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    Experimenting with the Black Dragon viewer. I love it!
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    The irony of a Chinese girl working on the railroad is not lost on me. Just FYI. ~SNORTS~
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    This shopping region had very nice Windlight - nice soft light for the skin. Straight from SL, no editing done to the snapshot. But all similar Windlights usually are not great for other things, they kill material effects and have no shadows.
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    Who's looking at your neck? *blush*
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    Rather than start a thread on it,I figured maybe just ask here rather than making too big a deal about it.. I'm just curious if my neck looks too long.. I tried this hairstyle on and all of a sudden my neck feels really long.. hehehehe I don't know if it's just me always having longer hair and not seeing my neck as much or if it really is..I remember when I made my shape it was in proportion,but that was awhile ago and may have adjusted it somewhere along the way.. So I'm just curious if it is or isn't.. I just need an outside perspective pretty much.. hehehehe
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    Window shopping can be frustrating in SL. Lots of windows are just too high up from the ground!
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    Note to self, find Talis house...
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    Yes it does, they had me with the "soft focus!" They have just a released a new version 3.2.3 about a week ago. It's windows 64 bit, which is a shame since I normally use linux. But it is worth booting up the windoze partitiion just for that!
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    I'd recommend making the neck shorter just a smidge. Your avi looks awesome, btw! D8 i love the feather idea!
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    It's hard to find a forum anywhere that doesn't have a few trolls. The SL forums are remarkably sane and civil compared to many, and compared to what they were like even a few years back. With no trouble at all, I can find people here whose delivery style is the polar opposite of my own. Some of them annoy the hell out of me at times. However, I rarely find people here these days who are genuine trolls. In fact, a couple of the ones I find most annoying are clearly smart and have often made logical observations that changed my mind about how SL works and what it can be. I don't mute people here or in world. I figure my brain has a good enough filter to cut past rhetoric that bothers me and decide if there's anything worth hearing beyond it.
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    But girls like high heels and lace underwear. So should I wear that too?
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    Even after all these years, I can hear my mother: "Nothing to do? For heaven's sake, girl. Use your imagination. It's not the world's job to entertain you."
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    Don't you have to eat someone/something in order to completely grok it?
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    Happy You know nothing Tuesday and are very wise Hippie's quote from Plato got me thinking (about nothing of course) which is so appropriate for a Tuesday! So I am throwing in a cute puppies playing football picture because football is back in season......yay, Go Vikings!
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    The confusing part to me is that Karolanne Placebo has a faulty wire, so someone else ("you") needs a new cable.
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    A mesh body is an attachment or set of attachments that you wear over your system body to make it look better, in the same way that you might wear a tight-fitting full-cover mesh bodysuit. You also wear a full-body alpha layer to make your system body invisible which stops it poking through the mesh body in places. It is normally constructed as fitted mesh, which means that it will adapt to most changes you make to your avatar's shape. System layer clothes/skin/tattoos which are "painted" onto the system body will no longer work (since the system body is now hidden) but "appliers" achieve the same effect on a mesh body. Most mesh bodies cover the body up to the neck, with mesh heads being available separately to cover the system head. The Mesh Body Addicts website lists details and reviews of most popular mesh bodies, with links to the shops where you can get demos. Strawberry Singh's blog also has lots of useful information. So, get a few demos that interest you and play with them. You could also get the two free EBody mesh bodies at their shop and the free Altamura body+head on the Women Only Hunt which ends soon (all with limited features). Each model of mesh body has its own way of responding to shape settings, so clothes are usually made to fit specific bodies (though they could fit well on other bodies too). So if you are thinking of buying a particular mesh body, make sure there is good availability of clothes that fit it.
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    Dos mas cervezas, por favor You have now seen the limits of my spanish vocabulary fit for public use. Does anyone else sing Beyonce's song as "All the Chingalettas?" My mind is turning in odd directions today. I blame Trump.
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    Every post, that I have seen her in. She is always mocking ideas like she is superior, and questions people's intelligence. So instead of her being like that, maybe she can show a bit more compassion, and actually, give some ideas. I am honestly getting frustrated and annoyed with her, not glad. It appears, she only comes on, to mock others, and question others intelligence. How can one appreciate her for that?
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    Be "glad" all you like - doesn't change anything.
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    I have one quick question, why do you feel a need to mock everyone, and think you are superior. Like you are pretty negative, and well it is kinda getting old. I was making a suggestion, and I think that the user base, would stay the same actually.
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    This might help ... [edit] For what it's worth, do you see those 4 items at the bottom of the list? Those are only things you can never remove; they can only be replaced. No avatar can be rendered without those 4. Shape, skin, hair and eyes.
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    If you trap some air between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, when you press upward with your tongue, and pay attention to the sensations, you can feel the air warm. When you release that pressure, you can feel an instant of cooling.
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    Isaac Newton discovered that while carrying helium-filled party balloons through his apple orchard. Newton's 4th Law: "Helium filled party balloons are antisocial nerds. They tend to remain at rest or retreat while approached by strangers."
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    Tell me something I don't know. And Happy Monday to you too. (Note: It's Monday the 13th.)
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    What? Oh! La. Welcome to the freak show forums, Daina. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    tfw..you're about to delete a suspicious outfit in your inventory and discover it includes a very lovely choker:
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    Three little problem 1. No sword 2. No hat 3. No underwear. I'm in commando always.
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    I loved the Montalbano series. This song from one episode is full of raw and genuine emotion.
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    Long time no see, Forumites! I admit that I've been SO busy that I've hardly had time to swing by and read updates! I hope you are all doing lovely! Currently (desperately) trying to finish up a sim build whilst not falling asleep (maybe).
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    Oh gosh, can you imagine the abuse we would have if people could upload 4K textures? That time little earring that takes up 10 pixels on the screen... with a 4K texture applied? VRam killer! That little knickknack from the H&G store that was 150 pixels tall on the screen with four 4K textures? Well, there goes 10fps. That vendor at Fantasy Faire (just one of 10,000) that was 250 pixels tall on your screen with 4K textures. Can FF become any more texture loaded? And that's the biggest problem between SL and a Game - a top tier game will have a budget for tris, it will have a budget for textures, it will have a budget for draws. And it will all be pre-computed. Here people can create their own streamed content, and that leads to a lot of abuse. In almost all cases in SL, 1024x1024 textures are more then enough. Why? We rarely expand them out to full size. Most of the time they are occupying a mere 200 pixels of screen space.
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    And something about single names... There have been lots of complaints that "all good names have been taken" and "no names available". And then people have created all kinds of weird names with number and letter combinations. Well, the fact actually is that all good single names have not been taken. I guess what people actually mean is that "all the names what I would have liked have been taken". People are just too picky wanting some specific name for their account. Just yesterday I created alternative account. What name to give it? I tried CeciliaLorenzo. Message was "it's available". Yay! How easy and fast it was. And it's a nice name. Now I can create nice display name rhyming with the username if I want to, like Cecilia Lorenzo without any silly Unicode character "decorations". Perfect! Anyway, I liked the old system very much; first name and last name, and no display names. And it was very easy to make a nice name (if you weren't too picky ).
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    ...Just me and the cricket and my ol' buddy Jack ..
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    found some Neko ears and tail and had to play.
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    I think the last time I heard of anyone groking successfully, it was Michael Valentine Smith and it was 1969. Although maybe Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance came close in the mid-70s. Or maybe that was Spock. Spock sounds grokkier somehow. In any case, groking's not a Millennial thing to do.
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    The lighting in this shot is sublime, you got mad skillz...
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    Go to your dashboard and on the left side under Linden Exchange, click on Manage then click "Sell L$" under that - the fee to sell is 3.5% of the transaction. This is called "Process Credit" and can be done from your dashboard also - under the 'Manage' section of Linden Exchange, down near the bottom (note that if you actually have a US $ balance, there might be a 'Process Credit' link right next to that value on your Account Summary page). Your US $ balance can be transferred out to a PayPal account, but not back to a credit card so if that happens to be your current specified payment method, you'll need to add PayPal. The fee to do this transfer is 2.5% (with a minimum of $3.00) and you must be transferring at least $10 after fees. Also note that if your PayPal is a foreign currency there will likely be a PayPal fee for converting. Most definitely - especially by folks that actually manage to make money in SL. Use a very strong password. For someone else to initiate a 'forgot password' process, they would need to also control your SL linked email account or know a whole lot about you and your account (what city/state did you live in when you created your account, what is your RL birthday, provide the answer to your security question if there is one, provide the full name of some specified folks on your Friends list, etc....) Here is a link to the Fees info: https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-transaction-fees.php and here is info on Processing Credit: https://accounts.secondlife.com/process_credit/
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    Second Life gravity is not a property of matter. This can be easily verified by the fact that ordinary prims can be positioned in the air, after which they remain in place. When a prim is made Physical, it becomes subject to gravity and falls. In fact, Second Life gravity is a service provided by Linden Lab. At the present time, gravity is provided free of charge. However, with the recent decrease in land tier and private region pricing and land fees, LL needs to find replacement sources of revenue. One such source of revenue is a monthly charge for Gravity Use for all residents. In the coming months, we are sure to see situations such as this: Scene: A crowded club. DJ FONEBONE is playing some heavy metal for the crowd. Suddenly, all the dancers begin to float up into the air. CLUB PATRON 1: WTF? CLUB PATRON 2: Hey! Did some clown just orbit me? DJ FONEBONE: Remain calm, everyone! Just switch to the Air Dance menu in the dance ball CLUB HOSTESS: Darn it. Penelope forgot to pay the gravity bill again. People begin dancing on the ceiling. A few residents unfortunate enough to have been under an open skylight float up and are never seen again. (Oh, and Elle? I have a twisted imagination, but even I can't wrap my mind around a Moebius Torus Model of SL. A big flat plate riding on an elephant, standing on a turtle, makes a lot more sense. After that, of course, it's turtles, all the way down.)
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