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    Whew.... shopping, shopping, shopping is exhausting....
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    This is mostly it. We've been working with them and their gateway, doing some testing and analytics. To protect and ensure the smoothest on boarding experience with the least amount of resistance to a new user, I gave this experience the unique flag that allows for this to happen a good long time ago. Any other questions, you know where to find me!
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    Trying to furnish my new apartment, although so far all I've done is stare at the wall for 3 hours.
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    ...sends you a li'l bag of replacement buttons.
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    With [noctis], Bliensen+MaiTai, Endless Pain Tattoos @ We<3RP ~ .:Soul:. 25% off new release
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    He said he wanted to get his cockerel wet, I think. Seemed strange, but hey, why not?
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    Ahoy, Mateys !! Here's your cheat sheet for today's conversations:
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    AWSOME! I discovered my Halloween outfit! The Floating Head With Hair of Fire! Pictured visiting my fav place to trance out, End Of Days Gothic Club:) WITH BUNNY EARS, OF COURSE:) ~S
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    from the other day.. am I the only that be posting pics days afer?
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    My favorite “Talk like a Pirate Day” joke.
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    Time to relax after decorating my new home
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    Me: Sukubia man the cannon! Sukubia: And be keelhaulin' these nails? No, matey, no!
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    Then walk on by. Phil has every right to state his personal opinion on a GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM. He has every right to sell his products with whatever perms he wishes. The only reason this thread is going on is because people keep trying to tell him he is wrong. How can he be wrong? You might prefer other perms that's fine. Just because you don't agree you start name calling. If you don't want NO COPY don't buy NO COPY. That doesn't change the fact that a merchant can sell it if they want.
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    But.... I don't like the middle!
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    Thought it looked vaguely familiar! And no I didn't, this is at Backdrop City in the anxious and dark section. Oh wait that sounds a bit like your place too!
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    Kindness and respect are subjective things. We truly get people coming to the forums with questions and/or opinions and then insisting that they are being abused/bullied simply because they did not get the answer or mass agreement from everyone that they expected/wanted.
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    I would call it assault and call the police, but no that would NOT be bullying.
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    we posed our butts off and Monsieur is resting on the floatie
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    Abuse Reports are a mystery to many SL residents. The new Governance User Group is an opportunity for residents to talk with the Lindens handling the reports. I caught the meeting on video. I think most of the important questions were asked and answered. The video runs an hour plus. For those in a hurry I summarized the content here: Abuse Reports: What You Wanted to Know – 2018-09
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    My Linden home how it looks on 19 September 2018. Not fully furnished yet. 1. Downstairs At morning. The room is really huge. So I made two brick division walls to divide the space into three smaller areas. The big picture on the wall is not full bright. It's lit by projector light which is attached on the ceiling behind the brick division wall. I have many local lights which give nice effect to the interior. 2. Downstairs, another view This location is quite nice as in front of the house there is some free space without the next house being very close to this one. There are even two tables and benches provided by Linden Lab. When you sit on the bench all kinds food appear on the table. So I might not need a kitchen. 3. View from outside The house has 512 square meters downstairs and 512 square meters upstairs. It's like palace. Carefully selecting only very low LI items (1 LI, 2 LI) it's possible to furnish the whole house quite nicely. For example, seen on the patio and on the balcony there is a set of four seats + table + candles + tree, only 1 LI per set. The seats have lots of single and couple animations. As a bonus there is a glimpse of the sea from the balcony. And even more when you go onto the roof of the house. I'm quite pleased with this Linden home.
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    I am disappoint in all of you still. There has been a huge flaming hint in my flickr stream, for like ever now. No one has matched it up or figured it out. /bitter
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    More likely a way to create more drama
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    From a business perspective, I fully understand Phil's point of view and IMO, there is nothing wrong with him having that point of view. Many folks, myself included, prefer copy furnishings. For myself, I usually want copy for one of two reasons: a) The item is modifiable and I want to have an unmodified version in case I mess it up, b) I actually want to be able to rez multiple copies of said item (a chair, lamp, side table, etc...). Reason 'b' is where Phil wants people to buy the additional copies and that is a valid business viewpoint. Personally, if it is something that I want to rez multiple copies and the individual price is reasonable enough and I only wanted a few copies, then I might buy multiple copies - **might**. Just because many of us want copy furniture, for various reasons, does not in any way make Phil's point of view "wrong". As Phil said, opinions are just that - opinions - and thus, by definition, all are valid whether shared by anyone else or not. Even defending Phil's viewpoint, I still will almost never buy a no-copy furniture or landscaping item unless it is something very unique and I don't plan on modifying it and I really, really want it. I've never been bitten by the SL glitch of losing a rezzed no-copy item because of sim reset or any other bug, so that reason has just never been a consideration for me.
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    Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Forum Cartel Hangout! We may have a mutiny on our hands, matey!
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    The irony is, that, if we had such a system like the OP describes, instead of threads complaining about being booted or banned, we would have threads complaining about the unfair combat system.
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    Yarr! Hide the rum and ye pool floaties! We be sailin' in to the Hangout this fine day! Boat belongs to Cap'n Orwar! No funny business or ye be walkin' tha plank!
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    While the problem itself is almost certainly the thin walls, the physics view may have added confusion here (sowwy). That said the OP is not clear on this as they state it did not work with either analysed or non-analysed. It may be related to using the OS version as @ChinRey suggests, perhaps the OP can explain. I will explain why physics view in this case might have added to the confusion if not checked thoroughly. If the mesh had not been analysed, then the physics would not allow an avatar to pass through, the physics display, however, should have shown this clearly (and looked something like the third image posted by the OP (even though that was showing "forced convex hull" so no surprise it was filled. Expanding the mesh to >0.5 would have worked fine and displayed correctly (in FS) in physics view. This is because I fixed the bug that caused it not to. Unfortunately, in in fixing that bug I opened up a separate use case where the analysed meshes do not show correctly under 0.5m. In this situation, however, the mesh itself is passable so most people don't notice the bug because they don't need the physics view to test something that works!! TL;DR There's a bug in my physics view in FS. I'm busy working out how to fix it at the moment. The essence of the problem is that in the code there is a function that tells the viewer what type of physics is being used. It is in that function that the code looks at the user selected shape (convex hull/prim/none) as well as the dimensions of the object, to see if it is going to be forced to be convex due to thinness. There is no data available inside that function to allow it to distinguish whether the object in question has a mesh or hull physics and so, by making it behave right for one case, it went wrong for the other. ? I am working on providing the additional information into that function now so that it can make the right decision. Hopefully, I'll get it into the next release RL permitting. Not sure whether this bug applied to this circumstance, but it would have confused the debugging potentially. I raised a Jira against myself to track this https://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-23053
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    if you two don't stop fighting soon Jagix will lock us out of the thread again... Conspiracy theory: is hardcore derailing the new way to prevent necroposting as the lab won't close threads otherwise?
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    not the topic ..got any store names? no? then bye ? ... is mildly amused that people in 2018 don't understand how forums work, and therefore invite demonstrations.
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    We haven't even started and she's already fussing ----___----
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    Happy Tuesday All! This day in history fun fact a new book was published three years ago on this date: It was 100 blank pages! ?
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    chatting at the Hangout. You meet so many nice and interesting people on the forums.
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