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    Ummm you guys, I have a problem
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    Y'all! OMG! I can wear my old favorite skins again!
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    New brows, new hair! All is good with the world
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    I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to @Orwar for his tools on the Marketplace that I spent the night playing around with. Also thanks to @Scylla Rhiadra, @Chic Aeon, @Whirly Fizzle and others who posted many, many tips throughout this thread. I'm embarrassed to say it's the first time in almost 9 years I've ever used DOF (as subtle as that may be here)! I spent hours tonight going through the many hundreds of pages here in an effort to learn something new. While there's always room for improvement I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. 😁
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    Still got it, but with some minor adjustments 😎
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    Just now I've been playing in the studio, we have a multi-pose machine with a backdrop screen, and I don't often get the time to play. I found some lingerie which I don't recall buying...……….Pffft, but that's SL for you. It must have been me because I like it...….but it's a bit revealing so I can't post a front view here. Anyways……..you know how you dream about falling, and sometimes I fall a loooong way in SL when someone moved the landing point. So here I am re-enacting this experience.
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    Checking one outfit... ARC 95848. I guess it's not too bad at all for occasional fancy ballroom visits.
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    Oh man, if you don't know professional wrestling, you're gonna have a bad time with this one. It's the New Day. Look 'em up. You're welcome. Aaaaawwwwwwww good morning, Second Life Community Forums! Don't you dare be sour! Clap your hands for the world famous end of thread moderation technique And feel the power! IT'S A NEW LOCK, YES IT IS Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooa, whoa! Stop lookin' for this old thread Let it go, cause this thread is dead So move along, that's what I said It's in the rear view mirror, I've sent it off to bed Wanna get on the right road? On the right track, on the right flow? Follow Standards that you all know Here is a link, in the rare case that you don't The time is now, the moment is here Enough with the jeers, it's been moved up a tier Now we'll moderate it The future is now, Community Standards power Gotta submit reports, do not resort Into your hands don't take it And profanity is always wrong even when the pressure is on That's when it's time to be calm Just look in the mirror and don't engage Don't be what you hate 'cause it's time to be great So c'mon and embrace a new thread C'mon these critiques you can shed If you block, there's no need to talk And while them haters keep hating, you'll be winning the race Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooa, whoa!
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    Me just hanging around in the studio, with a new dress...…….. Welcome to all the new posters here. We love to see new avis, so keep those pictures coming please!
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    Couldn't resist these sunglasses.
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    After seeing that Catwa was updating her heads, and me a bit frustrated with the other heads I have , decided to try the new update. I am wearing Kimberly and I have to say I love it
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    I started off this morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a bright attitude. I logged in and kind of flipped through the MP for nothing in particular but saw a cute pair of shoes. Black lacy goth-y little shoes. I had to have them. Then came the job of finding the right outfit to wear with them. I don't have much in the way of goth but I knew I could come up with something. Maybe a black leather jacket and a nice dress. I just could quite get the right combination. Then suddenly, my SL house was on fire! I had to throw on something to hop up on the roof where Maddie had started an inferno. She even brought giant marshmallows with her. We had a nice chat and she eventually put out the fire. Bellisaria Fire and Rescue were no where to be found So back to dressing. Can't find the right dress. Maybe a skirt and top? Digging through the skirts I find one I have not seen in a while. Wowsers, it's a nice skirt. I like this. The shoes could go back in inventory, I'm wearing this skirt today! Everything looks great ... until I turn off the pose. My AO and the skirt do not get along and my leg clips through all over the place. 😡 So back to the black jacket and lacy shoes. Throw on a pair of jeans and call it good. Cute shoes. right? After 5 hours of sorting, trying on, taking off and even demoing ... I'm finally dressed for the day. Still not the right outfit for the shoes tho.
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    Found this pic of a T-shirt that Taya made. I don't think I ever posted it so here ya go! I just love how powerful I feel just wearing it!
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    Today I'm wearing... well, Sara? Not the actual Sara of course, but more like a picture - on a dress I took this candid pic of her while we were out shopping, and I just loved her look... So in addition to frame the pic and hang it on the wall, I made a dress as well
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    Waiting for some service at the bar.
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    Slightly superficial picture but happy birthday to ME!
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    I love the look of this frame wall.
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    So at Breakfast Club, we came up with an unplanned plan to grab a few pics with Tati...…..Only I and Taya (Angelina String) could make it over, but maybe next time we can get more! I set up the Forum Angels group really so that we can collaborate on joint pics, but it does take some effort to link up, which is why you don't see so many group pics here. And even when we meet up, it becomes a challenge to pick a spot, and get everybody lined up or on the pose balls...…...but having said that, it's a lot of fun doing it, and you know that when everybody falls silent......the shutters are going...…... So, my first pic is as we were shaping up on the waterfront, having decided what to wear and where to stand! The others are on the poseballs……..great fun to do.
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    cold autumn morning.just +3 here
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    Look of the day folks, kinda was inspired by the 90s. Hope you enjoy.
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    This isn't exactly from "today" but whatever...it's at least from the past week!
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    Which is useful: you can get a good head start! Here's a new "Scylla," appropriately scrubbed clean for the Forum. (You can see the uncensored one on my Flickr page, should you care to look.) ETA: I forgot to mention that the skirt I'm wearing here was a gift from @Catrie! I asked her if she knew where I could find one like this (with this pic in mind), and she just went and bought it for me! As I say far too often, because there are so many instances where it bears saying: "Thank you, Catrie!"
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    Good question... I do once in a great while look to see who liked someone's image... not mine... someone else's. Otherwise I am just happy with the Likes I get. We've talked before about why we give Likes... The reasons are so diverse I doubt one can take any serious information from the number of Likes... other than there is some positive something going. From Saturday.... after some Photoshop.
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    Ok.... me again at the Hair Event! Only got 1/2 through it, however I will be back and the lag was bad 😡
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