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    got this new life guard chair so i can watch the water : )
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    Holy cow, your club has more than five events per day!? Tell the owner the help needs a friggin' break already.
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    I've said this before and I'll say this again, the best way, the ONLY way to keep people from ripping your content is to remove the motivation to do so. That means good customer service, reasonable prices AND providing both System and Applier Support for anyone who might want to wear your thing. We saw huge surges in piracy when we went to mesh bodies specifically because so many products were not updated with appliers right away. To this day I'm still telling people "no, you shouldn't rip that System layer just cause you want to wear it. Ask the creator for an applier, and if they say no, find something else." As more products got Appliers, piracy went down. People, for the most part, are good and will buy and use a product legitimately as long as you don't make it too hard for them. It's another big reason I keep harping on the API. If we don't get it, people are going to be tempted back to Grey-Hat ripping because it'll be the only way to get a good system layer copy of their favorite skin. And the more people lured into "Grey-Hat" ripping for Self-Use, who will now know how to do it, the more likely one of them will turn black-hat and use the tools to grab things they've not already bought or share the things they bought with friends, or get annoyed with a creator and decide it's ok to resell those things on the MP.
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    But what if they catch the gay germs by talking to another man through the internet?! or something
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    In a Galaxy long ago & far away, before there was such a thing as the interweb... There was this multi-user game called Zone, it was a dial up system, that supported 12 players, and ran on a breadboarded Sinclair ZX81, with extra PROMS added to it by a professional PROM coder with his own burner. It had a very tight knit community of oh about 50-60 players. There was this girl who claimed she was some Asian chick, 3rd gen immigrant who got involved with this guy... They arranged to meet up "where her fanatical religious brothers" wouldn't stop her having adult fun, in a Motel Room half way between London where he lived and the West Country where she claimed to live. Problem is... She was white, and the guy had met her before at the annual pub meets so... She bought a sari, and borrowed some asian jewelery from a friend, then she climbed naked into the bath with 4 whole bottles of the darkest "tan without sun" lotion she could find and basically marinaded her self . Some black hair dye for her light mousy blond hair and a pubic shave and... Cute Asian chick meets dumb guy in motel room and does adult fun, he never realised he already already knew her from the pub meets. Now THAT'S what you call Imersive RP... Hahahahaha
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    Give me a DM and dice any day of the week.
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    I think this is a great idea and rewards people that have created parcels that are for the community of Second Life where it is for enjoyment of all where the parcel owner isn't making a profit but rather doing for the joy of the community and the creation. Example the Calas(probably have wrong spelling) Parks. Also, it's a great idea to reward loyal customers of Second Life. Maybe there could be an agreed-upon criteria that Linden Labs could live with without it affecting their bottom line but still a nice reward. I know personally, I am disheartened the more the good sims are abandoned and gives me less incentive to log in and continue here so it's a good idea in my view to reward sims like this with some sort of incentive/discount to keep them around.
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    Far to much credit being given .. Did some college and then played a lot of <online game> and presume that they are both entitled to know and somehow gifted with remote willy detecting powers. When you're afraid of your own attraction to something it's hard not to see it everywhere ...
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    Unreliable as hell... Many suburban Muricans for example ACTUALLY believe that "women don't swear in public", and are deeply disappointed when they accuse somebody of being a TEEN DUDE because she said "****" in local chat, and the reply they get is "no you colonial asshat, I'm English, over 50 and working class, so **** **** **** ******* ****** ******"
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    You've got a belleza body or is there another body that has the shine on by default?
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    I knew them both... He was a smart coder, but a dumb guy, trust me on this... He didn't KNOW he knew her, and SHE was the predatory one who got what she wanted, not him... He was actually pretty hurt by it when he was finally told who he'd been with. She didn't have the best reputation in the game. But hey... You provided a way to spot GUYS in SL... "Thinks with Crotch = Male in RL"
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    Not to intentionally mess with the OP’s mind.....but maybe the question should leave off the “in SL” part ? What if only one gender was predominantly Hetro and the other was just playing along? I probably just either gave some people Performance Issues or really turned them on....
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    I think people will be really pissed of if designers decide to do only BOM mesh bodies now ... those skins and tattoos all cost most of us several thousands,... of course there are the fashion victims who don't care and will buy everything their blogging idols praise and even trash all those proclaim "out of date"... but those are not the bulk of SL users, who will not buy not as much individually but the sum of their buys far outweights those shoppaholics. So the normal folks bought appliers and they will subbornly continue to use them unless there is scripted support to move the applier textures back into the bake... they will wear bakes and applier onions on top of it until that is possible... nothing gained performance wise here... whole project goal futile as people's predictable behaviour was ignored - good job.
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    I don't really rp-fight anymore, since no matter how you do it, there's always downsides. It doesn't matter if you roll dice just for the end result, roll dice for every move, or write it out, or game it out with complex systems and hitboxes (Which, in my opinion, turns that more into an RPG than actual roleplay. To each their own, though.) But in the end, it's mostly the same. People care more about winning than having a fun fight. At least from my point of view. Also, I didn't know that gamers had to have a microphone or cam. Last time I've checked, you just needed to play games to be a gamer. Maybe online-gaming was meant, but even then: you do not need a mic for that. You play that with keyboard and mouse, or controller, not voice input (usually). How you socialise next to playing games, though, is on a different paper of course. As for how you can tell if someone is female or male... you can't. At all. Because no matter what, everything can be faked. Even RL-meetings could be faked, in theory, although that's pretty unlikely. So you can either trust them to tell you the truth, or you don't trust them and ask for veryfication. Just keep in mind that relationships of any sort, friends and lovers alike, are build on trust. A relationship build on distrust is doomed from the start.
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    No, it really isn't. Gamers come to SL thinking it will run just as well as COD, WoW or any other mmorpg, which it will NEVER run like. Just because it uses the same type of software does not mean it is the same thing. A boat has an engine, drive shaft and exhaust, does that make it a car? Hell, a plane has an engine, wheels, a drive shaft, brakes, steering, seats, and a whole slew of the same components as a car, doesnt make it one.. MMORPGs and SL have nothing in common as to how they run. I can run Skyrim on ultra on my kids dinosaur pc with intel graphics. It refuses to even boot up SL. "Games" are optimized by the creators. SL is not. Stop calling it a game.
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    We were testing animations in a skybox, and he needed a snack...
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    I'm working on a male avatar for a project. Umm, this is not exactly what I had envisioned. He sure is colorful though lol! Back to the drawing board.
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    Did my take on this year's Met Gala theme. Credits here. HUGE props to Orwar for the use of skybox and props.
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    Yeah, I used your suggestion of the Bernice skin and shape. I might pair the shape with the Abigail skin...thinking about it. Thank you very much by the way! Still working on the avatar, though. I'm still open to other suggestions, especially now that I've provided a visual aid.
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    Corrupted texture! Right click on them and pick "refresh textures" if you're on a TPV. It happens, the download might have gone wonky, or the decoder got in a mess (more likely). If you can't refresh, relog. And don't worry, other people wont see it.
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    Oh yes. It totally breaks the continuous open world aspect of Second Life we're used to and have been building for since day one. The problem is and always has been than SL is pretty terrible at providing that kind of open world, and it's been getting progressively worse since mesh. Object Occlusion with prims was somewhat effective, with mesh .. it's borderline junk and won't be getting any better. That's not to say people haven't been trying this approach, RP regions and clubs often place the entrance / mall well away from the actual venue. It seems like a bigger deal that it actually is .. we all already teleport about to get to isolated rooms, skyboxes, dressing areas, naughty boxes, etc. The difference is this approach places the route to locations in world dispensing with the need to find and interact with a teleport pad .. which will always be out of place in most RP environments.
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    Deed the land to a group, make sure all your stuff is in the land group and don't let random bob join your land group. Not letting anyone build is the safest, but .. kinda unfriendly and a pain in the butt. You will be fine letting everyone build just enable Autoreturn .. 5 minutes .. 45 minutes .. just have it enabled. Untick No Pushing, Tick Safe. Leave everything else set so everyone can do everything. If you are on the ground and you untick "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat .....", you make it more likely that random bob will want to come onto you land just to see your avatars. You can tighten if down a whole lot more by setting things to group only, but really it's a pain in the butt .. it's far less stressful with autoreturn cleaning up for you and taking a little joy in idiots being idiots. Half the fun of mainland is random bob trying to be clever .. if you're not in the mood, just eject and ban. I've had mainland & my own region set up this way for years, not taking a once-bitten-twice-shy paranoid approach really is way less stressful, also .. being hyper paranoid about your own land is pointless when your idiot neighbor forgets autoreturn, gets jacked by self replicating cubes and you have to call in a Linden to clean up anyway.
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    Pretty sure they are an escort that only charges 20L...
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    I already said it but I love this photo, looks so somber and classy ♥
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    You know why some roleplayers detest the use of RP dice? Because it adds the element of chance. All of those hours and hours of practicing the button-mashing on their weapons HUD avails them naught. Roleplay dice means... they could LOSE. And boy, they don't like that. But this - Oh! What a thrill-a-minute roleplayed fight! I'm on the edge of my seat! What storytelling! Four whole seconds to tell an entire tale from start to finish. What sublime skill! Gosh, this veteran of 16-hour text-only MUSH and MUD sessions wherein entire cities and armies and worlds and relationships were built-up, sustained, and then destroyed over the course of many many months with hundreds of others all weaving their own stories in and out of the overarcing narrative can only bow down in awe and acknowledge his utter n00bishness in the face of such... ...blandness.
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    Just sorting out my blush Picked up the cute-as-flip crop from The Chapter 4.
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    if it appears to be?... do nothing, you need to be sure if it is one, open profile and report
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    I would like to thank those who have raised concerns in this thread. Having been a 'guest' of mental health professionals I am very aware of the - basic invalidity. It is not science. And yes those who know me do know - the rest its rats bottom to you which is a fascinating subset re rats) I have done a fair bit of research on the state of mental health provisions in Canada and the UK and I have found nothing to support any of the OP's statements. Any insight into the US side had led to '*shudder*'and Goop. @Corky Linden
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    Source: https://blogveridical.wordpress.com/2018/05/01/the-truth-about-tranquillity-therapy-clinic/comment-page-1/#comment-303
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    The thread isn't a motnh old yet, so I hope this doesn't count as necroposting: Here's a nice little color illusion I found on Avi Bar-Zeev's blog: http://www.realityprime.com/blog/2009/06/best-color-illusion-ive-seen/
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    Well they have to kit out those male alts somehow, and if they can do that and gift their male SL partners cheaply, then it's a smart move on Signature's end of things. And it's good publicity for their new, slimmer Geralt body, which - hopefully - will pick up even more clothing support after the sale. Side note: Every time a guy dips a toe into Catwa chat to ask for advice on which male mesh body he should buy, before I've even had a chance to finish typing "what kind of build do you want your new body to have?" so I can offer him options based on his own personal preferences, half a dozen women have all chimed in with "GIANNI!" It drives me sodding crazy, because once my question is out in chat, the guy usually comes back with something like "Slim and not too muscular." Not everyone wants to look like they visit the gym every day, and I wish that those women who think the Gym-Buff-Gianni look is the only look a guy should have would bloody well realise that. Yes, I have many feelings about this. Give a guy the options he needs, ladies; don't just tell him what you think he needs to look like.
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    Hello Janelle Karsin, If your products are being flagged and unlisted and you have reviewed your items and the Marketplace Listing Guidelines section regarding Category Selection and you are still unable to understand why your items are being unlisted, please submit a Support Case using the options for Marketplace - Marketplace Listing Issues and provide 1 or 2 examples. Customer Support will be able to assist you further with understanding why your items are being unlisted.
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    Once upon a time there was a completely unmoderated forum. A young woman asked a question (something about how to get a link to an indivual post I think but I am probably wrong and it doesn't matter anyway) but she found the answer in just a few seconds. Not wanting to let her post continually get bumped as people answered she change the thread title to "Just ignore and let this one die." Silly people doing what silly people do ... they refused to let it die for no real reason at all. This thread then became a community of it's own. Just a place to say hi for the most part. With the exception of a few people it was also a laid back, accepting and friendly place to be. -- this is where someone with a pun for a name comes in and tells you I was the one and only "few people" but again, that is almost a tradition by now. Anyway, this is a recreation of that thread which became thousands of pages long where we can wax nostalgic about life before the Blog-forums.
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    This means your animations are NOT motion capture, but hand-made... And as such... they were made for an avatar with T-rex arms rather than normal arms. Normal arms... require an arm length dial of 90-100... Hand made animations are often made for arms that are only half as long as the arms of a human body should be...
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