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    Inspired by a friend who sent me some lovely locations to do photoshoots, I decided to explore and take a self portrait...
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    Today's portrait (is this the right forum to post daily photos or am I in the wrong thread?)
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    Today was an excellent day to get outside and see what's in store for Bellisseria in the near future. I only had time for a short outing, but I did want to see what's going on at the American Cancer Society's Christmas Expo, especially the preview of the newest Linden Homes. It's tantalizing. When I got to the event, therefore, I went straight north through the American Cancer Society region and over the bridge to Linden Reveal. There's a lovely park on the other side, full of hydrangeas and roses. I don't know how they do it at this time of year, but the flowers are beautiful. All of the vegetation is, in fact. There are tall, majestic willows and more shrubbery than I have seen in many parts of Bellisseria. This preview area also has an elegant tiered fountain and a small pond that has a family of mallards swimming around. I do hope that the new parts of Bellisseria have parks like this, and ducks. I like ducks. Sadly, I had less time than I planned and couldn't manage to take more than a couple of photos, so I hope these are enough to tease you into going to see for yourself. There are four styles of homes here, ranging in size from the one-story bungalow behind me here to three large two-story homes. One of those, the Verne ( apparently named after the novelist Jules Verne ), is the red house that you can see behind the maples on the left side of this photo. All of them are quite open and airy, with high ceilings and well-crafted woodwork. The rooms are going to be fun to decorate -- large and with plenty of wall space for paintings and other artwork. They should be easy to modify with personal extras. I suspect that there will be decor options available in the content pack with these homes as well, although we can't see those during this preview event. As you see in this photo, taken in the front doorway of the Hardy (another stately home) each house also has a large wrap-around porch that would be a fine place to put wicker furniture and perhaps a two-seat swing. The entry of all houses is framed by beveled glass sidelights, and the outside doors have polished brass hardware. Details like that make all the difference, in my opinion. I hate to leave you with just a quick peek at these homes, so I do hope you get an opportunity to visit the event yourself -- maybe buy some presents for friends and family from one of 170 merchants and participate in the auction for a Premium membership and one of these lovely homes. Oh, and buy an Ebbe Linden bear (very cute). As soon as they open the new regions in Bellisseria, I promise to take longer and do a travelogue through Victorian neighborhoods. I'm really an outdoor person, as you maybe have deduced from my other wanderings.
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    Finally got my hands on a house boat last night, so did my first round of decorating this evening. Still needs a lot of fine tuning, and forgot my plants! But its a start
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    Warning: this post is not intended to be taken seriously!!! Even after 6 years on this account; I can still stuff up. Today's was instead removing a top, putting new top on instead of hitting remove from current outfit; I hit add so here's Seren currently wearing 2000 plus tops (according to Tops main folder with various sub folders of different style tops) so how about that for a trend?
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    This reminds me of the early days of my marriage. On Friday nights, we'd set aside time for some fun. If I got home before he did, I'd sometimes leave a "boudoir trail" from the laundry (where we entered the house from the garage) to our bedroom upstairs. I was very deliberate in the construction of that trail, which might look like... Two mismatched shoes in the laundry and a third in the kitchen. A pair of pantyhose draped over a kitchen chair, along with a blouse and a taupe bra on the island. A red bra on the newel post, and a short skirt (that I'd never wear in public, but he liked a lot) at the bottom of the stairs. A single nylon stocking on the handrail, halfway up the stairs, and a pair of his briefs. A pair of red panties at the top of the stairs and a black bra on the floor at the bottom of the bedroom door. He'd open the door to find me lounging on the bed in bib overalls and snoopy slippers. Under that would be something entirely different. I am nothing if not a tease.
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    Very well done inside and out! Amazing what 1 LI mesh can do. I particularly enjoyed being dragged around on my head by your horsey carousel
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    Grinning here ... and while i was shoveling the snow alone, being a bit pissed, i might have smiled when entering the house .. because of the cookies and maybe, just maybe there was another dough cloud in the kitchen just a moment later. Yes, i can see that story enfolding!! Just don't ask me to help to clean the kitchen afterwards .. i did already shovel the snow 😎
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    After abandoning my original trailer several weeks ago because I just couldn't get it decorated in a way I liked, I decided to give it another try and after several days of trying to get another one, I lucked out and got one in a location I really like. I went a different direction with the décor this time, and everything came together much better. It's not a magazine spread décor - I've never been able to put together that type of look either RL or SL, but it's a comfortable, relaxed feel décor.
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    I just went with my real name, so I'll just share that story instead. My parents were for some reason certain that I should be a girl, so they were somewhat unprepared in naming me and just went with a name that, at the time, was quite fashionable. So fashionable, that in high school, there were four of us with the same name in my class alone. At that point I felt that I had gotten quite detached from it, as everyone just referred to me by my surname instead. Meanwhile, my grandfather had been in open rebellion throughout my life. My grandmother had to physically hold him down when I was baptised, as he plotted to interrupt the ceremony and declare that 'This child shall be known as Orwar!'. Even when that never happened, he never called my by any other name. So, when I came of age, I formally had my name changed, and also correcting my parent's failure to honour our naming traditions, putting my name length to <my grandfather's name> <my spoken name (Orwar)> <the name my parents gave me as a middle name> <surname>.
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    My home for the holidays. I like the multi-color lights. I used a combination of the Linden Lights and the lights from "Real Lights." I also used the Linden snow caps for the top of the house and some garlands from Hive. I tried not to overdo it, but I just love seeing all the colors and lights. I used the windlight "Blizzard" which is a pretty cool look for the winter.
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    Lemsip tastes horrid, they put tons of lemin in it to mask the aspirin/paracetamol. My preferred cold remedy is whisky, honey and hot water. Doesnt' cure the cold but it makes me feel better
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    I had just typed a long response but I don't think you are looking for reason. Log in to your SL dashboard, contact LL and request a refund and may joy be with you
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    MP freebie scrounging let me to these PJs and they don't even fit my avi but. But they're PINK so I gotta make it work somehow
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    I’ve often wondered what the story or inspiration was behind your Avatar names... ??? So... ??? I’ll go first 😬 Saravendi is a manufactured, made-up word (no surprise there). Years ago, my interior design group was designing a Spa retreat and pitched the client the name Saravendi Spa. It was to be a traditional Spa with Yoga, a retail store etc. They went with another option, but I always loved the name and Sara was alway my favorite name, so when I got the chance to name myself when enrolling for SL (just Sara was obviously taken) Saravendi became it!! I often wonder if ppl think I’m Indian in rl because of the Sanskrit ending “vendi”... nope, just a California girl who loves Yoga 🧘‍♀️ (does that count?) Namaste ~ Sara
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    A Brief Timeline of Men Not Feeling Welcome in RL Ca. 5000 BCE - ca. 1964 CE -- Men run everything and own everything. The world is a wonderful place. Ca. 1964 CE - Present Day -- Women start demanding that they too be allowed to run things and own things. Mass panic ensues.
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    @Pussycat Catnap, please don not let someone with such a sad spirit get to you. Some people have trash on their souls and they need to throw it to the world, so other people have the same garbage on them. Those Linden Victorian homes are made with love, to begin with. When I posted it about my ideas on having Mediterranean style houses, someone came to me saying that style was part of a culture that invaded and destroyed the former Southamerican civilization... And I was just showing pictures of homes.... Plus, that person really needs to read and investigage a bit more on History. Even me, on the other side of the Ocean, can tell the difference.Please, we really need more reading in this modern era...
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    Soooo cute! Where did you get that hair? You look like a 1950s romantic comedy movie star 🌟😘
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    I love the new landscaping of these Victorian themed homes on the Linden Reveal region. The weeping willows are gorgeous as are the many large Hydrangea flowers dotted about. The Shelley is probably my favorite in style. Here's a little bit more information detail on the 4 house styles while peeking around the region. The Verne is a 241 LI 2 story home, with 2 upstairs rooms and a large landing on the second floor. 3 large rooms downstairs and a nice 3/4 wrap around porch. 1 upstairs and downstairs interesting shaped rooms. The Hardy is a 241 LI 2 story home, with 3 rooms upstairs and a large landing on the second floor, 3 large rooms downstairs and a front and back porch. Nice back hall downstairs, and bay window in the front. The Shelley is a 250 LI 2 story home, with 2 rooms upstairs and a large landing on the second floor, 3 large rooms downstairs and a 1/2 back, full side, 1/2 front porch. 4 interesting shaped rooms up and downstairs. The Doyle is a 224 single story home, with 4 rooms, a large side hallway, nice partial wrapped front porch and small back porch.
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    I think these will be really popular. Good job if they are doing one massive relase, I think they'll be all snapped up so fast! I'm not taking one though...quite happy with my houseboat, Victorian style not really my thing, but I think they have been beautifully done with the landscaping and all.
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    I just got a camper! it looks like a tiny house kinda deal. It's really cute and just the right size fo rme. I've had bigger homes before various places but I never end up using the rooms. I'm excited to start decorating
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    ^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^ This is soooo cool, love the pose, and the EXPRESSION!!! Especially yours, Belinda - although I'm a bit worried over the devious plans you seems to be making
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    Child avatar does not = sex, just like female avatar does not = shlut or male avatar does not = manwhore..
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    Now you need a special Christmas animesh buddy. This guy is on sale in Fly Buy Friday
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    I don't even remember what I did when I first joined aside from maybe hang out in pubbie hubs and camping linden trees for newbies, haha. I don't have any kids of my own right now, but I will say that my mom introduced me to MMOs when I was about 12 years old and did it in such a way that she was able to teach me how to be safe there and what to avoid. Granted, your typical MMO is a lot more fenced in in terms of content, and SL can really be a wildcard. So, if I had kids, I think I'd try to explain what I was doing/playing, but obviously would follow the guidelines for age restrictions - if you can't play til you're 16, then you can't play til you're 16. At the end of the day SL isn't really a game - it contains games, but it's more of visual platform than anything else. There's so much to do and see still even if a lot of the old hangouts are ghost towns. TL,DR: If my future kids are old enough to have an account by LL's terms, then sure. Just be careful and don't give out your personal information, and be aware that people can and will lie online about who they are. Lewis - your experience is super sweet and wholesome and I love that it worked out for you and your daughter that way.
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    Go into your "About Land" settings to the "Options" tab and uncheck "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel" You can also add the username to the Banned list under the same tab Don't forget to block them through thier profile to stop all further contact with them along with the above steps.
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    A new, improved nuclear reactor. 💥
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    Was the pub full when you came in and did you scare them away?
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    I know the month of December can be hard for a lot of people, myself included, and thought maybe we could have a tiny little spot right here where we could check in and maybe be empathetic to each other and not try to force good cheer down each other's throats. It's okay to not be okay. So... how're you feeling today?
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    Me too! Truth is your virginity resets every time you relog 😇
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    Will we get a refund if a moderator deletes one of our posts?
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    Okay, I'll try to break this down for you in small bites so you can understand. You said: ... in response to: I simply asked if you consider violence adult content or not. No, I didn't compare combat games to Second Life. No, SL doesn't strike me as a combat game. Yes, violence is adult content. Yes, video games have much more violence than Second Life. Therefore video games have just as much, if not more, adult content than Second Life does. Which is worse - exposing your kids to the birds and bees, or exposing them to murder, war, and senseless gruesome violence? Do you need a diagram or was that simple enough? I know I used a few words with three syllables. but I tried to keep it to a minimum.
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    oh my goodness, my clicking finger needs to up its game and I need a new mouse and to move somewhere where they have decent internet speeds..and to give up my job
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    I used to enjoy watching History channel, until they stopped airing shows about history. During one show, they paid attention to the Thervingian Gothic ruler Fritigern. I liked the name and it stuck with me. When I created my account here, one of the last names that I could choose from was Gothly, so the choice to name myself Fritigern was quickly made, and counted on the fact that the name is not very well known outside of a circle of history buffs 🙂 I was also very much into Gothic (subculture and music) at the time, so there was that. So far, nobody yet has said "but hey, isn't Fritigern a MALE name?"
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