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    Login failure

    Jeremy Linden

    This article helps you identify your problem and choose an appropriate solution.

    Before you start troubleshooting: First check Second Life grid status to make sure there are currently no known issues that prevent login.

    Error messages

    If you can't log in to Second Life, the error message may indicate the source of the issue.

    Waiting for region handshake

    The "Waiting for Region Handshake" message occurs when the Second Life Viewer does not receive an acknowledgement from the server.  The usual cause of this error is a firewall blocking UDP packets. Reconfigure your firewall to resolve this problem.

    For information on how to configure firewalls, see: Using Second Life with a firewall.

    Your account is not accessible until (date/time)

    If the error states that you are already logging in (or out), then Second Life is still attempting to log out your avatar. Close Second Life, wait fifteen minutes, then attempt to log in again.

    If you see this error message:

     Login failed; Your account is not accessible until (date/time) 

    — this usually means that your Second Life account has been administratively blocked. Short-term blocks (less than an hour) may be the result of inappropriate behavior inworld. Longer blocks are typically the result of abuse.

    You will be unable to use Second Life until the indicated time; if that is more than an hour away, you will receive an email from the abuse team on the matter.  Be sure to check your spam filters.  

    Linden Lab is unable to remove administrative blocks for abuse.

    You cannot log into Second Life from this location

    This error message may also appear as:

    • Login failed.
    • Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer.

    These messages generally indicate you have been blocked from the Second Life servers by Linden Lab as the result of:

    • Documented cases of fraud
    • Use of Second Life by a minor
    • Exceptionally flagrant abuse activity

    Note that someone else in your household may be responsible for this activity, not necessariliy with your account. 

    If you believe that this is an error, submit a support ticket via the support portal. To help customer support determine what block has been placed and why, include in the ticket your Second Life account name and any Second Life accounts that log in from your location.

    DNS could not resolve the host name

    This error may also appear as:

    • Host http not found 
    • Login failed. Unable to connect to a simulator.

    These messages indicate that your computer has a general networking issue with the domain name service (DNS) that translates numerical IP addresses into human-readable ones.  

    Confirm that you can reach internet sites such as secondlife.com, Google, or others.  Once your computer can connect to these websites, this error should no longer occur.  

    Also check whether there is a wider issue with Second Life, as described below.

    Usually, restarting your computer and your router will resolve this issue.   If not, contact your internet service provider.  You may also wish to try using Google's DNS servers to see if that will resolve the issue.  See Using Google Public DNS for more information.  

    Possible causes

    Linden Lab may have temporarily restricted all logins

    Linden Lab occasionally restricts access to Second Life when its servers experience severe technical difficulties or require major maintenance. These outages affect all Residents and are not limited to your computer or account.

    Check the status of the Second Life at http://status.secondlifegrid.net. This page lists any known issues.

    Wrong password

    Incorrect passwords are a common cause of login failure. Passwords are case-sensitive, so remember to check Caps Lock if you know you entered your password correctly.

    If you've forgotten your user name or password, follow the instructions in Account credentials to retrieve it. 

    Account disabled due to delinquency

    If you do not pay your tier or private Region fees in a timely fashion, your account and your alternate accounts may be disabled for delinquency. For more information, see Delinquency Policy.

    Account on hold due to disciplinary action

    If we find that a Resident has broken our Terms of Service, Community Standards, or other policies, we may place that Resident's account on hold as a disciplinary measure. When we place an account on hold in this way, we send an email to the account holder at the address registered to that account.

    Important: Make sure you add "secondlife.com" and "lindenlab.com" to your email client's trusted senders list to prevent our messages from getting marked as spam or junk mail.

    The system is logging you out

    Your previous session must be logged out before you can get back into Second Life. Sometimes, usually after a recent logout or crash, Second Life mistakenly thinks you are still logged in. If you receive a login failure message stating that "The system is logging you out...," try waiting a few minutes before logging in again. If you continue to receive this message, you may be a victim of "stuck presence," which can be fixed by restarting the region in which your avatar is stuck.

    Residents with premium or Concierge level accounts may request a region restart via live chat, ticket submission, or phone support. Basic accounts do not have access to avatar-level support at this time.

    What to do

    If you're not sure why you can't log in, try these things:

    1. Double-check your username and password. If you continue to receive an error message, try logging into the Second Life website. If you are unable to log into the website, the problem is likely to be your username or password. Follow the Forgot your login information? instructions on the website to reset your password.
    2. Change your login location to a different region. See below for instructions on how to do this.
    3. Restart your computer, modem, and router. When restarting, make sure to leave everything powered off for at least ten seconds before restarting. This step can often fix routing issues and other connection-related problems.
    4. If you are still unable to log in, premium and Concierge Residents may contact customer support via live chat, support cases (tickets), or telephone.  Basic customers may file a support case.  See How to contact customer support for more information.

    Change your login location

    A starting location field appears on the login screen; you may choose to log in at your last location, your home, or you may enter the name of any Region in order to attempt to log into that Region directly.

    login location.png(Optional): Set these preferences in order to enable your favorite locations in the dropdown on the login screen:

    1. Start Second Life. At the login screen, go to Me > Preferences.
    2. Click the General tab.
    3. Check the box marked Show favorite locations on login screen.
    4. Click OK.

    show favorite locations on login.png

    Edited by Jeremy Linden

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    User Feedback

    In addition to the advice given in this article if you are getting the message "the system is logging you out ..." there is also some additional advice for this login problem provided by Marigold Devin, who is quite the expert in this scenario as a 'ghost hunter'! (This bug where an avatar presence becomes stuck inworld has become affectionately know as 'ghosting'!)

    Note that the advice bellow can be followed if you are repeatedly getting the "the system is logging you out ..." message and are unable to log in. Before you follow the advice below, follow the main advice in this article first and I would advise you still definitely contact support for a region restart if you can! Please also note that this advice may change. cease to work, or become redundant as LL work to fix this 'ghosting' bug. Finally, also note that point (e) is important, as I understand it, to prevent you having continued problems!

    Here is the additional 'DIY' advice you can try if you are repeatedly getting the "the system is logging you out ..." message when you try to log in:

    (a)  Bring up your viewer screen BUT DO NOT LOG IN YET

    (b)  Change your login start location (to do this click on "edit" at the top of the log in screen, then "preferences", "general", and tick the box next to where it says "show start location on login screen", click OK/apply)

    (c)  Fill in your normal name and password details, and now where there is an extra box, type in the sim name of Furball (this is an empty Governor Linden owned sim)

    (d)  Now try to log in. Please ignore the message that may come up on your screen and ignore the time in particular.  Just keep trying to log in, and try, try, try. You WILL be able to log in between 1-30 minutes.

    (e)  VERY IMPORTANT.  Now go to where you were LAST in Second Life (where your 'ghosted' presence will be). As you get close to your stuck presence you should 'merge' with it to prevent you having the same problem the next time you log in.

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    I agree with Suella. The advice by Marigold is a resource whose effectiveness has been proven many times and by many Residents (me too). Perhaps can be added to the KB article as a "workaround".

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    See the third phrase: "For additional help, see Login problems in the Extended Knowledge Base."

    The link of "Login problems" goes to a wiki page that redirects to this KB article :)

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    An update for this particular reason for login failures.

    As at 6th March 2011, the issue of "ghosting"/stuck presences was fixed during one of the weekly deploys.  Before that time, it was true that it was possible for avatars to log in during a one minute window every fifteen minutes, as per the information above in Suella's long post.

    However, it is important for everyone to remember that Second Life is very evolutionary. 

    Since the deploy of 23rd January 2012, changes to the BlueSteel and LeTigre regions have unfortunately caused the ghosting issue to return - except in a slightly different format to before.  Often there is no visible presence, just a radar reading and a green dot/caret marking their place in the sim.  These stuck persences are also remaining online 100% of the time in most cases, and therefore it is almost impossible for anyone to be able to log in to a different sim and teleport across to where their ghost is to clear it.  (Almost impossible, although not totally, as I tested myself on Friday 27th January 2012).

    Therefore, it is absolutely essential that anyone encountering this problem at this time contact LL Support, either via Live Chat, or via the support ticket system to free the stuck presence. There is no workaround at this moment in time.

    If anyone does know where their presence is stuck for sure, if it is a private region, they must contact the region owner to organise a region restart. 

    The Big Red warning in the main body of the KB text, about continuing attempts to log in until the date/time stated in the onscreen login failure message would seem to be invalid.  It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to if and when an avatar can log in.  As I say, occasionally it is possible to log in, but it is a big risk to a person's keyboard to keep hammering attempts to log in!!!


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    We reviwed the DNS article with customer support and they said that they were not seeing this issue any longer, so it didn't seem worthwhile to include the information.


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    Thanks for the answer. Probably the customer support team need read the Answers forum more often :) Some recent examples: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Espa%C3%B1ol/e-cambiado-router-internet-error-DNS-que-debo-hacer/qaq-p/1467771 or http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Deutsch/quot-DNS-could-not-resolve-the-host-name-quot/qaq-p/1462277 or http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Viewers/quot-Host-http-not-found-quot-on-the-screen-when-I-log-in-HELP/qaq-p/1461509 ...

    But thanks Rand :)

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    "That's actually a very specific error message that comes from the XML RPC system used, for example, by the login process.  You can find it in viewer sources in llxmlrpctransaction.cpp.  It indicates that a response was never received for a request or that a request was never fully sent to servers.

    Problems of this sort are usually due to maintenance or other issues on the servers.  But if they persist, then there's an issue somewhere in the pipeline (client, networking gear, isp, backbone, linden).  In this case, viewer log files are the place to start looking.  Jira or support can be one way to get eyes on the problem.  For those who want to self-diagnose from the log files, you can learn how to read some of their content here:  http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/PHOE-2707"

    Maestro Linden  LINK (pops)

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    On "Change Your Login Location" need to be updated.

    1. I do not see this option in the general tab nor can I find the option at all now.

    2. images need update for login screen.


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