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    Decorating a new skybox! I had been living in a free motel room, but then it suddenly vanished along with everything else in the sim where it was. Lucky for me a friend is allowing me to camp in her sky. Now I can finally use all of the cheap and free furniture I've been dragging around in my inventory.
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    Think I'm finally getting a hand at hair and fur strokes!
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    As Second Life continues its 15th birthday festivities this month, we’ve got a new pricing announcement that is definitely worth celebrating. How about lower land prices and reduced set-up fees? Effective July 2, monthly maintenance fees on Private Estates are dropping by up to 15%! In addition, one-time land set-up fees are also reduced by as much as 41%. And remember, the setup fee includes your first month’s payment. Discounts will vary based on the type of land, so here are the details on current vs. new pricing: The fine print? These price reductions do not apply to Skilled Gaming Regions. New Openspace Regions will no longer be available after June. However, existing Openspace Region landowners will benefit from this newly-reduced monthly pricing beginning July 2. Also, these changes will not impact any grandfathered or “bought down” land prices, since those are still below the newly-reduced rates. Lastly, Education/Nonprofit (EDU/NP) discounted full islands will be re-priced to maintain their 50% discount off the regularly priced full islands. The new price of $124.50 will go into effect at the start of that island's next invoiced billing term. OTHER PRICING CHANGES These latest price reductions continue our commitment to improving the overall health of the Second Life economy, which historically has relied a lot on costs incurred by landowners. For example, in March we lowered Mainland costs by over 10 percent and doubled the Mainland allotment for Premium Members. In addition to dropping prices on land, on July 2, we will also increase the cost to buy Linden Dollars to $1.49 per transaction (compared to the current rate of 99 cents per transaction). This increase will help us offset the revenues lost on land, and to keep Second Life a vibrant world that continues to push the limits of possibility - for another 15 years to come. Best, The Second Life Team
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    So I was reading the thread on what was acceptable for the Crystal Ball, and it got me all nostalgic and trying on some old looks. First of all, I "thought" I had an okay system body before I got mesh... wow... I had forgotten how chunky the system body was. Anyway, this is me in one of the first skins that I actually purchased, Horizon Series Porcelain Casual Goth by Max., some freebie or cheap CS Streamer II hair, and an outfit from SF Design called Cordelia (w/ glitch pants and flexi skirt). The necklace was from when they made them on the undershirt layer. I have to say, in remembering back, this was probably one of the best fitting flexi skirts that I ever owned. I remember constantly messing around with most of them trying to get them to hang right. And no not going to the ball, just playing dress up with clothes from the attic.
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    after finishing my upgrade and revamping my lil parcel I felt like going for a swim!!! Now... what would be more appropriate than the new collaboration between Salt&Pepper with their Wet T-Shirt Contest Gacha rocking the current (June 2018) round of The Arcade and MINA´s Sandra hair for this month´s FaMESHed round`? I started with a nice chill out in Trompe L´oeil´s Beiwen´s Flower Tent though enjoying the summer sun. My eyes were protected by B&W´s Divina sunglasses and my butt was covered by Uncontrollably´s Abby skirt which I found at Redeux. I love how the LaSirena Seacrest Chain wraps around my belly.
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    Today we are pleased to bring Animesh to Agni and one step closer to release. Since last October, when we first introduced the Animesh Project, we’ve worked closely with the content creator community. We’ve been holding User Content Meetings where we listen to your ideas, make tweaks, and fine tune this feature. We’ve come a long way since then and are excited to bring Animesh to the main grid (Agni) as part of the SLB15 Celebration. Examples courtesy of Silas Merlin For those of you who are unfamiliar with this project, Animesh is a new Second Life feature which allows independent objects to use rigged mesh and animations, just as you see today with mesh avatars. This means that you can now have wild animals, pets, vehicles, scenery features, and other objects which play animations! To use Animesh, you will need to be in a region that’s running the latest Animesh simulator build. Currently the enabled regions are those in the Bluesteel RC channel. You will also need the latest Animesh-enabled viewer, which you can find on the alternate viewers page If you would like to learn more, we have the Animesh Forums where our users have been sharing their questions, ideas, and examples of what they’ve been working on. We also have an Animesh User Guide to help you jump into Animesh along with a weekly Content User Group meeting. More documentation will be coming soon! A special thanks to Lucia Nightfire for coming up with the name Animesh!
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    Had to make a vendor for an item that my sister commissioned for her club. So I had to make a vendor picture. Hence the low resolution. And without all the vendor frills!
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    Very few communities can say they’ve been around for 15 years, but that’s exactly what the Second Life community is celebrating this year! While Second Life’s official “birthday” is June 23rd, 2003, both our community-driven and official festivities kicked off this week in style! If you missed any of the major details, take a look at our blog post for a refresher in all things SL15B. In addition to the many events, parties, contests, and other celebrations - we took a moment to speak to Linden Lab’s CEO Ebbe Altberg about what makes Second Life so unique, and what keeps it vibrant and thriving at fifteen years. There’s also a cameo from an extra-special former Linden that you don’t want to miss! For more of Ebbe’s thoughts on Second Life and the incredible community we have, read his exclusive interview with Strawberry Singh over at her blog, and be sure to check out his avatar makeover! You can learn more about Ebbe’s vision for the next 15 years of Second Life in this recent podcast with Games Wisdom. Be sure to mark your calendars for Ebbe’s inworld appearance at Meet the Lindens this Wednesday June 20th at 2 p.m (PT/SLT). Thanks to Draxtor Despres and Marianne McCann for their work on this video!
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    some shopping time. 1)Top from -:: Callie Bikini MP link 2)makeup from - Booty's Beauty "Garden Lipstick for catwa". Booty's Beauty Booty's Beauty  
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    My guess is you better take up scuba diving, heh.
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    Good Afternoon Happy Tuesday! How can you not love a mug like that! The face I mean not the coffee
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    I managed to complete my upgrade... FINALLY!!!!!!..and revamped my parcel (not perfect but lovely^^) I woke up like this, grabbed some tea - dunno why I put 2 cups... ah well^^ and then went to enjoy the sun for a bit^^
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    Wearing the latest Fifty Linden Friday hair from Exile.
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    Although I try to be understanding of newbies and socially awkward people starting conversations with just a "hi" in IM, it does get old. Shifting the burden of chat to me is destined to fail. I am no better at small talk in SL than I am in RL. If I get even a hint of a sexual pass, I'm out, but subtly. I ask them what they like to do in SL. The standard answers are clubbing, meeting people, live music, having fun with the ladies. That question is almost always returned to me. After I answer with attending science lectures, atheist talks, visiting art installations and nature sims, it's all over. Anyone who sticks around after that might be a keeper of a friend. The very rare occasion that my "no thank you" turns into attempts to insult with responses like 'you must be a lesbian or a guy in real life', I ask if that has ever worked for them. Does accusing someone of being lesbian or a guy lead a gal to trying everything in her power to prove you wrong? Has anyone ever agreed to sex, voice, or camming because you questioned their sexual orientation or gender? It's wordy and takes time, but it is effective and can be fun. Just "hi" is still the most annoying.
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    Figuring out this new head
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    Until one day i had enough Of this exercise of trust I leaned in and let it hurt And let my body feel the dirt When i break pattern, i break ground I rebuild when i break down I wake up more awake than i’ve ever been before
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    what can I say? It is hot here today..summer finally hit..
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    Ah, the hookers must all have been out buying pink fur trimmed studded leather bikinis... *nods*