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    See, every special snowflake has the right to be offended by anything they like - but with the right to be offended comes no obligation for others to react.
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    Absolutely gagging over how good these nails and boots (see the 'show off your shoes' thread) are from Artificial Hallucination. GAH! Long-arsed credits behind the spoiler tag.
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    Finally visited a sim I've been meaning to look at and decided to plop down and take a picture.
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    Why? Do you have to be an adult to be LGBT? Is there open sex at the sponsored sims? I find Glamazons, Big body tiny headed males, Invisible pony riders and mismatched freenises offensive, Should they be forced to stay on Adult land? Believe me, Pride events are far less offensive.
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    Tonight I went to Islands of New England to enjoy some live music. The place was so pretty, everything was so awesome looking. I would advise checking it out if you haven't already been there. Nice place for a romantic stroll or to hang out by the water. And I'm in yet another white outfit... funny because I almost always wear black.
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    Blank profile av. You had a few bites, but 0/10.
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    Added some freckles to my face
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    Make Lindens legally? Sure there are plenty, I am looking for a way to make them illegally, like cam into homes, and sit on something to get in, then taking all thier gacha items and reselling them on MP
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    You're really trying to ration it, aren't you? Or drown in it...
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    was gifted the Araxxis Albino lootbox, so of course, I had to play dress up and mix and match. lol
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    I assume it is a propaganda account, Callum, the German public broadcasters did a documentary on those, and this account just fits the habit of a facebook bot.
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    You can already disable the Linden Library in some viewers, so it doesn't load at all. Seems like LL could add a folder to people's inventories, alongside Inventory and Library, that works the same way. You choose when you want it loaded. The question is, how much benefit would there be? I often think a better solution would be for LL to improve the inventory UI so it's not like trying to manage an early 90's DOS graphical interface without commands and hotkeys to help. I want to clean out my inventory, but LL makes it so ridiculously time consuming and monotonous.
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    Went artsy with the frame today lol.
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    Doing some promo shots for a friend's sim and playing with black and white I finally managed to get into the SLB15 sim and snapped up some goodies from Blueberry (that shirt!) with their thoughtful gift of 500L for each group member. I just couldn't pass THAT up!
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    Can't seem to make my necklace fit properly without it clipping in at least one area, the frustration is real!
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    A YouTube search for "coffee rag" returns... @2070 views. A YouTube search for "root beer rag" returns... @678,200 views. I rest my case. Happy Tuesday, Kids!!!