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    You won't get banned from the game (unless you have a child avatar and you're using - or are in the close vicinity of - objects used for sexual purposes, or actual sex acts visibly taking place near you, and someone sees you and reports you). However you might get banned from that person's land if they realise you've been using their objects. This is something that they - as owner of that land - can do, for any reason (or even for no reason). Some people don't mind if you wander into their homes when they're offline, but some people do. It's always safest to err on the side of caution, and treat an SL home with the respect that you would give to a real life home: don't enter unless invited! If you're curious as to what's inside, learn how to use the camera controls in your viewer, and you can 'cam' inside and look around without touching anything. I think that most of us, as newbies, have found a cool house and walked inside without thinking, clicked around, and then left after a while. I know I did that in my very earliest days. But once I became a land-owner in SL I didn't like it when other people did that to my house, and I felt bad for doing it to the people whose homes I'd walked into when I was new. If nothing else, though, avoid using beds that are rezzed out in private homes in Second Life. You wouldn't want someone else sleeping (or indulging in other activities!) in your bed in real life, and many people feel the same about other SL residents using their bed in Second Life. In short: you won't get banned from the game (unless you're breaking that child avatar/sexual objects/sex acts rule mentioned in my first paragraph) but don't be surprised if you're banned from that person's home or land. There are plenty of other places in Second Life, so a ban here and there because a land-owner didn't like you intruding into their personal space isn't anything to worry about
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    I found a website that uses a neural network (artificial intelligence) to evaluate how good is your photo is. I tried a photo of my mesh SL avatar and got 97.7%! It even suggests tags for your photo. It's www.everypixel.com/aesthetics if anyone wants to play with it.
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    I walked across the street and took my pants off if you look close over on the right by the motel sign, the guy in yesterdays picture is still standing AFK in the same spot.
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    Got griefer nesting up next to my place...now i can only stand there and wait for help.
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    With SL15B behind us (and SL16B to look forward to!) we thought it was time to have another Town Hall, and give Residents a chance to ask about Second Life and hear the latest news on what is being worked on and planned in Second Life. We’ll also share specific updates on our product development roadmap, as discussed earlier this year. Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg will be appearing at a “Town Hall” chat session on Thursday, September 13th 2018 at 9:30 a.m. (SLT/Pacific). This is your chance to interact directly with Ebbe as he discusses 2018 and beyond. Got a question you want to ask? Post it in the Community Forum thread “September 2018 - A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg” in advance of the Town Hall. Questions will be selected from all submissions made prior to Sept. 10, so make sure to weigh in now! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sept. 13 to see if your question is selected. On that day, you can join us live for the Town Hall meeting. Location will be publicized closer to the event - stay tuned! We’ll see you inworld soon!
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    I am just going to focus on that Fashion Model tag.
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    This is the new messy bun look I picked up at No Match. It's called "No Common."
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    on the snowflake sims all the road intersections will be left turn only. anyone that turns to the right will be banned.
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    https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ We found a few issues with the new system and decided to take it offline while those are being fixed. Not sure how long it's going to take at this point, but as soon as Auctions are open gain we'll post it up there on that link to the status blog. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if there's a mainland parcel in which you are interested, drop a support ticket on my team and we'll get you fixed up. ?
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    Maybe it just me but I see quite often that somebody came here to look for a friend or just somebody to talk to. I don't know how successful is they effort, But I came up with the fallowing idea. If you want to just have a little chat with somebody just put your name here, and some info about yourself. Like where do you live, age, interest stuff like that. And I will try to chat with you. And maybe other people will join to this "service".
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    I'd say this Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. the forum guidelines http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines
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    Is there any timeline on when "Bakes on Mesh" will be released? I'd love to use some of those ten years worth of old "system layers" type clothing and stuff on my meshy-self rather than using appliers over and over. I'm personally looking forward to this new feature more than any other.
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    They always make a not of when logging is added, but they don't mention when logging has been removed. It's pretty normal to add some logging when testing or developing or debugging a feature and we have to assume the lab do some clean up simply to keep logs readable. From our own testing, a single pathfinding object can significantly change the spread of timings on a region. I cant say I've noticed any scripts running noticeably slower so long as there is spare time, but then I'm not in the habit of writing script that does anything meaningfully complex. I think an open source script benchmark would be a great idea. I'm made a thread just for that -
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    This! Whenever possible, preview what you buy in-world so you can see how it's LOD holds up. There's no reason a smaller house should have these issues so if you do see that, you might want to shop around more. As a tip, when shopping or building I set my Object Detail down to 2, much lower than most people, and try to only use content that will hold up. This not only prevents me from using items with bad LOD, but also makes it so when people visit they can reduce their Object Detail to enjoy the performance gain doing so gives them. Of course that's mainly for public spaces like clubs and RP sims, but it's a good habit regardless of what you're building.
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    You'll need to get to a 500+ post count before you can change it. When you can change it, you do it by editing your profile.
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    Answered in your previous inquiry: There's the problem. The computer you are using does not have a dedicated graphics card and is relying on the Intel graphics chip on its motherboard -- a chip that does not meet Second Life's minimum standards for performance.
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    Correct. A script using a cast ray is simply asking the servers if there is something along the line of sight between the user and the target position. If there is, the servers return the UUID and position of whatever is along the path. Nothing is "hit". There is no beam of particles or bullets. It's a simple query to the servers.
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    I am pretty sure he wants to be one of the watchers...... For educational purposes of course.
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    I don't care what happens in the engine-room. I'm upstairs on the sun deck soaking up the rays and wolf-whistles
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    For all those who look for a mobile viewer as solution: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2018/08/lumiya-android-ios-second-life.html found this today via a German blog
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    thanks but I will visit your competitors at the Lovecraft festival... they have something you don't ... a timeline
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    Quite true, I'm just mentioning an alternative.
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    I'm guessing either your Premium recently expired -- or maybe is still in that 'downgrading' status - and the Land Holdings page just hasn't quite caught up. Or the Land Holdings page has a bug - which in and of itself wouldn't actually be a big surprise. In any case, No, given your current status you cannot go buy any Mainland. When Garnet mentions buying on a Private Estate, just be aware that you are not truly 'buying' - as in you would not really be the "owner" in the eyes of LL. You would actually be paying rent to the true owner, though you usually would get close to full owner permissions on said land.
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    a hos[ital needs a gynocolgy floor and lots of beds with stirrips and chairs all around so people can watch and no i mean for educational purposes and u need a ward for ufo victims with specialist doctors that deal with patients from other worlds and all that and u need a nursery for the babys and a cafetiria
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    I am 1,82 meters tall in SL, when measured with a prim. Scale wise I adjust everything to this, so a region is validly 255 meters when I am sized thus. That would be the fault of the plane, surely? Most of them only travel at 16 to 30 knots. 839 feet or 2,3 gridiron fields.
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    Sorry about double posting but it occured to me that it's a fairly easy reality check we can do. Regardless of any changes that may have been made to the forumla, what we do know, is that when a fitted mesh is uploaded with a size of 0.1 m or less along all axises, the render weight formula will assume that the mesh will nearly always be rendered at lowest LoD and that the other models are so rarely used they don't matter to the base weight. In fact, if it's fitted mesh, it will nearly always be render at the highest LoD. We can test what difference that makes with regular meshes where the LoD bug doesn't apply. Here are two of them. The one to the left is just a plane with two triangles, what the RC formula assumes the fitted mesh in my third calculation is rendered as. The cube to the right has been split into 40,368 triangles, what my fitted mesh example actually is rendered as. Both meshes are textured with the same 1024x1024 texture. The two triangle mesh has its render weight calculated to 517: The one with 40,368 triangles is 100,822
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    This cozy fire is all in our heads. This thread is the community. I had to peek at your profile. Are you Magyar (Hungarian)?
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    We have a winner!!!!
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    I try (not always successfully, mind) to look at things like that in a broader context, because context is really bloody important when it comes to people's moods and emotions. If that person always flies off the handle at the slightest thing, taking everything as a personal affront and finding fault in even the most innocuous statements (and there are a couple of people here who do that on a regular basis) then I know those people are beyond any kind words that I might be able to offer. Those people are the drama-loving, drama-fostering, drama-needing queens of Second Life. They can't live without it; even the ones who state in their profiles that they hate drama. (Hell, especially those that have those profile statements.) However, if a person generally comes across as (mostly) stable and non-reactionary and then one day they react poorly to some perceived slight, I will err on the side of compassion and assume that Real Life is treating them badly that day. With those people I'm 99% certain that - after a day or two - life will be kind to them again and their equilibrium will be restored. Sure, the 'always flies off the handle' person might be having a bad life instead of a bad day, but if a person needs their misery to be validated by constant proof that Everybody On An Internet Forum Hates Them then they should probably be seeking help elsewhere, and not on said internet forum.
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    That one and this one are both from Stealthic.. This was the other one.. One of the two was from Cal88..I can't for the life of me remember which one was at the store and which was at the event..But both are from Stealthic.. hehehehe I've been running on fumes this week,so my memory is not so great this week.. Eta: plus now that I found out I didn't kill our good razer keyboard,I can readjust back away from the fischer priced one and get back to normal awesome keyboard flow.. it's amazing how switching boards messes things up..hehehe just glad to have the good one back ? This is so off topic i know,but I'm just excited hehehehe
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    I already had 36k once, when the dollar was down
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    Hello, I am Glitch from SE Asia and I am SLT +13, I do not have many peoples active during the times i play so i would love to make some friends who share similar time zones with me. I play SL usually midnight to noon SLT. I am a very fun, sometimes very energetic and willing to match my soon-to-be friends activities as well. My activities including, Musical Knowledge, DJing, Dancing, Clubbing, Shopping, Chatting, Talking and most of all Having Fun and sometimes being professional. If you are interested please send an IM to me ( AshenSaturn ) that is my In World Name. Look forward to hearing from you!
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    Looks like there are several discussions going on this week. Thank you! I didn't know that search option existed!
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    Even after all these years, I can hear my mother: "Nothing to do? For heaven's sake, girl. Use your imagination. It's not the world's job to entertain you."
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    Three posts in a week, good thing he's running out of words and and we won't have any text in the next one he posts
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