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Premium gifts

September 2011

If you were a Premium account holder at the time the gift was announced, check your inventory's Received Items. You should see a folder titled "Virtual Gift for August September? 2011". 

Sorry, Premium gifts aren't delivered retroactively, so if you just became a Premium member, stay tuned for the next special!

How do I put this furniture in my home?

Simply drag and drop any object from your inventory to inworld (for example, within your Linden Home) to rez it — make it appear inworld. 

Note: This furniture is prim-efficient, but you'll need free prims to rez it. If you get an error, try temporarily removing another object and re-rezzing it

How do I use the furniture?

This furniture has some cool interactive features:

  • Left-click on a sofa seat to sit down. You can either sit on the left seat (with pillows) or right seat. You and a friend can both sit on the sofa to chat and chill out.
  • Click the seat you're sitting on to choose a different pose. This only works while you're seated.
  • While seated, click the back of the sofa to open a dialog that lets you change textures to match your home. (This, too, only works while you're seated.)
  • You can also click the table and plant objects (planter and flowers) to change their textures.
  • Click a light to turn it on or off. When on, light illuminates the surrounding area, giving you a nice touch of ambience.

In addition, if you're up for making more sophisticated modifications, the furniture's prims are modifiable so you can resize and recolor it to your heart's delight. Learn more about using the build tools.

What if I have more questions?

Please don't contact creator Colleen Desmoulins of the Loft for help with this Premium gift. Linden Lab is handling support.

Is there something missing from this FAQ that should be here? Email your suggestions to — we read all incoming requests and will update this FAQ, but don't expect an individual reply.

If you have other support-related issues, see Second Life Help

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