good for the younger generation as it is for the older, it's 100% more laggy than IMVU, and it's not a program you can just jump into to have a five minute conversation before you run off to do something. Meanwhile, IMVU is a quick-loading, chat based program that is perfect for this.
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    carolinestravels wrote: Hi Did you ever fantasize about being a prostitute for a day? Or maybe even tried it already? How did you feel about it? here is my first experience with that. http://www.second-life-adventures.com/job-escort-second-life/ No, I never did have this fantasy, but one day I did leave my avatar dancing on a pole while I went for a long toilet break in real life, and when I returned I found someone had put 500L$ into my pole pot, after whittering on offloading his "my wife doesn't understand me" woes in IM with me not even having to respond. Win, win.
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