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    I have bought seven of the first twelve kitchens on the Marketplace. I have dibs on all of them! 😡
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    After seeing some great examples of older Linden homes makeovers around the forum I thought it might be nice to have a thread to gather those together. So if you are camping out waiting for a move to Bellisseria, or loving your established home show us what you can do! This is my Meadowbrook Overlook property, definitely a work in progress!. I was initially put off getting a two story place because I disliked the 'painted on' stairs but it turned out to be easy to cover them up. It took me 3 'abandon and hop's to find a spot I was happy with, two of those jumps led me to open water views. I have around 80 prims left after placing my major items so the decor should look a little less sparse soon enough
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    It just makes me wonder what SL would be if LL had not done Sansar. I doubt Sansar pays for itself at all, and would expect that SL has supported all that work, and it has drained resources from SL. OTOH, I think I have seen a statement or two from a Linden or two that people are wrong about Sansar siphoning from SL or being the cause of poor development in SL. Maybe Sansar is being done with venture capital or something, I don't know. I do know that is seemed like a really bad idea at the time they started it, and seems to be an even worse venture now. Of course, I am only one person, but I have gone there every couple of years and tried it, including a couple of months ago, and I found absolutely nothing compelling about it. But the whole project fits with my perception of LL.
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    default { touch_end(integer i) { if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { llOwnerSay("Agent limit for the region " + llGetRegionName() + " is " + llGetEnv("agent_limit") + "."); } } } Use the above code in a click HUD to see what the agent limit is in any region you're in. You can also go to World > Region Details > Region to see what value is used as well.
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    Bellis Blues Cafe has a new mascot. Meet Bellis Baloo. Our lazy fat cat that loves the blues 🎵🎶.
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    Building on the garden of my new home
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    Not a reply to Skell, but almost
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    I hope it continues! Well Done by Patch and team for 3 regions released last week. Another today and four days ahead. Two regions look ready to me same as Wolfboro.
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    I took one of the Japanese houses while I was waiting for the launch of Bellisseria. I added a divider wall and a balcony bedroom.
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    Yeah. Always a healthy thing to decide not to spend too much negative energy on such matters. Me, after having missed out 2 times in a row, my way of 'giving up' was to simply lower my expectations, and not fret about whether I'd ever get one or not. And then I got one, after all. So, it really does happen, and not just to me. Of course, that was when refresh was still unencumbered, but even to date, Q.E.D, ppl are still snagging one left and right (and front, for those lucky enough to catch a beautiful waterfront *g*).
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    Awww, love it, you and your little one! ❤️ Thx for sharing!
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    I took Riley for a wander around the continent earlier. After inspecting some of the regions still under construction, visiting an art gallery, a half dozen parks, and a display home, I figured it was about time I finally stopped in at the Queens Head for a visit - considering I'd only ever seen pictures. There wasn't anyone around so we had the place to ourselves. The games are cool and look like a fun way to pass the time, and I loved the Moles-and-Lindens associated objects at the back fence; the gift dispenser and clock! I was like "Oh, Patch stood here!" Considering that's as close to celebrity as it gets around here it's a wonder I didn't take a sample of virtual dirt home as a keepsake *lols* And I LOVE the slideshow that shows the different Moles and Lindens pictures. After all these years I have no idea what barely any of them look like (or at least I couldn't pick them out of a line up, even after recent appearances at SLB16), so that was a great touch. Anyway, I don't know what the policy is taking minors to such an establishment but figured since Riley brought her own drinks we'd be okay.
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    No different. It’s still boring, there is still nothing to do, it’s a waste of time. Haemorrhaging money?, Wasting the public’s time?, Creating an even bigger learning curve than SL already has when it comes to development?, Making you question your life choices? Not in its current state and not likely in the future either. SL is just extraordinarily better in nigh all ways. Make SL 2.0 and I might jump on board the development cheer jump choo choo. Until then, project money pit it is!
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    81/5000 The garden is being created ... on the water, without losing the port to the sailboat.
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    This is a lovely idea - and congrats on your fine view:) I really wish something could be done to make it easier for people to choose an older Linden Home while still looking for a Bellisseria home. I understand it's complex - and it is such a pity you have to abandon your Linden Home plot before being able to look, especially now when new Linden Homes are so hard to get.
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    Well this has multiple aspects and factors: Hand designed items and textures: If it is original created artwork and product that is not for sale by yourself, then it violates terms if they don't have permission and use programs to steal the textures you hand created. Open Domain Textures and items: Taking textures off Google or the web is not your own work just because you upload it first. It remains open domain. Importaing #D mesh items from the web into blender does not make it your own. Marketplace products: If it is products sold or given by other makers that happen to be the same as what you are using, it isn't exactly copying, just using the same products. With the current houses they may position it in similar ways based on the house layout, but that is factors of the house. My neighbor used the same living room set as We have in the buddhist center, which is not for me to say, he saw it, liked it, and it is his right to purchase and use the same. Others likes how I divided and created the upper floor add on and division of walls for the dining meeting area, and living room on the boat. If they liked it I actually gave them free copies of the layout for that style, which is being compassionate and friendly to help the community. Ego makes a person want to stand out and feel self important. Compassion shares and appreciates the common likes.
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    This thread is amazing! I am so excited about my little Linden Home, that I feel the urge to share as well. So here it is: The way to Liv I took the pics in a small resolution, but you'll get the idea
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    Am I wrong, @Inara Pey, in thinking that, intentionally or not, you are with these two posts setting up a kind of parallel between LL's situation now, and the way in which things unfolded in 2010? I think SL itself is pretty strong right now. The same is perhaps not true of its owner, Linden Lab, which, so far from trying (as some rather ridiculously suggest) to push SL users onto the other platform, is probably trying to work out how best to unload Sansar, as part of dealing with the loss of more than 5 years of time, money, and resources devoted to it. I think SL is entering into a period of what might be fairly dramatic contraction -- not because its user base is (yet) dropping dramatically, but simply because LL needs to consolidate and retrench as part of its recovery from the failure of Sansar. Fees increases and the raising of the cost of Premium are part of that. So is the fact, not that LEA is being dismantled, but that it is not being replaced by anything new. Similarly, people noted that SL16B, while certainly I think a "success," was also more restrained and modest effort (and more directly controlled by LL itself) than SLBs of the past. I think we're likely going to see the dismantling of Sansar fairly soon (and attempts to sell it, or parts of it, off). Inara's description suggests that, somewhat as in 2010, the partitioning of Sansar from SL means that the former can probably be dismantled in such a way as not to impact too directly upon the latter. But the larger woes of LL are inevitably going to be reflected in the company's approach to Second Life. What we are seeing right now, in the shifts that LL is making to its business model for SL, is I think an attempt to consolidate, retrench, and further monetize SL in ways that, hopefully, won't cause lasting damage to the platform or its economy. It's going to be a really tough balancing act.
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    Agreed on those suggestions above, also try Heart Garden Center - they do some lovely tropical trees, shrubs, and flowers. Also, check out Headhunters Island, they have some great stuff! *Edited for Punctuation
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    so all this only applies if you got US Dollar balances ? and two --> in plain english what is a process credit ?
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    *cries* i had it...and lost it just as fast....
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