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Maturity ratings and search

Jeremy Linden

You can locate content in Second Life through the Second Life website and the Search field in the Viewer. The Viewer filters results by maturity, to help you narrow down the type of content that you are searching for.

Web Search

You can locate content in Second Life from these web pages:

  • Second Life Search - returns only   General results
  • Classifieds - returns only   General results
  • Marketplace - returns results based on your chosen maturity level, if you have verified that you are at least 18 years old.
By default, all results returned on these web pages are for General maturity.

Second Life Search

Go to or click the Search button on the Second Life website to search for:

  • People
  • Places
  • Events
  • Groups
  • Information on the Second Life Wiki
  • Information on

Choose a category tab on the left side of the page to filter results. Select ALL to search all categories. Results are ranked on both relevance to your search terms and on popularity of the item. Only  General results are available through Second Life Search.

To search for  Moderate and  Adult content, you must use the Viewer. See Accessing Adult land and content for information about how to view additional types of content in Second Life.


Log into the Second Life website and choose Community > Classifieds to browse the Community Classified ad listings. To narrow results:

  1. Click + More Options.
  2. Select a category from the dropdown.
  3. Select a maturity rating. By default this selection will match your preference in the Viewer.
  4. Click Submit.

Only General classified ads are shown on the website; use the Viewer to browse Moderate or Adult listings if you have verified that you are at least 18 years old. See Maturity ratings.


When you search for product listings in the Second Life Marketplace, you can set a maturity level to restrict results. For more information, see Shopping in the Marketplace.

Viewer Search

Click the Search button on the toolbar to open the Second Life Search window.  Enter a search term and hit Search. The window has seven filters both at right and in the dropdown menu, as shown below:


By default, results for Everything are shown, drawing from People, Places, and Groups. Click on the other tabs to show only results of that type: Classifieds, Events, Destination Guide, Groups, Land & Rentals, People, and Places. Results are ranked according to relevance to the keyword and the popularity of the item. If you are age verified, you can also search for Adult content in addition to General and Moderate content by checking the appropriate Maturity box at the top left of the FIND window.

General Content

If your preferences are set for General and Moderate or General, Moderate, Adult, you can still filter your search for General-only results. Check the GENERAL box on the All tab search window. Type your search into the Find: box and click the Search button.

General content includes listings on a General region that do not contain adult keywords.

Moderate Content

To include Moderate content in your search results, check the MODERATE box in the search window.  Moderate search results includes listings in a Moderate region that do not contain adult keywords.

Adult Content

To include adult content in your search results, check the ADULT box in the search window. Anything on an Adult region is adult content. You must confirm your age on the age verification website before you can search for adult content.

You can help us refine our adult content filtering by submitting a support request if your listing is being blocked or showing up incorrectly. If you find search results listing objects that do not match General or Moderate search filters, please submit an Abuse Report. If you have objects on General or Moderate land that use adult keywords, those objects should not be shown in search, or they may have Abuse Reports filed against them. 

Classifieds, Events, Land Sales, Places

Adult content search is available on these tabs when:

  • You have verified that you are over 18 years old through the age verification web page.
  • You have enabled your adult preferences.
  • You have checked the ADULT content box in the search window.

If you enter an adult term in search without having met the above three criteria, the search system filters this term from the search query and provides results using the remaining terms entered.

Classifieds and Events Tabs

New classifieds and events are filtered for maturity content. If you attempt to create a classified or event using adult terms on non-adult land, you will receive an error message. If you find a classified or event listing in an inappropriate maturity category through search, please file an abuse report.

Land Sales and Places Tabs

 On this tab:

  • Check the GENERAL box to show only search results in General regions.
  • Check the MODERATE box to show search results in Moderate regions.
  • Check the ADULT box to show search results in Adult regions.

People tab

The search system does not filter keywords when you search for avatar names or profiles. Information in Resident profiles should be General. Please refer to our Community Standards for details.

Groups tab

The search system filters searches in the Groups tab the same way as in an Everything search. Groups can be marked as Moderate or left unchecked for non-Moderate groups. If a group's name or Group Charter uses adult keywords, the group appears only in Adult searches.


I can't access all of the content checkboxes. Why are they unavailable?

By default, each Resident account has access to General and Moderate content. If you have verified that you are at least 18 years old, set your preferences to view content with the Adult designation.

I'm getting an error and can only access General content. What do I do?

If you're seeing the word "Error" on the FIND page next to the maturity checkboxes and only the General checkbox is enabled, your Viewer may not have sent the correct authorization token. To reset your authorization, close the Viewer and log back in. If you continue to receive the error, make sure you're using the latest version of the Second Life Viewer before filing a support request.

Note: Third-party viewers may not support Moderate and Adult searching. For best results, use the official Second Life Viewer published by Linden Lab.

How do I ensure my objects show up in search with the correct maturity rating?

Tip: If your land appears in search results at a higher maturity level than you expected, it may be a sign that your content is inappropriate to the maturity rating of your region. Using language that is inappropriate to your region's maturity rating is against Second Life's tems of service and can result in disciplinary action.

Information about the region you're in, including region name, coordinates, maturity, and parcel name are located at the top of your Viewer.

Region_Info 2.7.1.png

If your region is listed as General, make sure any objects you set to show in search are also General. If your region is listed as Moderate and you would like to show Moderate objects in search, check the Moderate Content box in the ABOUT LAND window's OPTIONS tab.

About_Land_Mature_Content 2.7.1.png

I don't see the Adult option in my Preferences. How do I activate it?

You must verify that you are at least 18 years old through the age verification web page to access the Adult setting.

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