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    A kiss for Orwar! Thanks for a fun photoshoot!
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    while try to show new dress and nails to my best friend.lol
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    Ok... normally I'm happy to just listen to you all speculate about the silliest things (you often come up with good ideas I can steal that way), but this has consumed way way too much of the speculation space. We will not restrict the ability of Basic accounts to rez.
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    I am trying to be a rescue horse today.
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    @Orwar i think I found your clown a home
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    Take the low lag avatar for the current year's Fantasy Faire Completely defeat the purpose by slathering on several mesh parts, including head Okay, so the pic quality ain't so hot, my rig's getting on in years.
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    just another day in the sl universe... just a simple look, which is..kinda nice
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    "Aphrodite," I pleaded to the moon drenched sky. "Tell me, if love is meant to heal, why does it destroy those who choose it?" From somewhere beyond the clouds, I heard the Goddess laugh. And I knew. N. Gill.
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    *cracks knuckles* Thank you, OP, for 'schooling me' on how to be individual.
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    Thanks, in a large part, to government privacy laws you'll never find out what happened with your Abuse Reports. We do know from talking with Linden engineers in the UG meetings that every Abuse Report (AR) is read and acted on. The 'acted on' is classified. Since the engineers are not support people, I tend to believe them. If I were getting hit with the same questions about what happens with AR's in meeting after meeting, it would be a topic of discussion at the company-wide meetings. I would find an answer that satisfied me. I suspect the Lindens I know have done that. A few even have said they asked Support how it works. Plus, those people all work together. So, I suspect there is inside storytelling and questions about support issues. ...can you believe this person did __________ ... But, we can't know what or how quickly they did something. Part of the problem is people. AR's are for reporting problems. But, griefers abuse Abuse Reports. Whole teams of people organize to mount attacks, which are a flood of AR's targeting a victim. So, the Lindens are always in the position of sorting out real vs fake AR's. Fake news is NOT a new thing in SL. Another major part of the problem is the nature of the Internet. How does one determine who is on the other end of a wire? IP Addresses can be spoofed. Connection routes can use anonymous servers to route a connection around the world using layers of network cards and routers to dig through. The MAC address (media access control - a unique identifier every Internet device has) can be spoofed too. All this conspires to make blocking or identifying a determined griefer impossible. So, you might imagine how hard it is to vet an AR. If you want something done quickly, don't make the report a story. State facts and provide precise times and location. Definitely include a reference to the part of ToS being breached. Include an image if possible. Video with audio can be pretty convincing, but everything you can provide can be faked. So, Lindens have to verify any included chat logs against the server logs. So, precise time and place are the BIG DEAL for getting results. The server logs live for somewhere between 3 or 4 days and a couple of weeks... depending who you talk to. I assume 3 days for my purposes. Reporting more than 3 days after the incident is pointless IMO. The sooner the better. We never know what Support's backlog is. If they can't get to your AR before the logs evaporate... When you are reporting the same person again and again... include the ticket numbers from previous reports. Basically, make it clear, to the point, as easy as possible, and as little work as possible for your report to be processed.
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    Exploring iamyourneighbor's city thinking I need to move here
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    Hello Residents! For those of you who missed it - there is as pretty cool updated infograph that we shared yesterday as part of our look back at the last 15 years in Second Life. It got me thinking about the time I have spent inworld - both prior to my working at Linden Lab, and my time here. My question to you is - how many of the last 15 years have you been part of the Second Life community? For me - as Resident it has been almost 12 years and coming up on 7 as a Linden!
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    Just casually watching the rain fall outside. Err. Tries to kick the other guy out of the shot all innocent-like.
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    Hehe. So lets un-confuse it. Does't work https://gyazo.com/58e2d32c43d447a54108bc3b7a60e485 Works (drag the folder "contens", not the item itself) https://gyazo.com/4bb3569b05552f263447f5852682daca Panda unpacked, no rez needed https://gyazo.com/28d7e088c0e6692fd78449ba5af263d4
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    I am so sorry for having dropped of sight without a word to my friends. Not my fault: was hospitalized. Better now and still improving. love to all.
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    Sounds like a fun project! Lovely shot!
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    Oh look, another person that posts ridiculous things to get reactions from people. These forums could use more of those....
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    Watching music videos and getting inspiration for pictures.
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    Second Life Server: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/18# Deployed Tuesday 2018-04-24 03:00-09:00 Second Life RC BlueSteel (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel# Second Life RC LeTigre (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre# Second Life RC Magnum (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum# Second Life RC Snack: Version: Release Notes: Updates to simulator communication protocols aimed at improving region crossings and teleports Regions: Blake Sea - Crows Nest Blake Sea - Nelson Blake Sea - Mizzen Blake Sea - Indefatigable Blake Sea - Cattewater Blake Sea - Atlantic Blake Sea - Galilee Blake Sea - Thunderer Blake Sea - Hawser Blake Sea - Jones Locker
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    and as for that 50,000. let's imagine a hypothetical situation,lets say at midnight 50,000 people log on, and they all stay on until 1, when 10,000 log off and an another 10,000 log on, this happens every hour so after 24 hours, 280.000 people have been online. If half of those people do that again the next day (we all know not everyone does this every day) but they are replaced the second day by a new 140000, We have over two days 420,000 people online but never more than 50,000 at a time. This assumes that everyone logs on at least an hour and no one is ever away more than one day.
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    I never knew it worked like that! The weird thing is it's conceptually the opposite of restrictions on script functions: llGiveInventory() works for no-copy individual items, but llGiveInventoryFolder() can't handle no-copy contents in the folder. I swear the SL permissions system was produced from a fever dream reading of the Old Farmer's Almanac.
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    What Innula says above -- tempered by Rolig's caveats -- is, I think, pretty generally true: certainly, from the perspective of a Canadian (and, as neighbouring mice trying to live peaceably while uncomfortably nestled next to the restless American elephant, we are mostly reasonably well-informed about the culture south of us), Americans seem overall much more right-wing. That said, many European nations -- and to a lesser degree, perhaps, Canada too -- have their own neo-Nazi right wing cranks. What has always struck me most about Second Life's "political culture," insofar as one can generalize about it, is the heavy prevalence of a "libertarian" perspective. Libertarians can be, of course, either right or left (although, in the US, the right, again, seems to predominate, particularly these days), but the particular flavour of libertarianism that is baked or hard-wired into SL is of the Silicon Valley Techno-Utopian variety which, I think, tends to be socially "left," and economically "right." Think of the semi-mythic origins of SL, in Burning Man, and the tech-start-up world of the early part of this century. (One interesting, and to my mind distasteful, manifestation of this was the early prevalence of "hacktivism" and 4Chan-like groups in SL, of which the old Woodbury University crowd was the prime exemplar.) The economic system in SL is definitely free-market (with a few minor exceptions): caveat emptor is the rule, and there is next to no regulation of business practices, nor even much of the Linden. On the other hand, SL has been, certainly since the time I've been here, a welcoming environment for all sorts of identities, esp. LGBTQ ones. It was so long before social acceptance had become mainstream in RL America. This is why I am going to respectfully (and affectionately) disagree with Ceka's suggestion here: The libertarian biases of Second Life are hard-wired into the platform itself, as well as evident in places like Community Standards. As a Canadian social democrat and inveterate lefty myself, I've found SL to be simultaneously welcoming and congenial, and very, very alien at times.
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    I've been reading the topic since it came up on the forum and just watched the last creators meeting video. I can understand the applier systems and applier makers trying to save their business but come on now! you can still apply textures using HUDs right..whats the big deal? Appliers were a necessity but not anymore so I hope the dilemma of applier systems won't stop LL from 'taking another step forward' (please overlook the irony of backward compatibility also, avatars are anything that's attached to the skeleton (i guess) and not necessarily generic male and female avatars and certainly not just something with SLUV maps. For the record, I used to make skins for SL before mesh and appliers became a thing and am excited about BoM making it finally possible to make avatar textures available again with system layers without middlemen, so there's my not so hidden agenda! Will keep my fingers crossed to the next official announcement.
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    One key thing, Second Life, from a technical perspective, is an OpenGL videogame. In terms of models and textures, learn what works and what doesn't in videogames, and why. A big part of why SL has so much lag and performance issues comes down to people creating content that just does not work well in realtime 3D rendering. There's so much misinformation about this in the SL forums and content creation community that it might almost be better to just look to videogame development and modding communities for tips on optimization and creating content that won't kill performance.
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    //Top:Miss Chelsea-Mira Top//Skirt: Addams-Chelsea Knot//Hair: Besom-Lex//Shoes:Vale Koer-Bambie heels (current N21)//Glasses: Yummy-Rita (from old Bishbox)//
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    I'd like to also call attention to this great blog post/recap and transcript of the Town Hall sessions from Inara Pey: https://modemworld.me/april-20th-2018-town-hall-with-ebbe-altberg-transcript-with-audio/ Inara has written a fantastic summary of both Town Hall events and assembled together a text summary of highlights and noteworthy comments including some audio at the above link. Thank you, Inara!
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    Oh, and beta grid and local textures, so you don't have to pay to upload all your experiments. Just to make sure you know about both of those.
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    Hairstyle *ARGRACE* RITSU Top :: MOMOCHUU :: Cutie Lu - Pink A Maitreya Exp Bottoms May :: Maitreya - Light Pink :: Pink Cream Pie Harness ALTAIR* La Rose harness
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    With @Syn Anatine. Nothing clever to say about it. I just liked the idea of arresting someone in front of a Banksy graffiti about cancelled dreams.
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    Meh, I'll go ahead and double-post as well. Seen from my other shoulder! Funny how after all that shooting, we both went for the same pose for our first upload.
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    Couldn't be arsed to shave again Credits Vango, Mister Razzor, and BrunStyle for Men Only Monthly. Tank: BrunStyle - T-Shirt men's Attitude (Slink, Signature, TMP) Hair: Vango - Alex (grayscale) Facial hair applier: Mister Razzor - Facial Hair Clark (black) (Omega) Ears: L'Etre - Olympe Mesh Ears Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Dramatic Eyes (sky) Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Thick Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega, system) Skin applier: Stray Dog - Levi (tone 04) (Catwa) Tattoo applier: Letis Tattoo - Sapphire Wolf (Slink & Signature only) Bracelets: Secrets - Justin Spiked Set (black) Rings: RealEvil - Striker Rings & Claws (Slink, Gianni) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Poses: Wrong
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    I understand, too dangerous to stick around. Regardless... you caught my intrigue with the grandfather clock.
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    I didn't say I completely disagreed with you either. Also, I'm sure you noticed that all the examples I listed are quite old. Most of them predates sculpts even, let alone mesh.
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    "Messaging" is this case refers to region crossing messaging, not communications through channels like this forum thread, as per: [2018/04/24 12:02:34] Rider Linden: So, The internal fixes on the RCs from last week should be rolling to the main grid this week. Snack is getting a new roll that we hope will address some of the region crossing issues. (bold text mine for emphasis).
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    Ethan's given you good answers, but it's pretty simple, really: You must be a Premium member to own Mainland. If you aren't Premium, you can still RENT Mainland from another resident. You can pay for a Premium membership on three plans: $9.50 per month, $22.50 per quarter, or $72 per year. The yearly plan is the best deal, but there is a catch. If you decide you don't want to be a Premium member any more, you will NOT get a refund for any unused time. I suggest trying it for a month or two on the monthly plan and if you like it, switch to the annual plan. Your Premium membership will renew automatically, and your payment method will be charged for it, unless you specifically take steps to cancel it. One of your Premium benefits is the ability to own up to 1,024 m2 of Mainland and not have to pay any monthly tier fees on it. If you own MORE than 1,024 m2, you will pay a monthly fee, based on how much land you own beyond your "free" 1,024. If, for example, you own between 1,025 to 1,536 sq m., you'll pay $4.00 per month for it ($4 per month for up to 512 sq. m.) [There's a trick to own more land via group ownership, but we'll ignore that for the present.] There are several ways to acquire Mainland. Apply for a free Linden Home. These are on 512 m2 parcels, so you will still be able to buy another 512 m2 somewhere else, and not be charged tier. Buy a Mainland parcel from another resident. You can find parcels for sale in Search, or use the world Map with "Land Sale" checked in the map legend. Asking prices for land vary greatly...from less than $L1 per square meter to over $L100 per square meter. Remember that this is a different thing from "tier". The purchase price is a one time fee, usually paid in $L. Tier is an ongoing monthly charge, billed by LL in $USD to your payment method. Bid on a land parcel in an auction. Most parcels are sold directly resident to resident, but some are auctioned by LL. Find the auctions here: https://usd.auctions.secondlife.com/ Be sure to read the FAQs before bidding! You mentioned the $L300 per week stipend for Premium members. You're quite right...there are several benefits to a Premium membership, not just tier-free land. Taken all together, the benefits are (to me, anyway) worth the price of a membership. See my blog post: http://acrossthegridwithlindal.blogspot.com/2018/01/premium-benefits-creep.html I teach a weekly class on land ownership, on Saturdays at 12 noon SL Time at Caledon Oxbridge University. It's free to attend!
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    I gave up on blender after hitting the steep learning curve you mentioned. Maybe I should try again someday! Sounds like a fun project. Maybe find a blender, how to, video and trying to follow along. I got a bunch of other projects lined up though. Next I'm trying to get better at wind light.
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