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    Kookaburra! I'd forgotten he was sitting out here, especially since I usually have my sound turned way down, so I don't hear him laughing away. I don't have an old gum tree for him to sit in, either, so he's had to live on my shop's balcony. Oh, and I'm giving my LeLutka Simone an outing for a while...Maia was just too young for too long. Wonder when Peony will start growing wrinkles again...
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    Actually overdressed for the sim. I had to crop this picture to remove the naked guys private part.
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    Most of my shots are of the less-than-work-safe variety, but here's one that shouldn't get me banned shameless flickr plug
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    Further experiments with Black Dragon.?
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    Saw this on Facebook and truly LOL - If you don't get it, research "Wile E. Coyote". The PC folks would probably disallow the cartoon these days because it is "too violent".
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    quietly observes how many "This will be the death of SL" controversies we've gotten through alright
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    This looks great! And yay for another convert! I find the Black Dragon solution to alpha channel overlap to be a little overzealous, and the blur can be a little too much for pics like this. What I started doing is taking two identical snaps (ctrl+alt+F to freeze the world), one with "alphas into depth" (one of the DoF checkbox options) on and one with it off, and then layering them with a 30-70% opacity in editing. It doesn't always work, especially when the hair is in front of plants, but can help add some depth to the hair while avoiding the "flickering" effect you can get with the option turned on. eg + = This example isn't the best, because the left picture (alphas into depth turned on) doesn't have much alpha channel overlap, so probably would have been fine as a pic regardless. But I still think it helps give the hair a sense of depth, and looks pretty great. I do the same. I find Firestorm performs better for "everyday" stuff, but Black Dragon in "photo mode" runs far smoother with much better results than Firestorm. Plus I can't get music to play in Black Dragon, although all other sound works fine, so I've probably broken a setting somewhere. It also means that I don't really have to change the graphics settings on either viewer, which is great because I'm really lazy and would otherwise forget to turn stuff back on/off after taking a shot.
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    Ending the third party exchanges for Linden dollars caused a lot of people problems and upset at the time. I know a few people that left over it because they can't use Paypal and had no way of purchasing Linden Dollars or cashing them out.
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    Discussion of ideas leads to better ideas. Taking a dump on everything leads to .....
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    Greetings! This thread has been locked. 1. No one can create a "Forum Account". 2. The only people who can post on the SL Community Forums are those who have created a Second Life Account. 3. Issues with Profile Search has nothing to do with the Forums. If you cannot find an SL Avatar on the web profiles page or by using in world search, it doesn't mean that the SL Account doesn't exist.
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    Imagine someone in a similar position to you; only having a vague idea of how all this works, very little actual experience or teaching but wants to explore and learn more. Now strip out every ounce of self-awareness, and replace it with complete arrogance and misplaced confidence. That's your average SL "master". A bunch of idiots that have watched too much 50 shades, and don't understand the difference between domination and abuse (hint: neither does anyone connected to that *****heap of a series). Be very wary who you "chain" yourself to, and always put your own happiness and health above the feelings of any master/mistress you meet online. I'd check out Twisted Orchid. It might not be the place you're after and it might not have the answers you seek, but at the very least it's a lovely social venue for the BDSM-inclined. They used to do fairly regular munches, but those seem to have dried up recently. I went through a similar period of exploration, and came to the conclusion that I'm definitely on the vanilla side of things - and it's totally okay to realise that - but a few of the friends I made there were a crucial part of that journey for me.
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    Skell is too modest to recommend his own blog, so I do it. http://www.virtualbloke.com/ Skell is in the inworld support group for the Catwa heads, and I learn a lot from reading his posts about the various heads. His Flickr is full of male looks that's a great fashion source for men in SL. https://www.flickr.com/photos/skelldagger/with/43653180242/
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    Prims exported as mesh and then dumped back into SL is ... a terrible idea. Make a rough item in SL, export that to blender, create your object in blender with the guide you have from SL. Blender takes some time to learn, just keep grinding those tutorials .. it will all come together. We all had to do this.
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    I'm gonna have to get that viewer..Is it on the 3rd party list? That picture looks amazing ETA: Well that one made me update our geforce drivers that we have been lazy about updating..hehehehe It seems to have a lot of the SL viewer things in it..A lot of it looks really nice..I love all the options.. For moving around all the time though I'll probably have to stay with Firestorm since I'm used to those controls and use black dragon for pictures.. It will be nice to have a viewer that is mainly for photography..
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    No need for a female skin to get your real life look, Eccose. If I were you I would demo Catwa's 'Victor' and 'Skell' Bento heads, as those have starting shapes that you'll be able to tweak using the face sliders to get very close to your real life look. If you don't want to spend L$5000 on a Bento head, then the Catwa basic 'Justin' head is fairly close as well, and only L$900, but it can only be stretched in four directions; there's no slider customisation. For skins I would look at Insol, who have brought out a couple of beautiful smooth and pale skins recently. Matching body appliers can be found at Bold & Beauty (if you opt for a mesh body; you appear quite slim, so I'd suggest either Slink Physique or Signature Geralt for a body). Another possibility is Avi-Glam, so have a look at both of those places and pick up some demos. This is Insol's 'Tyson' skin in Tone 01 on the Catwa 'Skell' head: As for those fierce brows, check out Identity Body Shop. They had almost-identical ones out at Hipster Men's Event a few months back, which should be in their mainstore by now. (I don't think they have their brows in their Marketplace store, so you'll need to look at their inworld store.) For the light facial hair, try CDC Creations. Their beards are tintable, and their '46' one (pic here) might work well for you. Alternatively, Mister Razzor's 'Jordan' beard (also tintable - pic here) is similarly light, but has a more defined and thinner 'tache. (Note that, because Skell's hair is dark in those images, I've tinted his facial hair dark. You can just as easily get a much lighter colour. A tintable beard will apply completely white, so you just need to find the RGB colours you want, and input them to tint it.) For the hair, try Stealthic. One of their styles (I think it's called something like 'Obscura') is similar to how yours is in your first picture. Hope that helps get you started.
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    There was a change to the terms of service a few years ago that got a lot of creators upset because it appeared to be Linden overreach claiming their IP rights. There was also the addition of skills regions for skills gaming.
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