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    My name is An Uggla. I am in secondlife from 2007 and every day i am learning from my dear SL friends.
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    I remember this! I'm glad to be on the MainGrid Terrence. I've enjoyed SecondLife since 2008! And It is a Truly an amazing world. I will be doing an hour and 30 min,ong documentary on SL. I have quite a History here. So Keep a look out for that on YouTube!
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    Oh dear, this is very bad news. Budgets for educators are often set well in advance and in some cases very fixed even looking across a grant period of some years. In our case I have just negotiated funds to renew some of our regions from 12 months from now, so changes on a short time scale that double prices are quite a shock. In one case I have funding fixed for 2years out too. We would like to retain our regions but this can only mean that we pack things up tighter on less regions to keep the costs the same as budgeted.That itself causes work and remodelling which is most unfortunate. But I guess this is a done deal... Our nice archipelago and fancy coastlines will have to go leaving things much more utilitarian.
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