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    Ghosty and I were on RL summer vacation (wondering if I can replicate the sunsets I shot into Windlight settings) - finally getting back to a normal routine, which means back to virtual time also 😊
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    Looks like its gonna be a good day for surfing!
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    Ok... it's back to the drawing board
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    I was doing a photoshoot for a sponsor with my love, but when my cam stopped on this angle, I loved it even more. Too bad I couldn't use it because I was blogging a backdrop lol.
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    Well deserved refreshment after surf
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    Well, the bathroom is done... I don't hate it. I wish I could play with some LI heavy things, though. I wonder if you can read the closeup of the shelf over the toilet? I thought that was a funny thing. A good find for 1 LI. Oh, I pulled the blinds down on the smallest window and made a wall behind the tub. I have 16 LI left. I have picked up a few things from the garden, but don't think I will miss them.
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    Today was the day! Home alone for a couple of hours, so no interruptions...….and the perfect opportunity to see if my two laptops can support four girls in world...……. Anyway, after a slow start, and an update on my old laptop, I got the girls over to Charleston Heights beach, where we met up by the refreshments kiosk. After a few photos we decided it would be fun to do a Baywatch session there, and just before we went off, we dropped in at Blue Water Cove beach. It was early so not very busy, which was great. It takes a lot of concentration keeping four fidgety girls in line...….haha! This really is it.....I just can't keep adding family, so I'll stick with three sisters and cousin Skye...…….. it was a lot of fun today.
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    I was sneaky and took a pic while a certain someone was AFK...it's what I do. πŸ˜›
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    I have 65Li left... Debating on adding more random cluster, or saving it up for holidays so I can decorate. Not shown is the bathroom.... It's nothing special though.
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    Someone's trash is other's treasure. Look at those cars! Just a little bit duct tape on the side and it's good to go!
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    Okay, let's give this a try! We need an injection of joy around these parts! Bellisserians, how has your (Second)life changed since you landed on Bellisseria? Is it what you were expecting? What brings you happiness when you look around? I'll start, and it's pretty simple. An incredible group of new neighbors and friends. I was lucky enough to get my home in the first hour or so with absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I just saw "houseboat" and thought it sounded cool. I was absolutely gobsmacked by how beautiful it was - and full of excited, happy people! The large resident groups sprung up almost immediately, and they're great, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for so I made my own resident group. It is far, far smaller (102 as of today!), and certainly more niche than the big ones, but wow... what an amazing group of people it's brought into my world! Hilarious, intelligent, supportive, diverse... I could brag on my peeps for hours. We spend the day and night in our own little Discord server sharing everything from recipes to... well, dirty things because we're a rather salacious group as well. This kind of closeness and support and respect is something I haven't seen a lot of previously in SL. I can be sitting on my deck, and have a neighbor stop in for a chat. People on boats waving. And this little group of awesomeness that has turned into something far more than I ever imagined. How about you? How has our SL changed since you got your house or boat?
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    Decided to clean up my Flickr. saved then deleted close to 350 pics from early last year. May make that a habit going forward.
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    My Garden in Maple Cross, Bellisseria.
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    Today was my first day in Bellisseria, and it was a good day ☺️
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    To save Li, I took away the furniture here, and replaced it with a cuddle rug, a tree and flowers. I hope you can see the hedge, it is closing in the cuddle place there in the corner. I am so happy they didn't fill the whole side with a hedge. I also added a stub of privacy fence. It has 2 purposes. Making the nook more cozy, and hide that behind is the garden empty. No flower beds or furniture. What I can't see, don't bother me. I added another picture... hope it's clearer. The pictures here is a bit blurry. (I saw I don't have the photo settings on. I don't bother taking new photos).
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    Playing around to see what interesting effects I could get with Windlight and projected lighting. This Torley preset ([TOR] SPECIAL - Threshold) looked amazing with the pink and teal projected lighting from one of the Weekend Ruiner photobooths. These two images are completely un-edited, except for cropping and resizing:
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    I belive in the power of smiles - if we all give Putin our smiles, maybe he'll be a nice guy some day?
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    @Matty Luminos @Saravendi @Scylla Rhiadra thanks for your lovely words β™₯ Yeah he's pretty special Oops, better add today's pic lol.
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    I journeyed over to Hangars Liquides last eve. I spent much time there in my youth, taking cyber punk fashion photos and the like. When made it was terrifically impressive; now it is a bit less so -- but still there is history there and a reminder of what the world was like when it, and we -- were younger.
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    How has my Second Life changed since landing on Bellisseria? My family was fortunate enough to get a traditional house on the first day of the initial release. We had a feeling they were going to be popular and go fast so we held onto our little home most thankfully. We consider ourselves very lucky to have gotten a home so those little things that weren't what we considered perfect became our new perfectly imperfect home and yard. It is a matter of home is where our hearts are and our hearts are together in that little house we've painstakingly decorated together. It is where our daughter plays and the house and yard are filled with her laughter. It is where our kittycats run all over the place and create havoc. It is where I get unconditional love and hugs. That house has become part of our family. I'm also very shy to the point of timidity and becoming physically ill because of anxiety. This has changed since I've moved to Bellisseria. I bike ride around my neighborhood on my bicycle. Daily walks with my family to the community pool that overlook the ocean. Also, the creation and inspiration of Elfie and Minnie foxes came into existence here. Being Elfie has helped me to open up a bit more easily and I even find I'm responding so much more in at least this section of the forum. Elfie and Minnie have become huge fans of Hammy. That is a huge change in me. I'm interacting with more people than I ever have before. I'm giving people a chance. Bellisseria is so much more than I ever expected it to be. I'm beyond speechless much of the time how absolutely lovely it is. The people and atmosphere are wonderful. The happiness I get as I look around are the people I see cycling or walking by outside my front door. It is in the individuality of my neighbors displayed in how they decorate their front and back garden. It is in the ocean that I can gently see ripple from boats and fish. It is in the beautiful large shady trees that Elfie and Minnie enjoy napping under. It is in the wildlife I'm so very fortunate to see around me and be part of. It is everything and everyone around me in my quiet existence that gently witnesses life happening in the Bellisseria community. Sorry for the novel. Please excuse my long windedness. Thank you Beth for such a beautiful topic. It is a nice break from the more sharped edged topics in the forum at present. ☺️
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    Riding the vaporwave trend, with more colour than I think anyone has ever seen me in! Bless Syd, for being more willing to step out of the black now and then (And ohhhh... those pants!)
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    Enjoying the Evening Star houseboat. I think I will keep this setup now for some time without much changes. (Until my fingers start itching again for action. ) What I could and actually should do is to add more animations to various places. Lots of stuff already rezzed inside and outside. 20 LI still free (51 LI free if I delete the sail boat).
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    Here's me scrubbed up, after playing with the Genus Powder Pack, and at the beach. No time to meet with my sisters today.....
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    Todays look. Redhead ☺️
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    We're trying to spread them out, and add a touch of random to them for sure. 😊
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    It's complicated, and that's fine...
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