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    I can handle (ignore) the "Hi, sex?" perfectly, they don't annoy me. What annoys me is the tricksters. They start a conversation with something that even sounds like an a normal maybe even interesting chat or serious inquiry, but eventually has the same end goal as the "Hi, sex?" ones. I do by default always have an auto reply on saying "I'm currently AFK" so I can pick the ones I respond to, and play AFK to the ones I don't like.
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    Blogging for my first event, super stoked.
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    Yeah, those are annoying, had one of them in the past. Posed as a nice dude, didn't imply anything at all, until he asked me when we'd be "playing". Then he was all about he's only on sl to play, else he doesn't wanna talk to me, basicly. But in the end, that's his loss, not mine. Nowadays I don't really care about those anymore, because in the end, all they do is wasting their time, not mine.
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    Lol Maddy! Funny video! Good morning! Have a great Thursday! Peace!
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    Y'know, if that had been posted by anyone else but you, it would have sounded like one fine hoax to troll.
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    Happy Flag Day forum readers from the United States! A day to celebrate the meaning of our flag and the four freedoms found on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC.
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    It's a bit late now of course but I've always wondered why LL never introduced offset holes to prims. There is no technical reason why they didn't, it would only require two more bytes of prim property data and it would have been a very valuable feature back in the days when prims were the only building material. It would be quite useful today even. As for what I like about Second Life: The initial excitement of exploring The great people I've met My wishes for Second Life: That it wasn't quite as boring and predictable. That it wasn't quite as laggy. That it was still as open for creativity as it used to be and not flooded by mass produced meshes. That I would hear from all the friends who just vanished - if only a short message so I knew they were all right.
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    A chance for Harry Potter roleplay too.
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    Once more enjoying the looks I am finding with the non-Bento Catwa heads..found this older hair from Magika, called Thread, which I absolutely loved and forgot I had! Paired it with one of the finds from the Saturday Sale, a dress from Vanilla Bae (its strippable y'all!), skin from Pumec and eye appliers from Lotus @ the Imaginarium. I'm using my slink body, and I love that Pumec skins come with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink AND Omega. Honestly... brilliant!
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    The night with strange sounds nearby.
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    Forgotten soldier of Paradise. Now Paradise is lost. Credits Learn to love your anger now. Anger here is all you possess. Welcome to the edge. Wild Roots, Madame Noir, and L'Emporio for The Darkness Monthly. And a complete about-face from my usual look Tattoo applier: Wild Roots - Wild Roots Tattoo Gloves: L'Emporio - Nautilus Bento Gloves (Slink male) Wings: Blueberry - Icon Angel Wings (Bento) Pants: Kauna - Tuxedo XIV Trousers (white) Shoes: Tetra - Unisex pointed Flats (white) Hair: Stealthic - Genesis Eye appliers: Madame Noir - Electric Eyes (Catwa, Lelutka, own brand) Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Clear Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega) Skin applier: Birth - Maverick (tone 01 - Catwa) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Sword: Inventory library (modded) Pose: Niqotin (no longer available)
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    I'm still blaming him because his question started the whole thing!!! lol
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    Haha Unpackistan is a real region. Support send Resis there who need to unpack things that can't be unpacked on a normal sandbox, such as coalesced objects with Linden plants or objects containing too many contents they can't rez on a normal region (>2k scripts for example). The region has higher limits for certain things.
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    i know some clubs ban flying because they want you to have to walk across the sim past all their stores to get to the club. i guess the creator didnt realize you can just cam up to see what they are doing
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    Contact support. They will give you access to a region called Unpackistan so you can unpack your stuff.
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    eff them... Gotta love Gaffer... NOT...and hooray for clumsiness I´m ace at it, too...but yeah ppl are weird ...and germans can be a special way of crazy...
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    I would expect an officer of a roleplay sim would be better in drawing the line between incharacter and out-of-character...but then again you said you were just officier because of personal relations...so whatever.
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    @Chic Aeon well over there you can find the AA (AntiAliasing) samples which might help improving the pixellation issue on diagonals
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    Animated humans for medieval places, so realistic. I really liked... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Endless Love/109/168/3827
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    Ever wanted to get paid looking after horses? Now is your chance. There is only one position available. I am personally looking for a personal stablehand to take care of my two horses at an Equestrian Centre. They are not wearables, they are avatars aka Teegle. The individual: Have a good 6 months or more experience in roleplay. Have experience of 6 months with horses rl and/or sl. Not strict, must be laid back. Trustworthy, reliable and can use initiative Appearance must be updated to mesh & look decent. Must have good patience I am aware this is a lot, but it's so I can put the best people who know what they're doing, around my horses. I am in a British timezone, so the individual would need to be in an American timezone to roleplay with my horses while I am asleep. Negotiate pay at interview. If successful, you will be on a 1 week trial. No references, no voice and no resume required. Leave a notecard to SweetheartLara inworld stating: Why you'd like this job why you think this is a good fit for you Tell me about yourself what experience you've had with horses Warm Regards, Lara.
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    Abraminations have a penguin avatar https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Penguin-Avatar-by-Abranimations/3083129 complete with a "pilchard slapper". Now I can imagine 4 wheels attached to that avatar. They are quite related, but in my eyes griefing is the bigger brother of trolling, it's reached the point where it's crossed the line into harrasment. Is playing with Barbie a game? There are no rules, there is no objective, there is no way to win. Yet I do think most people seeing kids playing with dolls would think they are playing a game.
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    For anyone else ever looking for it, I found the song and dance because of this youtube video and in the comments linked to this sim - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Primary/143/82/22
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    Looking at it another way... Since no one can know when the group was founded, you can pick whatever date you like....
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    It is slang for "bothered". "can't be assed to" = "can't be bothered to".
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    A six day week would make more sense... then it would be one SL week exactly equalling one RL day. It'll make conversion so much easier.
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    I'm a hamster half the time, human the other half...usually, though I do have all sorts of avs, lol. Everyone else already answered your other questions, but yes, search IS your friend, and so is the marketplace, where you can buy avs and av accessories..of which there are probably more than I want to count right now, lol. ETA, this is my hamster self, lol
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    People do expect, and receive, the same level of CS, and more, from many of us “common people”.
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    That is an amazingly broad generalization. My SL business IS a RL, incorporated business. I provide real support to customers, and not just for my products. I pay real income taxes. I earn a real living. Could not be more real.
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    Feeling introspective tonight. Credits Exile for Collabor88, plus Body Factory, INKer, and SEmotion for The Men Jail. Hair: Exile - Drive Fast* (grayscale) T-shirt: Body Factory - Killer Shirt (black) (Adam, Jake, Slink, Gianni, TMP, standard) Tattoo applier: INKer - Eagle Tattoo** Ears: L'Etre - Horn mesh Ears Eyelids: L'Etre - Natural Mesh Eyelids Skin applier: Birth - Maverick (tone 01 - Catwa) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Poses: Semotion * review copy ** body applier = Signature, Omega, Slink, Belleza, Maitreya. Head applier = Catwa, Lelutka
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    Hi, I'm Savvy, 21/F/USA/EST, I enjoy a number of creative things and hobbies (video games, cooking, fashion, interior decorating, painting, reading, board games (DnD, Catan, etc.). Right now I am working on my degree in Digital Marketing. I came to SL wanting to express my creativity (clothing, decorating, creating, etc.) and meet people who also share that. The Drax Files World Makers videos on YouTube are really what made me super interested in making an account. It's so interesting to see how Second Life is for other people... and I really wanted to be apart of that Please know that I am still a noob with this world.
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    Like I am looking for trouble...
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    Credits Tori Torricelli for The Mens Dept, plus Haysuriza for Ultra, and Birth for Hipster Mens Event. Shirt: Tori Torricelli - Brooklyn Shirt* (Gianni, Jake, Slink, Enzo) Pants: Tori Torricelli - Uptown Jeans (Gianni, Jake, Slink, Enzo) Glasses: Haysuriza - Goggles Protection CX Gold Hair: Vango - Oliver (grayscale) Cuff: Swallow - Harl3y Quinn Suicide Bracelet Necklace: The Forge - Rockstar Necklace Ears: L'Etre - Horn Mesh Ears Skin applier: Birth - Maverick (tone 01 - Catwa) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Poses: Wrong, Animosity *This pattern is only available in the fatpack
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    There is visible seam in the neck when using different skin on the head and body. However for Altamura body there is Omega installer available (50 L$). And Akeruka head has body appliers (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega) for Akeruka skins (the same what the head uses). So I guess using the same skin on the head and body will solve the neck seam problem. I haven't tried that yet.
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    Finally I upgraded my alt to mesh head and mesh body. Head: Akeruka - Anniversary Group Gift "Maia" Bento Head (just released as a group gift) Body: Altamura - "Valentina" full body, head hidden (free group gift) Skins: For head and body, the skins what came with them. Hair: DrLife - "Lui" flexi hair (ancient free hair ) Top and Jacket: From library - "Shawna" avatar's Top & Jacket Pants: HashTag - Ripped Capri jeans Shoes: KC - Hedy high heels, slink shoes fit altamura body (free group gift) Everything free except the group join fee 150 L$ for Akeruka group. How amazingly easy it is to create nice avatar without spending lots of money. The best thing, avatar complexity: 33074 only - Yay! Maia head vendor image below:
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    A lot of SL dominants act bossy and spoiled and have no idea what it means to actually dominate another person. That's why so many complaints. On the other hand most subs are there only because they are bored and want someone to entertain them and don't really offer anything in return but their "physical" presence. It's all about finding a person who goes with your flow. I myself think of it more about a double fantasy realization where you and your sub can both enjoy whatever you do together, it's not about taking but sharing a moment where you are the conductor. If that makes sense. Now for your questions I think she told you that because it's mostly SL norm to tell other likes and dislikes prior anything to make it easy to find someone compatible. I think the best thing you can do is literally chat with her and get to know her better.
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    Yes - the waypoints (way markers) are simply coordinates on the map. You still have to navigate to that marker and a compass helps. Basically, you are sticking a pin into a map, though it's still up to you to find your way to that point in the world. My point is that a compass is not part of the waypoint system (in answer to the OP).The GPS system simply tells you were you are, not where you're going (just like in your car in RL) - though if you have an autopilot, it will use the aircraft controls and navigation equipment to get you there, whereas in your RL Car, the "autopilot" is the voice telling you to turn right or left, etc. Most modern aircraft have an autopilot system built into them, cars do not, so the automobile GPS systems added to your car have them built in, albeit they are directional-only with no other control.
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    This argument has also been done to death on the forums. If they don't like it they are welcome to start their own region with their rules, and open admittance criteria. The rationale behind the Labs policy on this is that someone paying US$295 a month to rent what is effectively a chat-room shouldn't need to share it with people they don't wish to.
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    No particular order, but if I had to make a top 10, this would be it: Furries Child avatars New residents Vampires / Bloodlines users(generally they seem to be bunched together) Sculpt based avatars More than sculpt based, prim based avatars I think the kemono avatar has worked it's way up in this list due to how it looks(apparently flat chested = child now? Idk) Avatars using realistic sizing / not having the height slider all the way to the max Avatars that have a bunch of idling scripts(compared to those who have a few but constantly running scripts) Resident last named residents. Script based discrimination would be(in order): New residents by a long shot, which saddens me. It makes new people feel not welcome and potentially damages the community. Script count and script memory usage. Granted a lot of memory can lag a sim when entering/exiting, but not when it isn't doing anything. People need to learn script time is the real main culprit. Avatars not using max height. I've been ejected from places for not being a giant several times. Specific fandom/group I can't really order. Furries, child avatars, and vampires seem to be all hated equally when added up. I could understand the hate for child avatars a bit(eg: going to adult areas like zindra causing worry for other residents, baby talk when not in a RP area), but it's just a few child avatars that do this. I have met some really cool people who use child avatars before. Can't really speak for furries since I am one, but even some furries make me dislike furries sometimes.
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    I am in the running for being the most widely discriminated against. You should see the number of women who say "No" to me. I must be up there with the best of the discriminated-against types in SL.
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    My turn. I have been living out of an RV for one week now. It has been nice, but I'm homesick now. I want MY coffee in MY mug without a flippin lid. I want to let my cats. I want to cook on a real stove with the correct pans and utensils. I want cell service and wifi that is actually better than dial up. I know. Just a stupid complaint about nothing. But I miss Clover like I miss breathing. And I want to go home .
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    in my mind if you are a demon you dont obey rules. and yes i was an officer because i was best friends with the group owner. i later left the group over a disagreement about demons personal pets
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    I almost cried again this morning (this was the reason I was at home for 3 days... broke down monday morning...) - and I was SO sure that it was Friday when it was around 12.30 and they sent us to lunch... Was close to tears again... more of this bs again tomorrow.... But what else to do...I´ll pester my therapist in an hour... but yeah ... MEH!!! and I spose my SL will consist of... well... fishing...now... damn it takes forever -.-
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