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    Showing someone what a decent "face-shear" slider adjustment can look like for a more realistic look. I figured 'what the heck, throw it into "Hows does your avatar look" because, well, this is how I look. Zero post process, zero touch-up, no makeup, no smirks, just plain-Jane boring me. LOL
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    Came back to Linden Reveal to visit this lovely ducks
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    I would. The entire rest of the grid is about hustling people for money. Thousands of regions already out there for it. This thread title was 'Public Areas' - I came in looking for a discussion about the many parks, Pickle hangouts, people hosting music events, the lodge, the many smaller lodges, the boating, the airports, all the little spots to stop and sit with friends, and so on... Not 'how do I make a buck off these suckers?' It looks like the OP was of the same mind. Here are some popular spots: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/240/36 - a blues club. Busy when they're hosting. There is NO tipjar, and no one hawking for money. But there is a lot of chat when they host. Great for socializing if the theme fits you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campwich Forest/126/114/44 - the lodge. Very often some people hanging out here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackwater Shoals/167/111/25 - one of The Pickle venues. There are several of these around, but mostly unused. Still you can always manage to get people to show up by giving a call out to it. Join these groups: secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about - Bellisseria Citizens https://world.secondlife.com/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074?lang=en-US secondlife:///app/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555/about - Bellisseria Events https://world.secondlife.com/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555?lang=en-US And then search on Bellisseria in group search for any more that fit a theme of interest to you.
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    Starting to look like Christmas inside.
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    Just your basic ice angel bondage sub... (ok, a grumpy one because of the claws). (Channeling Rainman: Sparkly, very sparkly.)
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    Here's a website from the UK and a picture of a Victorian in Britain. I fail to see how there's much of a difference in style between the new Linden Homes Victorian and this picture except for more ornamentation. https://www.ourproperty.co.uk/guides/buying_a_victorian_property/ . I suppose they could have added more ornamentation but then there goes the LI count.
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    We should start a club. We'll just sit in opposite corners of the room, and gaze scornfully through the window, and occasionally point and laugh at people.
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    But I love nits! And at least we don't have spammy gestures here on the forum. Signatures get close, but at least they're disabled by default.
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    At the Forum breakfast Club meeting each week, local chat is runaway. It runs fast and you have to focus if you want to get a word in edge ways. If we all now moved to the Cartel Hangout to continue chatting, the first issue is that it's a single chat stream. If you try to introduce a second topic it will be within the general chat. Like talking in a crowded bar. So in world, in a group, drift will be way worse than here. Here is way more structured.
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    My real name has no equivalent in Russian, so I took the name "Tolya" in Russian classes in college. Early on in SL I RP'd as a nasty Russian man, so it fit. Ugajin was just a name off the list (back when that's how you created your avatar) that I thought sounded cool. Turns out it's some sort of Japanese fertility deity, which is oddly appropriate, given my appreciation of Japanese rope bondage and of sex.
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    I’ve often wondered what the story or inspiration was behind your Avatar names... ??? So... ??? I’ll go first 😬 Saravendi is a manufactured, made-up word (no surprise there). Years ago, my interior design group was designing a Spa retreat and pitched the client the name Saravendi Spa. It was to be a traditional Spa with Yoga, a retail store etc. They went with another option, but I always loved the name and Sara was alway my favorite name, so when I got the chance to name myself when enrolling for SL (just Sara was obviously taken) Saravendi became it!! I often wonder if ppl think I’m Indian in rl because of the Sanskrit ending “vendi”... nope, just a California girl who loves Yoga 🧘‍♀️ (does that count?) Namaste ~ Sara
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    He Undermines Most Ordinary Rationale. SUBTL lol
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    Another possibility is to follow some of the male fashion blogger on Flickr, like ... https://www.flickr.com/photos/jostasbrink/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/victaur/with/49194370468/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/frankeyghaze/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/128686751@N02/
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    i think the discussion is better in forums than in world, forums u can take your time to make your statements constructive while in world u may another distractions going on, unless a planned discussion in world, forums will be much easier
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    In my own personal opinion I find that the discussions in the forums while I have had some really decent ones do have a bit more of a better chance of becoming polluted with toxic and rude comments which is why I don't frequent them very often except in short bursts if at all. I mean you could say I like vanilla ice cream and five other die hard chocolate ice cream fans may have a go at you about it. lol I definitely have better intellectual conversations just simply meeting people in world in SL. So for me personally I would have to say in SL hands down is the better experience. I actually have a gesture we all used to use back from my boxing days after a match that says that. lol It does a bow too so your welcome to it if ya want it. Feel free to ht me up in world next time your on and I'll hook you up. lol
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    I tried my luck, but didn't like the location... I think Sirens Rock where my HB is. is difficult to beat
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    It helps a little, If I know I just bought something recently, it cuts way down on how much stuff I have to look at before I find it.
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    Melons untouched never curtail hunger. CRAVE
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    The are plenty of political forums to choose among. This one is obstensibly about SL.
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    It'll be ready when they are done
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    Updated versions of these 👍
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    In the forum. Look at the average discussion thread. Now imagine all of these people standing inworld, lets say in a club. And all of them are using the chat at once. Thats chaos. Not only is most of the contribution completely drowned out by the pure mass of itself, it also leads to peoples texts becoming shorter and shorter...because ey, whos going to read Susies 350 word paragraph in a tiny chat box, am I right?! So Susie will cut down on what could have been a nuanced, detailed statement and instead focus on a core sentiment. This fosters misunderstanding more than anything else and puts raw emotions in a pol position (even more, than on the forum). And we are still talking about text chat, right? The general tendency to "misread" others is still there. In some cases it might even become worse, because the discussion is happening in real time and you can't afford taking your time to think about something for too long or the discussion might have moved on and contrary to the forum, you have no good option to jump back to 20 minutes ago and just comment on one particluar thing that has been said. Speaking of taking ones time: A real time discussion puts certain groups of participants at a disadvantage. I'm not going to flex some numbers here (because I just can't), but I'm certain, among the forum regulars are people who would struggle, for one reason or another, to deliver the same quality, frequency and amount of text as they would normaly do on the forum. I count myself into that group, too. Right now, I have a really good moment. I'm not that hungry and still hours away from being tired. I'm in a good mood and I've just watched some videos, that relally stimulated my desire to express myself with smart words and lots of insight. Or in short: Ideal conditions to write lengthy texts. On other occasions I struggle. I struggle because English is not my native language. I don't practice it in my work life. Heck, I don't even practice writing that much at all in the 8,5 hours I'm sitting at a desk, surrounded by paper and tacky christmas decoration (we have a big plastic christmas tree in our office and I have a small clear-plastic on on my desk, that changes colours every couple of seconds. Its awsome). My best chances to still produce something good, and satisfying to myself, are on the forum. I don't have to race against those with a better grasp of the language or those with a better situational mood. I take my time and occasionally re-read my own mess. Also timezones. I would miss a lot of discussions, just because I could either not be present at all due to it being deep in the night or because I could not shove in the time needed to actually be inworld long enough to contribute to an ongoing discussion. On the forum I can just jump in, catch up on whats been said and then type my own reply. And others will do the same, once it fits into their day. Edit: Oh, and the forum makes it easier to include pictures of cute animals.
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    The whole question of sex, or even just intimate touch, is a confusing, emotional mess for me these days, in both rl and sl: yes, I have a libido, and plenty of ideas about what I like, but 15 years in an unhealthy rl relationship combined with confronting truths about my gender and sexuality has really pulled the rug out from under me, such that engaging sexually with another person feels insurmountable because I just don't know what would work or not with someone I'm attracted to any more. The one short SL relationship (and sex) I've had, with someone who is still a dear friend, was exciting and fulfilling in terms of sharing who I am with someone, but the RL timing emotionally, and my lack of SL experience and knowledge at the time, meant it didn't work out. I'm not sure how sex in SL would work for me now, as physical touch has become so important to me in RL, although I can see the potential for fulfillment through mental stimulation and other forms of intimacy. And I know that the sensible path for me is to leave off getting involved in relationships until I've decompressed and feel more empowered as an individual in my real life. But hey, maybe it wouldn't hurt to chill and explore a little.
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    I would be sure to buy them for any reasonable price ... if they look reasonably good! And I am sure lots of people would! ONE big wish: they should be modify and you can just drag textures onto them out of yor inventory!! Or if that iis asked too much at least white and tintable! Alternately or PLUS some chintzy patterns that come with them.
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    I was thinking about you and your curtains last night :D. And yes, curtains are "really hard" (for me anyway). I only made them that once when I had the Victorian home. I don't know for sure how much that making them all "one" mesh would help. It would certainly help on the lower LOD costs because the item would be much larger so wouldn't break up as easily. BUT there would be one big problem and that would be triangle count. You can only upload 23,000 or so (forgot the actual count as I never get close to it -- ah wiki now says 21,844). So the best you could do would be to make clusters I think. I have a friend in my group who is going to try for a Victorian so likely I can experiment and see if that would work -- or how well. If it did she would then have free curtains LOL. Since there are apparently going to be SO MANY houses released I suspect that she will be able to get one. So when the time comes I will give it a try.
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    Those houses will be deleted though once there are enough plots available in the new continent.
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    You don't need a lot of money to dress your avatar. @Vanity Fair has an excellent guide on finding stuff for little to no cost: https://ryanschultz.com/2019/11/24/clip-and-save-ryans-all-in-one-guide-to-freebies-in-second-life/
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    Per Patch's latest post they are already working on theme 5 & 6, they know what theme 7 will be, and they are currently deciding on theme 8. So the thread is good timing for possibly influencing theme 8 --- and if Patch decides there should be any more after that.
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    Then i suppose i can't help you. I used the very same page to set up my build environment long ago when i first started making Viewers with Nirans Viewer, i didn't know any programming either nor did i even know what Visual Studio is or how any of the mentioned programs work, so i'd safely assume that anyone can set up a build environment using that guide.
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    Much to my surprise (the Traditionals leave me cold), I really like the Victorians. It took me a couple of days to get over the feeling that "meh…that's not a new theme, it's a variation on an existing theme", but when you see them in-world, there are many little details that do differentiate them from the Traditionals. Also, the landscaping is very different (and absolutely gorgeous as usual) and that also helps giving the region its own feel. It'll be interesting to see how they'll translate when they go live. To my mind, their size calls for more room to "breathe" around them, so too many in a region could feel a bit crowded. Will I try for one…maybe. Will I keep it…mayyyyybe. But I'm definitely curious.
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    Ok, we'll agree on white, black and brown then? Aaand smile... (yeah, I'm trying - believe me!!!) (My post #500 on page 1000 - all by coincidence of course )
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    When I first started SL, it was kind of spur of the moment. An online friend told me one night that this might be something I'd like and was ready to take me in right then. So i just picked kind of quickly using a name that I only used once before for a cartoony character that I created using an app. If I'd had more time to think about it, I probably would have chosen something else, but it's grown on me now. My last name was one of the SL generated ones that I disliked the least.
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    All packed up and ready to go...
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    Either way, many still can not afford it. It's not a matter of which is cheaper. It's a matter of not having that kind of cash to spare. There is a reason I spend the vast majority of my time in SL working rather than "playing". It's the only way I can afford to be in SL any more. If it hadn't been for Par offering me a job, I wouldn't still be here. I would have been gone shortly after I started logging in again last year because I can't afford to buy Ls any more and the 50L stipend old basic accounts get does not go far at all, especially when you can't log in every week, which, for those not aware or who have forgotten, you must log in at least once a week and be logged in for a minimum amount of time or you don't get the basic stipend.
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    I just went with my real name, so I'll just share that story instead. My parents were for some reason certain that I should be a girl, so they were somewhat unprepared in naming me and just went with a name that, at the time, was quite fashionable. So fashionable, that in high school, there were four of us with the same name in my class alone. At that point I felt that I had gotten quite detached from it, as everyone just referred to me by my surname instead. Meanwhile, my grandfather had been in open rebellion throughout my life. My grandmother had to physically hold him down when I was baptised, as he plotted to interrupt the ceremony and declare that 'This child shall be known as Orwar!'. Even when that never happened, he never called my by any other name. So, when I came of age, I formally had my name changed, and also correcting my parent's failure to honour our naming traditions, putting my name length to <my grandfather's name> <my spoken name (Orwar)> <the name my parents gave me as a middle name> <surname>.
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    To you guys who are repeating your stories, thanks, I find it fascinating learning some additional background on many of you whom I follow and admire! And, Belinda, not boring! 🧘‍♀️
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    I used to enjoy watching History channel, until they stopped airing shows about history. During one show, they paid attention to the Thervingian Gothic ruler Fritigern. I liked the name and it stuck with me. When I created my account here, one of the last names that I could choose from was Gothly, so the choice to name myself Fritigern was quickly made, and counted on the fact that the name is not very well known outside of a circle of history buffs 🙂 I was also very much into Gothic (subculture and music) at the time, so there was that. So far, nobody yet has said "but hey, isn't Fritigern a MALE name?"
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    Hubby sent me this and I immediately thought of @Madelaine McMasters seeing faces on automobiles. We haven't had snow here yet but it's been colder than we're used to this time of year.
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    It's great you are open to rping with everyone regardless of their style of writing. I don't think there's a real debate about what para rp is or isnt, but more some people just dont enjoy it. If you do, I think you'll find plenty of people to rp with in that style. This thread is really for those who don't enjoy it.
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    You're entitled to your opinion, but that's not what this thread is about. It's about looking for a group of people who do not share your love of para rp.
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    Stick that house on a pontoon and it would make a great houseboat.
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    what is suppose to be released today ,,,,??? What area???
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