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    Watching music videos and getting inspiration for pictures.
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    and as for that 50,000. let's imagine a hypothetical situation,lets say at midnight 50,000 people log on, and they all stay on until 1, when 10,000 log off and an another 10,000 log on, this happens every hour so after 24 hours, 280.000 people have been online. If half of those people do that again the next day (we all know not everyone does this every day) but they are replaced the second day by a new 140000, We have over two days 420,000 people online but never more than 50,000 at a time. This assumes that everyone logs on at least an hour and no one is ever away more than one day.
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    What Innula says above -- tempered by Rolig's caveats -- is, I think, pretty generally true: certainly, from the perspective of a Canadian (and, as neighbouring mice trying to live peaceably while uncomfortably nestled next to the restless American elephant, we are mostly reasonably well-informed about the culture south of us), Americans seem overall much more right-wing. That said, many European nations -- and to a lesser degree, perhaps, Canada too -- have their own neo-Nazi right wing cranks. What has always struck me most about Second Life's "political culture," insofar as one can generalize about it, is the heavy prevalence of a "libertarian" perspective. Libertarians can be, of course, either right or left (although, in the US, the right, again, seems to predominate, particularly these days), but the particular flavour of libertarianism that is baked or hard-wired into SL is of the Silicon Valley Techno-Utopian variety which, I think, tends to be socially "left," and economically "right." Think of the semi-mythic origins of SL, in Burning Man, and the tech-start-up world of the early part of this century. (One interesting, and to my mind distasteful, manifestation of this was the early prevalence of "hacktivism" and 4Chan-like groups in SL, of which the old Woodbury University crowd was the prime exemplar.) The economic system in SL is definitely free-market (with a few minor exceptions): caveat emptor is the rule, and there is next to no regulation of business practices, nor even much of the Linden. On the other hand, SL has been, certainly since the time I've been here, a welcoming environment for all sorts of identities, esp. LGBTQ ones. It was so long before social acceptance had become mainstream in RL America. This is why I am going to respectfully (and affectionately) disagree with Ceka's suggestion here: The libertarian biases of Second Life are hard-wired into the platform itself, as well as evident in places like Community Standards. As a Canadian social democrat and inveterate lefty myself, I've found SL to be simultaneously welcoming and congenial, and very, very alien at times.
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    One key thing, Second Life, from a technical perspective, is an OpenGL videogame. In terms of models and textures, learn what works and what doesn't in videogames, and why. A big part of why SL has so much lag and performance issues comes down to people creating content that just does not work well in realtime 3D rendering. There's so much misinformation about this in the SL forums and content creation community that it might almost be better to just look to videogame development and modding communities for tips on optimization and creating content that won't kill performance.
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    Hairstyle *ARGRACE* RITSU Top :: MOMOCHUU :: Cutie Lu - Pink A Maitreya Exp Bottoms May :: Maitreya - Light Pink :: Pink Cream Pie Harness ALTAIR* La Rose harness
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    With @Syn Anatine. Nothing clever to say about it. I just liked the idea of arresting someone in front of a Banksy graffiti about cancelled dreams.
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    Meh, I'll go ahead and double-post as well. Seen from my other shoulder! Funny how after all that shooting, we both went for the same pose for our first upload.
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    Hi Animats! Don't forget that some of those New User Signups are going to be existing users creating alts. While I do not imagine it accounts for a large chunk of the signups (I do not have access to that information to check), since accounts are free, there are bound to be a lot of users with mulitple accounts. I, myself, have 4, including my work account.
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    Eight days over? My home has been under fairly constant renovation since 1937. It may be longer, but nobody from that time is around to relate their frustration.
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    So, you're saying the way to "Individualise" ones avatar is to... Wear the same "Faddidas-Crike Clown-Max Inflatable Designer Running Shoes (tm)" and "Mugger-Thug Hoodie" and Jeans that everyone else wears... Right... Experience teaches that some of the WORST skins in SL, have, historically, been some of the most expensive, clueless idiots buying "exclusive designer" skins and clothes from "upscale designers" where the only thing that's upscale are the egos and the prices.
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    I know appliers are a bit of a convoluted annoying thing right now. But they really don't have to be. Frankly, atm we're at the Mercy of current API limitations. If we get the API we're asking for, appliers won't just be as good as System Layers, they will be FAR FAR BETTER. People have already mentioned Intuitive, Visual Representations of what you're thinking about wearing. Something System layers are incapable of. People keep asking for attachment previews, that's exactly what a well-designed applier hud does. But I also see the day when all mesh and prim attachments automatically apply alphas and glitch pants. No more fumbling for an alpha. It just goes on when you put on your hooves. Scripted control of layers is going to bringing us much closer to the sort of "Wear and go" ease that other more limited platforms provide. And yeah, for existing appliers of all sorts, there will need to be some sort of "relay". But for new products, there's no reason appliers won't just work without kits or relays or anything else. It'll be much more akin to the experience you get with the texture huds for Mesh Clothing. Just wear and click. Frankly, I'm already mentally tossing about ideas for how to structure a new dev kit that can send things directly to the bake stack AND via normal applier channels for onion layers and wardrobe functionality. If we get the API we want. This won't be the case anymore. Once the layers on the body, it'd be saved just like a normal layer. That's a good set up. Honestly, it's what I'm recommending to mesh makers. But it's not our choice what they do. Mesh makers are going to do what they want to do. No Customer, Designer, Skin Maker, Applier System Creator, etc is going to dictate what is going to happen day one. And they aren't all going to do the same thing. This isn't a borg collective. These are all individuals with different ideas about how businesses should be run. The only way designers aren't going to get stuck making a bunch of system layers AND appliers is if we get an api. And to anyone who thinks they should just "Bite the Bullet and update". Bear in mind, some creators have more appliers then others. The folks who are serious. Who do this for a living, often have hundreds and hundreds of textures in use. I've know several who actually have thousands from years and years of creation. I know because I had to make them special applier scripts to handle the load. Do not be fooled. It's not going to be a small task to convert all that old stock, and it's not a fair thing to ask of them. Frankly, layer creation can easily take as long as it took to create a batch of textures. Especially if you have a lot of options. However long you've been doing appliers, you're going to have to spend half that time again to rebox all your old products. Um.. what fallacy? You think people weren't concerned with backward compatibility when appliers arrived?! My whole bussiness is backwards and cross compatibility! You know how many "Is there a converter for system layers?" questions I get? How many people I've had to inform that NO, copybotting or grabbing XML textures is not an appropriate reaction to something not having appliers. Or that "No Mr Mesh Maker, you should NOT be helping people grab their Skins!" To this day I still get these questions, wanting to use all sorts of things on all sorts of other things. You should have seen the reaction when I just managed to wrangle the Phat Azz creator and get permission to use his channels for a free relay. Designers and Customers alike were *****ing ecstatic. People care about backward compatibility ALOT. They always have. To the point of breaking my tos, the meshes tos, the items tos. Frankly, the lack of Backwards compatibility has created tons of customer service issues for Myself, Designers and Mesh Makers over the years and I for one would like to avoid that. I'd also like to avoid turning more people into copybotters and rippers then we already have. It's an ongoing problem completely caused by the lack of Backwards and Cross Compatibility. I know you put your own Jira up. But I'm not sure why. It's almost functionally the same... but in such a way as to exclude existing applier creators by making it difficult to create a converter...
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    There's this statement by Grumpity on the town hall thread answering a user question -- which is now closed: So what I wonder is: why isn't Second Life "as is," I mean the old legacy SL, not Sansar, considered "Virtual Reality"? It always seemed like it was to me. It seemed the closest thing to the Snowcrash world and even Ebbe Linden said SL is the "closest thing on the planet" to the world in Ready Player One. (Or maybe he only meant Sansar?) Is there some rule that in order for a thing to qualify as "virtual reality" it has to have a goggle that covers your eyes? Or you have to get into some kind of rig? Most of what I've seen of Virtual Reality (trying the goggles at fairs and conventions) just doesn't seem like all that to me because you can't really manipulate the environment. The things I've seen from AR or that have those 3D panoramic movies of things which my son has done for work -- they also just don't seem as good as SL for me, because again, I'm made a passive viewer and/or I have to have something covering my eyes so I will stumble if I start walking. So what IS the official criteria?
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    At the entrance to a place where some mermaids use to visit.
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    You must be a lot more OCD than me. I see a very tiny difference, but not enough to worry about, or even notice unless you call attention to it (as you did via this post). I would say to check your Appearance sliders for any application of the "unsymmetrical" adjustments (that's not the name, I'm just going from my very unreliable memory.) Except you say that the problem seems to occur over time...um...do you by any chance wear different versions of your shape with different outfits?? Be sure to check any "baldies" that you are wearing, too. They affect eyebrows.
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    ...sets you on fire.
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    30/12/2006 so 11 and a bit years and still an eternal noob although no longer nicking a neighbours wifi as I did back then.
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    Your Slurl is faulty. We are unable to locate the region "" make sure you copy and paste the right slurl, there needs to be your region's name in between those two //
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    If you will need to get the specific section each wheel has landed on, mebbe change the number of sections from 32 to 36... so your movement can be in 10 degree intervals?.. if it's all visual, you could just use llTargetOmega ? ... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlTargetOmega and change the spinrate in a timer event? a pretty ambitious project for someone who is not a scripter
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    Eight years. I made clothes for a couple years before I switched to this avatar. This avatar used to be my clothing model while I worked in PS and blender. I decided to just work on photography instead of clothes and I’ve stuck with that. I do get the urge to jump in blender every now and then still.
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    You should swim across the channel sometime. She's cute.
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    My clothes are so uncomfortable in SL that I hardly wear any, and when I do, I remove my bits.
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    prok, it's VR, it's just we do not have the HMD's that certain parts of the community/world would think we need to be VR.
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    Convex hull was never "magic", it simply told SL to use the physics shape of the original untortured prim, so setting convex on a hollow box as a way to make a low prim room, never worked, as the physics ignored the hollows and slices. Best you could realistically hopew for was a 50% decrease in Land Impact, it never "reduced prims" the count of prims in the linkset remained constant, only the land impact fell, and how much it fell depended on factors such as what shape prims you were using, had you tortured them, did they have scripts in etc. Boxes worked best, a torus with a script in, didn't work nearly as well. Convex hulling parts of a linkset was always a "pro prim pusher" trick used by the more tech savy builders, but magic it wasn't, it had and still has certain limitations, it's not a sure fire way to halve land impact on everything. I once built an object with 15 stretched cubes (a wooden animal stall), convexed it came in at 8 LI (7.5 LI rounded up), but adding a torus with a leash holder script in, pushed LI up to 11 for a 16 prim object.
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    I'm so new here! I have a lot to learn about Seconds Live! (almost 12 years)
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    I did a painting, put it in my galley, While wearing a bikini and up to there boots
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    This script, knocked up using the Firestorm particle editor (so many of the parameters are superfluous or inappropriate), is one way it might be done. I've bolded the essentials: the pattern (angle and its values) and the acceleration. The acceleration vector is modified by the object's rotation, and this needs to be updated as the object is moved around, hence the timer. Just drop it into a box to get the general idea. You'll probably want to knock the box over onto its side, too. default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent (0.5); } timer () { llParticleSystem( [ PSYS_SRC_PATTERN,PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_ANGLE, PSYS_SRC_BURST_RADIUS,0, PSYS_SRC_ANGLE_BEGIN,0.1, PSYS_SRC_ANGLE_END,0, PSYS_SRC_TARGET_KEY,llGetKey(), PSYS_PART_START_COLOR,<1.000000,1.000000,1.000000>, PSYS_PART_END_COLOR,<1.000000,1.000000,1.000000>, PSYS_PART_START_ALPHA,1, PSYS_PART_END_ALPHA,1, PSYS_PART_START_GLOW,0, PSYS_PART_END_GLOW,0, PSYS_PART_BLEND_FUNC_SOURCE,PSYS_PART_BF_SOURCE_ALPHA, PSYS_PART_BLEND_FUNC_DEST,PSYS_PART_BF_ONE_MINUS_SOURCE_ALPHA, PSYS_PART_START_SCALE,<0.500000,0.500000,0.000000>, PSYS_PART_END_SCALE,<0.500000,0.500000,0.000000>, PSYS_SRC_TEXTURE,"", PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE,0, PSYS_PART_MAX_AGE,5, PSYS_SRC_BURST_RATE,0.3, PSYS_SRC_BURST_PART_COUNT,5, PSYS_SRC_ACCEL,<-0.500000,0.000000,0.000000> * llGetRot (), PSYS_SRC_OMEGA,<0.000000,0.000000,0.000000>, PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MIN,0.5, PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MAX,0.5, PSYS_PART_FLAGS, 0 ]); } }
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    I detest "privacy walls" and screens. So many people use them as "spite fences" and even the ones who intend no insult often don't know how they ought to be used. My neighbor recently put up a region-spanning international airport next to my land. Since my border with him is the low point of his region, he erected a forty meter high concrete wall to support that end of his airfield. Nothing at all I could do about it. Because my land has a tropical theme, what I ended up doing was to put up a large, thin wall right up against his, and textured it with a "sand, sea and sky" texture. It actually does not look too bad! If you're looking for privacy from the neighbors... Use the Privacy option in About Land/Options, to make people on your land invisible to those outside your parcel. (Keep in mind that it works both ways though). Live in a skybox. Locate it outside the probable draw distance of other people (at least a couple hundred meters away from the ground or other skyboxes.) If you must put up a screen, think about a line of trees or a tall hedge before you default to a wall. The main purpose of a screening wall is to keep YOU from seeing the neighbors' poor taste. Make the outside of your wall transparent, and only texture YOUR side of it. You can't block the neighbors' view of your land with a wall, anyway, they can just cam past it. Make your wall Phantom to keep any off-course aircraft from crashing into it. Rather than a wall, consider simply de-rendering your neighbors' ugly build. Other people will still see it of course, but at least YOU don't have to! If someone does build a wall on your shared border, or builds anything else you object to: Try to communicate with them first. By IM, or by notecard. BE POLITE! Offer to help them find a more attractive way to highlight the edges of their parcel. If they do not respond, or are obviously unwilling to discuss or compromise, be philosophical about it. It's their land, and they have the right to do whatever they want on it (subject to the ToS, Community Standards, and any estate Covenant). But you have the same right! You can go along your border and right click stuff that looks like it might be encroaching on your land and hit Return. After your neighbor gets a few items flung back into his Lost and Found folder, he will probably take the hint and be more careful to keep his junk on his own land. You can put up a wall of your own, as long as it is on your side of the border. You can make it bigger and uglier than his, if you are feeling vindictive. Make it Full Bright and glowing. Add moving spotlights, and showers of particles. Whatever you can imagine. But beware! This sort of thing can escalate, and at some point LL may decide that one or both of you is guilty of harrassment, and suspend or ban you. Rather than engage in a Spite Fence War, it may be easier to just pull up stakes and move!
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    I don't completely agree with you there, Penny I'm really impressed by Iris, Rizal, Pyri Peaks, Michael Linden's forgotten conference center at Kirkby and his roadwork at Davenport, Eric LInden's wooden bridges at Seascale and Borrowdale, Silent Mole's deceptively simple little builds like the tubeworms, seagrass and pathcut tubes fountain, Bloomin' Mole's wooden road along the northwest coast of Heterocera, Crazy Mole's Nautilus builds and many, many other early content Linden and Mole builds. Considering what they had to work with back then, those are seriously solid works.
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    I said I'd check it when I got back, and I did. I found that you were right. No matter what I tried, I could not drag a no-copy item from within a worn object, into my inventory. So not allowing Basic accounts to rez stuff wouldn't be the best idea to degrade Basic accounts, unless things are changed so that the sort of 'stuff' that's been mentioned isn't affected. Things could be changed, but it would be no good as things are now. Now allowing Basics to build, and/or not allowing them to sell, might be options. They might consider disallowing Basics from certain land, such as adult land.
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    I'm going to be blunt. I typically use system assets. This means that the merchants who now provide only appliers have decided that my business isn't worth spending their time on at this point. I can't complain about that - that's their time and their decision. I'm also not saying that your proposal isn't a good idea if it can be made to work. However, this project will work perfectly for me as it is right now, and releasing it won't prevent additions in the future to work with old appliers, etc. This is not a showstopper. Why should I spend any of my time waiting for this feature only to benefit those who aren't willing to spend time to benefit me?
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    Improved region crossings is one of our active projects right now; it may take a little time to get out to most of the grid, but we've got some promising-looking changes coming.
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    Well, well, well. Just down the road from my patch. I liked the 'rustic' building, especially the room with the dance pole...
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    By starting with 2 million and losing half of it.
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    I am not one for gowns, though the one I found at Fantasy Faire made me change my mind. It's pretty
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    Hey Guys, You had to go and ask the tough question didn’t you Phil? Well, let me do my best to try and answer it, within reason of course as we can’t always disclose everything that you all may want to hear. So let me start by saying, we don’t want people to be afraid to post, and interact here on the forums. We realize that there have been a lot of changes to the forums over the last few years, and we have been working hard to make them good changes. The Lindens that you have seen participating in various parts of the forum are really enjoying it, and we are hoping over time you will see more and more Linden’s come to join the fun. That being said though, the idea that the forums are separate from Second Life, is not at all true. They are a part of the Second Life service. This is covered in our community standards (https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-standards), where we say: “To help promote respect, peace, and an enjoyable experience for all users, this set of Community Standards applies to all products, services, and environments offered or hosted by Linden Lab, including but not limited to, its websites, servers, software, forums, and blogs (as further defined in the Terms of Service, the Service.” This means that behavior anywhere within our Service could lead to some form of disciplinary action against an account. This has always been the case and is not something that changed. However, let me reassure you that an account suspension is usually not the first step (it does depend on the nature of the incident). The staff that moderates the forums do make attempts to correct and educate before actioning. Do they make mistakes sometimes? Sure, who doesn’t, but we work to correct those mistakes as well. As for old posts, we are all on the same page there. There is no need to go and delete posts from the past for fear of them being used against you, but if your current behavior is bad, and continues to be bad, then bad things can happen. Now go forth, and post, but only if they follow the Community Standards.
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    I had to translate it from Linden-ese to Kat-a-nese for it to make sense to me. so I'ma writing this all out for everyone not just Soda, and I love your Videos btw. Mainland land - to get Mainland you have to be Premium - included in your Premium Package is first 1024m2 of Mainland Tier Tier is the Monthly fee to rent mainland from Linden lab. - Is based on the Maximum amount of land held in a Month, even if just for a moment. and expressed in Meters Square - Further bumps in Tier are listed on this website https://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php - Remember the first 1024m2 is already included in Premium -- so no worries if paying quarterly or yearly the land DOES NOT have to be a contiguous piece of land, so you can Mix and match: use 512m2 on a Linden home and the other 512m2 on another place, or 1024m2 on one parcel, or buy two 512m2 parcels, or stuff But ... you have to Buy land and/or get a Linden home to use the Tier Selecting Land / Buying Land Buying Land is Buying a 'Lease Option' to Rent land using Tier 1) Buying Normal ol' Mainland - you get to pick your spot - use search or mainmap to spot land that is for sale or plots of land are auctioned off by LL https://usd.auctions.secondlife.com/lin/auction/auction/list/ - pay for for the 'Lease Option' using L$, buy clicking the Buy Land thingie in the Viewer - Pay attention to the rules of the Region Rating: Moderate, General, or Fun.. um... adult 2) Getting a Linden Home https://secondlife.com/land/lindenhomes/ - you can't pick the spot, but you can pick the type of house - you dont have to pay a L$ fee on the Lease Option, you only pay the 512m2 Tier (already in the Premium Plan) - if you have 512m2 unused tier - try it! it is FREE! (call it practice on using the about land controls) I am not sure it is mainland? (Topmenu) World / Region Details/ Estate Tab Estate: mainland Which Mainland do I want? I dunno... you buying the land / paying the lease option What is Protected Access? - Land is adjacant to Linden Used Land so others not be building on it - Costs more to Buy What is Double Prim / Prim Bonus land? - a region allows 22,500 LI (building blocks to be used) - when the land was first parceled up by the Lindens, the allocation of LI per parcel was shuffled around - use less prims for part of the region - this part was kept as water or roads or a park or something - the For Sale Parcels were allocated more LI, Like double the amount. - Costs a lot to buy Hopes that Helps. Do we get a Video of the Buying land Adventure?
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    While this might have worked in the past, it does not now. I just tested with an alt. I had her block me and then paid her L$1. What my transaction history shows is MY location at the time of the payment. I TPd around to a few places, paying her L$ a few times and the tran history consistently shows my location every time.
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    I was not the intruder but I logged into my home one day to find a couple going hot and heavy on my bed. They were so into what they were doing, they didn't see me, so I decided to have a little fun with them. I took control of the bed and started putting them in different positions until finally they realized what was happening, I never saw two people tp out so fast and not even an apology or anything but I truly didn't mind I was laughing so hard. Did I mention that they were emoting in open chat?? LOL. The guy was NOT that bad of an emoter either....just sayin'.
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    Some people have all the luck. I've been trying for years to get random naked people women to show up at my parcel.
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    I was accidentally the intruder one time. I somehow double clicked on the map of the sim I lived on, and ended up at the foot of a neighbors bed while he and his wife were doing the horizontal mambo. After much apologizing, and being absolutely mortified, we ended up becoming really good friends
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    Here is a different approach. While I don't know of any devices or exploits (other than a tracker on your person or on your land) or RLV, that will let a person know your location, let us assume there is one. You can still keep your stalker from taking pictures of you. 1. Make sure the stalker is banned from your land parcel. To prevent alts from invading, set the parcel to only allow access to group members, then only invite known and trusted friends to your group. 2. Also make sure that you have a security orb in your skybox, and that only known and trusted friends are on its "allowed" list. Set the area of effect to cover your entire parcel. 3. The above steps should make sure that the stalker cannot actually come onto your parcel. Now, the next part is important: In About Land/Options, UNcheck the box that says "avatars on other parcels can see/hear avatars on this parcel." A stalker can still know you are home, and see you as a dot on his map, but he will not be able to see you visually or take your picture.
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    Well, it's all pretend, so one solution is to ignore it. Another solution is to get some free garlic from the Marketplace.
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    As much as I whine, it is quite common for us to get snow all the way through mid to late May. Winter coats are not put away until Memorial Day around here and winter bedding doesn't come off of the beds until the same time. Even if the lawn mower comes out in April, the snowblower stays handy until the end of May also. We often get late snows that bring down branches, or even entire trees, due to the leafing that has already happened. Most years, we get a snow & cold snap right after the trees and bushes start budding, which kills the buds and thus I almost never get to actually see the flowers. It was only a few years ago that we had a horrid snow and hard freeze on Mother's Day. I lost a huge 30-yr old bing cherry tree that day because the sap froze. We have had some beautiful days in the 70s already - that is what spoils me and makes me whine more when it goes icky again.
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    I've seen many people use blender but there are arguments about blender is a little weak for meshing, so I don't understand...
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