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  • Grandfathered region pricing


    Some older Regions have "grandfathered" or discounted pricing on their monthly maintenance fees.  In 2010, we raised the maintenance fees of private Regions to match the increased costs of newer and more powerful server hardware to run new Regions, but allowed existing Region owners to continue paying the original lower monthly rate. While grandfathered pricing was originally a bonus for existing Region owners in 2010, there are options available for those who wish to obtain a grandfathered Region by other means.

    Obtaining grandfathered pricing

    Many grandfathered Regions were obtained before February 2010 and have simply retained their original pricing.  However, there are ways to obtain a Region with grandfathered pricing, such as a Region transfer or special promotional offer.

    Region transfers

    As of November, 2015, you may transfer grandfathered-priced Regions in accordance with the transfer pricing schedule.  We are unable to swap the price of a current grandfathered Region with a non-grandfathered Region. Grandfathered pricing stays with the Region for the life of the Region or until it is transferred or converted.


    If you're interested in purchasing a grandfathered region from another Resident, you can contact our Support team to confirm the region's billing date and its monthly maintenance fee.


    If a grandfathered Region is abandoned and subsequently reactivated, its maintenance fee is updated to the current monthly rate for its Region type.

    Limited-time "buy down" event

    For a limited time in 2016, we offered a chance to "buy down" the maintenance fees on your existing Regions.  By paying a one-time fee, you could take advantage of grandfathered maintenance rates for the lifetime of your Region.  

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