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    With this post I am officially 500. I wonder what it will feel like? Well there is one way to find out.....
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    Ayashi~Dulce Secrets~Fallen Gods~Pumec~Tonic Elaine~Tonic Fine
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    Did some more shopping at Pink Cream Pie
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    I launched a new sl fb page called Kawaii Feed which features cute and kawaii fashions. It caters to people who like this particular style. Feel free to like and follow ^^ https://www.facebook.com/KawaiiFeed/
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    There could be an SL world war three going on around me..If I'm shopping,I'm not gonna notice.. I shop for SL world peace.
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    Nah, he just wants to "Win the day" every day - which takes lots of likes/reactions and thus more posts give a better chance of that.
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    By the time I get to 5000, I should be smart enough to post less.
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    you basically asked for a similar planar mapping behavior you have in SL to work in Blender, as i understood it. Probably i should have mentioned that this doesn't make the transfer to SL as it is, it's a texturing method that, for SL, still needs you to make UVs and bake the resulting texture. This is actually a texture mapping method to project textures regardless of UV orientations and seams. For rendering, it works without UVs too. Making UVs for a bake is a necessary step to obtain a usable texture in SL edit: of course my example was using a procedural Blender texture, you should put any image you want to use as texture there
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    You can have Cat Lady, myself, I wonder if Skell likes kittens?
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    There are several things you can do! These are listed pretty much in my personal order of preference. Don't go to places where people like that tend to hang out! For crashers that are worn (they most often are), use Preferences, Graphics tab, and set the Avatar Complexity slider to anything lower than "unlimited." Turn away from the crasher so your camera does not "see" it. In the Advanced menu (CTRL+ALT+D to enable this, if it isn't on your top menu bar now), click "Disable camera constraints". Next time you encounter a crasher, quickly spin your mouse scroll wheel back, to zoom your camera back beyond your draw distance. Then teleport somewhere else. When you encounter a crasher, press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+1 or CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+9. This will make the crasher invisible, but the downside is that it will also make most other objects invisible too, so it's only a temporary measure. You can make a series of semitransparent neutral gray prims. Try a range, like 50% to 90% opaque. Attach these to the center HUD attachment point. They act as "sunglasses" for your camera and cut down on the visual information reaching your graphics card. Experiment to see what level of opacity is required to protect you against a crasher.
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    If you ever create a virtual world in which the avatars look like the things you draw, I'm moving over.
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    @Fionalein, You have a couple of misapprehensions going on here. First, you don't have to put up with unwelcome come-ons, from shop owners or anyone else. Muting them, and then refusing to patronize their store, is the best immediate response. Second, IMs are not as protected as you seem to believe. While you cannot copy and paste IM logs without the consent of the other party(s) involved, there is nothing at all that says you cannot tell your friends that so-and-so is a smarmy horndog and they ought to be wary of him. You can even paraphrase, e.g., "yeah, this guy started out telling me how hot I was and then offered me free products if I'd sleep with him." What you cannot do is copy and paste the conversation verbatim. And as Syn points out, you can even do that, if you do it on your own blog or in a third party forum...just not in SL or here on the SL official forums. As for someone revealing something illegal in an IM...illegal where? In Real Life? If someone tells you that he's going to go shoot up his school, you should immediately contact the RL authorities. In the US, that'd be the FBI. In SL, there is no "illegal"; there is only the ToS (and the Community Standards, and other referenced LL policies). If someone tells you they are copybotting all of Truth Hawks' hair styles, or something like that, you can certainly pass that information on to LL, and you can ALSO let Truth Hawks know about it. You can even tell your friends about your strange encounter. Again, what you can't do is copy and paste the IM logs verbatim.
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    Yeah, there are some clever old name choices out there. Like: "Imnotgoing Sideways"
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    I was hosting @ Club SohoSoho! Last night & I did a double shift! I only had 4 hours of sleep I need coffee!!!!
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    Hi Ya! I've tried making friends on here before using strictly my roleplay persona but it doesn't seem like those people were really interested in being friends rather then just having someone to "talk" with and try to convert to their "realm" and a few of them seemed to only want a "sexual" encounter ... and that's not really my scene. I am looking for people to have fun with, get-to-know and definitely roleplay within this virtual world where I am trying to have an alternative life. I will be honest, I am still trying to figure out my style, and what mesh body I want to I still have the starter stuff but I am planning on getting some "premium" items here soon (maybe for Christmas) and showing off my "new look" at the beginning of the year 2018!! [This section is about me] About Me I'm a game master (assistant manager) at an escape room (irl) and I am a crafter (everything from simple crafts, making anime dolls, crafting cosplay mech clothes to making paper box characters). I enjoy reading (especially mangas that are romantic / comedy / or Yaoi .. and anything with Mechs in them!) I am a role player I prefer roleplaying in second life aside from OOCs but I can OOC if I have to, however, I want to use Second Life as a "second life" to have a place to escape too. Me vs My Avatar I'm American-Greek which means I am 1/2 Greek and the "American" side is a mutt mix of Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Dutch. My avatar is Greek-Asian which means she is Greek and Korean. I have a ton of Asian friends and I am told that I have a lot of "Asian" qualities lol so I thought it would be fun to have my avatar show off my "Asian" side. :-) I have ash-blond hair with blue and pink highlights but I have brown eyes and I'm fairly fair skinned but I am a little "chibi" however I am working on that XP so no judgy-face! Nyaa! My avatar...hehe well you'll have to see her! Likes Music: Rock / J-Rock (favorite) ~ Literally anything as long as the beat is good Movies: Pixar (favorite) / Korean Dramas ~ I do prefer the romance genre, but I will always be a fan of animated movies. Anime! Mangas! Comics! Yay! Working out: I love to run on my treadmill and gazelle. I try to get in 2 to 4 hours a day total. Dislikes Perverts! ~ I don't mind flirts or even bluntness, but I don't like pigs that hoot and holler like dumbasses. Beef / Pork: I am on a 2 Year Pledge where I don't eat anything with Beef or Pork (but I still eat Goat and Lamb lol) Dumb Girls: There is nothing that drives me insane than a dumbass girl who is the stereotypical dumb blond...ugh. Quirks Head Tilt: I tilt my head to the side a lot when I am in thought or writing Hair Twirl / Run: I play with my hair and run my hands through it when I am thinking or bored Talking to Self: Yes, I'm a little crazy, I tend to talk to myself....maybe too much. No Shoes: I hate wearing shoes, and I tell people I have Taurus Feet (like Toph from the Last Airbender) Motivations To inspire myself to become more artistic. To spend more time honing my craft. To be a better friend and lover. Fears Spiders ~ Ew! Nasty little buggers, I know they have a purpose but to me their purpose is death! (from someone else squashing them) Seeing My Death ~ I'd rather die in my sleep, or suddenly without knowing or being able to see it happen.
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    So I have started to work on building my new gang and its hideout. I am imagining us as a group that sells/buys/trades goods and services of black market nature in between the grid to different sims. I have built the hideout/sale spot/bike garage once before on a skyplot and now I'm re-doing it on a commercial plot. My hope is to find people who know a little about making objects as well so we can make drugs and what not to sell in game via our sell spot. Aside from that I just want hang out for the gang. Since I am just starting and working out the details of the place I am more than willing to take suggestions and what not from my members. Not sure what else I should say lol if this interests you contact me on here on or SL I use the same name. <3
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    think you need to learn a lot about sl, this last line is perhaps for you, but for sure not for many others. You limit SL to a sort of game and totally ignore the social, psychological , economical and more aspects.
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    Girl can siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!
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    What's the name of the affected group?
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    You are not mentioning anything about the exported file format you-re using Assuming that you're using Avastar with its .anim exporter, you should make sure that the arms that need to stay firm have a rotation change between first and second frame of your animation, in order for the scripts to store it in the file. Otherwise it will just skip the limb entirely and let the animation slot empty and, as consequence of this, in SL that arm will keep being animated by one of the animations that is playing already, no matter if your animation is higher priority.
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    Don't forget that the prim count/land impact is only a crude estimate of the load an item causes on the servers and viewers. A sim with as many houses as a Linden Homes sims, made in mesh at the efficiency level the Moles are capable of at the moment, and filled up with typical high poly mesh furniture from gachas and MP would be Lag Hell. It's a different story once we have 1024 m2 parcels though, since that means only half as many houses to the sim.
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    And they might be even better if you add a bottle of wine to your Dutch accent... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29043911 ETA: Dutch accents make me swoon, and that all started with my friend Connie, even though she tried to kill me with drop.
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    Maybe try by removing the words "afk" "sex" "porn", "*****" from your places description, then you won't have to compete with these sims on these terms rofl. If its an pub, don't use terms used by the virtual porn and prostitution places. Sounds like you're jealous cause they earn L$ and you don't? Only the best looking girls receive tips and to get in there, you need invest at least 10 to 20k L$ (40 to 80$). 2750 L$ for mesh body 5000 L$ for mesh head 1000-2000 L$ for skin 500-1000 L$ for several makeups, nail colors or mesh nails 500 L$ for shape 3000-5000 L$ for erotic extras (It's not mine set w/ glasses, mesh nipples, mesh genitals, spank addons, Mama Alpa, some hud to change dresses) 300-500 L$ for hair 1000-4000 L$ for erotic clothes (like scripted "undress" me lingerie from Layla's at prices of 600 to 1000 L$ for a single color) 300-500 L$ for at least a pair of nice looking heels
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    "Partner" on the HUD means only that the person can open you when they want, nothing more. The only way to tell if you're wearing the hud is by checking compatible female huds on their on hud. I don't think that there is a way to tell if you're actually coupled with someone at any time unless by the person you coupled with and yourself.
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    This morning I'm thinking of chocolate caramel eggs and how I don't have anymore, which makes me sad.
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    Saw this today. Thought of the folks that shout in the forums and cracked up
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    I'm just here for the people who are just here for the coffee. ;-). Happy Saturday, Kids!!!
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    Eggs, eggs, eggs. Easter hunts have a few problems, and my eyes are bloodshot as I try to solve the last of my bugs in the scripting behind this year's version of my egg-hunt system. I really want to give the people who play the hunt properly a leg up over the cam-cheaters who don't move from the rez point. One bug left, and one day left too. I might make it. \o/
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    For your garden - go get this grass before it is too late and the prize is set up to normal. It is huge patches, and there are color change and different sizes. The flower texture looks even better inworld. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DDD-Fairyflower-Grasses-Resize-Friendly-No-Alpha-Flicker/14326941
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    No, anyone wouldn't pay more for the *potential* to earn more. Most would pay more to earn a guaranteed more, absolutely, but a potentially higher earning, not a guarantee, is a gamble, no matter how you slice it. Most smart business owners these days, be it in a virtual economy or the real economy, won't make those kinds of gambles anymore. If the potential percentage leans more in their favor, say at least 70/30, then yes, it might be worth it, IF, and only IF, the business can withstand falling on the opposite end. Otherwise, it is not a wise or worthy investment, plain and simple. Having owned actual brick and mortar businesses my entire adult life, my meager little hobby store in sl notwithstanding, I can tell you if anyone ever tells you that you should invest in the potential to earn more with a less than 70/30 in your favor percentage, in today's economy, you should politely bow out of the conversation. It's not a safe bet, by any stretch of the imagination. Note that this applies to *today's* economy, which also heavily applies to today's sl economy..perhaps even more so with as much uncertainty as the economy faces (speculations, increased fees, promises never met, blah, blah, everyone gets it...and that's not necessarily a knock on LL, it's just the truth of the matter, we all know those struggles that SL faces). People that say "I'd gladly pay more for the potential to earn more", who don't follow that up with caveats are likely in the position, a better position I might add, to invest regardless of the (perhaps any) percentage in their favor. So, of course it would make sense for them to say such things. Now, this is merely my own opinion, but I have some serious doubts that the vast majority of creators within sl, are actually in such a position. I believe the vast majority can only invest so much, and only with a guaranteed percentage in their favor of increased income. That's the reality of many in business today, not just virtual businesses, but business in general. The mid-earners have a far more difficult time with investing in their own future than they once did, primarily due to uncertainty in the economy. SL is no exception to this. The more uncertainty that exists, the less likely merchants/creators are going to be willing to invest-whether it's monetarily, or creatively. Some may have a more difficult time understanding why others have difficulty investing(again, in any form), because for them it is NOT nearly as difficult of a decision. That does not, however, mean that either party, understands business less than the other. It does, however, mean that both have different approaches based on circumstance, knowledge, experience and position within the economy itself. Neither is necessarily right, or wrong. In fact, I'd say that both parties are perfectly right....as it applies to THEM and THEM ALONE. But neither can be right as it applies to all...because neither has the insight necessary for their own situation/opinion/thoughts/etc.. to be applicable for all. As confusing as that may sound, it's really not when it all boils down to it. So yes, for you it may be easy t say "I'd invest more, if I got more" and that be the end of the statement. But for a great deal of others, that couldn't possibly be the end of the statement, because those caveats and certain guarantees are an absolute necessity beforehand. It helps to have a bit of understanding of both sides of the coin. Both those confident that an increased (drastically or not) monetary investment is in their best interest, and those that are unsure as to whether or not such would be a wise decision at this juncture. If both parties cannot at least come to that kind of understanding, then, yeah, you'll never get anywhere with this kind of discussion. If you can, however, the discussion could prove to be quite valuable, especially when discussing changes that have the potential to benefit ALL, regardless of their position within the economy(customer, merchant, creator, big, small, mid-sized....all inclusive).
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    Well there is a difference between "I want sex" ads that have real life hookups and virtual sex where no one actually touches and frequently never even knows who they are "really" having sex with. So for me, there isn't an actual correlation between Craig's list and SL sex clubs - LOL. Honestly, it seems very hard to prove any sex trafficing going on when there are SO MANY FOLKS that come to SL for free sex :D. I haven't ever ventured over to adultland in that sexual sense, but since most of the RL folks that I run into cannot understand that we make "'real money" via SL, I am having a difficult time seeing how they would equate pixelated activities with REAL sex. How folks in SL look at it? That's likely a different story. Will be interesting to see how it all turns out. There was a law passed decades ago in my state (and likely others) that bars and even people hosting personal parties were liable for the actions of anyone drinking in their establishments or homes. That hasn't even slowed down the drinking (well maybe the first year some). Interesting what we remember LOL.
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    They announced different "premium" tiers. That would have been my first thought. The L$300 stipend would cost around $1.20 USD, so I would say $2.50 a month for the stipend and 512m land, but no other benefits. Then add benefits by shopping cart such as access to premium areas, $1.50. Priority region entry, $2.00 etc. so that if you were to get ALL of the benefits, it would end up costing the same, but if you only needed some of them, you'd have a cheaper subscription with only the things you will use. I would also add a "Makers" subscription that is tailored specifically to creators which would include benefits of a certain number of free mesh/animation/image uploads, discounted merchant fees, etc. I would also suggest creating a region specifically for merchants, a G/M region where this tier would receive 512m free to use as part of their Maker subscription. Have it pre-set with streets, street names etc so that they could just select the square they want and set up shop. It would make a great shopping region for all involved, and be a specific tier for Linden to line their pockets with. With their intention to move to the cloud, it wouldn't be that much greater impact on resources. There are so many ideas and things that could be implemented, but really, I doubt they'll listen, so I'll leave it at this.
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    If you use Firestorm, you can see parcel boundaries at any height. Preferences -> Firestorm -> Build 2 . Tick "Highlight boundary of currently selected parcel" & tick "Show boundary up to maximum build height". Normal parcel lines: When "Highlight boundary of currently selected parcel" is enabled - makes the parcel lines more noticeable. When "Show boundary up to maximum build height" is also enabled - parcel boundary stretches up to 4096m Note that you need to edit an object to see those extended parcel boundaries.
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    It's part of the underlying ethos of Second Life. If you want it and no one else has made one, find a way to build it. Which reminds me, I need to get back to my luge training.
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    Hi, yes, not always easy to adjust the hover height :-)
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    I use Niran's "Black Dragon" viewer. For the most part, I find the menus are laid out much more sensibly (with one notable exception) and the UI itself is far more compact than even the Firestorm UI. I think it's important to remember that it is difficult to take an objective view of UI layouts because once a person is used to a UI layout, they will react badly if presented with a UI where things are moved around. It doesn't matter if the new layout is more intuitive, they will swear the UI they are used to is better...until they acclimate to the new layout by using it extensively for a reasonable period of time. Those who have stuck with V1 style interfaces all these years never adapted to the newer layout so they're still going to find those layouts frustrating. Even so, I don't think any of the SL viewers present a radically different UI. It's all just moving things around and changing the graphical elements for them. The basic experience is the same for all viewers.
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    I don't see it. There is a major game (with a major price) being released tomorrow with character graphics and animations that do not even come close to SL standard avatars not to mention what you can do from there with resident created items. And then there is scope of what can and cannot be done. To paraphrase an old resident, if I can't dance on a table with a blue octopus attached to me hip -- all of which I made myself -- it is not an SL competitor.
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    Sorry, but that's just not true. Mesh is rigged to your skeleton. Bento didn't change that. To resize rigged mesh, you could have to change the placement of your bones, which you can't do. Bento just added more bones that can be used in fitted mesh.
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    ChinRey wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: She is just pointing out, that part of Garys problems might come from an ageing computer. But of course, since Gary and you might need a new graphic card, nobody should have nice things. No, it's more than that, Syo. It's a question who Second Life is for. It doesn't have much appeal to the regular gaming and graphics crowd with high performance game computers because, let's face it, the graphics here are rubbish by today's standards. It does still have appeal to more "casual" users of virtual realities but generally not enough that it's worth a three digit number of dollars in extra hardware. What that flippant "buy a better computer" answer ultimately means is that Second Life is only for the established users. And not only that, it's only for the established users who are still interested enough to keep spending significant amounts of money on hardware upgrades just for the sake of Second Life. Second Life can and probably will survive for many years just on the momentum of the past but unless the hardware requirements can be lowered so it becomes accessible to more people, it doesn't really have a future. It's not as if the hardware requirements are for "nice things" either. Ninety percent of the gpu power used in SL is wasted on poor software and worse content. Have you ever been to other more modern and better made virtual realities? Have you noticed how much better the graphics are and how much lower the hardware requirements are? I keep mentioning the Unigine Benchmarks here because they really are what the titles say, benchmarks for VR performance. 256 sims worth of simulation with a graphics quality way beyond our wildest dreams of what can be achieved in SL and they still have noticeably lower gpu and cpu load than a typical SL scene. All of Gary's problems are concerned with mesh bodies loading slowly. No other game that I know of has this problem because their assets are pre-loaded, and therefore limited to what are or can be pre-loaded. If you somehow were able to watch the loading process in those games it would probably look pretty scary. The loading process of Second Life is one of the things we have to live with to allow the widest range of assets -- for instance, if someone considers themself One of the Best Mesh Makers in Second Life but can't convince other game developers that they are, they'll never have their work seen in any other game. Second Life gives them the ability to have their work seen (and judged, but that's another point.)
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    Nothing wrong with using non mesh avi's and non mesh cloths. For one thing not everyone can aford a 2500L mesh body. Two, when dancing on a pole that requires 2 piece outfits easily taken off. As for the rendering, I find a mix of mesh with non mesh is good such as mesh hair and non mesh loths and shape. When I build I still build old school non mesh and people still buy them.
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    GaryPreston wrote: I'm interested to know if there is anyone else out there who feels we would enjoy the Second Life experience far more if there were to be a parallel alternative which admitted no mesh avatars, or even no mesh, and gave us back our classic avatars 1. Nothing is stopping you from still staying classic. 2. That people are loading slowly suggests there is something wrong with your configuration. Maybe bump your draw distance down so that you are not loading the entire region? Also check - if you use firestorm - that you don't have your bandwidth too high, the lower you can make that the better, 512-800 is a good amount. 3. If you really want no-mesh go to opensim. If you can't find a suitable world you are fully able to make your own grid there that has no mesh. 4. As you are clearly just thinking of Adult Humans, have you thought about the impact to people whose avatar would/could not exist without mesh? My amazing Teegle horse avatar and my amazing TWI wolf avatar are simply not possible in prims.
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    Skyboxes There are some special things to know for moving builds that are high in the sky, often called "skyboxes": It may be easier to select your skybox than a build on the ground. Since there tends to be less clutter the further up you go, you may be able to see your build as an isolated collection instead of one very close to neighboring builds. You can't easily see parcel boundaries when you're thousands of meters up. Get the center coordinates for both the source and destination parcels:Be on the ground. Move your avatar to the center of the parcel. Look at the middle of the Viewer menu bar for the first two coordinates. For example, "Yendra 34, 54". Note this and fly up. Get a flight assist. This allows you to fly high without your avatar sinking back down. If you've built in the sky before, you probably already have one. If not, search on the Marketplace. You'll probably need to rez a guide platform on the ground. You can't rez objects mid-air by simply drag-and-dropping them from your Inventory. Unless you have special tools, you need to rez them near existing objects in the sky. Here's how:Rez a cube near the center of your destination parcel. Resize it to 10x10x0.5 m or whatever fits your needs. You may prefer to rez multiple prims so that you have a rough idea where your borders are. (You can also tell by looking at the menu bar: if the info changes to a neigboring parcel's as you fly or walk, you've obviously traveled beyond the limits.) Sit on this prim. Right-click the prim and select Edit. Under the Object tab, change Position Z to the desired height of your skybox and press Enter. This will be near the lowest or "baseline" height upon which your skybox will be rezzed. You will also be transported into the sky almost instantly. Click the Stand button towards the bottom of your screen. Try dragging a test object (not your skybox) from inventory. Notice how the cursor changes to show you can rez when you position it on top of another object. Practice this at least a few times. Tip: Follow the general rezzing advice described below, but keep in mind that your parcel boundaries aren't easily visible in the sky.
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