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    Sometime I get lucky and it all comes together.
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    I might not (usually) be the most likely guy to take you out dancing, but most of my bikes have room for two. Just for a scenic ride, of course
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    "OK. Now where's the coin slot for this thing ? "
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    This has never been the case in the over decade I've been here. We've never removed a standing covenant, nor have we had any covenants until Bellisseria. We are enforcing and monitoring for covenant violations, but we can't be everywhere at the same time. We do need reporting of issues to help us maintain what we've set out to do with Bellisseria, and that has always been the case from the beginning. We also do not require anyone to have a Linden Home.
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    Released my camper in Purtis http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purtis/54/57/34
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    Photos From the Valentine's Event at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds that ran from February 11th - 22nd, 2020. "A Week of Love Under the Boardwalk." Link to album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/161818639@N02/albums/72157713244376261/with/49581218256/
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    Deleted the original post this since Niran had already answered the question I was about to go on about, and posted this picture instead to mess with Aedan's mind ("Why the h%/# did I thank her for this post?")... Choice of picture also made to further explain for Amanda why I wear glasses in almost every picture - my eyes gets very sore and swollen, as you can see, if I leave them off for a prolonged period of time...
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    First time I've bumped this I think... because why not!
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    Yes, just across the pond from my camp. Did you see the train camper on the other side of the water? Surprisingly the horse farm didn't contribute any kind of lag to the area. I started to keep it just for the river path down to the sea and houseboats.
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    I keep wanting to change your name to F. Fredrick's Kitty...
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    I just got one there (maybe the same one?) and am sending it back, too.
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    Just lucked into one of Trads on Gingham Point. I'm happy - I have water views on two sides, literally on the Point! One neighbor! This little sister can make do with a Traditional while I keep my Victorian.
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    Looks like there is only 7 houses there. Blink and you miss it 🤣!
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    I would like to see a timeline and updates regularly of the cloud move, including a projected finish date (Dec 31, 2020 as of right now?) and hear a little more detail about what sort of features are going to be on hold until the move is complete. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of features delayed and on hold, and that unless we are kept up to date with News, people are going to get frustrated and impatient in the meantime and feel like the lab employees are not listening when there aren’t many feature updates for a long time. The whole “soon “, “very soon “, etc. is not very useful and I get that it is supposed to be funny and playful when regarding features that are optional but I don’t really find it funny anymore when it’s applied to every update and serious things too. I agree that identifying timelines has come back to bite the lab in the past and I really regret that...however some sort of loose conversational timeline/transparency isn’t unreasonable to ask. residents need to definitely back off on screaming about Deadlines like a toddler crying “you said… “ though because we just get less if we demand more, however I’m asking 🙂 I would also like to hear about the new engineering project that Ebbe referred to, even if it’s just small details. But I have a feeling it’s something big, what can you tell us? some huge overhaul in 2021? That’s the thing I’m most curious about. As far as premium plus, I would like for you to take a poll of the residents on which possible features we would actually like to have before you decide concretely on at least some of the premium plus features. I’m sure that the ‘pluuuus’ thing was an inside joke of some sort but without context it’s simply not funny to the rest of us. As an aside; Strawberry can moderate the volume of all of the speakers Via her chat control panel in the UI, as she is the one streaming/recording...so since it bothered quite a few people enough that it actually put them off of listening to the chat entirely, maybe she could do a voice check and adjust levels at the beginning of each broadcast. I didn’t use headphones to listen to it so it didn’t really bother me.
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    I'm confused by the apple butter sheets made with white chocolate, because apple butter and white chocolate are in no way similar other than both of them NOT being chocolate.
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    Plurk! That is my primary news source. Flickr, is secondary, usually linked from plurk. I have tried facebook, but it so much stuff, that it is difficult to sort through,
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    ... ... A bit like the Smurfs are three apples high? When I heard that as a kid, I got absolutely furious - apples aren't a proper measurement of height, their size varies too much!
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    Went exploring Author's Point. I gotta say, I think Black Dragon has really taken my photography to a new level.
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    I was basically dared to do a photo of Rhonda in Sailor Moon outfit with bunny ears. Here is the raw (cropped) shot and one slightly tweaked in post processing.
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    Resting in the dressing room.
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    I just kinda had to because someone was talking about RTX again and i thought... you want RTX... fine here you go. The funny part starts when you go outside again after taking your pictures but before setting your settings back to default Still looks cool tho.
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    BD has the tiling issue fixed months ago. PS: I noticed you are using an older version, you still have a broken, smudgy Depth of Field I am aware of the attached lights going poof (Linden Viewer does it too), its already fixed in my internal build and a few others could confirm that the fix was working for them as well, you just gotta wait for me to release the update but i'm currently busy trying to fix the "avatar gets squished on BOM layer change" bug now that i finally have a BOM enabled avatar as well. I'm sorry i'm making you wait but if you can't wait, download the latest version (3.7.2) install that one and use this new build: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jBAQWmcBpTNfJw3aGFOA9LRxdXb6zv7q i only posted on my discord so far.
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    Hmm, if the Lindens are 134 years late completing that bridge, I reckon Last Names will be finally arriving sometime around 2152.
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    Dressed down after the princess-happening to do some last minute shopping...
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    And I think this is a first for me - An unedited 5000x2607px snapshot from the Official LL Second Life Viewer!!! Look how happy I am in my new outfit and with no tiling
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    And since I'm urging others to check that they are using the latest version, I have to smack myself over the fingers and give myself a stern correction! The latest Official Viewer from LL seems to have adressed this, ref last point here: So that would make it two viewers that does not have the tiling problem as far as I have experienced, BD & LL's own in their latest versions...
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    Well, kind of a silly idea I have - regardless of outfit/time period/outfit, be it medieval or future, I’ll be wearing my “signature” glasses I make some rare exceptions now and then, but I need them when I’m building
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    Finally getting some inspiration to go on with a new build...
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    is lots of funny people in SL at a sandbox once upon a time. Person was wearing a white box and that's all. Alphaed body. I go: cool outfit! They go: thanks! you want? I go: yes please! (because sandbox). They give and I wear the box outfit. Then they go: Can I bump you? I go: yes sure. So they bump and my box turns pink and their box turns blue. And they go: we are mating was pretty funny 😺
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    /me looks at year on calendar. I will give you a moment to think on a better choice of words. I suggest a term like bishōnen - not it's actual Japanese meaning, but it's pop-culture (even somewhat within Japan) meaning. Men with a style of beauty traditionally seen as feminine: glamour, elegance, poise, fine-featured, etc. Neither trend-line should be seen as an indicator of what form of genitalia an individual prefers to play with... Personally my lament with male avatars has long been the lack of good bishōnen representation because that's the look I prefer.
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    A new update has been released https://niranv-sl.blogspot.com/2020/02/black-dragon-64x-update-370-improving.html
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    If you want newbies to get better, the information has to be readily accessible, and no one person has time to run a class on the subject. That much is clear. I just made a thread for organizing SL-specific mesh tutorials, tips, information, etc. Please share your good info there so we can help each other out. I'll be looking through this thread as well and updating my intro post with links that have already been shared here.
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    There's no organisation to it though. Sometimes search will find answers to the questions at hand (if you figure out a good search string to use and the info happens to be there under those words), sometimes it will be hours reading through threads which end up being more confusing than enlightening. And the wonderful explanatory graphics Drongle and Aquila made were removed when LL redid the forums, so even if you do find great info it's often very broken. The request here, as I understand it, is for some sort of organisation and overview of what's needed. I can see the value in that even if the current population of big guns can't.
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    I get what you're saying and that's the general attitude around SL. Most designers or content creators do not have the time or energy to teach. My point is, if we're going to complain about how things look in world ( as experts ) do so with the intent to mentor or "teach". And some point it starts to just looks like bullying if you're nitpicking at newbies as a master of the craft. I hope my point is clear and not being misunderstood but, if it is, no offense taken, we can agree to disagree.
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    The essentials: How to make the most out of each triangle and vertice in the mesh When to use mesh and when to use prims How to make good solid LoD models How to make efficient physics models How to make the most out of each texture pixel When (and how) to use baked texturers and when (and how) to use tiled ones How to avoid The Deadly Sins Of Texturing And if you want to make fited mesh or animesh: how to rig Aine Caiomhe has actually written a good primer for rigging: http://ainetutorials.blogspot.com/2015/11/tutorial-principles-of-blender-rigging.html. It's a bit outdated though, it's pre-bento and I think it's even pre fitted mesh. It's also for opensim (Aine gave up on SL long ago) but that shouldn't matter. I have another good example of that. Remember the first build LL showcased to promote Sansar, the Grand Hall. If you visit it in Sansar, you'll see it's a really great build, mae by a top quality professional mesh maker. It's not a Sansar original though, it was part of the set for a fairly high budget movie and the maker has reused it several times, including in Second Life. The SL upload of it however, is rubbish. So, there we have one of the best mesh makers in the 3D modelling and he still doesn't know how to build well for SL. Becoming a good SL mesh maker is more about understanding SL than about understanding mesh so the basics isn't found in Blender or Maya at all. It's on the first floor of the Ivory Tower and at the classes of Blu and Toady and the other good teachers at BB and HHBS. I can't think of a single good SL builder who didn't start with prims.
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    I think you might be making the task Cleopatrina's asking for more complicated and harder than it needs to be. It could start with a list of the factors the author(s) considers most relevant when creating mesh for SL. Having that in one place would help those who are beginning. It could also be a collaborative project with different people contributing where they best can. It doesn't have to be Drongle-level investigation of how the servers handle mesh. A well-organised selection of suggestions for better practice would help a lot.
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    Well, maybe if you wanted to be very thorough. Personally, I'd be happy with a short check list of things to google lol at least as a start. Just the bare-bones "these items are important to understand" like a trail of bread crumbs to follow and the rest would kinda fall into place. Like a reference list of what to consider when making a mesh (more specifically a rigged mesh) would go a LONG way to being helpful and wouldn't cause too much trouble to someone with the knowledge because they wouldn't be explaining in depth, just pointing down the right path. At that point, with a sort of scavenger-hunt list in hand, putting the pieces together is up to the creator's discretion regarding the project. I think I could work with something like that. I'm sure the info is out there somewhere, but if you don't know what to look for, finding it is almost accidental.
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    More specifically, even if (and I don't know, I teach myself -- poorly) Blender had a great general tutorial on how to make any kind of model, it wouldn't cover SL's needs. The workflow required for SL is a subsection of a subsection of Blender's feature-set. Performance budget, texturing (and not being able to rely on Blender to display textures as they will appear in SL), LOD models, etc. The things we do for SL are not things that Blender should be teaching for Blender users in general. Even if Blender made a "game asset tutorial," it would still be pretty close to the original problem. The workflow for Unity models (for example) isn't the same as you'd need for SL. Edit: What I'm saying is that we should have an SL-specific set of guidelines (not necessarily rules) from Linden Lab. What's recommended? What makes sense? What should you not do and why? Community-created tutorials are nice and all, but tutorials are often followed very literally and if the tutorial makes uninformed decisions, those are passed on which perpetuates bad habits that are difficult for most people to correct on their own.
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