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Second Life User's Guide

This article provides links to Knowledge Base articles that cover all aspects of Second Life.  Before reading this guide, make sure you are familiar with the topics covered in the Second Life Quickstart.

Getting contextual help

help button.pngEvery window has a help button (?) in the upper right corner. Click this button for detailed information on all the fields in the active window.  Alternatively, press F1 to get help.


There are many ways to navigate in Second Life beyond basic walking and flying.

For additional information, see:


There are many ways to communicate in Second Life, including text and voice chat, instant messages (IMs), and even avatar gestures.  The following articles cover these topics in detail:

Viewing and interacting with objects

You can interact with many objects inworld, some of which may have media attached to them. A popular activity is inworld photography, with the Second Life Viewer's built-in snapshot tool.

Setting your preferences

The Second Life Viewer provides a rich set of preferences that enable you to customize your experience:

Customizing your appearance

In advanced mode, you can customize your avatar to your heart's content. In addition to switching between the provided avatars, the Viewer provides tools to change your appearance in myriad ways.

Everybody in Second Life has a username and can also designate a display name.  Your username is a unique identifier that you use to log in; your display name is for "show" only.  See the following article for more information:

Maturity ratings and adult content

All Second Life regions, search listings, and Marketplace listings have a maturity rating that designates the type of content and its suitability for different age groups.  The maturity ratings are General, Moderate, and Adult.  See the following articles for details:

Searching in Second Life

The Second Life Viewer has built-in search capability that enables you to search for people, places, things, and events inworld.  See:

Linden dollars and shopping

Shopping is one of the most popular activities in Second Life. You can buy virtual items at inworld stores and in the Second Life Marketplace, a web-based store. In both cases, you need to get Linden dollars to buy things.

For information on selling things in Second Life, see the Merchant's Guide.

Getting Linden dollars

To buy anything in Second Life, you need Linden Dollars (L$).  There are several ways to get Linden dollars, but the easiest is to click the BUY L$ button in the Second Life Viewer.   Before you can buy Linden dollars this way, though, you have to add billing information (such as a credit card) on the Second Life website.

Inworld shopping

The following articles provide information on shopping in Second Life:

For information on buying land, see the Landowner's Guide.

Second Life Marketplace

Marketplace is a website where you can buy virtual items you can use in Second Life.

For information on selling items in SL Marketplace, see the Merchant's Guide.

Using your inventory

Your inventory is the collection of items that you own in Second Life.  The following articles explain how to get the most from your inventory:


Second Life is a very social place.  See the following articles for information on socializing inworld:


Second Life has a sophisticated group system that enables you to create and manage groups with shared interests.  See:


Dealing with trouble and getting help

Just as in real life, you sometimes have to deal with difficult situations and people inworld.  See the following articles for information on what to do:

See also: Abuse and Griefing.

Billing and account issues

See the following articles for information on managing your Second Life account and related billing issues:

Other topics

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