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    I figured it was about time I found some new hair.
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    Work in progress... another look for Mr. M-Alt.
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    Going to a new club later tonight so I thought I'd check it out in advance. While I was there, figured I relax by the water for a photo op.
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    I just a new body tattoo. I thought long and hard about it, but decieded to stick with white.
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    Can't decide what hair to wear or buy, so..I'll just be bald. Again.
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    been a few days since I took pics, but took one this morning. lol
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    I can handle (ignore) the "Hi, sex?" perfectly, they don't annoy me. What annoys me is the tricksters. They start a conversation with something that even sounds like an a normal maybe even interesting chat or serious inquiry, but eventually has the same end goal as the "Hi, sex?" ones. I do by default always have an auto reply on saying "I'm currently AFK" so I can pick the ones I respond to, and play AFK to the ones I don't like.
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    Blogging for my first event, super stoked.
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    Often you can shorten those conversations by pulling the rug out under them while playing their same “not my intention” game, i.e: [15+ minutes of seemingly normal introductory conversation, with only the vaguest hints of what they’re angling for]... - Him: “You seem suddenly distracted... are you busy?” - You: “Sorry, I was ending a couple IMs and blocking them... you know, the sex-starved type, seemingly incapable of as much as grasping any other form of human interaction; some might pretend a minute or two of normality, even simple friendliness, but in the end it’s clear they don’t actually know how to think of anything else. Bleh.” - Him (after a somewhat lengthy pause): “Yeah, that’s not nice”. Thereafter, 9 out of 10 times the conversation will fade pretty quickly.
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    Yeah, those are annoying, had one of them in the past. Posed as a nice dude, didn't imply anything at all, until he asked me when we'd be "playing". Then he was all about he's only on sl to play, else he doesn't wanna talk to me, basicly. But in the end, that's his loss, not mine. Nowadays I don't really care about those anymore, because in the end, all they do is wasting their time, not mine.
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    Lol Maddy! Funny video! Good morning! Have a great Thursday! Peace!
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    Two fine looking animals that need to be ridden.
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    You can check out my post here : http://bubblegumpop2013.blogspot.com/2018/06/ebody-review-of-freebie-classic-and.html
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    *hugs you tight* I'm glad you're talking to someone and don't forget to play with your cats. That will help too!
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    Why must one look decent, to work as a stable hand?
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    I have a bowl of macadamias. Would you please open them for me?
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    Now well that´s appropirate... Forrest dons some colour and I go a bit less colourful^^ fun fact: during my next round of skin research I noticed that my GlamAffair Kikia Applier was no demo after all (how? Anyways )... Dunno if that´ll be my final skin, cos it looks too young but it´s the same creator/colour as the body I´ve managed to get the Catwa Omega relay, now to decide on a skin and maybe get the matching body appliers...
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    Greetings All! For confirmation: I am the Marketplace Guru on the user facing side. This means that I know almost everything there is to know about using the Marketplace, including the Marketplace Listing Guidelines Policy, but have have to defer to the Devs when there are problems or issues that are deeper than what Customer Support can resolve. (ie. bugs) I am on our escalated Customer Support Team. This means that if a user requires assistance that needs additional attention, like Tier Reviews, you may see my name on one of the replies. I am also one of the Forum Moderators and I try to help out on the forums, when I can, by pointing users to available information or channels for reporting issues, and sometimes jumping in to the various conversations when needed. (like now )
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    great job in hijacking a rather innocent thread folks
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    Y'know, if that had been posted by anyone else but you, it would have sounded like one fine hoax to troll.
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    Is it just me or did Maddy just get sexier with Liam Neeson's voice?
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    I was trying to think of a way to phrase this one! His close cousin is the guy that seems nice, but tries to guilt you and is so self deprecating it becomes unattractive.
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    Funny? You think I'm being funny? I'm an engineer. I don't need engineers to design me a combustible lemon. I can do that myself. I know who you all are. And I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you switch from coffee to root beer right now, that will be the end of it, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will burn your house down... with combustible lemons. Happy Thursday, Kids!!!
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    oh good grief! what is wrong with this world??
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    Happy Flag Day forum readers from the United States! A day to celebrate the meaning of our flag and the four freedoms found on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC.
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    Morning at Lyme Outfit, aoi by R2, top and bottom sold separately Hair, Adele, by EMO-tions
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    //Hair: MINA- Sandra (drips water and blow dries)//Shirt: Salt and Pepper : WTC 4 T-shirt (Arcade and also drips when wet)// Bikini bottoms: MIX- desert island//
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    It's a bit late now of course but I've always wondered why LL never introduced offset holes to prims. There is no technical reason why they didn't, it would only require two more bytes of prim property data and it would have been a very valuable feature back in the days when prims were the only building material. It would be quite useful today even. As for what I like about Second Life: The initial excitement of exploring The great people I've met My wishes for Second Life: That it wasn't quite as boring and predictable. That it wasn't quite as laggy. That it was still as open for creativity as it used to be and not flooded by mass produced meshes. That I would hear from all the friends who just vanished - if only a short message so I knew they were all right.
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    Looks like I found trouble or did it find me?
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    A chance for Harry Potter roleplay too.
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    At Vintage Fair! ETA: credits here
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    The night with strange sounds nearby.
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