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    Someone earlier mentioned something about lingerie? Lazing about at Half Hitch (SL Mainland in the Blake Sea)
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    Like most days in SL, I'm not happy with my hair... Any clues to where the REALLY good hair is?
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    My "new look." Over which I have taken many pains to ensure that it looks as much like my "old look" as possible. Except better. I hope. ETA: My "old look" was system avatar and prims, circa 2011. It's been lovely to leave that behind, and embrace mesh!
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    soooo... I started my blog, last night. It's still pretty basic, but it's a start. yay Day 21: Lolita ( I know. I went with a darker version instead of the pastel, lollipop version I'd normally go with. lol )
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    Slapped together a little something for halloween last night while I couldn't sleep. Pleasantly surprised with how it came out!
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    Hair from .EscalateD. and I love the headband with it.
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    LeLutka ~ Spencer ~ *LEAGUE* ~ Alessa ~ alaskametro ~ Lila Brow Shaper ~ Izzie’s ~ Yonder Eyes ~ *ARGRACE* ~ Chitose ~ E U P H O R I C ~ Supershine Lipgloss ~
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    My 2018 look is a lot like my 2007 look. Just more expensive. At least I finally have anims that keep my hands out of my hips.
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    Doux and Stealthic are my favorite hair stores
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    Dancing in the latest offering from R2 from Collaber88 and new hair from No Match
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    Another way to cheat on your partner is to just make an alt. Problem solved!
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    Premium perks: Would there be any chance of a new premium tier perk being the ability to pay for more group slots over and above the 60 that premium members already get? Many of us committed shoppers would gladly pay a bit more to get 80 or 100 group slots. Group chat: I'm a CSR and moderator for a very large and busy store group. Many times, when chat lag kicks in, important answers get eaten by the chat lag gremlins. I'm not sure if it's even possible, but is there any way to fast track or prioritise moderator chat ahead of general member chat, so that our replies don't go missing? (This can be especially critical when scammers target group members and we need to warn people.) Notecards: Will there ever be any ability for simple formatting in notecards? Being able to use bold, italics, underline, and clickable links would be useful, especially for those of us who write tutorial or explanatory notecards. @Grumpity Linden
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    I agree with Doux and Stealthic. I'm also loving some of Sintiklia's latest work as well as Little Bones and Besom. Other favorites are from Truth, Magika, and Lamb.
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    Nothing.... errr dinner... errr
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    Look who's been at Stealthic Thank you girls - the hair crisis is much over now, thanks to your advice!
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    An Update: Leaving my Second Life avatars to other people via my will (and why cancer is sadly still part of my life):http://ryanschultz.com/2018/10/21/an-update-leaving-my-second-life-avatars-to-other-people-via-my-will-and-why-cancer-is-still-part-of-my-life/
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    Oh ffs. It was a typo. Damn - I had considered moving there just for that reason.
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    @Ivanova Shostakovich, I should take this opportunity to thank you, too, for reintroducing me to what used to be perhaps my all-time favourite sim, AM Radio's The Faraway. Aside from its intrinsic beauty and artistic interest, it's a place that has a lot of personal resonance. (This is more accurately what I did yesterday, and so probably doesn't belong here. But whatevs, right?)
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    SL is not much different from RL in that regard. We face risk from the moment we step out of bed in the morning, often without thinking about it, and we trust objects and people in our environment not to trip us up with unseen hazards. Most of us manage to get through the day without dissolving into a quivering puddle of fear and indecision, mostly because we face the same predictable risks every day. We become hypervigilant only when a new risk appears. As Innula points out, we are vulnerable to griefer exploits every time we click a dance ball or sit on a chair. Indeed, even walking quietly down the street we can bump into collision-triggered booby traps. We learn where these things are most likely to happen and which warning signs will alert us before we trip them. And we remember that (1) these exploits are really not as frequent as we fear and (2) we can be scared out of our wits and very annoyed but not physically harmed in SL. We're safer here than in RL. Scripters have always been able to design ways to fool people in SL, usually to delight them or at least create conveniences to help them move around, buy things, and open the front door. We trust that most scripters will not turn to the dark side and create things to disturb our SL experience, and we understand that scripters -- being mostly amateurs and not constrained by quality control -- will make mistakes. We factor that into the way we assess risks. It's understandable that we get nervous when scripters get a new toy to build with, because we don't yet know what risks it may bring. Still, each new function in the scripting toolbox has added to the things we can do in SL and most scripters are not looking for ways to turn them against us.
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    Oh well, here we go then. I've lost count how many times I've started on this post but lost the courage. I have two very long and related questions: There has been a lot of talk about content performance in terms of lag an LoD recently and I know this is high on LL's agenda too. I'm one of several builders who spend a lot of time answering questions about this from other builders on the forums and trying to help them figure out how to make their builds more performant. One of the biggest problems we face, is that the information LL provides is inadequate, full of holes, hard to find, hard to understand, outdated and often downright misleading. Most builders I have met are quite keen on reducing the lag and improving the LoD of their builds but they don't know how to do it. The only place where there is a significant amount of relevant information is in the Mesh and Building and Texturing Forums. Unless you have been actively following the discussions there, the only way to find it, is to shift through a ton of old posts. What is Linden Lab planning to do about this? Another problem we face, is that builds made and/or owned by Linden Lab themselves tend to perform very poorly. Typically they only achieve 25-50% of what they could/should according to the methods we have to measure content performance (render weight, land impact, examining the LoD, measuring the impact on fps etc.). This of course makes it very hard to argue that other builders should do better. The Moles have proven themselves to be excellent builders in every other respect so it seems clear that they are facing the same problem as other builders: Lack of relevant and correct information. What is Linden Lab planning to do about this? I suppose there'll be no pony for me now.
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    ... In 2020... Worthless Linden wrote: "Welcome to NEW IMPROVED 2020 Edition SL! We here at the Lab, working closely with the two loudest assholes amongst the 5 nobodies at the weekly waste-of-time meetings on the Beta Grid, have revamped SL with a Hella Kewl NEW Feature! As of now, ALL the mesh you spent tens of thousands of L$ on over the last 5 years is now ruined forever, your avatars will look like crap, even if textured with Bake-Fail-on-Mesh, so since you had already taken a giant leap backwards in rendering technology with BFoM... Now is the time to return to the caves, and dress the way The Blessed St. Philip intended... Ruth the World! ! ! ! ! ! For those of you who INSIST on wearing avatars designed LESS than 15 years ago... Eventually new improved LoD mesh might become available from the merchants who didn't give up in disgust and ragequit from the Grid, please feel free to spend tens of thousands of L$ buying such items if and when they become available. Especially as we increased MP sales tax to 30% and outlawed in-world tax free shopping to help cover the loss of land revenue caused by 50 % of the population rage quitting at the destruction of their wardrobes... ... We here hope you enjoy our new look for SL..." ... Some noob wrote: "Argh my eyz r bleedin, wot r dees gaym char ment 2 look lyk, dis r so suk, it look lyk it r frum 2003, dis gaym r suk, i go bak to mah Sontendsoft PlayCubeTwo an play 'Italian plumbers vs the Croco-turtles of Doom 27' wot r a tripple A title from real gaymz compny hoo noing wot dey r doin" ... Meanwhile back here in 2018... Yeah SL has problems, but... Concentrating on the almost unfixable instead of looking for better solutions, because some clueless, self important, Beta Grid Butthole convinced a Linden to propose a feature that was poorly conceived, poorly planned, poorly implemented, and poorly documented... Like for example the bloody awful mess that was "RCI JellyDoll AutoBlob with Inaccurate Nagwear... "Warning - SL has detected you are WEARING A HUD... Huds may have textures on... Danger!" What bloody idiot made THAT rubbish a standard RCI post login notification? or "Warning, you have removed a system clothing alpha layer (rci impact zero) and replaced it with a different system clothing alpha layer (rci impact zero). Your avatar RCI has changed! DANGER- Some avatars near you might no longer be able to see you properly because of this..." All this worthless crap did was unleash a tidal wave of tech-illiterate arvc bigot vigillantes, clamouring for blood... And encourage that whole 2-assholes-from-5-nobodies group to suggest even more insanity. Meh...
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    Easiest way is to change one or both to masked. The added advantage is you reduce lag.
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    Well, in an unusual defense of Phorumities, she was simply responding to a statement made by another. Most people that complain about Phorumities' responding to off-topic statements (i.e. abducting threads) will themselves do so at times. The biggest difference is that Phorumities usually derails for politically related topics, which many of us prefer to avoid discussing here. Thus the better request would have been "please don't bring politics into things again".
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    I read that as adult and now I can't unsee it ☺️
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    That is an excellent point, Scylla, because risk management is indeed always about control. We feel safe and comfortable only to the degree that we can manage our way through a potentially confusing and dangerous world. We manage by exercising direct control over things when we can and by developing trust in people and institutions who can manage them better. I drive a car on the highway, secure in the belief that I can keep it on the road and can avoid the nut case on pot who is driving the opposite direction. I know that airplanes are also potentially dangerous, but I do not have any control over how fast or how high they fly. I keep my sanity as a passenger by trusting the pilot and the engineers who built the plane -- deferring my control to other people. Somewhat paradoxically, I am actually safer in an airplane than I am when I drive to the grocery store but I know of people -- famously, Isaac Asimov, who refused to fly anywhere -- who do not believe that. We are constantly faced not with a choice between risk and no risk, but between Scylla and Charybdis-- one risk or another. Our task is to decide when we can control things best ourselves and when we can -- and ought to - trust someone else to control them. And, yes, you are right that it is not necessarily about safety but about convenience, piece of mind, and the degree to which we are even aware of what goes on behind the scenes. More than a century ago, people were afraid of travel in horseless carriages and elevators. My grandfather refused to use a credit card. I met a woman in Macy's a few years ago who was afraid to step on the escalator. As life goes on, some of us go ahead blindly, wandering through a changing world without thinking about where their freedom to choose went, and without realizing the new daily risks. Others freeze like deer in the headlights, immobilized by being unable to control anything and unwilling to trust someone else to do the controlling. The rest of us manage the changes around us gracefully, although sometimes with a sigh or rolling eyes.
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    He's talking nonsense, the player count has been holding steady for the better part of a decade now. There will always be churn, with some people leaving and others (like myself) joining; if you stop meeting new people, your friends list will grow inactive. Sims are no different, old ones close and new ones open every day, with the total number remaining fairly consistent. As for the black community; part of the problem is the fetishistic 'black man' roleplay (probably played by white guys) dominating the search results, making it much harder for new people to find and engage with the community. There's plenty of people-who-happen-to-be-black though, throughout SL as a whole.
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    It is early morning and I'm still on my first cup of coffee. Thus I was down to the last occurrence of the phrase before I finally read it correctly. Prior to that, I was having a rough time trying to figure out what 2-buttonholes-from-nobody was referring to.
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    form a legal point of view they do not have to care, from a PR view they pretty much should. Pissed of rage quitting users make bad PR. They don't stay silent but throw a tantrum in their blogs an thus generate much bad PR for the Lab. And fixing the "fitmesh lower LODs not loading" bug has a potential to piss off a huge amount of folks.
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    Seriously though, this whole "lod bug witchhunt" thing really annoys me... Much as I might roll my eyes at people making crap mesh with bloody awful auto-lods... ... Your old 2003 system avi doesn't really display any lod effects at all... But we weren't happy with those and started adding prims to ourselves, for shoes and hair and skirts... And eventually we added unrigged mesh pieces, and those DID LoD, really badly... People made LoDs for things but even so, you'd find that your unrigged mesh short bob cut hair would LoD to invisibility at less than 15 m range, unless people around you had their lodfactors set to 4, so... Content creators started linking small unrigged mesh pieces that would Lod out of sight on their own to bloody great alpha blend root prims, to DELIBERATELY avoid, evade, and circumvent the lod system. And the 2-buttholes-from-5-nobodies said NOTHING... Along came rigged and then fitted mesh... The Lod Levels NEVER displayed on these... So some creators figured, "What the hell, they don't do anything and increase storage size and bandwidth usage, leave them out", and nobody cared, because the stuff loaded and thus rezzed slightly faster without that unused 75% lod overhead. And the 2-buttholes-from-5-nobodies said NOTHING... Now, admittedly, some (many?) mesh makers were putting way too many tris in their base meshes, BUT, NOT including the lods that were never used, ACTUALLY made things better not worse, as you weren't downloading an extra 75 % of those too-many-tris in the form of never used LoDs. As the system existed, and still exists, NOT including never-used-lods in a fitted mesh is actually the RIGHT thing to do, from a purely technical "don't waste storage and transmission bandwidth" standpoint. NOTE: Correctly leaving out never-used-lods is NOT a justification for using too-many-tris. But then along came "Autoblob", and meaningless RCI scores... and Now we can't get the 2-buttholes-from-5-nobodies crew to shut up. ... And RCI scores ARE meaningless... The RCI for a naked bald ruthed system avi is... 1000 Export that avi from SL, and reimport as fitted mesh, minus the hair, eyes and the dreadful "onion layer" skirt mesh. Wear the untextured fitted mesh system-avi-reimport over your system avi with an alpha The reimported SL avatar, cut down in tris, has an RCI of about 1700 Add 3 textures, head upper torso and lower torso, less than the number used on a system avi, and they are supposed to carry a 1000 rci surcharge per texture So, wearing 90% of a system avi, reimported as mesh, with 50% of the textures carries an RCI penalty of what? 4700 ish? Compared to the utterly fraudulent 1000 claimed for the system avi it's self. Same polygon density, same textures, with noticable reductions in both tri count and texture usage, and its 4.7 times harder to render? ... The RCI Autoblob feature with added "tech-illiterate ARC bigots" Witchhunts (tm) is one of the most MORONIC and over abused features in recent SL history... So lets give a big thank you to whoever the 2-buttholes-from-5-nobodies were, that suggested this rubbish in the first place. I remember AutoBlob Day well, I had been using Black Dragon, so I'd seen and discovered how bloody worthless autoBlob was back in January that year, but come summer and the "Official Release" in the SL Viewer and FS... Suddenly the Grid was filled with people screaming "mah viewer r broken! ur all blobs!", and it was people like me who had to EXPLAIN this crap and how to deal with it to them, because the documentation, and announcements were EVERYTHING we've come to expect from LL's release of 2-from-5 BetaSnob suggested anti-features.
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    But broken triangle piles AFK clubs will be more popular than ever, because Rule 34!
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    Because they will misread the description and believe they buy a full perm copy.
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    Back about 12 years ago, I knocked up a silly 3D freebie for people who were unhappy with their local roof raiding overweight housebreaker... The Sleigh-Slayer Mk VI 15mm Home Defence Cannon... Just for laughs... Sing along when you know the words... "He better watch out... He better take care... He better wear a 'chute... When he's up in the air... Santa Klaws is being shot down! Santa Klaws is being shot down! Santa Klaws is being... Shot Down!"
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    New Orleans gets a longer year than the rest of us? I'm not sure how that works. Must be a new LSL function.
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    Hey baby, Lets have sex, Hi beautiful... anything that digs into personal stuff right out of the gate... ugh ? stupid lines and anything canned gets ignored. Lastly, when the motive is getting sex instead of getting to know me, I get turned off quickly. ohh... sending friend requests or TP within the first 5 min... yuck ?
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    Hello I just have a quick question will Linden Labs ever consider making second life more accessible to the visually impaired primarily the ability to enlarge the font size to a readable level for residents like me who are legally blind? Thank you for your time
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    With the large amounts of abandoned mainland parcels in the interior areas (landlocked with no access to roads or waterways), are there any plans for renovating those areas to make them more appealing to possible land purchasers? Many of those areas are plagued by large expanses of granite textures that do not scale well. Has the lab considered updating textures?
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