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    Booty brothers must stick together!
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    Can't resist a good looking car...
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    At the entrance to a place where some mermaids use to visit.
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    picked up some new flowers at the illuminate event : )
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    My Avi ? I'm also deciding to sell my skin applier! It's from glam affair - Alba Jamaica 04 RARE catwa gacha skin. LMK if you want it! Thxs
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    How shameful, who goes around painting on private property *shakes her head* (Inspiration from @Orwar)
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    The Community Gateway program was reinstated a year ago. If you want to try the Firestorm Gateway new user experience, you can create an SL account here: http://www.firestormviewer.org/join-secondlife/ Our orientation island is locked to new users entering through the sign up link above, plus LL also send a percentage of their new signups through our gateway. The other regions in the gateway are open to all SL Residents.
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    And this matters HOW? If you are happy here and having fun and some of us making a fair amount of money each month, does it really matter all that much? Ebbe in the Town Hall meeting said that overall population was going down consistently and VERY slowly for many years (maybe since 2009 but you would have to look at the video to check that -- or maybe you needed to be there and it was mentioned after the camera was turned off and questions were asked). This is NOT NEW NEWS. So flag waving with "SL IS ON DEATH'S DOOR" isn't really going to get much but a few raised eyebrows.
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    Ok... normally I'm happy to just listen to you all speculate about the silliest things (you often come up with good ideas I can steal that way), but this has consumed way way too much of the speculation space. We will not restrict the ability of Basic accounts to rez.
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    I am trying to be a rescue horse today.
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    As someone who arrived "mid-surge" back in 2006 and who left in 2009 and has now returned I find this obsession on overall number of users to be somewhat pointless for anyone who doesn't work for Linden Labs. The really important "stat" is one that can't really be quantified. That is "overall quality of users". When I was first on Second Life it was fun, don't get me wrong. But it was a glorious mess, griefing was everywhere, annoying trolls (not the cool fantasy kind either...) were on every sim. Now... griefing, trolling and stalking still happen yet not anywhere near the scale they used to. The normies, those interested in a fad, are gone. Now it is mostly those who are invested emotionally or financially in Second Life left. I met a bunch of trolling nasty people the other day at a shopping event who were trying to cause trouble... all them had expensive and personalised avatars. I thought to myself "These guys have really put some time and thought into this performance..." Even the trolls are better quality now! What this means is we get genuinely awesome creations from dedicated and skilled creators. We get fun, happy online experiences with people equally invested in those experiences. We should be focusing on improving that quality of user (especially through outreach to and retention of newbies) and let the numbers ebb and flow as they will. I know some of the more jaded long-term members, still hurting from the regular Linden Lab shake-ups of rules of yesteryear, can forget this sometimes but... Second Life is amazing. And I'm so glad to have come back.
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    I think that would probably be ---- well, ILLEGAL? Since there was an agreement (might be considered a contract) when those folks signed up. AND every alt that is premium ALSO PAYS A YEARLY FEE!!!! Not sure if you have any idea at all what you are talking about -- or perhaps just trolling.
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    //Top:Addams-Evan Givenchi Shirt//Jeans:Evani-Emma Jeans//Shoes: Empire-Baby's Breath//Hair: Moon-Fallon//Choker-Paper.arrow.co-Neck wrap tied//
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    waiting on a group invite so I can build my new store
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    Just casually watching the rain fall outside. Err. Tries to kick the other guy out of the shot all innocent-like.
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    So it went from self-proclaimed style tips to ego tripping within 2 pages? Cool.
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    Just set up my new store in Applewood, and since they want girls with ears and tails here I put mine on, What do you mean this isnt Neko?
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    Move or communicate is NOT the definition of active in SL, you can be scripting, or building or sorting your inventory, or setting up outfits, or many many other things, and not MOVE or COMMUNICATE at all. Only clueless noobs assume people who don't run around or use voice spam or gesturebate constantly are, and I'll quote a particularly fine example of the breed, who accused the ENTIRE population of Zindra of being... "dummy avatars and npc's" Because when he IM'd them in their skyboxe homes, with "Hi I R 5 week old noob, TALK TO MEH" they ignored him and carried on with their own SLives in their own SL homes. Do you remember him, Animats? You should... STOP obsessing over "alts & bots" as you have made it abundantly clear you have no idea how to tell them apart, a have no idea what an alt is. An ALT is a REAL HUMAN BEING, logging into SL, using a different name. Comparing the figures for how many accounts are logged into SL at any given time, and the fluctuations due to time of day, day of week, etc., suggest 15,000 bots at most, and the rest of the 30,000-50,000 being actual people. So what if they name they log in with today isnt the same one they used yesterday Big deal, stop whining about alts. Yeah, a lot of them do... "Hi I R leet tipe-wid-mah-fumbs console pessant dumfone ussa, wi r dis game so hard, what r dah missions, wi r da grafix so old an slo, wi cant i plai on mah Sontendsoft PlayCube One? Dis R SUK I R leev now, an neva ***** bak, u need fix dis game lots soon or it fail, suk game lyk dis wont last to selebrat it secund berfday" But hey that's ok, most of us SecondLifers don't want people like that here anyway.
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    Back in time (2012) there was at least one premium gift that was very much worth getting, a railroad handcar compatible with the SLRR that was full perm except for scripts. Since then, the gifts have devolved to no-mod garbage. Honestly, Lindens, if it's no-mod, just don't even. Nobody wants it. It's a waste of time even stocking the gift givers with it.
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    Sooo you said booty brothers, but what about the sisters out here can we show are booties too? Also side note ... cute pic
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    "Aphrodite," I pleaded to the moon drenched sky. "Tell me, if love is meant to heal, why does it destroy those who choose it?" From somewhere beyond the clouds, I heard the Goddess laugh. And I knew. N. Gill.
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    Tell me about it. I only realised that a couple of hours after the photoshoot when I glanced at my CI...
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    Not bad, that beats getting dumped in noobland with tons of prims. I think when I tried to get into SL few years ago that kinda held me back, signed up again 2 years ago and seeing good locations instead of ad littered land made me stay. Just my 2 cents, it should have great theme focus with no ad boards.
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    There was a guy once who signed up on a forum for punks and skins, starting a thread to ask 'how to become a punk' - the irony of all the kids giving instructions on how to not care what other people think of you and how to not follow any necessary rules and conventions. This thread made me think of that. ... Once I was over the part about tank tops and hoodies and had counted my 10 Mississippis.
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    I tortured my brain for hours, but finally i found a possible solution. Probably he was hungry and he forgot to type one essential word after the term "club". Well, thats also my application pic
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    Yeah the key to growing is not getting more people to sign up (people will always try new things, there is a constant supply), the trick is keeping them staying around...
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    A computer with a stronger graphics card. And free electricity to power it.
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    Hmmm, you know... <gets distracted by a kitten in a pringles can and loses the thought>
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    More on "Does it matter, really". SL is on the long tail, it's been on the long tail since 2010 or so. It will always be on the long tail. But even now there are a huge number more people online than in 2006 when the grid couldn't sustain a concurrency of 2000.
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    Here is what we know so far about the upcoming ability to change usernames: - There will be a fee, though we do not yet know how much, nor do we know if there will be limits on how often you can do it. - There will be a list of last names to choose from and you will pick a first name of your choosing as long as the first-name.last-name combo is unique. - The list of last names will change periodically, like they did in the olden days. - Any existing last names will not be come back into play. - Once a name has been used, it will forever be associated with that avatar and thus cannot be used by anyone else ever. - No word on whether or not someone will be able to revert to one of their previous usernames. - LL will maintain a history list and there will be at least some sort of searching mechanism -- definitely the ability to search an old name and get the current username for that avatar, but maybe not be able to pull up a current name and get a list of any/all old names. - They are also creating a scripting command to do the lookup of UUID from a name because the avatar's UUID will not change and that is what things like security systems need to change to using (rather than using names). Finally, we do not know exactly when this will be available because they have to finish up some backend changes that this is dependent on - though it is supposed to be coming THIS YEAR.
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    Do you really want to know how to individualize your avatar in SL? By doing your own thing, wearing what you want, and not listening to anyone who is trying to tell you how to "individualize" your look. Because what it really just boils down to - is them pushing their preferences and what they like onto you, instead of just allowing you to find your own way when it comes to fashion and customizing a look that fits what you like.
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    Driven near insane by the constant stream of workmen renovating my RL house (now running 8 days over, not that I am counting much), I decided to do my favorite relaxation and landscaped my new little mainland plot I got on Monday. A little secret garden (with the odd neighbour derendered)
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    Hello Residents! We're excited to announce that we've opened up a new social media channel for Second Life. Since we're turning 15 this year - we decided that we're mature enough to be trusted with an Instagram account. Head on over, follow us, and we'll be sharing some fun things there. Check out our first post now!
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    @Orwar i think I found your clown a home
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    Take the low lag avatar for the current year's Fantasy Faire Completely defeat the purpose by slathering on several mesh parts, including head Okay, so the pic quality ain't so hot, my rig's getting on in years.
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    *cracks knuckles* Thank you, OP, for 'schooling me' on how to be individual.
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