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    I didn't have any concerts to go to tonight, so I roamed the grid a bit. First a stroll through Delacruz Park and then over to the tea & pastry shop at New England Village.
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    You won't get banned from the game (unless you have a child avatar and you're using - or are in the close vicinity of - objects used for sexual purposes, or actual sex acts visibly taking place near you, and someone sees you and reports you). However you might get banned from that person's land if they realise you've been using their objects. This is something that they - as owner of that land - can do, for any reason (or even for no reason). Some people don't mind if you wander into their homes when they're offline, but some people do. It's always safest to err on the side of caution, and treat an SL home with the respect that you would give to a real life home: don't enter unless invited! If you're curious as to what's inside, learn how to use the camera controls in your viewer, and you can 'cam' inside and look around without touching anything. I think that most of us, as newbies, have found a cool house and walked inside without thinking, clicked around, and then left after a while. I know I did that in my very earliest days. But once I became a land-owner in SL I didn't like it when other people did that to my house, and I felt bad for doing it to the people whose homes I'd walked into when I was new. If nothing else, though, avoid using beds that are rezzed out in private homes in Second Life. You wouldn't want someone else sleeping (or indulging in other activities!) in your bed in real life, and many people feel the same about other SL residents using their bed in Second Life. In short: you won't get banned from the game (unless you're breaking that child avatar/sexual objects/sex acts rule mentioned in my first paragraph) but don't be surprised if you're banned from that person's home or land. There are plenty of other places in Second Life, so a ban here and there because a land-owner didn't like you intruding into their personal space isn't anything to worry about
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    Enjoying a misty morning in Saint Martin.
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    I found a website that uses a neural network (artificial intelligence) to evaluate how good is your photo is. I tried a photo of my mesh SL avatar and got 97.7%! It even suggests tags for your photo. It's www.everypixel.com/aesthetics if anyone wants to play with it.
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    I walked across the street and took my pants off if you look close over on the right by the motel sign, the guy in yesterdays picture is still standing AFK in the same spot.
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    Not only how I look today, but how I've looked for the last few days. I've been busy cleaning and sorting inventory, thus I just keep popping the same saved "latest" outfit on each evening when I'm done. I'll have to make a point to actually change clothes this weekend - these might be getting a bit ripe.
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    I found nice camp site, and something interesting to read.
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    Needed to send a few messages, so thought I'd park myself here again lol.
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    Into the forest where mystical unicorns live
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    These are the Second Life Forums, and they are located on the Second Life website. The website is here for news, help, support, and information. The Second Life Marketplace is also here on the website (Shopping/Marketplace), with over 6 million items for sale to make your Second Life more enjoyable. You can see information about your Second Life account here, and you can buy and sell Linden Dollars ($L), the currency used in SL, on the Linden Exchange portion of the site. And the Forums are here for social interaction with your friends, for those times when you can't actually get together in SL itself. The key thing to understand is that all of that is OUTSIDE of Second Life. SL itself is a virtual world, with a land area about the size of the State of Delaware in the United States. In that world, we are represented by avatars. Your avatar can look like anything you like, but most people choose human beings of one sort or another. In the virtual world, you can do just about anything that you can do in the Real World...walk, run, dance...go to clubs and meet people, play sports, play games, watch TV, go shopping, go to a gallery or a concert, drive a car. Or fly a plane, or sail a boat. You can also build things out of thin air, fly like Supergirl, or teleport from one end of the world to the other in a second. You can experience your wildest fantasies. What you do with Second Life is completely up to you. There are no rules, quests, or levels as in most other online games. In fact, most people here will bristle if you call SL a "game"...it's a platform for your imagination, a blank canvas for you to paint on. So, you can post here in the Forums, and then make arrangements to meet some of the people you talk to here, within the world of Second Life. Or you can talk to the people you meet in SL here! Or both! There is not a one to one correspondence between the Forums and SL itself...but there are areas where they intersect. For example, a group of people who post here frequently got together back in 2007 and created a group (a community of like minded friends) in world, called The Forum Cartel. The Cartel owns a piece of virtual land in SL where they built a clubhouse, the "Forum Cartel Hangout". You can join this group in world, if you like. But you don't have to...you're welcome to visit the Hangout whether or not you are a group member. Likewise, you can post here in this thread, or anywhere in these Forums, without any special permission!
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    I just logged in,and i rented my first land...on sl...And now? I am waiting till they send me the group.Cant rezz things now Maybe i need some help later,,i dont know..We will see...
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    Q: Where do you think that money for new residents came from, and why do you think it was distributed in those ways in the first place? A: 'Those who buy Linden' dollars made the money available for the new residents. They did so because traffic metrics were calculated differently back then. High traffic could get a location equally high in search results. And traffic could be bought, by means of camping chairs, dance pads, money trees, camp master, freeplay, contests, and sploders. Traffic metrics are now calculated differently, so those old methods of getting people to visit a location regularly and/or stay in the location for a long time no longer put that location high in search results. Since 'those who buy Linden' dollars for that specific purpose no longer had a reason to spend them for that purpose once the traffic metrics were changed, those 'free money for newbies' options went away. ETA: My very first L$2 in Second Life were earned by sitting on a deck lounger for 40 minutes back in June 2007. I camped for a few weeks in my early days, but soon realised that it wasn't giving me anywhere near the amount of money that I wanted. After eleven years in Second Life I have now invested (and yes, I regard it as an investment - specifically one for entertainment) tens of thousands of real life dollars in this virtual world, what with paying for tier on a whole region for many years, plus my inveterate shopping habit. More power to those who can get by without putting real life money into SL, but - unless they are running around the Linden Realms - all of the 'free money' currently earned by newbies using options like fishing or cones or gold hunting (or whatever is prevalent these days) still comes out of the pockets of other residents who have either purchased it from the LindeX or have earned it by their own creative endeavours (which still require money in the first place, for uploads, etc).
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    Ari and I just interviewed 3 potential bloggers...more of a family feeling than "staff". Playing around in her studio.
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    Got griefer nesting up next to my place...now i can only stand there and wait for help.
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    With SL15B behind us (and SL16B to look forward to!) we thought it was time to have another Town Hall, and give Residents a chance to ask about Second Life and hear the latest news on what is being worked on and planned in Second Life. We’ll also share specific updates on our product development roadmap, as discussed earlier this year. Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg will be appearing at a “Town Hall” chat session on Thursday, September 13th 2018 at 9:30 a.m. (SLT/Pacific). This is your chance to interact directly with Ebbe as he discusses 2018 and beyond. Got a question you want to ask? Post it in the Community Forum thread “September 2018 - A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg” in advance of the Town Hall. Questions will be selected from all submissions made prior to Sept. 10, so make sure to weigh in now! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sept. 13 to see if your question is selected. On that day, you can join us live for the Town Hall meeting. Location will be publicized closer to the event - stay tuned! We’ll see you inworld soon!
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    1. Can you? Yes. Obviously because you did. It is considered rude, tho. On the other hand, people build and decorate their land for people to see. If you send the owner a note saying "You have a lovely home; I just had to cam inside to see. I really liked the graveyard in the back" (or whatever) you go from creepy intruder to a gracious guest. 2. No. You may be banned from the parcel but not from SL. 3. Yes, very. We are getting ready for a trip to a near by city to have lunch with my sister-in-law while she is there.
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    It's all relative. I think if you walk or run across a sim, you'll find the time it takes to be pretty close to what it would take you to travel 256m in Real Life. (Hm, let's see. Walking speed is about 3 mph. 3 mi/hr /60 min/hr / 60 sec/min x 5280 ft/mi x 0.3048 m/ft = 1.34 m/sec. So, if we walk at a normal real world pace, we should walk a sim border to border in about 191 seconds, or about three minutes. I leave the actual walking as an exercise for the student.) Avatar flight has no analog in the real world, so judging a sim to be "too small" or "too large" on that basis is meaningless. Besides, you can get a flight assist that will zoom you across a sim almost faster than you can hit the stop button. Vehicles in SL travel slower than vehicles in RL, especially airplanes. That's a good thing, too, because we also fly a lot lower than most planes in RL and if we flew at real world speeds we wouldn't have time to sightsee...it'd all be a blur. Plus, the sims would not have time to hand us off to the next region, and we'd crash even more often than we do already.
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    I'm really sorry that you are feeling ripped off and not getting the support and agreement that you want here on the forums. Not getting agreement and support for your position is not the same as all of the replies being rude or insulting.
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    I don't do formal that often but I love lace and so when I found this dress, in red, black and white...
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    How do i look? This took me 2 weeks to look like this,and a lot of Lindens.But its okay...