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    Ok, we'll agree on white, black and brown then? Aaand smile... (yeah, I'm trying - believe me!!!) (My post #500 on page 1000 - all by coincidence of course )
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    Inspired by a friend who sent me some lovely locations to do photoshoots, I decided to explore and take a self portrait...
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    Trying to take a portrait each day. Kind of tough this time of year with so many things to do. Self Portrait/Headshot
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    Quick raw snap I took before bed last night cause I won this dress fatpack from Vinyl @ Shiny Shabby. \o/ Skin, makeup, eyes, eyebrows and markings are BoM.
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    Having fun at Madpea's The Green Mire game --- (for those who don't know it's about discovering the truth behind a possible alien abduction, hence the crazy filter). πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½
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    There can be miiiiiiraaaacles When you beeeeliiiiiiiieve
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    I did the Drune photo thing... because originality and all that.
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    Do you see this? ^^ That's what I felt when I woke up this morning and read the lot of ya and your postings of nonsense dragging down what should have been a well intentioned thread. Shame on some of you who had to sully it with off-topic personal diatribes and attacks. You know who you are. I've pinned this post both as a blatant reminder that the negativity will not be tolerated and to make sure the message from the American Cancer Society, one of our corporate partners is seen prominently.
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    Showing someone what a decent "face-shear" slider adjustment can look like for a more realistic look. I figured 'what the heck, throw it into "Hows does your avatar look" because, well, this is how I look. Zero post process, zero touch-up, no makeup, no smirks, just plain-Jane boring me. LOL
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    (I've only got one more of these Drune vanity shots left, don't worry)
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    Long time, no post! And I need to invest in poses.. πŸ˜‚
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    Just your basic ice angel bondage sub... (ok, a grumpy one because of the claws). (Channeling Rainman: Sparkly, very sparkly.)
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    Today's portrait (is this the right forum to post daily photos or am I in the wrong thread?)
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    I found this great hat in my inventory - I have no recollection of buying it.
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    A bright, cheerful yet calming visual in SL to counteract the dismal rainy fifty very unsexy shades of real life grey I need to live through this month. https://billybeaverhausen.com/2019/11/22/namaste/
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    wanted tp show advent gofties here Sparrow bodysuit (maitreya and legacy only) Ersch snowflakes)) Anomalies advent tp is for Anomalies store, but advent calendar is outside))
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    Black Friday... ooow... what fun looking at all the sales. Ever get that feeling... and look over your shoulder?
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    I am wearing another new hair today, along with my Hair Hoe shirt! Thank you, Taya! It is official now. @Angelina String
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    Came back to Linden Reveal to visit this lovely ducks
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    Finally got my hands on a house boat last night, so did my first round of decorating this evening. Still needs a lot of fine tuning, and forgot my plants! But its a start
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    Tonight was my turn to unpack my Blueberry Mega Pack. My style is not like Ellie, I'm more of a country girl!! The location is Bumrose Beach and Marina.
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    First of several new outfits I bought this week: LOVE this sweater from Baiastice with pants that fit. Shoes are from Pure Poison.
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