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    Someone earlier mentioned something about lingerie? Lazing about at Half Hitch (SL Mainland in the Blake Sea)
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    Like most days in SL, I'm not happy with my hair... Any clues to where the REALLY good hair is?
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    Slapped together a little something for halloween last night while I couldn't sleep. Pleasantly surprised with how it came out!
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    Doux and Stealthic are my favorite hair stores
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    Dancing in the latest offering from R2 from Collaber88 and new hair from No Match
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    Another way to cheat on your partner is to just make an alt. Problem solved!
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    I agree with Doux and Stealthic. I'm also loving some of Sintiklia's latest work as well as Little Bones and Besom. Other favorites are from Truth, Magika, and Lamb.
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    Nothing.... errr dinner... errr
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    Easiest way is to change one or both to masked. The added advantage is you reduce lag.
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    Because they will misread the description and believe they buy a full perm copy.
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    New Orleans gets a longer year than the rest of us? I'm not sure how that works. Must be a new LSL function.
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    Hey baby, Lets have sex, Hi beautiful... anything that digs into personal stuff right out of the gate... ugh ? stupid lines and anything canned gets ignored. Lastly, when the motive is getting sex instead of getting to know me, I get turned off quickly. ohh... sending friend requests or TP within the first 5 min... yuck ?
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    Hello I just have a quick question will Linden Labs ever consider making second life more accessible to the visually impaired primarily the ability to enlarge the font size to a readable level for residents like me who are legally blind? Thank you for your time
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    Not just halooween, Christmas in the snow is pretty bad too! Nothing jars more then it being 40° outside (over 100 in American degrees) and the SL ground covered in snow. Bah Humbug. Snow belongs in July, Christmas is for days at the beach wearing speedos and knocking back ice cold drinks!
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    With the large amounts of abandoned mainland parcels in the interior areas (landlocked with no access to roads or waterways), are there any plans for renovating those areas to make them more appealing to possible land purchasers? Many of those areas are plagued by large expanses of granite textures that do not scale well. Has the lab considered updating textures?
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