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    Checking one outfit... ARC 95848. I guess it's not too bad at all for occasional fancy ballroom visits.
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    I hate to admit it, but much of the sea floor around Bellisseria is dead boring. That's hard news for a mermaid to deliver, but it's true. Vast areas of the sea bottom are nothing but gently rolling sand, broken by occasional hillock or a monstrously deep pit like this one near Porthole. There's hardly even a bit of kelp in most places. I start to get hopeful when I see rocks, usually fairly close to shore. I swim between pinnacles and peer around tight corners, imagining that I am playing tag with the Bellisserian Sea Monster (whom none of us as ever seen -- not even a mermaid). That doesn't mean that the monster doesn't exist, of course, just that he (or she? ) is either very shy or living in some part of the Bellisserian seas where few of us ever go. The rocks are fun to explore in any case. I've seen some very dramatic outcrops. For me, the main attraction around rocks is plant life like some of the fanciful glowing flowers that grow in spots along the east coast ... and some remarkable garbage that mariners have tossed overboard. There are enough crates and barrels to stock a good sized shop, if some enterprising Bellisserian could figure a way to drag them to land. There's also a surprising amount of rum and other fortified ... um... beverages, sometimes in unbelievably large bottles. Still, as I said, these highlights are the exceptions, rare gems in the otherwise unremarkable sea floor. As a dedicated explorer, I will continue to report what I find, and will keep an eye open for that elusive monster, but don't expect to see breaking news often. The sea is a lonely place. Wait .... what's that deep rumbling sound .... ?
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    I don't usually click Like on all the consecutive posts of the same outfit but ... rawr! Even your shadows are sexy.
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    The view from my Houseboat - nothing has been derendered.
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    Dancing to a live violin performance of folk dances at the Renaissance Faire
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    I like the longer windows for the reasons @Elora Lunasea mentioned. Plus with avatar height discrepancies being what they are in SL taller windows (like the much-hated taller door ways) accommodate for more, depending on whether or not you actually intend on selling the add-on. If you are selling it I wouldn't worry about what to do with the space under the stairs and leave the space vacant for others to fill as they see fit. If this is for you and you're looking to fill the space without using too many prims, how about a corner utility room or corner pantry? The pantry itself doesn't need to be filled; a closed door gives the illusion of a room, but just like in real life we don't usually leave every door opened and rooms on display unless we're using it (or at least I don't. Can't speak for everyone of course). But if you did want to fill it you could still do so with relatively few prims by creating your own packaging or a few boxes on shelves for food packaging and cylinder prims for cans. Meshing them as part of a shelf will save you prims, and you can always rez one or two food clutter items amidst it and link to lower LI again as needed for full effect. Beneath the shelves have more taller boxes for vegetables; again they don't need to be anything more than solid shapes; you create the effect of bins and packaging with a few textures. It's pretty basic but doable in SL or in Blender. To my way of thinking a pantry or utility room could be in any corner, not just the center of the kitchen cabinets. Perhaps here in the bottom right you would have more space if you were move the center counters upwards a fraction closer to the wall/windows? That would help fill that empty space in the center of the kitchen instead of the standard table too if you don't want to have a larger table (or just feel you need to have one to fill the space), meaning you could turn the top left corner into a booth/nook area? Just thinking aloud is all.
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    How about a double window, sink center under the windows, fridge on one side, oven on the other? Not a corner, just a long straight kitchen. Something else in the nook under the stairs. An armchair and a small table, maybe a shelf?
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    IMHO, windows look like they need to be lower - for scale purposes. But I'm judging for my short avatar. If I were standing in front of them, I wouldn't be able to see outside at all. AS for the appliances, not sure if it matters. Personally I wouldn't put those 2 near each other no matter what. The heat from the stove or an oven would not be the best idea right near the fridge. And it's way too far from the main cooking area. Yea judging by RL standards again LOL. But seriously, seems like there's plenty of space for anyone to configure their kitchen anyway they would choose to, where a galley, U-shape/L-shaped or open plan with an island, etc. If anything I might move the fridge to the left of the sink (looking at the photo) and leave the oven as is with an empty area for a pantry or free standing something else; coffee bar, place for pet bowls, or for art or open shelving on that wall, or whatever else the home owner wants there.
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    I love this! It's rare (for me) to see wrinkles in SL; and generally speaking everything is usually so exaggerated. But this is subtle and as a result, classy. Even the pose and colours is complimentary and stunning! ❀️
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    Yup. It's there and I found it. Good hunting. Edit: Gee, this photo really got stretched vertically. I look sort of "eely." Go figure.
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    I don't get many (sometimes any) trick-or-treaters, so my decorating is fairly sparse. I do put spooky eyes in the trees. Since the advent of efficient LEDs, I've found versions that seem never to need replacement batteries. My favorite fall decoration is to fill my foyer with leaves. I usually sprinkle a grocery bag full of them around the edges of the floor, but I have also dragged them in on tarps, filling the foyer a foot deep. Kids are astonished to see me wading through the leaves to answer the door.
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    Yeah! I mean if everybody left their houses the same timeslot, more people who really wanted one could be "lucky" :). Not asking exclusive to have it from you, not at all
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    But what if.... it's neither the nethers nor the rear in which an appearance is made?
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    add to that note he's the family baker bread cupcakes apple pies cake muffins bagels eclairs .... those have no secrets for him women however ....
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    I am not trying to create a fuzz here. Like I said before, the fact its hard to get a new Linden home also makes it more valuable.
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    Got it I think :). I am not very used to the region, so others who are should definitly be able to find it.
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    How I feel:( I don't mind having to work a little to find something but I'm completely clueless here (apart from thinking it's under the sea...)
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    Thanks very help ful
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    Mental Hospital TRIVIA: (In 1885, the 13th Territorial Legislature met to appropriate $100,000 for the construction of the "Insane Asylum of Phoenix" in Arizona. It's still the psychiatric choice of confinement if the need arises)
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    A friend wanted a roleplay script for perishable goods. She's making flowers, milk, etc., food that requires cooking (mix of ingredients, etc.) for roleplay. She wanted a script for which her products "age" and delete themselves, even if stored in inventory. Additionally, she wants the 'lifetime' of the perishables to reset if give from one avatar to another. Here is what I did for her. // Erwin Solo 2019-05-23 // Autodelete script that remembers time spent in inventory. // Uses Unix Clock, which will fail on 19-January-2038 for 32 bit integers. // See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem. // I could hack around the 19-January-2038 bug, but hope we'll have generally agreed to solution. integer TimeToLive = 7200; // enter time you want inventory to live in seconds float gTimer = 3600; // timer runs every hour for low script load. Okay to set lower for testing. // enter UUID of person who you want to be immune from the timeouts // Must be in quotes. Example, "62d718f6-e00b-49ca-b434-338f712fd03a" for Erwin Solo key SpecialPerson = "62d718f6-e00b-49ca-b434-338f712fd03a"; // ======================================== // Don't change anything below here // ======================================== key Owner = NULL_KEY; // Owner determined by script at initialization integer BirthTime = 0; // to be calculated at initialization integer DieTime =0; // to be calculated at runtime integer CurrentTime =0; // to be calculated at runtime default { state_entry() { Owner = llGetOwner(); llSetTimerEvent (gTimer); BirthTime = llGetUnixTime(); DieTime = BirthTime + TimeToLive; // Time object should die } on_rez( integer start_param ) { if (Owner != llGetOwner()) // if owner has changed, reset script to re-establish BirthTime and DieTime { llResetScript(); } llSetTimerEvent (gTimer); if ( Owner != SpecialPerson ) // if owner is not the special person { CurrentTime = llGetUnixTime(); if ( CurrentTime > DieTime ) { llDie(); // object deletes itself } } } timer() { if ( Owner != SpecialPerson ) // if owner is not the special person { CurrentTime = llGetUnixTime(); if ( CurrentTime > DieTime ) { llDie(); // object deletes itself } } } }
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    I think she has a persecution fetish.
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    You broke no rules in my book, RaeLeeH. It is a beautiful picture, and you look very happy in it
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    Whoa - Patch in same time zone as I am (I presume anyway) and up and at 'em when I am, I don't feel like an SL fifth wheel any more! ~Runs to Patch's Flickr!~ I've been spying the map constantly and I've been seeing a single greenie at the (what we're calling it) "community center", near the edge by the water! Is that there? Hahaha! Yes, yes, some may think me a stalker. (Oh gosh dangit, that may be a bridge - but still... wow.) Anticipation as a word just doesn't do it. Hahaha! I look at the map and try to imagine what it looks like "on the ground" - that is so much more awesome than I was imagining. Wow! For everyone else:
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    Funny, a friend mentioned to me recently that she also hates "moist." I don't have a problem with the word, though I prefer it limited to discussions of things like cake.
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    Should I Really like even mention it?!!!! GAME
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    Catwa has some mesh/flexi hair styles.
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    I do care about my complexity, the picture shows one of my most complex appearances; 37 of 38 slots used, complexity 98,339. I have high-lighted, what parts add to the complexity, in this case the jewellery and the base Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 and LeLutka Bento Head. Given all the parts I'm wearing, this is a quite remarkable low complexity thanks to good mesh designs by the creators of the different parts. I have some older burlesque dance outfit, where feathers and head piece sky rocket me to like 248K complexity. A naked Lara with LeLutka Bento Head and DeLa hair is 21k complexity. I wish more ppl would give attention to their complexity , especial crowded places like Fogbound Blues or shopping events - often it is caused by old hair, jewels, shoes and updating to modern mesh looks better and normal lower complexity by a huge factor. My own max complexity in Firestorm is 254,655 - and I normally de-render ppl over this threshold. Be a good Second Life citizen - keep your complexity below 300K πŸ˜ƒ and the lower the better πŸ‘
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    I keep getting the message that I'm over a limit and people may not be able to see me but then I also get a message that people can see me now when I don't change anything. I keep my graphics preference to the setting just under ultra but in crowded Sims I drop it to just above minimum. I see lots of jelly dolls but I can move around. I think high arc settings might not be too important because our clients can simply not render them
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    View toward the Squishy Pickle from the backyard of my "claimed on Day 1 and I'm still there" home:
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    Are you aware you just described a clique? That right there is what kills most RPs and is the number one reason I stopped roleplaying. Cliques. Cliques are roleplay killers because they don't allow new players with fresh ideas in. Cliques lead to stagnation and stagnation kills regions.
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    More boats seen passing by my house. It seems that there is more boat traffic during weekend than on working days. (The boat with octopus in front of the boat was seen some days earlier, all other boats were seen on Sunday.)
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    So I had a little bit of a re-design... I got tired of the cottage I was in, mainly because the exterior stairs were bugging me. Also Madison and I were reminiscing about a tropical beach island we shared for a short while. So I have turned my lakeshore into a tropical beach. I've switched to a much smaller cottage and focussed more on the landscaping. I still have a cafe-bar at the end, but it's shrunk a bit... The cottage interior was a challenge as it's so small, but I think I did okay. I even found a kitchen that fits. And now all the hard work is done, I can relax.
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    Try NYU. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/184348
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    Enduring the LL viewer in order to create some short videos for the new Catwa Bakes on Mesh relay.
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    You're looking mighty fine in that suit, @Quartz Mole!
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    She obviously thought you were after her partner.... IM her, β€œconfess” to the imaginary affair and let Domestic Karma run wild at her place... πŸ™‚
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    We got a treat when we got to watch @Owl Dragonash's Particle display! WOWβ™₯ We were all entranced by this incredible experience πŸ’œβ˜•πŸ’—β€οΈπŸŽΆ Absolutely the most beautiful immersive experience I've seen in SL. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at the Fairgrounds, Owl β™₯
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