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Basic mode FAQ

What is basic mode?

Basic mode is a simplified interface to Second Life that is easier and more enjoyable for new users.

Though it includes only a basic set of features, basic mode is just a simpler "skin" for the Second Life Viewer. Advanced mode offers the full set of features. 


Why does the Second Life Viewer have a basic mode?

In the past, many people new to Second Life had a hard time figuring out how to use it. They found it difficult to learn how to move and fly, chat with others inworld, or find interesting places to explore.

That's why we created basic mode, with a simplified interface, preset locations to visit, and a simplified help system. We hope that more people trying out Second Life quickly discover what an amazing world it is, and that they will enrich the Second Life community by becoming long-term Residents.

Should I use basic mode or advanced mode?

It's completely up to you!

If you're new to Second Life, you will probably find it much easier to explore and learn to use Second Life's features in basic mode. You can always switch to advanced mode when you feel ready.

If you're an experienced Resident, you can try basic mode with no side effects. While you're in basic mode, you won't have access to all the features available in advanced mode, but any settings that are only available in advanced mode are saved.

What can I do in basic mode?

You can:

  • Fly and walk around
  • Chat with other people inworld using text
  • Send and receive private instant messages (IMs)
  • Teleport to a variety of preset destinations in Second Life
  • Change your avatar appearance to a variety of preset avatars
  • Add people to your friends list
  • Receive items into your inventory

We expect to add to this list in the future, so stay tuned!

What can I do in advanced mode?

Advanced mode gives you the full set of features available in the Second Life Viewer.

For example, you can:

How do I switch between basic mode and advanced mode?

You can select basic or advanced mode from the login screen:

  1. If you are currently logged in, close the Second Life Viewer to log out.
  2. Open the Second Life Viewer.
  3. Select Basic or Advanced from the Mode dropdown.
  4. Click Quit.
  5. Open the Second Life Viewer again. The Mode now shows your selection.
  6. Log in with your username and password.
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User Feedback

The last paragraph "How do i switch between basic mode and advanced mode" after the last update of Viewer 3 (3.0.3) needs some changes. Now the residents can also switch to advanced mode and the opposite while they are online in world clicking the button "Mode" located on the right of the adress bar (in basic and in advanced mode). Of course relog is required. Also i think the pic is good to be replaced with a new one which shows the new button.

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