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    Important: Land and maturity access restrictions may prevent you from accessing media on a parcel or other media content. For a full breakdown of media access rules, see Maturity ratings and media access.

    Landowners can select and display a variety of online media content including web pages, movies, images, text documents and audio. Currently, the displayed media is entirely non-interactive, meaning you cannot click web links, use scroll bars, or press buttons on web pages displayed on parcels.

    Note: The Second Life Viewer uses a modified version of the Mozilla web browser to connect directly to web content. As a result, the web pages you see can potentially differ from what other Residents see depending on locally stored cookies and authentication information on your computer.

    The About Land window

    The MEDIA tab of the About Land window contains many options for displaying media on your land in Second Life. To access the About Land window for a parcel of land, right-click the ground and select About Land. You must own the parcel, or have sufficient group abilities on a group-owned parcel to modify the land's media settings.


    • Type - This dropdown menu allows you to override the media you would like to play on your land. Use this option if the media type is set incorrectly or set to No Content. The text to the right of this dropdown box displays the media's MIME type.
    • Home Page - Address of the media you would like to show on your parcel. For example, http://secondlife.com is the URL for Second Life's Knowledge Base. Set the Media URL by pressing the Set button and entering the new URL into the SET MEDIA URL window.
    • Description: Enter a description of your Media URL.
    • Replace Texture - Objects using this texture show your movie or web page after you click the play arrow. To change the texture, click the box containing it.
    • Size - Allows you to define the size of the displayed media, in pixels. This option is not available for video media.



    Control other features in the SOUND tab:

    • Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel - Enabling this setting means an avatar needs to be on this parcel to hear gesture and object sounds originating from within it. This is useful if you have environmental ambience like birdsong and don't want to disturb the neighbors, or if you have an Adult-rated establishment and prefer that passerby don't hear sexually explicit noises. As cautioned above, maturity ratings take precedence.


    • Avatar Sounds - By default, avatar sounds are not restricted, and the Everyone checkbox is selected. To permit sounds to be played by
    • Voice
      • Enable Voice - This is turned on by default and means people on this parcel can use voice chat to communicate. However, if voice is disabled at the estate level (in World > Region/Estate then click Estate tab), this and Restrict Voice to this parcel will be grayed out.
      • Restrict Voice to this parcel - Similar to Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel, enabling this prevents voice chat from being heard by avatars unless they are on this parcel. Good if you want to have a spatial voice chat in the open yet maintain some privacy.

    The Preferences window

    The Setup tab of the PREFERENCES window (Me > Preferences) allows you to choose your default media browser for Second Life:

    • Use my browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari): If you select this option, all web hyperlinks in Second Life open in your computer's default web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).
    • Use built-in browser: If you select this option, web hyperlinks in Second Life open inside Second Life's media browser. Use this option to view web content without switching away from the Second Life Viewer.
      • Enable plugins: Check to enable the built-in web browser to run plugins such as Flash.
      • Accept coolies: Cookies are bits of info stored by websites, used for a number of purposes, including personalizing content. If you have privacy concerns, reject cookies by unchecking this option.
      • Enable Javascript: Check to enable the built-in web browser to run Javascript on web pages.
      • Enable Web proxy: Check to set a web proxy to access Second Life in the Proxy location field. Enter the port in the port number field.


    The Sound & Media tab includes a checkbox to Allow media to auto-play. If you check this box, media automatically plays when you enter a parcel with a media URL and media texture set. Otherwise, you have to play media manually.


    The Media Browser window

    The media browser is a specialized Mozilla web browser you can use inside Second Life. It does many of the same things a normal web browser can do; type in a URL and press Go to navigate to a new web page. The Back and Forward buttons help you navigate between previously-visited pages, and the Reload button refreshes your currently viewed media. The media browser also has a few buttons that are specific to Second Life:

    • Send Current Page to Parcel: When pressed, this button replaces your current parcel media URL with the URL loaded in the media browser. You must own the land you are standing on, or have sufficient group abilities on group-owned land in order to use this button.
    • Open in My Web Browser: Pressing this button opens the current media browser URL in your computer's default web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari). You may wish to use this option if web content is not displaying properly inside Second Life.
    • Always open in my web browser: If you check this box, web URLs always open in your computer's default browser. You can reverse this setting on the Setup tab of the PREFERENCES window.


    Want more?

    PARCEL MEDIA: Play webpages, movies, & more from Torley on Vimeo.

    Make your own media screen  

    PARCEL MEDIA: Make your own media screen from Torley on Vimeo.

    Click actions

    PARCEL MEDIA: Click actions from Torley on Vimeo.

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