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    Relaxing at Dashwood Lake in Bellisseria.
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    Apparently, my mere existence offends, and my presence causes fear and disgust. But to be fair, the kind of individuals who resort to gossip and slander, who express such opinions of me behind my back - one doesn't need a particularly high horse to look down on their yoke and laugh at their pathetic meaninglessness. If their lives are so empty that they have nothing better to do with their time, I'm only happy to oblige by giving them something to talk about. I don't have any need or desire for popularity or validation through others; I can't imagine how dull things must be, if those are the only motives that one has to go on in life. ... So I'm going to go ahead and post this picture so that I can get a higher 'forum score'! But mostly because people prod me to see if I'm still alive if I don't post something every now and then.
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    "Wat you think, hooman? Place nice?"
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    Hanging out at Sheworthy Let me see if I can find a good tux and a bit of water ...
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    So glad it’s Friday. 😀 This lovely smoky eye shadow that I’m wearing here was a gift from @Panteleeva. I LOVE it!! Thank you Panteleeva. ❤️
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    What my avatar looks like today and also what yours could look like in case you need a little help with that. After a couple of years of just blogging looks (and the occasional post about a house / interior) I finally thought it might be a good idea to start putting the shapes I make for the blog on Marketplace. It's slow going. This is only the second one I've put online.
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    I'm not actually on rn but I felt like switching it up recently and got myself a girl body. Took this pic last night to have more profile pics.
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    I have been there, It is a good place for more than just pictures. meanwhile.
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    Well, to the poster that mentioned Waterfalls of Dreams - thank you for naming the place! It is a lovely little slice of the Grid! As to users posting here simply for the Likes .... Geez, talk about showing off just how utterly shallow one is! if that is why you believe a user would post here, you've got more issues than the average magazine subscription.
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    Just my luck by the time i get here he is gone.
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    I met a friend at Burrows for morning coffee.
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    i dont have as much furniture as others do.. i like space and keeping it simple.. but heres mine so far.. I grabbed this place last night.. area is Hardtack. .. I'm living a barbie dream =^.^=
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    Decided to re-do the upstairs hallway area of my Shelley. I am pretty happy with the new look.
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    ***** 'em. I say you should post more.
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    Hanging out with my critters old and new.
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    This is my teen av =]]] I'm a christian and i started trying to dress more modestly in RL and then i did in sl too. incase u wondered. I just want to please my Lord Jesus.
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    Morning everyone. My mesh-walls-adventure continues, now working on the hall and stairs in my Continental home. I'm looking for a country, boho, touch, adding some textures to the walls.
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    I am the peace kitten today. Give me whiskas😂😂
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    Hello, my name is Granny, and I'm addicted to house hopping 😀
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    Bellisseria's Group Consociate building, located in Winters Elm. Care for a little dining on the river for two? Open to the public. Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winters Elm/77/155/24
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    *points to you* You get a forum point! *points to next person* You get a forum point! Everybody gets a forum point! </ Oprah Winfrey > (Except those who know who they are.)
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    We really should go out dancing one day.
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    I don't even care what the region looks like, I want to live in Pudding!
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    If you want to escape your drama you need to realize that until you can swap out the component that is located between the chair and the keyboard your drama will always find you.
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    I've followed them too haha, and the one that says "Another one she didn't like" 😁 I just leave my mug shot🤪
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    You're doing a lot better than me. I couldn't get the depth of field to work right. Everything looks as if I've misplaced my glasses; all blurry, even when I have the camera pointed at the subject... or should I have it pointed at any random spot in the background? I have a fast aging jalopy that would threaten to rage quit if I dare crank the graphic setting to ultra, so I have it at mid-range to keep the putter happy. Raw shots are just as nice, and in some cases better than post-processed shots. With the right windlight, you don't even need to color correct in Photoshop. I basically do the point & shoot method of taking pictures at anything that catches my eye. I never do post-processing on my pictures. Adjusting highlights, shadows, and exposure? What's that? The most I could do is crop and add meme texts. Sure, they may look like amateur tourist photos, but I'm not looking to get into the "photography super bowl". I do snapshots simply because it's fun.
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    @xrockinfree gave us a list of newly named regions I tried to get their former numbers and get them into a sequence in which they are likely to be released. As there are still older lists of named and unreleased regions the thing starts to look complicated. Still up to now they allways finished the old list before they started the new one. So if I assume right it will be first... SSPE371 Sawtooth SSPE372 Gnorfwood SSPE373 Shallow Springs after that the second list ... SSPE358 Wooremal SSPE362 Callista SSPE363 Billydoo SSPE364 Catherine SSPE365 Maimonides SSPE374 Peace Canyon SSPE375 Varmint Hills SSPE376 Downtime and THEN the third new one ... SSPE349 Creole SSPE350 Gridlock SSPE378 Beneath SSPE379 Overbite SSPE380 Heath Cliff SSPE381 Medicine Hat SSPE382 Thunderhead SSPE383 Drover SSPE384 Gingham Point .......... I left out Clamiranha for that is only water, nothing to release there. PLUS a Victorian list! Don't know when they'll release THAT , might be SOON and before they finish the old lists. SSPE1036 Leonine Mews SSPE1037 Caithness SSPE1038 Edgemere Station SSPE1039 Mountebank SSPE1041 Swithins Bridge SSPE1042 Carrollton Bay SSPE1043 Pudding SSPE1044 Whitmarsh SSPE1050 Buttermoor
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    Chocolate is best cure for PMS; even if my figure disagrees but it makes me HAPPY so yeah. LOL.
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    I tend to agree, but it's probably not good practice if you want to attract people to your sim.
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    Just relief and lightness for me at the moment 🖤 While starting my new job has been great, they don't pay me until this weekend, and I was left with £5.44 to feed and entertain my kids over the half-term break. I solved that by setting up a Ko-Fi crowdfunder with the provision that any money I received will be rounded UP to the nearest £10 and then donated to Mermaids UK (a charity supporting trans and gender-non-conforming children) when my pay comes in. There were enough donations to cover my cash-flow dilemma and I've since decided to double the total when I donate to Mermaids. I was still left with the problem of not being able to cover my rent and bills this month due to the costs involved in getting interviewed and updating my certification etc to work with vulnerable people. Since I escaped a very toxic relationship situation back in August I've been living on about £600 a month plus whatever I could raise by doing every trick I could and jumping through every hoop available, not always eating, while fighting off depression and ideation and being haunted by my brother's suicide and my own previous decision which I've been battling with for six years. I didn't think I was going to make it this time. Last night, I reviewed all my income and expenses. It still wasn't quite enough, but agonisingly close at the same time. Then I had a phone call from someone I didn't speak to for 20 years, promising just enough of a top-up to get me through. When I realised I was going to be ok I just broke down and sobbed, hot rolling tears, until my youngest daughter came and shared the most amazing, loving hug with me xx I'm going to be ok. And for a while, it seems.
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    I do it for the pizza. But I haven't received any pizza yet and it's been a long time. I think the guy who was trying to sell me vampire bonds lied about the pizza. 😕
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    If it's intended as a clue rather than simply an expression of excitement, the film is Burn After Reading, a comedy involving spies, a sexchair and the Hardbodies Fitness Center
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    Well if you want I can send you one. And I'm a nut job but not the same. That's not a tardis so you can't travel in that or you wanted to change inside?
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    I'm not sure which is funnier... a lion humping a gazelle... or the gazelle apparently enjoying it... or the second one patiently standing there waiting his/her turn...
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    Maybe the coffee hasn't awoken me enough, yet, but do I read that right? She wants to block people, because they don't engage in small talk with her? 🤨 And I thought blocking and derendering was a measurement against the annoying, offensive and hostile.
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    I made the same decision, when I snagged the parcel at Overbite, plus it's been a relief not to keep clicking so often 😁 I'm not saying I won't move... but the Bellisseria Cat has been round a couple of times, I'd hate to confuse her 😊
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    You definitely do everything possible to ensure your RL safety -- mental and physical. Some people are truly beyond understanding.
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