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  • Troubleshooting Intel HD 4000 graphics issues

    Jeremy Linden

    Graphical errors in the Second Life Viewer

    If you are running Second Life on a PC with an Intel HD 4000 graphics processor with outdated drivers, you may experience some or all of the following symptoms:

    • Color corruption on buttons and floaters
    • Flickering user interface (UI) components such as buttons and menus
    • All inworld textures appear black when S3TC is enabled in the Hardware Settings section of the Graphics Preferences window
    • Seemingly random or intermittent crashing while not performing a specific activity

    These issues may be resolved by downloading and installing the latest Intel HD 4000 driver from Intel's download center.

    Second Life crashes when logging out on a secondary monitor

    Second Life may crash when you try to log out while the Second Life Viewer is displayed on a secondary monitor.  This issue only occurs when the viewer window is maximized; you can avoid this crash by either moving the viewer window to your primary monitor or unmaximizing the window before logging out.

    This issue may be resolved in a future update to the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver.

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