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    Good Afternoon Happy Tuesday! How can you not love a mug like that! The face I mean not the coffee
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    I've had 4 ears and a tail since January 2007. As a Neko I proudly celebrate both my heritages. I am proud of the compassion and goodness of my human side and I am proud of the playfulness and bratty bossiness of my feline side. As Patch mentioned above, there are really not many hybrids left these days, but this is who I am, and part of that is 2 sets of ears. I don't see it changing.
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    i once had a persistant friend bugging me for sex. i tried to make it clear i wasn't interested but he still went on. finally i emoted that i pulled out a gun and shot him he didnt get the hint so i pulled out a gun and shot him i love life enabled sims
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    Just did a quick bit of number crunching... A yacht doing around 14 knots with about a 2 second sim crossing time would take approx 58 minutes to travel across a 90 sim continent waterway. Even a 60 sim waterway would take almost 40 minutes. Are sailors really going to make this journey on a regular basis? Even flying in a plane / helo across you're looking at about 18-19 minutes of just endless water (perhaps with some occasional islands) sims. I really cant see this retaining any long-term appeal even if it was possible. In this regard, if possible, the region portal idea would seem preferable, to me at least.
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    @Rolig Loon @Innula Zenovka Thank you so much! it worked! I moved the hinge, tried out about ten different options on the beta grid, but finally found what I needed.
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    Although I try to be understanding of newbies and socially awkward people starting conversations with just a "hi" in IM, it does get old. Shifting the burden of chat to me is destined to fail. I am no better at small talk in SL than I am in RL. If I get even a hint of a sexual pass, I'm out, but subtly. I ask them what they like to do in SL. The standard answers are clubbing, meeting people, live music, having fun with the ladies. That question is almost always returned to me. After I answer with attending science lectures, atheist talks, visiting art installations and nature sims, it's all over. Anyone who sticks around after that might be a keeper of a friend. The very rare occasion that my "no thank you" turns into attempts to insult with responses like 'you must be a lesbian or a guy in real life', I ask if that has ever worked for them. Does accusing someone of being lesbian or a guy lead a gal to trying everything in her power to prove you wrong? Has anyone ever agreed to sex, voice, or camming because you questioned their sexual orientation or gender? It's wordy and takes time, but it is effective and can be fun. Just "hi" is still the most annoying.
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    Ah, the hookers must all have been out buying pink fur trimmed studded leather bikinis... *nods*
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    My new company - a starting company - is lacking a male roster, referees, someone to record the show and backstage help. There are no requirements for the jobs and no experience necessary. If you are interested in the wrestling industry even if it's not something I've listed, IM me, I'll give you an application and send it to my boss.
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    They do. Teleport to the "Older Skins" store section and you'll face the older system skins, updated with an included applier.
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    I can only say I like the way THIS creator handles his unflattering reviews. To me, this is how it should be done so the potential buyer can see the full story: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/11953082/reviews/4298315 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/11950777/reviews/4333214
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    Chances are that those very specifically "optimized" (that's said with at least three tongues in cheek) settings probably put very little stress on the GPU, but instead, the already stressed CPU has even more load to handle.
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    You have certainly not shown that the current system is in favor of sellers. You have only shown that the system has limitations, which no one denies. Again, If you think the system needs improvement, quote Dakotas explanation of the system and suggest specific suggestions — the only one you have given is to allow anyone to post unfair, fraudulent negative reviews for any reason. And that seems to be your whole point. Also, as we say here ad nauseum: NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING WITHOUT INSPECTING A DEMO
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    Sansar and Blue Mars are only superficially similar. CryEngine is overrated un-optimized garbage that everyone declared "ahead of it's time" because it was pretty and no one could run it .. sadly, even with decent modern hardware, it still runs like poop. Sansar's render engine is pretty solid but it's bound to the same kind of tech-barrier, future rendering hardware vs future VR adoption. Blue Mars did have you download locations, they were smaller than Sansar's only our internet connections sucked. The entire concept of downloading a social location in advance was broadly hated and still is. BM was tied to the limitations of the engine, Sansar's lack of of a streaming open-world is intentional. The high entry requirements and "huge" downloads were cited as being reasons for the failure of Blue Mars, but really things were more subtle. BM was pure investor bait with little appeal to actual people. There was always some reason why BM was awesome but no one was using it, and always some tech-buzzword solution and a new round of funding. The name of the project alone made it clear who it was for and that certainly wasn't you; Who in their right mind would want to be part of a social network with 'blue' in the title. What even is a Sansar? What does one Sansar? He/She/We Sansar? To Sansar, Sansaring, Sansaroligy? Second Life on the other hand is a excellent name (much like Ready Player One's Oasis), it fits the purpose and keys into the vision, if anything it sets the bar a little too high. Now, this all sounds a lot more than simply superficial, but keep in mind. BM was built using an actual game engine. This was a deliberate design decision rather than a requirement for an off the shelf 'pretty' render engine and provided enough of a hint towards purpose to get people excited .. playstation home meets steam or myriad possibilities much like the early days of SL. Sansar on the other hand still has no stated purpose; left to our own immigration it's a little hard to see beyond 'slow walking museum simulator'. Blue Mars at least came with a vision. I do find it worrisome that LL would repeat the same fundamental mistakes. Namely; a broadly unobtainable tech-barrier to entry is a death sentence, downloading locations in advance is not tolerable, tech-buzzwords don't make for a product anyone cares to use, what you name your product matters and you have to manage expectations. Right now Sansar has no discernible purpose and kinda sucks, In keeping with the recent attempt to piggy back off Ready Player One (which featured a very well defined virtual world - tie in should have gone to SL, it wouldn't have been as pretty, but it would have been relevant), Sansar is more ... Sucksar.
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    Big Beautiful Doll: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zurich Hillside/155/25/3993 Erratic: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LE LOOK/128/174/2001
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    Because what they are warning others about is already discussed in the item description, for example, or is about some other thing that the creator has no control over or has nothing to do with the quality of the actual product. As Dakota says, those reviews not relevant to other potential buyers and have no value. That you have been told this several times and still are unable to understand goes a long way to explain why your reviews get deleted.
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    As Rolig says,that's a problem with where the hinge is on the door. You need to move the invisible section back a bit so the door's z axis runs up and down the door's inner edge (where the hinge would be in a real door), not through the middle of it. If that doesn't work, there may be a way to re-rewrite the script to offset the prim's rotational axis but try tweaking the mesh first, since that's a lot easier and will almost certainly look better in operation than will my workaround.
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    btw 2017 was a previous year - so bento is OK
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    Put the vehicle script in a transparent cube prim and link it to the vehicle , making it the root. You may still need to do some minor triage to get it to recognize child prims correctly, but that's the standard easy solution for dealing with wierdly-oriented mesh. Someone may also suggest adding a llSetVehicleRotationParam command to reorient things. That sometimes works but it can also mess some things up. Give it a try anyway.
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    The section won't likely matter in this case anyway. Since we are all just Residents like you, we'd simply be giving our interpretation of the 'outfit' statement (which may or may not be any better than your interpretation) -- unless a Resident that is fully involved in the running of the contest happens to wander in. Otherwise, you can hope that a Linden pops by and offers an answer. IMO, I would use an outfit that consisted of system clothing only or possibly some prim attachments. You could maybe get a similar look with a mesh body if the outfit creator supplies appliers to mimic the system clothing part.
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    This is the result from a buggy and not reliable calculation, that is supposedly being addressed in a specific project (ARCTan). Can't be stressed enough, but lower LI and Complexity resulting from zeroing out LoDs is gaming the system and those values are NOT the real ones anyway. They do so to game the system in order to appear as "real professionals, that achieve high poly at low cost" but in reality those are more noobs than the last illiterate noob that has ever logged into SL or any other game-asset-based platform ever created. Make your LoDs, when the buggy calculations will be replaced and LoDs will begin to properly display, the "pros" will have to update or retire their items, you won't.
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    Considering that I've experienced "problem that does not exist" I'll have to strongly disagree with you. The current system is fairly gameable. Especially if you consider that unhappy reviewers are going to be more likely to fall under the rules that has them removed. Its pretty simple to flag everything thats negative. Even if only one out of five negative reviews are removed, if that one had a legitimate complaint having both their review, and score removed is a net gain for the seller. Doubly so because once a review is removed due to flagging, it can not be replaced. So not only is the consumer screwed out of a product, they're also screwed out of giving warning to other customers and expressing their dissatisfaction. So yeah, while a Linden gets the final say in the matter, there is an immense benefit towards sellers to flag every negative review they get in order to improve the appearance of their product. Hell, apparently its also okay to not only to bribe, but also threaten people into giving positive reviews, and when they don't? Flag the review for removal. And as a reminder, this is not a what if, nor a hypothetical situation. This is what I have experienced personally.
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    Sure, I can explain. We did the image you reference specifically in this manner for some diversity. It is one of three images, and the other two images are in use elsewhere, in case you haven't seen them: As I am Nezumi, retaining my human ears as part of my spin on anthropomorphism is my choice. The ears have been there since day 1 and are a symbolic part of my history that carried on from my Resident alt account which was Neko. Sadly it seems most neko/nezumi stuff has waned in interest. I'd love to get a set of updated ears and a new bento-ized tail made some day so I can keep wearing all 4 of my ears, tail and both eyes for as long as I'm around. See you at Pride!
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    They market to vampires too...
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    Callum, you gave me a smile when I was stuck at work on my weekend night-off. Thank you!
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    I wholeheartedly support this project, I spend much of my time exploring, and the biggest frustration is finding your way to another area blocked. Connecting the continents and opening new paths to explore would do nothing but encourage people to join and participate in everything SL has to offer.
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    Well I have to admit that I had to look up "pansexual". I guess I could add this to the "what did I learn today thread". In fact, I do believe that we area ALL "pansexual"; not necessarily by choice -- but since we have no frame of reference reguarding other people's sex -- it seems like that is a given.
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    Saturday Sale was good to me today. I then DJ'd to a mostly empty club ( had 1 friend who stayed most of it) and now, just relaxing at the Estate.
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    Headed to Jersey Shore and loved the background and had to snap a pic.
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    eff them... Gotta love Gaffer... NOT...and hooray for clumsiness I´m ace at it, too...but yeah ppl are weird ...and germans can be a special way of crazy...
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    It's a bit late now of course but I've always wondered why LL never introduced offset holes to prims. There is no technical reason why they didn't, it would only require two more bytes of prim property data and it would have been a very valuable feature back in the days when prims were the only building material. It would be quite useful today even. As for what I like about Second Life: The initial excitement of exploring The great people I've met My wishes for Second Life: That it wasn't quite as boring and predictable. That it wasn't quite as laggy. That it was still as open for creativity as it used to be and not flooded by mass produced meshes. That I would hear from all the friends who just vanished - if only a short message so I knew they were all right.
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    Greetings! If another person is using your images in violation of your copyright, please ensure that you submit a DMCA Violation Notification with Linden Lab. https://www.lindenlab.com/tos#tos7 https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy
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    I saw this post earlier and it's easy to notice probably all of photos are not hers because of the title, she was not bright enough to change them when uploading and the quality is so inconsistent that I do believe some of the photos are hers, but like the ones on the middle of her page, the bad ones. Edit: I might be wrong but this looks like a picture from Grazia Horwitz: https://www.flickr.com/photos/angellaphotos2017/40898637760/
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    If you are sincere, I would not put ANY of that in my profile. I think it would send a lot of sincere men running for the door. If that is truly what you want, reveal it slowly in conversation.
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    While I have no intention of actually applying I did click on your sign up page. There is NO INFORMATION about work involved, hours, payment etc. I don't see why anyone would sign up without knowing something MORE about your endeavor. Just like real life, most of us don't want to commit unless we know what we are committing to. Just saying.
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    This sounds ok but how is this have anything to do with employment? or are you just spamming to get your word out about your new discord
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    You need to bump that up by 2 or 3 more 0's. Just sayin'.
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    Training... Yeah, now where did I put that training device... Oh here it is!
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    If any of your attachments are rigged mesh and they are modify, then you can link those attachments together to only take up 1 attachment spot. The rigging makes sure that each attachment renders in the correct place.
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