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    Wandering around Looking Glass sim, what a fantastic place, especially in the fog.
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    Doing some much needed renovations at my tree house and I was thinking.. this is a perfect time for a picture!
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    ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2018/05/15/trash/
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    I saw a picture of this dress, so spent a lot of time looking for it at an event, finally found it and it was gacha. I really am not a fan of gacha, just tell me what I need to spend and give me what i want for it. But since I wanted this so bad i went for it, the dress comes in several colors and various parts. I wanted blue, I got a skirt a crown a necklace a playing card, all in various colors, but not the dress itself, then i spend another 75L and got the dress, in black. it really needs the skirt and panties, but the one I have is blue so i just put on another pair of black panties and went with it. I will just have to be Alice in Black. I am done throwing money in that machine.
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    Car broke down and had to walk to a payphone. era: before cell phones.
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    Got a new hair and this was the color when i put it on. I kind of like it. I'll see what hubby thinks before i darken it...
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    Some tee*fy newness, Saturday Sale N-Core, Doe Mollie and some Blueberry Jeans.
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    Please Check Out My First Blog Post Thanks! https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/7xtF7R
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    listening to music and having some lemonade on the dock : )
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    Any gents (or ladies here with a mAlt) fancy the opportunity of a guest spot on Virtual Bloke? I'm looking to feature occasional posts by others (because god knows I'm a lazy little &*^£! and can't seem to post more than once a month myself...) so if you're interested drop me a PM here on the forum. Initial stipulations: Be prepared to write at least a couple of hundred words about the look you're featuring, detailing the items in it (i.e. no "here's a pic and here's the credits list"). Humour and foul language are more than welcome. Examples of typical posts are Of course I swallow, and Intense Male avatars only, please. Virtual Bloke is about fashion for guys. I want the focus on your male avatar and the fashion he's wearing, so no pics of you posing with your female partner or friend, no matter how gorgeous she is Be prepared with more than one image, each showing different views and/or close-ups of your look (750px wide JPGs saved at high-quality settings) I'm not looking for 'Mr Normal' styles (jeans-n-hoodie, or tuxedo, or chinos-n-button-down). You probably know my kind of aesthetic by now - if not, glance through the last three or four pages of my Flickr - so if you can bring something a little more unusual to the table I'm definitely interested Since I run my own site on a paid server and domain I'll post on your behalf, but will introduce your post with linkbacks to your blog/Flickr/website and anything else you want me to include about you I don't SEO my site, so don't worry about all that stuff. I'm not expecting all the correct meta tags, headers, etc. Obligatory random fashion-y pic so that this isn't just a "write my blog content for me, dammit!" plea
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    Taking a stroll 'round SciFi Con
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    1. I did click the application link.. Its broken. You might want to get it fixed. 2. I did ask very clearly if your therapist staff was fully licensed and certified to administer therapy. I got no reply. The family can hire a lawyer to go over the chat logs and request them from LL and sue the hell out of the therapist and the owner. A licensed therapist is legally required to be held responsible if their patient harms themselves or others while under their care. Seeing as they can not prescribe any meds from SL, this is a scary situation at best. A potentially deadly one at worst. @QueenBSwag How will your therapists handle someone who is on the brink of destruction? One who is spiraling so far down the rabbit hole they cant see the sky? You have ZERO RL info about them. You can do nothing but type to them. This is why online therapy is dangerous. And before anyone says anything, I went through that with my wife. She was undiagnosed Bi-polar, prescribed for depression and was so far down the hole the devil looked down to see her. One of her SL "friends" took her to a therapy place in Sl and the therapist told her to leave me, follow her dreams and move in with said "friend". I was working 60+ hours a week to pay the bills, keep the roof over our head and the kids fed and clothed. The "therapist" told her i wasn't paying enough attention to her and to leave me and the kids. SO yeah.. I have a bit of an issue with SL therapy. Yes yes, I know, YOUR therapists would NEVER do anything like that. And yes, i reported them to LL and they were permabanned.
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    @Carl Thibodeaux I have gone ahead and made a ticket with you for support, we will get you taken care of.
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    When you tossed “game” into the discussion, you also sort of defined part of the issue; SL is not the same thing to everyone. For some, SL is a Game. After they get used to the fact that we have no leveling system, Godmode or Raid system - they find other ways to have fun (or move on to more “gamey” games). For people like me, SL is a virtual world that lets me be mistaken for a fully-functional human-being and to exercise my creativity (building, literary role playing, etc). For others, it’s the Dating Game where they look for a RL mate inside a virtual world. For still others, it’s cheap porn, a social network or Griefer Heaven.... It just depends on what you’re here for. So how do you know who someone really is and what they’re here for? You ask them. If they don’t mute you for being pushy about their privacy; you might just make a friend......
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    "Here comes the sunHere comes the sun, and I say it's all right." //Jeans: Addams-Real worn out jeans//Top:Entice-Good Time top//Hair:Doux-Rebeca//
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    Why is it that you don't want to answer in public? Your refusal to answer simple questions in public makes you appear secretive. I would like to think that's not your intention.
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    Wow!! That's an incredible story. Thank you for sharing it with us. That's exactly the sort of thing I fear. I'm in therapy, and one of the tools used to assess me is things you have to see in person -- eye contact, fidgeting, speaking in a monotone or various pitches, etc. I just don't understand how online therapy, purely in text, can help people. Online support? Yes! I've found immense comfort and aid in online support groups -- places where I can hear from the experiences of others in a similar place. But paying someone for actual therapy? I pay $30/week to see someone at the moment (though my insurance probably pays $100 a week for those sessions). I pay them because they have the necessary background and training to assist me. Now, of course, I will say it can be trial and error finding your perfect match. But usually it isn't a lack of education that causes the problems, it's a incompatibility in personality, goals, or approach. This would be my suggestion for this business: Use only licensed life coaches. My experience with life coaches has been they are not there to diagnose you or dig very deep into your psychological issues. They are mainly useful in using as a motivation for positive change in your life. Getting organized, losing weight, studying more, etc. I strongly urge you to only use certified life coaches, but no one can force you. Another option is to use this as a support group instead instead of using a business model. Rely on tips, donations, auctions, etc if you are wanting to recoup some money.
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    I wouldn't call 3 hits on 'Mental Health' a multitude (4, though this one gets 2 hits for subdividing their land); one being a survivor of suicide group (which makes no claims of offering 'professional therapy', but community) and one sim for a Jesus fan club. Then if we search for therapy we've got the yoga places, the nature sims for meditation and relaxation, lifestyle coaches, a Femdom BDSM sim and again 2 hits on this place, a women's shelter and support groups for RA and other illnesses - again none which claim to give professional mental thereapy or coaching. And if you search for 'support' you get a hit on half of the stores in SL. Not sure what you wanted me to look at there? That's checking both Places and Classifieds. You may want to read up on your definition of a dogpile. What we have here is someone hiring people for a 'clinic' that charges people for therapy, whose owner has shown no ability or willingness to respond to the very rational worries and concerns that people have brought up in this thread, whose only standpoint throughout has been 'stop posting on my thread or I'll report you' and 'talk to me in IMs and I'll explain everything' (spoiler: after two hours of conversation she had given me NO information whatsoever, and answered NONE of my questions). If anything, the way they chose to handle this only fuels the suspicion of that there is no proficiency or professionalism to back up their claims. People speaking out about how that worries them is not dogpiling. As Drake put it - preying on people with mental problems for pecuniary benefit is dodgy.
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    As someone who has been in therapy and under medication for 20 years, I can safely say this thread scares me. You are charging mentally ill, vulnerable people. This is exploitation plain and simple. You are preying on those who need help.
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    Civil offense, not Criminal, means you can't demand that the cops arrest and preosecute people for saying things about you that you don't like. You CAN pay a lawyer to sue them for you, but in libel/slander cases, this usually means YOU have to PROVE what they said is NOT TRUE.. Yeah you can sue people for having an opinion of you that you don't like, but it's expensive and generally pretty stupid. And now you play the "I'm Entitled" card, because you pay for a sim... You have no way of knowing if they or their alt pay for a sim or more than one. Claiming that you are right because you hold digital land is again, not a sound tactic. Slander isn't exactly illegal either, in as much as it's not slander until YOU prove that it's untrue, via litigation. Problem is you don't have the backing of the Law... Unless you can find their real name and adress, and sue them for slander, and prove what they said about you is false, oh and convince the jury that what they said about your unreal game characters and virtual hangout is remotely adverse to your real world interests... "Their online cartoon insulted my online cartoon... Wahhhhh Call the FBI!" That will get you nowhere fast, and cost you a lot of cash. File an AR against them, if LL do something about it, great, if not, tough luck, grow thicker skin, move on.
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    Oh that's one of my favorite pieces of "EVERYONE knows" garbage in the "how to find real females in SL" threads... Don't you know, a lot of people don't have mics and webcams attached to their PC's, hell as a general rule, desktops do not come fitted as standard with cameras. And a lot of people can't be bothered wasting money on mics and cams either, since they have no use for them.
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    Some kind of phobia ... there is probably a word for it. Oh you sweet summer child
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    Why would I -want- to tell the difference? This is Second Life, not Match.Com or Tindr.... Each to their own thing - but if I was looking to mate - I’d use a better mate-finding Service than SL (or maybe go to bars)
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    report, ban, mute, derender, don't ever look at the profile again, take a deep breath, move on. There's nothing more unless you want to bring it to rl, but check your chances first or it might get a very expensive issue.
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    You may be taking what happens in a virtual world too seriously.
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    Hanging out in my kitchen with my new dog.
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    Pixel Geek - Uki Shirt for the Maitreya V-Tech and the Slink Petite Chest Augment.
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    Second Life Server: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/18# Scheduled Tuesday 2018-05-15 03:00-09:00 PDT Second Life RC BlueSteel TBD: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel/18 Scheduled Wednesday 2018-05-16 07:00-10:30 PDT Second Life RC LeTigre TBD: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre/18 Scheduled Wednesday 2018-05-16 07:00-10:30 PDT Second Life RC Magnum TBD: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/18 Scheduled Wednesday 2018-05-16 07:00-10:30 PDT On Region Restarts: Regions will be restarted if they have been running for more than 14 days on Tuesday (Main Channel) and Wednesday (RCs) regardless of whether or not new code is being deployed, for the general health and well being of the Simulators. Nothing beats turning it off and then on again … once in a while. As always, please plan events around these maintenance windows. However, if you are hosting an event on Tuesday or Wednesday when we’re not deploying new code, you can restart your region ahead of time to avoid interruption.
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    Please remember that when engaging with each other on the forums to please keep any and all discussions civil and on topic. If you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion we encourage you to take it to PMs or drop it entirely.
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    If you are offering medical services and claim to have RL trained professionals, patients are absolutely within their rights to demand to see proof. Depending on location this can be a legal right, as may be the need for you to have actual business insurance. No I will not take your word for it and neither should anyone else. If that requirement puts you at odds with the Linden terms of service then clearly this entire venture is unsuitable for Second Life, I advise you to leave the forums and consult a lawyer.
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    You really have no idea how a forum works, do you? Asking questions about the staff you wish to employ is very much on topic. No matter the section, aside from the Answers area, the forums is a back and forth thing. Discussion. You are the one getting heated and demanding people talk to you in IMs. I'm guessing because you can say whatever you want and no one can prove otherwise as they cant be posted in any forum LL owns. BTW, your application link is still broken. slander n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another, which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. The word you are looking for is Libel. If you had answered questions instead of attacking and or ignoring people there would be no assumptions made, we would have facts. Here is a fact for you. If you are charging people for any sort of mental health therapy you must have proper licenses to do so. You MUST register your business with the BBB if you are doing business with people residing in the US. You MUST also have damn good insurance. But what do I know. My family lawyer could be wrong, but i doubt it.
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    Another interesting point to pontificate upon: What are the legal ramifications if one of your clients harms themselves or others under your care?
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    In almost 13 years here, I have ONLY ever been asked to voice or cam by straight cisgender men terrified of talking to other men. Many of them had female avatars ..
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    True. A discussion would require the OP to actually respond to the concerns and queries that they have been posed with. Evading them and threatening everyone with reporting them for questioning their business has only served to fuel the suspicion about their operation. Very diplomatic behavior, coming from someone who claims to have a degree in mental therapy.
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    Unless it had a direct negative impact on me or our relationship, I'd do nothing. Chances are - they were engaged in this activity long before you met them, and will continue to be long after you leave. Never enter into a relationship with the intention of changing someone, because more often than not, they will rebel and your union will not last.
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    You say your therapists are trained in RL, do you offer any hard proof of this? By charging SL residents for the services provided at your clinic you MUST conform to RL laws, which include providing proof of licences to provide therapy and degrees and or completed training certificates from accredited schools. If you do not conform to this you can and in all likelihood be sued and or fined. Yes, I spoke with a lawyer and yes, i have and do go to therapy in RL. These are RL laws which apply to online therapy. All of your therapists must give RL identification if asked for. This is why therapy in SL is shady as ****. Armchair therapists who think they know everything giving BS life advice.
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    Well bully for you, other people don't... Get over it... I spent a quarter of a century in Corporate IT Operations and Tech Support before I retired on health grounds... And that's not relevant to your "everyone should have mic and cam or I will go around slandering them" crapola, love... Further, if "don't use mic and cam = must be a guy and doesn't play computer games" is an example of your problem solving approach, then I guess you are one of those IT techs who relies on a knowledge base written by somebody else to tell you what answers to give, right Love? Yeah well, apart from being piss poor English, don't assume everyone in SL is a "gamer" and don't assume every "gamer" uses mic or cam, I certainly never did when playing online games, never needed to, and not all of them supported mics let alone cams. Breaking news, not everyone plays games that NEED 3rd party Teamspeak streaming video systems. Ah! 2nd Wave Lastnamer Entitlement Syndrome Sufferer... Feeling entitled to claim your SL IQ is equal to your SL age measured in weeks? You know where you can shove that garbage, love... My experience in SL over the last 6 years has included FAR too many 2nd Wavers who couldn't find their own arses in the dark with both hands... Not having or using mics and cams isn't being "shadey" or "hiding", it's quite normal for people not to want strangers in the street stopping them and saying "hey you're that chick on the internet...". Frankly, considering my age, and the amount of surgery I've had due to my health, I'm probably doing you all a favour by not having a cam... The whole point of this thread was, as usual, the claim by some clueless asshats that THEY have discovered an infallible means to spot REAL BABES on the web by... Then you get a pile of garbage about "lists of questions that prove they are dudes", or claims that you can tell by asking them their job and seeing if it's a "dudes type job", etc. Working in IT is one of those classic "u mus b a dude cos u no about computas" infallible signals apparently, the ones people like you claim their experience instantly reveals. So, that makes you a "dude" right love? I'm not defensive, I don't date in SL, don't cybersex, and really don't give a rats arse, I just get peeved when I see fools claiming they have some guaranteed method, that in fact doesn't work, or making those moronic "if they don't cam or voice they are dudes, dude" statements. I was born in London, where we are quite proud of NOT being scousers... Love...
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    There are lots of reasons not to voice besides trying to hide, some people have speech issues they come here to escape from, some might want to avoid any emotional attachment with anyone here and believe that not hearing the persons voice is a good way to do that.
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    Beautiful I wish my avvie looked half as good.
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    If the nude photos are of congressmen, I'd absolutely encourage them to continue. If the nude photos are of me, I'd demand 90%. If the nude photos are of the person in question, I'd buy one and then move on.
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    Went to a live concert at Solarwinds tonight... when I looked behind me and saw the mushrooms, I thought... "photo op!"
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