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  • Themed private regions

    Themed Private Regions are available in the Land Store for your convenience and delight.

    What are themed private regions?

    Each themed private region contains a ready-made build which has been optimized to get you started on your new land in minutes, and which you can modify further to your liking. All themes are available as Full Regions, and most as Homestead Regions. Themed regions are not available as Openspace Regions due to the number of objects they contain.

    The following chart compares the different types of themed region:

    Region Name Description Full Region Homestead Openspace
    Baronial Castle Imposing mountaintop residence, complete with tavern, boat and dungeon. Host the royal ball or role-playing fantasy game you've been waiting for, or have your friends over for an intimate chat in the tavern. X X  
    Moobase What mysteries await you in space? Includes spacesuits, moonbuggies and shuttlecraft. X X  
    Conference Center Host your next meeting on a secluded island. Includes media screens and adjustable furniture. X X  
    Theater A fully functioning theatre that hosts up to 100 avatars. Especially designed for music, performances and presentations with chat that can be heard even in the back row! Full Region Only. X    

    How much do themed private regions cost?

    Themed Full Regions

    • Setup fee: USD$629
    • Monthly maintenance fee: USD$229

    Themed Homestead Regions

    • Setup fee: USD$250
    • Monthly maintenance fee: USD$109

    Setup fees for Themed Private Regions are slightly higher than undeveloped Private Regions, but monthly maintenance fees are the same. For more information, see the Private Region FAQ.

    Why is Linden Lab selling themed regions?

    Many Residents don't fully understand how owning land can enhance their Second Life experience. In addition, potential owners are daunted by the prospect of learning the tools and skills required to shape the land to their vision. With that in mind, we provide a basic set of islands with existing content to make it easy and simple to get started with land in Second Life.

    Don't themed regions compete with builders and estate owners?

    No, they don't. By expanding the market for land, there's more opportunity for everyone, including:

    • Estate owners who rent
    • Builders who create more content for these regions
    • Solution providers who offer theatre or conference centers for their corporate clients

    When will you offer us the opportunity to participate?

    We don't have a date available at this time. But we won't be rolling out further Linden themes until our community can participate. More information will be made available once the program is fully designed.

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