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    Always a good time for a photo during one of my hunts!
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    Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636
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    More than feeling angry over theft I have pity for those who are doing this. This is supposed to be a place of creativity -- art is sacred -- it's where you dig deeper and see the world in new ways... and feel excited about learning...and yet they've traded all that in for a dollar.
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    hey i got a guy for u his name is kate but will it be a problem that he is 16 yrs old ? he is cool trust me
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    From a few hours ago. Nostoll beat me in bowling, but it was a lot of fun.
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    I decided to take up sailing, I'm gonna sail across the Blake Sea in my new toobie.
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    An amazing outfit! I have something similar hehe.
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    If you go to their blog, you can see the entry for yourself. As of today, it was still up. Some snippets from his post I thought it was clear that she understood that the source material was not to be used in SL, but did so under her own free will for the reasons cited in her apology letter. This just sounds so bad any way you slice it.
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    This is great! Disappointed that the ban limit is still just 500.
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    I was just going through my inventory and found some things I bought the other day At the designers event that's going on, that I forgot about. I forget the name of it for some reason.. ETA: Just remembered the name of the event..It's The MBA fair Anyways,I got this really pretty top from Maitreya called the, Maitreya Bali Boho Blouse, which comes with some nice bikini bottoms.. There were three versions of the blouse,but I can't tell the difference in any of them..They all have an L1,L2 and an L3 on the end of each one.. Heck if I know what that means hehehehe Maybe one of you guys know ? Anyways,here is the top and bikini bottoms.. Also if you didn't hear about the event going on in the Blueberry Store group..Jump in group and check it out,Oh and she just started a VIP group also for really nice discounts.. =) ok I'm finished gabbing..
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    I took a little photo series of the outside area of my new home. I especially enjoy it with a night setting on. The little tray in the tea house actually serves tee to those, who click on it.
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    at a event that starts today i seen this: i was wondering, the stripes are a trade mark and are protected. For me the total design looks like a copy of the brand. I'm pretty sure it can hurt the seller, but would the Event organiser also be at risk? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_stripes
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    The other person can still see your posts and if someone quotes the person, then you will see the quoted post - so not a perfect system. There are actually 4 check boxes for what you want to block:
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    I just read some shocking reports of major SL brands — award winning ones invited to every major event, including events stipulating original content only — being proven, and admitting, to passing off stolen mesh models as their own original work — for years*. At least one of these “creators” had a representative publicly apologize to customers and other creators— other SL creators for unfairly competing by illegally downloading models and churning out content rather than spending the huge amounts of time that creation actually takes — to say nothing of those creators who actually made the stolen models and were cheated out of compensation for their work, but the apology did not actually include them. What was interesting (on SL Secrets) were customer reactions. While some were outraged at the duplicity, others claimed than no one cares if content is original or stolen. It seemed that the outraged ones outnumbered the complacent ones, but not overwhelmingly. Are you outraged? Or not really very concerned if content is original work or not? * Theft has been going on for years, and has flooded SL, but this time it is very public and incontrovertible, committed by respected, established merchants.
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    Translation: How do I cancel lindens order? hello, friends will see a few days ago I made a request for lindens, the problem is that they are taking a long time, how can I cancel the order in LindeX Currency Limit Buy? Vaya a https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/history.php y verá su pedido abierto en la lista y podrá cancelarlo. Translation: Go to https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/history.php and you will see your open order listed and be able to cancel it.
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    No, there have been links to other places too. I've seen some posts without links at all, but with odd words (or odd context in general, lol) in them that are likely being linked elsewhere (make sense?). At any rate, it's not the first time I've seen it-happens a lot on some other boards/forums I use that aren't very well monitored, though it's the first time I've seen anyone on these forums get away with it for so long, lol.
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    The display is somewhat misleading. Total group land is 5120. Due to the 10% bonus, the group really only requires 4656 tier to cover the 5120 sqm of land -- divide the 5120 by 1.1 to get that value, rounding up. Your 5120 donation minus the required 4656 leaves 464. Even though it only shows 464 available, because of the 10% bonus you really can add 512 sqm to the group: Current land of 5120 + 512 more = 5632 sqm total - divide by 1.1 to get 5120, which is the tier needed to cover 5632 sqm of group land
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    You could just create a copy of your current mesh body, that way you won't have to worry about reapplying all of your stuff again.
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    I can top this! Had to stay awake the whole night because the technician came for my internetconnection. Well, I didn't HAD to stay awake, but.. I have trouble sleeping, and that gets multiplied when it's hot (it was super hot), so I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep much anyway. Also, I take every excuse I can get to drink coffee in the evening. Well, it cooled down considerably in the middle of the night, because a small storm came to my aid and cooled me off. And the storm brought friends as well! Eight wasps. I had EIGHT goddamned WASPS in my room. They all died, mostly of exhaustion, I guess. Later on, shorty before the technician came, a ninth wasp came and stung me. Hell yeah. Now I'm super afraid that I have a nest somewhere, propably in my shutters. Please feed me cake. ;_;
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    VR doesn't make your life more easy or comfortable. It's fun though.
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    Her brand isn't the first to be outed, nor will it be the last. It was IMO a huge slap in the face to other creators who produce content with integrity. I'd like to know what people thought of the subsequent letter posted from her spouse.
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    I should clarify that... (which I apologize to EVERYONE for neglecting to mention, because now I remember clearly): My SL schedule is from around 4AM to 3PM SL time. But some family really wanted me to be with them, so I thought I'd try it - their schedule was more like 6PM to 9PM - they used the L@ system (this was about the time when the L2 creators BROKE cookware in an updated because they screwed up the scripts and refused to admit it - which was when I decided not no, but hell no to L2 anything) So, anyway, often I would fall asleep at the computer. "Mom' would carry me to bed and plop me in there (RLV HUD stuff, you get the idea) - by the time I realized what was happening I'd logout and go to bed. A few times while unintentionally camping like that I DIED LOL And yes, it actually tells you that YOU DIED. SO, I apologize if my earlier description has the impression that the HUD kept working based on RL time - that is incorrect, it only ticks while you're in world and it's not paused (and you're wearing it). Though, if you don't mind the rip-off is (at that time, maybe costs more now) 250L for a 70% chance it will revive you: try letting your Life 2 HUD go to empty. it really is funny when the title over your head says DEAD.
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    If that's how you think but trust me I screwed up trusting her on sl. But I'm not given up sl so don't run me off.
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    oh my...what a day, night and day so far yesterday the decision was officially made to cancel my retraining which means I´m free again. I´m signed off till my psychiatrist is back from his holidays and gives me the letter I need for the officials as in jobcenter ^^. D joined me for the meeting as I was dying, so sick, tummy ache, you name it - that they´d send me back... it ended with me hugging the consultant she was such a sweetheart and she loved how organized I was with my journal and all that^^ Fast forward to late evening when I was preparing some potato-salad for today and tomorrow , I just finished cutting the tatos to cook em as I saw a brown spider, quite chubby if I may say of ~ 2-3 inches diametre, legs included but angled legs. (I don´t want to look at pics atm cos I´m still in horror XD). I´m still arachnophobic, no matter if I had a tarantula on my hand and get rid of smaller spiders without flinching. Keep in mind that was the first night on my own in the last 3.5 weeks... After I managed to get my spiderkiller (a "mop" with a plate- kinda like the swiffer things...) and got rid of that one I went to my office. Still shaking and telling D they always come alone. EFF THAT! There was another one that had magically spawned next to my guitar case and the door. So I cried like mad cos... well TWO? YIERKS! and threw things at it then ran past it to get the spiderkiller and kill that one. I couldn´t sleep properly of course, listened to a podcast and had a lil light on, the spiderkiller within reach. No arachnoids anymore - so far... Now when I got up I panically roamed the whole flat, hovered and burned some lavender as they hate it. PHEW better!!!! I was finally able to get out of the houseshoes I´ve been wearing (waaaaaaaaaaaarm...) and eat... Then when I put GLaDOS on for some SL after a while the rolling restarts poked me while I was helping another blogger with their html template. I went to portal park cos that was the first thing my mouse clicked to stay logged in... I was harrassed /hit on by 2 guys within the first minute... AR ed one and blocked both... ffs Now...let´s see what today continues to bring... Nothing with more than 6 legs please
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    I've been threatening to do that here, but I fear I would be murdered in my sleep.
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    So I picked up both the male & female complete mesh avatars yesterday at Altamura for the WOH & MOH event. I have only modded the height, torso length, and leg length on Emanuelle because she was a real giant. Cute av though for playing around with in photos. I'd be afraid I'd get carded if I took her out to the club. With Tommy on my alt, I did just the opposite. I left the body as it was and tried to remold his head to look more like my alt's system head. It's still hard to compare without the facial hair. It makes him look way younger.
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    NOTE TO READERS: Off-topic post to answer a question ***** Scripted object. In my case I have a (very popular) helicopter which some in the SL Aviation creator community proclaim is "ripped" or somehow "stolen" (Yet these are the same creators who break copyright I.P. all the time). One sim in particular (and I'm not naming names because I'm not into the shame-game) has a scripted object that detects this particular object (the helicopter in question, likely by its name because it is no-modify) and immediately deletes it, unsitting you (and you fall to the ground). I don't know how they do it and I don't care. All I know is they do it and so I never ever go to that sim whether I'm using that product or not (I have a lot from different creators). So they are punishing me because I bought something they allege is a "stolen" mesh, even though they don't explain where they got this information or any proof whatsoever. As far as I know it could just be "drama" in that creator community. Well, fine. Their loss. I'll never buy from their renters and I'll never donate to their sim (and it appears I'm not the only one, it's on the Blake Sea and almost never anyone there, but the sim next door is always populated).
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    I don't do headphones,because too many people think it's funny to see how far I jump out of my skin when they touch me.. Being blind and preoccupied would more than likely temp those around me to sneak up on me again.. I lost one computer already from a headphone scare when I pulled it off the stand.. I can see and hear just fine where I'm at
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    Second Life gravity is not a property of matter. This can be easily verified by the fact that ordinary prims can be positioned in the air, after which they remain in place. When a prim is made Physical, it becomes subject to gravity and falls. In fact, Second Life gravity is a service provided by Linden Lab. At the present time, gravity is provided free of charge. However, with the recent decrease in land tier and private region pricing and land fees, LL needs to find replacement sources of revenue. One such source of revenue is a monthly charge for Gravity Use for all residents. In the coming months, we are sure to see situations such as this: Scene: A crowded club. DJ FONEBONE is playing some heavy metal for the crowd. Suddenly, all the dancers begin to float up into the air. CLUB PATRON 1: WTF? CLUB PATRON 2: Hey! Did some clown just orbit me? DJ FONEBONE: Remain calm, everyone! Just switch to the Air Dance menu in the dance ball CLUB HOSTESS: Darn it. Penelope forgot to pay the gravity bill again. People begin dancing on the ceiling. A few residents unfortunate enough to have been under an open skylight float up and are never seen again. (Oh, and Elle? I have a twisted imagination, but even I can't wrap my mind around a Moebius Torus Model of SL. A big flat plate riding on an elephant, standing on a turtle, makes a lot more sense. After that, of course, it's turtles, all the way down.)
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    It's a fresh train wreck everyday, we're going to be dissecting this for decades to come.
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    I'm with Theresa on this one, unless Coffee is suggesting some sort of way to optimize the resulting meshes from all those old sculpts. Linden Lab is right now working on a new system of Land Impact calculation with the express purpose of Stopping people from gutting LOD and telling consumers to crank object detail to compensate. Push generally better optimized content across the grid by raising the LI cost of unoptimized content. This is a thing LL has already said they are doing. Their plan is pretty much what I've been suggesting for years; Introduce the new LI numbers but not enforce them right away, instead giving everyone a grace period to adapt (probably at least a year). Unless LL is allowing legacy prims and sculpts to continue to count as 1 LI per prim (which I don't believe they are) this should greatly diminish the use of sculpts across the grid. By the time Coffee's proposed converter did it's work people would have already moved on to better optimized mesh content. My big concern is whether or not LL will roll out new resource management tools before these changes are put into place. If you want to see the disaster some of the people in this thread expect, you put in new limits without giving people the tools to adapt. Right now there is no way in LL's viewer to tell good content from bad, and only very limited tools in Firestorm (for some reason, they have better tools but choose not to release them).
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    Head: Catwa Catya Skin: Insol Just Alice (with 3rd party moles) Hair: Doux Gabryela Top: ISON Necklace: Amala Princess Necklace Nails: Emarie Rings: Kibitz Endless Love Rings
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    yes there are. they are just very careful whom they will sponsor now.
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    Latest garden gadget - https://gyazo.com/3afc1845644db490d9e44dc9b1e15bb0
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    Actually, the dining room was a complete set with chairs. Scarlet Creative Sunday Table.
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    Proof you have man parts. Mine would kill you then. I'm battling to get it back under 100,000!!!
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    To be frank when I first joined SL this kind of thing never really crossed my mind. I am sure I bought some hair that was questionable and bought it cause it was cheaper same with skins. I wouldn't have even thought to research stuff or thought about the effort it took to make things. I don't think I really gave it any thought until the mesh body that came out at the time got dmca'd after I bought it.
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    I tripped on my way home from grocceries shopping . And instead of helping me up or anything, the closest person looked down on me and then.. took a step aside. I really, really wish people wouldn't make it so hard for me to love them, because that's what I really want to do. (And do, most of the times)
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