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    checking out some maps for the "silk road" hunt....i didn't find much yet but saw some really nice sims already : )
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    Looks like I found trouble or did it find me?
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    Early this morning I did a photo shoot at the now "finished" grunge street at LEA6. By accident the scene became backlit. I capitalized on that and enhanced. That's another shot and a nice one, but at the end I wanted a shoe shot so I took a 180 degree shot. The dappled light and moving leaves (animated tree) were so lovely I just left myself there while I went to work in Blender. Now its uploading time so no more lolling around.
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    Forgotten soldier of Paradise. Now Paradise is lost. Credits Learn to love your anger now. Anger here is all you possess. Welcome to the edge. Wild Roots, Madame Noir, and L'Emporio for The Darkness Monthly. And a complete about-face from my usual look Tattoo applier: Wild Roots - Wild Roots Tattoo Gloves: L'Emporio - Nautilus Bento Gloves (Slink male) Wings: Blueberry - Icon Angel Wings (Bento) Pants: Kauna - Tuxedo XIV Trousers (white) Shoes: Tetra - Unisex pointed Flats (white) Hair: Stealthic - Genesis Eye appliers: Madame Noir - Electric Eyes (Catwa, Lelutka, own brand) Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Clear Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega) Skin applier: Birth - Maverick (tone 01 - Catwa) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Sword: Inventory library (modded) Pose: Niqotin (no longer available)
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    Once more enjoying the looks I am finding with the non-Bento Catwa heads..found this older hair from Magika, called Thread, which I absolutely loved and forgot I had! Paired it with one of the finds from the Saturday Sale, a dress from Vanilla Bae (its strippable y'all!), skin from Pumec and eye appliers from Lotus @ the Imaginarium. I'm using my slink body, and I love that Pumec skins come with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink AND Omega. Honestly... brilliant!
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    Greetings all! 1. Profanity is NOT appropriate on the forums. Trying to get around that policy by masking the words with *** or any other similar alterations doesn't change the fact that you ARE posting a profanity. I have edited the posts that contained the profanity in order to preserve the conversation. If you do it again, I will have no choice but to start handing out warnings or suspensions. 2. Being the "Thought Police" is a very tenuous position to hold. Racism exists, in many forms, across many cultures and countries, of that there is no question. But trying to lump who or what someone is under the racism (or any other ism) umbrella just because of who/what they are can be an equally distasteful generalization as well. If a man only dates women, does this make him homophobic? If a white woman only dates black men, does this make her racist? If a black man only dates black women, does this make him racist? If a white man only dates white women, does this make him racist? If you take pride in who you are, does that make you racist? I would venture to say that any group that is in some way exclusive is seen as a threat and a bad thing, regardless of why it is exclusive in the first place. Perhaps it would be wise to ask yourself WHY you might feel threatened by others, especially if those others have not actually done anything, other than exist? There is a HUGE difference between saying you are proud that you are white and going around calling others nasty names just because they are not. There is a HUGE difference between saying "this is my personal preference" and going around verbally attacking others because their preference is different. There is a HUGE difference between saying "this is my personal fetish" and going around attacking or harassing others who have a different kink. With regards to the issue raised in the OP. There is a HUGE difference between saying "this is who I am and I am using song lyrics to reflect that" and "this is who I am, and I am going to attack you because you are not the same". Unless and until any person uses who and what they are as a reason to attack or harass anyone who isn't the same, leave them alone and let them be. You cannot control someone's actions, but you can control your own reaction.
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    Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636 Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com/
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    Can we get Dakota's post stickied all over real life please?
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    The night with strange sounds nearby.
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    Not sure if this could be classed as a bug, but it's a pretty lucky one. I suppose it had to happen eventually.
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    We still have our classic bodies and faces and still love them ;-)) over the years we have changed it bit by bit ,this is how we are now
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    It needs saying a third time, 'cause it's super important. This is a huge warning sign. If anyone ever asks that again, please run as fast as you can. It's a dead certain guarantee the person will cause hurt down the track. In real life these are the actions of person who moves on to spouse-abuse. And, although it hurts right now, this is the sort of person you are going to better without. Give yourself time, explore some of the pretty things in SL, head into Calas Galadhon http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calas Galadhon/128/128/2 and ride a horse, or just sit and enjoy watching people.
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    The way I figure it is, why let a stranger have that much influence over me? So I just respond in a way which suits what I'm doing or how busy I am. I probably annoyed some people when I was new and figuring out the etiquette of this strange new world too, probably still do if what I think is a polite start has been used by too many others who also think it's a polite start. So I'm willing to give people some slack, at least to begin with. If the typist turns out to be a randy sex seeker, I'll kindly explain that I'm not interested. If the randy sex seeker pretends to what to be friends anyway, well those conversations pretty much always end up in my main store with the randy sex seeker pretending to be interested in ancient art and there is much humour to be found in that situation So send me a ur hawt and you just might find yourself hearing ALLLLL about this really fascinating culture in what's now Afghanistan and Pakistan called Gandhara which left, amongst other things, some brilliant artefacts, often out of red or yellow sandstone, combining Greek and Buddhist imagery and artistic styles. Cause that's how I roll baby. Life's too short to waste it being annoyed at others.
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    @Alwin Alcott I googled... I am not saying because Dakota will tell us off for using * words
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    What I love about SL? The creative freedom. I can make my avatar look however I want it to look. I can build environments straight out of my imagination and let others explore them. Likewise, I can go out and explore the worlds created by others. Incorporate their creations into my own or see others using my creations in their's. That's kind of magical. What I wish for SL? I can think of plenty, but top of the list would be better tools for content creators. Most of the problems people in SL experience, from lag to the seemingly exorbitant cost of land, comes from issues stemming from poor content creation tools. Dissatisfied with your avatar? The appearance editor is fighting you every step of the way and you probably don't even realize how. A better designed appearance editor would give you more control over your appearance, while also giving you a better starting point and the tools to help you achieve better looking proportions more in line with the image in your head. Think land is too expensive? From the moment you first log in to the time you start building your latest house, club or roleplaying sim, SL has been tricking you into building larger than necessary, which eats up more land, which costs you money. You can change the size of your house by stretching it larger or smaller, but land size is static. Double size your house and it takes up 4x as much land. You want more land? You have to pay for it. Better designed tools and presets could help you avoid these issues and get more value from your land. Dealing with poor framerates? Most of the content around you, and most of the content attached to your avatar, is not optimized for realtime rendering. Better tools could guide content creators with no prior game design experience towards better habits, creating content that doesn't hurt framerates and create lag. I also think a lot of SL's charm, what drew people in early on, was the in-world content creation. I wish LL had invested more development in keeping those up to date rather than giving up on them. I don't believe in-world building tools necessarily need to be on par with creating mesh in Blender, but the tools we have now haven't really changed all that much since at least 2005, meanwhile we've seen a lot of progress in this area outside of SL. There's a lot I'd wish for in SL not related to content creation, but as someone who is in SL primarily for the content creation and exploring the work of others, it's pretty near and dear to my heart. Although, and very much related, a close runner up would be wishing that LL made it easier to relocate if you owned mainland. That would go a long way towards nurturing mainland communities in SL. Don't like your neighbors? Do you build large walls around your land, or leave the land itself empty and keep to yourself in a skybox? Have friends scattered around the mainland you'd rather have as neighbors? LL could make it easier for you to pack up and relocate to another spot on the mainland, and then you could all move together to create a mainland community, which in turn would draw other like minded people.
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    I heard a theory once that socks have the ability to turn into coathangers. Normally when a sock goes missing, go check and count your coat hangers, they will have increased in number.
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    You know how a single sock will randomly disappear when doing the laundry? Then suddenly a few weeks later you have another single sock when you pull things from the dryer? What do you think the chances are that the missing sock came back versus another one got eaten?
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    If anyone tries this with you again, keep moving on.
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    SL Go was a remote rendered streaming solution .. and no one wanted to pay a monthly for it. SL Go did roll some basic UI stuffs to allow the viewer to be controlled via a touch screen easier. but thanks to a technical loop hole in the licence they were not obligated to share their changes with the OSS viewer community. .. as an alternative, you can add the SL viewer as game to Steam and then use home streaming to send SL to a mobile or lower power device.
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    Look in your calling cards folder in your inventory. Unless you've deleted them, you have an address book to start getting back in touch with them. Hopefully with a brief apology and explanation, they'll understand. Anyone who forces someone else to get rid of friends is a manipulative bastard and should be fed to Klytyna. (Alwin isn't grumpy enough by half )
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    I wonder who already sees all the funny threads coming, because you know, they will be there ... all those "why is my lingerie worn over my jacket?" and more hilarities.
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    Ditto - I'm always youthful and pain-free here. I could crouch walk for hours in SL without my knees screaming at me (or just buckling) and I can stand back up and walk normally afterwards. I love being able to flit around shopping or hunting, with intersperced bouts of exploring places. The first thing that comes to mind of things I'd change: I would love to be able to do some inventory management when not inworld - and I don't mean via some whittled down odd viewer.
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    What is one thing you like or love about second life and what is one thing you wish you could change or make better? I'll start: One thing I like about second life is that it give people the freedom to express there creativity, while in the process will let you be able to make real money and or earn linden to play to your hearts content. One thing I wish for would a redeliver button in the marketplace. Sometimes takes creators months just to get back with you especially if they are really busy. ? Your Turn.
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    I´ve been sitting and pondering Skins today, I made a spread for it so I can tick them off in 5 rounds - the one with the most ticks will be bought^^ The race is on between Pink Fuel and GlamAffair^^ then I headed over to Backdrop City and fell into a very cute hammock, kinda matching the summery-sherbety outfit I threw together: and it was so cozy that I decided to stay the night and stare into the open world more will be on my flickr, stylecard and stuff might appear on a blog post tomorrow so keep your eyes open Edit: here´s the blog: *_* https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/upgrade-decisions-and-processes-wrapped-up-in-sunset-candy/
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    Here's the meeting transcript with audio. https://modemworld.me/2018/06/01/2018-sl-project-updates-22-2-ccug-meeting-w-audio/
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    Done. Links to third-party services have been retained in the Notes section of that page for those who still need that information.
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    Ahh that is for previewing textures if you want to have it available for everyone you have to upload the pic to the servers for a fee of 10L. I hope someone will find an instruction for it - I don't .
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    When I check my coat hangers, I usually find that they have forgotten clothing hanging on them. I have a fine collection of things that I haven't worn since I was a different size or mood, or since particular fabrics or color combinations became unpopular mysteriously. When I can't find coat hangers, I often find that they are guarding the archives.
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    I just want to say thanks for this to the SL devs behind this. It's a much-needed function set. I'm pretty sure many creators are very pleased they don't have to communicate with and rely on third-party username/UUID databases (some with shady reputations) anymore.
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    That's nice - it annoys you and you fail to see the use case/reason. Others - including those in charge of the service - apparently do see a use case/reason. As for what you'd like to hear - good for you! No one is obligated to entertain you.
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    This connection is one of many possibilities, this one requiring 90 regions added and 0 region moves, connecting at navigable areas on both continent clusters while making use of several seemingly unused Linden Regions.
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    I'm glad to see the Lindens tackle an exploit that has been used to harass me enormously multiple times by so-called "bots" which I can't be sure are really bots. These creatures go into a group and spam them with racist, anti-semitic, crazy hate messages, pretending to "advertise" my rentals -- or the opposite, pretend they are fighting this purported racist/hater (all fake) -- and claim they are my "bot" or my "helper" with names including the name of my company, etc. So they fill up groups with spam, then the people in those groups send hate messages at me, swearing at me and also spamming me "back," so they imagine, with only a few smart enough to realize this is not me, and not related to me. No one in their right mind would "advertise" rentals in this fashion. PS I didn't vote for Trump, I voted for Hillary, not that it should matter to remove such haters from the People List. Now, if these creatures are "bots," great, they will only able to do this hateful thing 5 times in large groups of 1,000 -- but not all groups have 1000, but let's say they might do it now 10 times a day. Well, frankly, that's enough still to cause my day to be filled with haters over this impersonation of me. Still, I suppose it's progress. The reality is, I fail to see the use case for ANY bot entering a group and spamming ANYTHING. Why would anyone want this? It only annoys people. If the point is that this bot is doing something like saying "and the winner of our wet t-shirt contest is..." or "the next sale is starting at 12:00 noon" or whatever "legitimate" uses it could have, it still doesn't seem to be very wide spread. I'd like to hear what ARE the cases for bots entering groups just because they are open, where they aren't founders or officers, and spamming stuff. I can't imagine what it is.
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    Just last week I was at the Starbucks drive thru - like I am almost every work day morning - and when I got to the window I told that guy that I was paying for the car behind me, whatever they ordered. Random stuff like that is fun.
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    Raglan Shire, a ''tiny'' exploration A kind friend offered me a TP to this world. A cluster of 8 ''tiny'' sims: Raglan Shire, Haven Shire, Galaxy, Raglan Commons, Morning Shire, Heron Shire, Athen Shire and Gullwing Coast. The tier is general and my explored area's are family friendly. Let's start with a free tiny avatar! Free Tiny Avatars: - The chubby penguin I used is available on marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Chubby-Penguin-avatar-FREE/2223794- The very recommendable San Jose shop has several avatars and clothing: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SJSU SLIS/207/202/32 In the Raglan cluster itself: - The Welcome Center at Raglan Central has two avatars: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Shire/106/200/59 - Willow Creek at Raglan Commons has an avatar and a clothing set: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Commons/21/103/22 A sidenote about the "JaJa" tag Now that I am at SIM 9/10 and about to make a detour to favorite freebee item(s) I feel I should explain here my use of the "JaJa" tag. In my first language JaJa means YesYes. On here it stands for my original struggle as noob account not a week old, but with intention to get to the core right away. No time for classes or groups or casual chats. Go right away where you came for, do not wait to become experienced in SL. I am coming out with a list of 10 SIMs for noobs as me to visit where you can autodidact your own way into SL without getting instant-infected by the complications many old accounts suffer from. For the list ofcourse just click my tag. The JaJa tag in short means you DO NOT NEED: - SL age - SL Lindens - change standard avatar, viewer or settings - high performance PC - enter groups or interact with people beyond your personal choice My route thru the Raglan Cluster: I took the cross-sim Balloon from Raglan Shire hub for a first overall sight. You might have to wait a bit, but then it comes, be awake and hop on a free toadstool seat. Passing Galaxy Island. Self proclaimed surfer´s heaven, but all surfers must be dead now, either by Tsunami or by shark attack... I did not gamble my life this time, I'll just dare others to add an action picture this time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Galaxy/124/131/22 Next stop is Raglan Commons. Despite it being tennants land, it is very welcoming to tourists. Do explore by bubble! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Commons/235/174/23 Passing Heron Shire. Had to run for my life after accidently opening the bridge! I made a tour on a very cute duck to recover before I moved on. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heron Shire/160/207/22 t.b.c.
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    I'm definitely sending you an IM saying "ur hawt" then! Just finished a great book called "The Search for the Buddha" about some early archaelogical explorations in the Indian sub-continent!
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    after this incident WellMade´s most recent GG sprang to my mind so I grabbed it along with one of the several GG´s at Lamb ... now I do like dresses as dresses and shirts as shirts so I considered I need to wear something with that shirt... I went with my soft pink rose fishnets *grins* I´m feeling so pink today.
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    For added amusement .. Joe (a straight cis male) has a female avatar.
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    1. I like that Second Life is a world with lots of interesting places to visit and to do something. 2. One wish? Please LL upgrade the system avatar. The sooner the better.
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    The one thing I like about it,is having the ability to have my own land.. What would I change? I don't know really,I'm fine with it as it is now..I don't spend nearly as much time in it as I used to,but when I do start to spend lots of time ..I still really don't find much wrong with it ,for me anyways..
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    One thing I like: I love the freedom SL gives me not to be hindered by an aging and malfunctioning RL body. Within SL I will always look “normal” (for SL) and not be as penned-in by the artificial boundaries of my chronological age (with no visual cues, the age-cohorts mix freely here - 20-somethings and 50-something’s actually TALK without instinctively filtering based on appearance). One Thing I Would Change: A subsidy on sim-costs for content creators. People who create things for others to participate in (beautiful sims open to the public for photography, art appreciation or Roleplay) should get a break on tier cost. This would be hard to manage, but would be a step in the right direction towards maintaining some critical elements that make SL special.
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