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Second Life payment system FAQ

I used to have a bunch of items in my cart, but they are gone now.  What happened?

As part of the move to the Second Life payment system, we had to remove all old cart contents.


I'm a shopper and I'm looking at my transaction history; my Marketplace payments used to go to Commerce Linden, but now they go to Currency Linden.  Is that expected?

With the move to the new payment system, all payments will now go to Currency Linden. If your payment is refunded, your refund will also come from this account. Your order number will still appear in the description field of your transactions log for reference.


I just used my credit card or PayPal to make a purchase on the Marketplace. Where do I see this in my transaction history?

You will see two transactions:

  1. A transaction of type Currency Exchange from Dollar Linden for the amount of Linden dollars needed to complete your purchase.

  2. A transaction of type L$ Payment to Currency Linden for the amount of purchase, with the order number and MKT2 Item Purchase Order in the description.

I noticed when I paid with my credit card/Paypal account, my payment information was stored. Why is this happening?

In order to improve your shopping experience, our payment processor is storing your payment information. If you do not want your payment information stored in the future, you may purchase items using L$ or remove your payment type from the billing information page in your account.


My credit card was charged for $1 (USD), but I only spent $.31. Where did the rest of the money go?

The rest of the money is in your account as a USD balance. You can view this balance in your account history and use the balance towards future purchases on the Marketplace.

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