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    Actually overdressed for the sim. I had to crop this picture to remove the naked guys private part.
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    Most of my shots are of the less-than-work-safe variety, but here's one that shouldn't get me banned shameless flickr plug
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    Thread necroed already four times: 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. Now we need to let it sleep for about six months so it can be necroed once again.
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    quietly observes how many "This will be the death of SL" controversies we've gotten through alright
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    I'm gonna have to get that viewer..Is it on the 3rd party list? That picture looks amazing ETA: Well that one made me update our geforce drivers that we have been lazy about updating..hehehehe It seems to have a lot of the SL viewer things in it..A lot of it looks really nice..I love all the options.. For moving around all the time though I'll probably have to stay with Firestorm since I'm used to those controls and use black dragon for pictures.. It will be nice to have a viewer that is mainly for photography..
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    Nahh thank you I'm a cider drinker
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    I remember a lot of what everyone has mentioned! The age verification, copybotting, the exodus to Zindra which I think coincided with the teen grid closing. I never noticed but the opening of SL to free accounts was a big upheaval apparently. I also recall a few smaller things like Last Call closing, or Gala getting knocked out and even the Sexgen beds becoming free.
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    Happy You know nothing Tuesday and are very wise Hippie's quote from Plato got me thinking (about nothing of course) which is so appropriate for a Tuesday! So I am throwing in a cute puppies playing football picture because football is back in season......yay, Go Vikings!
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    Experimenting with the Black Dragon viewer. I love it!
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    It means that the CI - Avatar Complexity Index?? (not sure what the I stands for) - of one of the mentioned heads apparently is roughly 48,000 The complexity value is supposedly a number that indicates how much of a load your entire avatar (all clothing and such) is having on the viewer - thus how much you are impacting other people when you come into their view. It is a quite controversy measure, but we don't really have anything else to go by right now. Anyway, most folks shoot for keeping the value under 100,000 and many try for keeping it under 50,000. Those numbers can be hard to hit if your head alone is eating up 48,000 of the value.
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    A single dedicated script can store up to 500 agent names (or keys). Several such modules with parallel search can support storing a very large number of agents. This however is a pretty advanced scripting so not for LSL beginners and/or amateurs. Sequential search wouldn't work of course because takes way too long.
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    Yeah thats it, thank you
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    Ignorance of something doesn't make it go away, Ashlyn. The psychology Luna mentions is well researched. That may not explain your perception of racism in SL, but people do see differences in each other and have preferences for people that look familiar, the in-group. The earlier we address this in a child's life, the better the chance we can avoid "differentism" becoming racism. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1211994/Even-babies-discriminate-Shock-new-study-shows-infants-young-months-distinguish-black-white-faces.html
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    I like your optimism.
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    People are in a vulnerable state when they reach out to a stranger because their overture can be rejected. We are less likely to be rejected if someone is similar to ourselves. So we tend to reach out more easily to people we view as similar as it lessens the possibility of rejection. Sure there are plenty of racists around, but maybe some think you have your own culture and so would not want to be approached by them, or maybe they think you'd rather interact with another black person. If this is true it's not racism but instead demonstrates an awareness of differences in people. For example, say in Walmart, if I see a teenager in the record section I'm not going to try and start up a conversation. Or probably not if I saw a black woman in the hair care section perusing hair care products for black women. But if I encounter someone in the pet section of the store I might just smile and say "so how many little darlings do you have" as I picked out my pet food. Try approaching them first.
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    in case you wonder over Chic's named prize, the "only a dollar" applies if you cash out your sptipend or otherwise cash in less Lindens...
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    For what it is worth, my 2 cents, to me it sounds a little like overkill to use mesh objects to create a HUD. A HUD is basically just a view port placed on the users screen. A more simple solution instead of using mesh, is to use a texture based single prim. If your HUD requires special shapes and an 3D illusion of depth, this can also be obtained by clever usage of textures. The sample you refer to is - if I am not wrong - based on the default dialog box used by the viewers, where multi pages are added. With a texture based solution there is no need for link message handling or listening to internal commands, instead much simpler handling of the users mouse clicks.
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    Skell is an absolute treasure, and full of so much valuable advice on fashion and styling.
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    Where you went to school, what your first pet's name was... are not hard questions. Even 50 years later they are things you should know! However, if you have forgotten the name to your first pet the lab can verify you in other ways. You will likely need to send in a copy of your ID papers. In all cases, contact support and work with them.
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    It is if you want the game to run at decent framerates, with the graphics set to a level most people these days (who'd be into the idea of SL at least) would consider acceptable. And even then the graphics are nothing to brag about. And yeah, I know, there's plenty of people already in SL who will argue that the graphics are fine to them, but we're not talking about them. We're talking about the broader group of potential SL users, most of whom are put off by SL's unreasonably high hardware requirements for mediocre graphics. If Linden Lab wants SL to gain more users than it's losing, this is just one issue they need to address. Here's an important point: SL can look better and run better, without pushing out older systems. The problem is not the engine, it's the unregulated flow of obscenely unoptimized art assets being uploaded to the grid at an alarming rate. If you optimize the art assets used to build a sim (fewer, smaller textures and more compact texture UVs) SL can actually run surprisingly well, even on older, less powerful hardware. I've been proving this for years with my own builds. LL needed to be smarter about how mesh would work, how they would discourage unoptimized content, and incentivize those content creators who put in the effort to create the best looking content with the smallest rendering impact. They ignored the input of every graphics professional with an interest in SL and we're all paying the price for it. I've done exactly that. Actually, it was a zeppelin. I built it myself and went on sightseeing trips across the entire mainland. I had fun, but let's be real here; Vehicles in SL are kinda awful compared to even bad videogame vehicles. There.com had far superior vehicles back in like 2005, maybe earlier. The same goes for everything else you suggested. Combat in SL is a joke. Roleplaying HUDs are always a clunky, cludgy affair held together by sheer determination of a playerbase that is willing to bend over backwards to forgive SL it's shortcomings. Dancing and singing are hard to screw up, but SL's approach to them is extremely bare bones and lacking any polish or flair. Custom build competitions are increasingly rare as the in-world creation tools have been left to rot on the vine without developments to keep them a viable alternative to mesh in the eyes of most people. Not to mention the no-mod plague that's been allowed to sink it's stench into every corner of SL has killed much of the creativity that used to flourish in SL's modding communities (furries and anime avatar communities being the exception that embraced modding and still have a vibrant amount of creativity going on for them). And I'm not trying to poo-poo all over anyone's enjoyment of SL. I love SL too! But if we want to recognize why SL is losing people, why the player base has shrunk considerably and looks to continue to shrink until there's only a handful of die-hard addicts left to mourn SL's passing, we (or LL rather) need to take a hard, realistic, and extremely critical view of their product. See where it falls short, where it can be improved, what strengths there are to build on. Being critical is not a wholly negative endeavour, it's about seeing how something we all love can be made even better, and more appealing to people who might otherwise love SL as much as we do if not for some glaring flaws that they can't forgive as easily as some of us might be able to. And how that can be done without losing what makes SL appeal to those of us already here.
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    And you can even change the skin tone of the people ones
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    I just wanted to add to this discussion by saying that I have compiled all the current information I could find about the upcoming last names feature in Second Life, here: https://ryanschultz.com/2018/03/22/more-details-on-the-upcoming-ability-to-change-your-user-name-in-second-life/ Interestingly, this is one of my most popular blogposts on my blog, getting around ten views per day. A lot of people are looking for information on how to get last names! I have a feeling that this service is going to be VERY popular, since we have over seven years of pent-up demand for last names.
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    You're not really wearing those on your body - you're wearing them on a separate mesh. As it happens it's permanently attached to your body and can't be turned off without the HUD, but it's still a separate thing. You could do the same thing by wearing that layer as a separate item only when you need it. After Bakes on Mesh rolls out I imagine that mesh body makers will still offer clothing and underwear layers that will work with existing appliers but they'll just make them removable.
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    Dos mas cervezas, por favor You have now seen the limits of my spanish vocabulary fit for public use. Does anyone else sing Beyonce's song as "All the Chingalettas?" My mind is turning in odd directions today. I blame Trump.
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    Rather than start a thread on it,I figured maybe just ask here rather than making too big a deal about it.. I'm just curious if my neck looks too long.. I tried this hairstyle on and all of a sudden my neck feels really long.. hehehehe I don't know if it's just me always having longer hair and not seeing my neck as much or if it really is..I remember when I made my shape it was in proportion,but that was awhile ago and may have adjusted it somewhere along the way.. So I'm just curious if it is or isn't.. I just need an outside perspective pretty much.. hehehehe
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    Yes it does, they had me with the "soft focus!" They have just a released a new version 3.2.3 about a week ago. It's windows 64 bit, which is a shame since I normally use linux. But it is worth booting up the windoze partitiion just for that!
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    I just check my internet connection it seem i have faulty wire so i think you need a new cable :C
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    The irony of a Chinese girl working on the railroad is not lost on me. Just FYI. ~SNORTS~
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    I have one quick question, why do you feel a need to mock everyone, and think you are superior. Like you are pretty negative, and well it is kinda getting old. I was making a suggestion, and I think that the user base, would stay the same actually.
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    This shopping region had very nice Windlight - nice soft light for the skin. Straight from SL, no editing done to the snapshot. But all similar Windlights usually are not great for other things, they kill material effects and have no shadows.
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    If you trap some air between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, when you press upward with your tongue, and pay attention to the sensations, you can feel the air warm. When you release that pressure, you can feel an instant of cooling.
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    Window shopping can be frustrating in SL. Lots of windows are just too high up from the ground!
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    *cough* KaS Corset Dress System, L$ 750... *cough* But if you WANT red... We GOT red...
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    So is it over? Are we finished? But it was so good while it lasted.....*wipes a tear*........ Just kidding........haha!
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    I actually have some some time in VR, but really did have a hard time getting the speed of my movements such that I wasn't feeling the need to hurl my stomach contents everywhere. I could do roller coasters and all sort of similar tummy twisters as a kid, but found that my tolerance for such things diminished quite a bit as I aged. That may play into me having a harder time with VR without getting ill.
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    Exploring a sim that was completely redone by dirty.pretty and is gorgeous! It's called Cloudbreak.
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    I sopped by one of those AFK sex places They said just leave a tip and do anything I wanted. ANYTHING!
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    Give Yoda some slack. Little guys are terrific dancers. I've experienced the following at least two times: noob walks up and asks a seemingly legit noob question. But, as a comprehensive answer starts to form in my head and my hands reach for the keyboard, the noob walks past and disappears into the distance, far far from sight and chat range. Maybe it's an attention span thing those generation Z-ers seem to suffer from .
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    I have filed a support ticket and was told there is no ETA on a fix, this was 3 months ago.
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    I’d say it’s because SL has a serious lag problem and not everyone can afford high-end PCs to play a chatroom type game. Not to mention, there’s hardly anything to do in the game itself, sadly.
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